Feb 14 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

You might want to give a little more than just a post-it note today...

Love Journey - A Valentine Story from invisiontx on GodTube.com.

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2/14/2012 6:26:33 AM
barbara United States
is it possible to send a comment and keep it private?
2/14/2012 6:49:48 AM
Barbara United States
Something God has shown me over the years is that, as a middle-aged single woman who has never been married, the God who created this expansive universe right down to the most minute particles we'll never see with our own eyes, right now, today, does not want to share share my affections with anyone but Him.  What an honor!!!  Smile  Blessings to all!
2/14/2012 7:35:49 AM
Darlene Childers-Rios United States
Darlene Childers-Rios
Dear family in Christ;
Being a single mom for almost nine years, my Valentine was not only Our Lord Jesus, but my daughter, Chelsey. I bought her a card and some kind of little candies and told her that she was mine and I was hers every year. Keep in mind single parents, Christ and your children are your focus now. Don't worry about finding a Valentine, have faith through prayer that God is already preparing him/her for you. And when you are both ready for each other, He will bring you together. My marriage is a gift from God, and I cherish my husband every day. I waited, what seemed like a life time, for Rick, and he feels the same way. Often we tell each other that we wish we could have met sooner in life, but then we would not have been ready to have a relationship the way God intended. Our story is a beautiful one, but there is not enough room on the blog to tell it all. I was blessed to introduce my husband to Jesus (before we were married), and we will be celebrating our 6th year of marriage, this year in August. We are going to spend the rest of our lives as newlyweds. We are more in love with each other now, than when we were first married. I challenge all of the married couples to "Love and Respect" each other the way God instructs us to(Ephesians 5:25-33). All of you single Christians, remind yourself every day that God is preparing YOU for someone, so focus on your walk with Christ. You will want to be ready for what He has in store for you!!! Only God's timing is perfect and it will be worth the wait! I know it was for me, my husband is everything I asked God for and more! Happy Valentine's Day to all of my brothers and sisters in Christ!! Smile
2/14/2012 7:59:57 AM
lorena United States
that "valentine's card is a post-it note" was hilarious! thanks for playing it. Smile
2/14/2012 9:27:26 AM
Sara United States
Can you post a link with your valentine's card is a post-it note thing from this morning?? My husband doesn't listen to Klove but I would love to be able to send him the link and share it with him.
2/14/2012 11:43:03 AM
Lenny United States
I too loved the "my valentine's card is a post-it note" song.  I 2nd the request for a link; and if that's not possible, could we at least see the lyrics, please?
2/14/2012 3:13:54 PM
Donna United States
Thanks for playing! Bahahahah!  Can you post the link to the song so I can post on FB?  Thanks!
2/14/2012 3:24:53 PM
Jen United States
I laughed so hard at the "Valentine's Day is a Post-it Note" song.  I am not that into Valentine's day as a holiday. Usually my husband and I don't do much. I have been married for almost 18 years but feel we need to show each other we love each other every day in small ways not just on a holiday once a year because someone decided to commercialize on love. However, I have to say that my hubby did a great job this year.  I am a pretty low-maintance kind of girl so instead of jewelry and flashy things he got me a couples devotional book for us to continue drawing close to God and each other.  I think leaving Post-it notes for each other is a great idea!  
2/14/2012 3:41:28 PM
Sharon United States
This morning you played a song for those who don't
have a Valentine. I would like to know the name of the song.It had a voice that sounded like God was talking to us.This is the 1st Valentine day without
my husband and that song was just what i needed to hear.
2/15/2012 4:25:12 AM
Sandy Falcone United States
Sandy Falcone
I understand how you feel being separated from your wife. The goodbyes are never easy. When I was a Navy wife, we would start to argue about a week before deployment. Wasting lots of time. Then I would stand on the pier crying my eyes out. Now he is with Jesus and I understand more clearly about giving thanks in all things because this is the will of God for us in Christ Jesus. Maybe if I praised God in the midst of the sadness we would not have argued so many times. Thank you for sharing your heart. It is appreciated.
2/16/2012 8:27:20 PM
JE United States
I love , love love the song my valentine's card is a post-it note, my husband is in Columbia (military life!!) but i wish I can send him the song, he will laugh like crazy .

You make my day with that funny song.
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