Feb 28 2012

Children and Tragedy

Talking to Children after a tragedy:

One day after the tragedy at an Ohio school, we wanted to provide a tool for parents to talk to their children about tragic events. Click HERE for a link to the article.

Here are a few pointers:

• Talk to your kids about it before they hear it from friends or counselors or teachers.
• Stick to the facts. You don’t need to elaborate and needlessly frighten them.
• Only talk about this with kids age 6 and older.
• Every child will respond differently. Some might be sad, some scared, some stoic. Some might not react right away and come to you a day or so later with a strong reaction. Let them know that however they feel, it’s O.K., it’s natural. You can also let them know you are sad, too.
• Let them know they’re safe and that you are there for them.


Regardless of what happens in life remember this from Spurgeon.

"God is the keeper of your soul. Your soul is kept from the dominion of sin, the infection of error, the crush of despondency, the puffing up of pride; kept from the world, the flesh, and the devil; kept for holier and greater things; kept in the love of God.  What can harm a soul that is kept of the Lord?"

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2/28/2012 12:20:09 PM
Glenda Cooper United States
Glenda Cooper
I love KLOVE. It's been my favorite station for a really long time. So, please take this critique in love: Lately, some of the comments made there have come across downright snarky and sarcastic.  I dont know what is the intent, but honestly, I find myself turning it off. The world is so critical.  I desperately need other Christians in my life to keep me encouraged. Please don't change that.  I love you guys. I appreciate your prayers.  I need you to stay positive. I don't know what I'd do without KLOVE.  Thank you so much.
2/29/2012 7:13:43 AM
Colleen Schneider United States
Colleen Schneider
Please do not use my name. I work at one of the passport centers. Most of the pictures look similar to yours but a lot of them aren't and the people have a slight smile. However some of them are smiling with teeth showing. I recently had one that looked like the woman was at the dentist office and he just said open wide. I see a lot of them they were taken in studios (like glamour shots some of them are); some of them look like they are standing in front of a sheet or garage door or something. But your pic doesn't look any worse than most of them. Trust me I do anywhere from 100 to 700 a day. God bless you Smile
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