May 23 2012

Graduation season!

Here's a picture at a kindergarten graduation this week.  Apparently the ceremony was a little long for some.


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5/23/2012 6:37:03 AM
Sheri United States
Dusting and sweeping can wait til tomorrow
for babies grow up, we've learned to our sorrw...
so settle down cobwebs...dust, go to sleep...
I'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep!

I learned this from motherhood...and now I live it in grandmotherhood!

5/23/2012 7:49:42 AM
Kim United States
I just came in on the conversation about candles so not sure if this go's with the conversation. The other day I was vacuming for my stepdaughter and her vacum started to smoke all of the sudden. We decided that the worst candle smell in the world would be burnt vacum belt! hahahaha
5/23/2012 9:15:44 AM
Cindy Hamilton United States
Cindy Hamilton
I have been inspired so many many times by your station, dj's, and especially the music and also the testimonies of others and prayer requests.  I have been blessed many times when turning on the radio and there right then and now; is a song that I just know the Lord sent directly to me through you.  Thank You.  
I would however; like to ask if you would email me and answer this comment:  I got in the truck to leave for an appointment and I heard "Mary Magdalene".  I got in apparently on the last sentence.  The Lord gave "Mary" to me last week after I was talking with a Sister in Christ about things of the past.  Then yesterday on the phone, the same Sister told me that the Lord had told her something about me and not to be offended.  She told me that I am loved by the Lord, God Almighty, just as he loved Mary Magdalene.  That I had many similarities to her.
Anyhow; could you send me the whole conversation regarding Mary Magdalene dated May 23, 2012?  I am trying to research all I can.  When the Lord gives me something and then there is one confirmation and now two; of what the Lord was leading me to.  My love & prayers are with all of you and the people all over the world.  Thank you so very very much for everything you do.
Cindy K. Hamilton
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