Jun 29 2012

Bargain Shopping

Bargain shopping is something new to me. Share your bargain shopping tips and experience with us here, on Facebook or Twitter.

What's your local gas price and is it a bargain?

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6/29/2012 3:55:04 AM
Tikki Harding United States
Tikki Harding
Bargain Shopping

I am a complete bargain shopper. I check coupons and deals and make sure to have the shopper saver cards for each store in my area. I print coupons offline, and I also sign up for freebies in the mail and receive them in the mail all the time. My community also has a yardsale site on facebook and I am a daily shopper on there. On average I probably save $1000 per year
6/29/2012 5:27:17 AM
Alanna United States
Helpful hint- GOOGLE! has turned in to my best friend-online Coupon codes are saving us on our rental car and our hotel stay for our mini summer vacation this yr there are even discounts on restaurant gift cards. You have to jus look n compare ;) walmart does price match you have to speak up tho save some of thay hard earned money! Happy hunting! Happy Bargain -ing!
6/29/2012 6:16:31 AM
Denise Pagano United States
Denise Pagano
Chicago is $4.75 per gal (in the city) suburbs its down to $4.55
6/29/2012 7:28:13 AM
Aubry United States
Memphis TN gas is $2.97 and thats the expensive places.
6/29/2012 8:18:02 AM
C Kidd United States
C Kidd
In Dallas area gas is $3.05 and diesel is $3.35.
6/29/2012 11:10:29 AM
Jazz United States
I paid 3.52 a gallon for gas in the Chicago suburbs. I felt somewhat great about filling my tank up
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