Aug 10 2012

Craig's Cube of Questions, Crying

When was the last time you cried and what made you cry?

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8/10/2012 5:50:34 AM
Valerie United States
I am worried about Kankelfritz. My mom made fun of me when I cried. I was allowed to be mad, but not sad or hurt. Many counseling sessions later I understood it is OK to have every emotion on the planet. Kank, enjoy loudly and if you need to cry just as loudly. GOD won't let you get too out of control.
8/10/2012 5:54:36 AM
Tony United States
Kankelfritz, either way is fine.  I dont cry either and find it actuaslly physically difficult to do.  God made us all unique, some of us dont cry Smile  God Bless!
8/10/2012 6:51:40 AM
Dennis United States
On this past Monday, August 6th... I went out for my morning exercise (power walking). As I started walking north of my house I saw a cat that was hit on the road and thought it to be my sister's since it was in front of her house. It was my beloved G.T. (Gray Tux), that was one of a litter of six that my wife raised by bottle two years ago when their mother was killed by a bad dog. Her coat was a gray tux and she was a manx, with a bobbed tail (born that way) and she was my buddy. I held her, talked to her and cried at the loss of my little friend...
8/10/2012 7:14:32 AM
Donna Metzger United States
Donna Metzger
Like Mr. K I don’t cry easily or often. I am more inclined to cry with others prompted by their feelings than I am apt to cry about what affects me. Watching Katie stand on the podium with her Gold Medal for swimming and then the video of her back at home, she is so sweet!

Women and girls who don’t cry suffer discrimination all the time! People move to comfort the one who most obviously needs help.  The person able to cry, with water and wailing is typically thought to be the one in the greatest need.  I was 11 when the merry-go-round at school came off the center post and crashed hurting the kids on the touch down side. Two male teachers helped one little girl who was loud and wet from the playground to the school. I walked behind them.  Their faces revealed surprise when they saw my blood soaked sock. The merry-go-round landed on my heel, but I wasn’t crying.

I was taught to be strong and I am sure this is a huge factor in not crying easily. For the other strong silent types, learn how to tell others you are hurting.

Hopefully triage at emergency rooms is more sophisticated!
8/10/2012 10:11:22 AM
Delores Martin United States
Delores Martin
How can I not cry.I am not of this world.I am attached by spirit to the mighty one- my God. All around me the destroyer raging his storm against God,it's as though His tears flow through me. And when I worship Him and give Him praise I cannot help but cry for who am i that He is mindful of me,to bring me into His presence. God give each child something to carry. perhaps I carry a vial of tears. also - not all tears are sad or of pain.
8/10/2012 1:18:58 PM
Amanda Gerodias United States
Amanda Gerodias
Unfortunately the last time I cried (last Saturday night) was because someone important in my life said some things that were very harsh and hurt my feelings (although we talked later and he did not even realize he had hurt my feeling because he did not mean the words to sound like they did) However, I frequently cry at happy things as well. My husband, on the other hand, is similar to Kankelfritz in that he hardly ever cries. He did not cry at our wedding, his grandfather died earlier this summer and he did not cry. We have not had our first child yet, so I wonder if that will move him to tears. I sometimes wonder if there is something emotionally wrong with him, but then I consider how he displays every other emotion and I am sure he must be just fine the way he is. Different than me, but still just fine in how God made him.
8/12/2012 7:25:13 AM
Kelly Wilson United States
Kelly Wilson
Interesting conversation...I had to add.  I cried last night at the loss of a professor of mine.  It was a short cry more because I feel the pain of his loved ones than anything.  The last ugly cry I had was a few weeks ago coming to terms with the diagnosis of my step mom that has pancreatic cancer that has metastisized to her liver.  The thought of my dad not having her around to help him and my daughters not having their favorite grandma was too much.  I was unable to get a grip and stop.
When I was young I hated the fact that I cried all the time.  I was teased for it.  After I got saved, God told me that He gave it to me to spur me to action.  To pray for others and reach out to them in their time of need.  It was not a weakness.  I feel what others feel and that is a God gift.  He gave me a deep compassion for others.  Still trying to learn it is not a weakness...but a gift.
8/13/2012 3:33:10 AM
Jane Palma Philippines
Jane Palma
I don't cry often. I am the person who always try to  resist breaking down. But by the time I encountered God in my life, I can't help but cry. In God's sight, you cannot hide who you are. I surrendered and I let God replace the throne in my heart. I cannot explain. But, our God, is just so.. gracious. Smile

In my one year of living as a Christian, journeying with God, and being raised up as a leader, the last time I cried was just this first week of August 2012, specifically August 4, it is when I had a re-encounter with Him. I fell on my knees and I was crying hard when I received the anointing from the Holy Spirit. The other leaders were there, ministering to us and placing the olive oil in our heads. I didn't know what I was feeling that time. But I just felt that God's consuming fire's upon me and I literally felt the heat on my head. Another act of surrender breaks my heart for God to made it anew and emptied me to let the Holy Spirit fill me once again. Smile
8/13/2012 8:35:32 AM
Ashley Ryen United States
Ashley Ryen
I have been crying off and on for the past few days. I am 29 years old and just met my 3 sisters from my biological "father" for the first time on Saturday. He has never been a part of my life, and out of nowhere I found a page about him on the internet. It listed 3 daughters... I knew that I wouldn't be one of them, but I had no idea that I had other siblings out there!! I ended up contacting them and their response was overwhelmingly positive and more than I ever could have hoped for. Over the last two months I have experienced a lifetime of emotions that I never thought possible, including the gift of forgiveness, given to me by the grace of God through Matthew West's beautiful song. I was able to let go of years worth of anger and bitterness because my father didn't want me. I feel as if a huge weight has been lifted from my heart!! And the hole that he left has now been filled with LOVE, because I met my sisters this weekend and I still cannot believe that it actually happened. I cannot even begin to describe how I feel, and I get so overwhelmed that I just start crying because I am SO HAPPY. THANK YOU GOD, for this MIRACLE, after almost 30 years of feeling worthless and unwanted he has shown me that I AM capable of being loved by that side of my family, because I am loved by HIM. Thy will be done; on HIS time, not mine. <3
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