Aug 22 2012

Asking God Why

Is it ok to ask God Why?

This is Kankelfritz's flash drive of questions for God for when they meet face to face.

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8/22/2012 5:07:33 AM
Dunca Romania
I don't ask Him why I just trust HIM.He know everything, and why.I just obbey.
8/22/2012 5:13:25 AM
Dunca Romania
I don't ask Him why I just trust HIM.He knows everything, and why.I just obbey.
8/22/2012 6:47:50 AM
Duane Whitesel United States
Duane Whitesel
Not only did I work as a Registered Nurse in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) for 19 years, but I have had 3 babies in that Nursery as a Patient as well.
What I found in the Nursery was that every parent (set of parents) all had basically the very same question, "Why Lord, is this happening to me and my baby?"
The very 1st time I heard this question from someone other than myself was from a mother who was holding her dying baby in her arms. My answer to her was, and has been ever since, "There is not a "person" here that can answer that question for you right now, but I can reasure you that you will be able to answer that question for yourself sometime in the future."
I learned the answer to that question from our own experience of our very 1st child being a patient in that NICU.
Life is a journey, when we ask God "WHY this is happening to me/us?" I truly believe that we find ourselves at a places where we are trying to evaluate "Where we have been, where we are currently, how we got here, where we would like to go and how do we plan to get there?"

So if you look back on your life I believe that you can ask yourself, "Would I be here today, had I not had that trial in my past?"

God gives us challenges in life so we can grow. If there were no chalenges in life then there would be less incentive for us to grow.
I beleive there is a reason for every stuggle we have in life, it just may take us somme time for us to realize "Why" we had to go though it grow into what we are today.

"Why was Johna swallowed by the whale?"
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