Sep 14 2012

Women Feel They Should Do More to Serve God

In its latest religious study, the Barna Group has measured the perceptions of Christian women in America across a variety of different topics, including their place in the church and how they serve God. Nearly 75 percent acknowledged that they feel pangs of guilt and say that they can and should be doing more to serve God.

Tell us if you agree or disagree and why?

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9/14/2012 5:06:26 AM
Tracy McArthur United States
Tracy McArthur
I disagree for my own life, however I'm sure the there are probably more than that out there. The sad thing is, these women have a very wrong mindset of God. None of us have to "do" more of anything for the Lord. That's where believers need a paradigm shift. Christ already did it, if you are still walking in what you have to do, then you are still walking in law and it's time to step out of that into the grace Christ freely gives us!
9/14/2012 5:19:19 AM
Sherri United States
At times i do feel like I am not doing enough for the kingdom of God....but quite a few years ago in my doubt I prayed to God about what special abilities He may have given me to do His work.  It amazed me at how clearly He answered me....He told me I was to be a godly mom to my three sons. That it was one of the most important jobs for me to do.  I put all I am into being the best mom i could be and in that I wasn't just a mom to my sons but to many of their friends too.  I believe that God uses us in places where we don't even realize....we just have to be open to His leading.
9/14/2012 5:43:25 AM
kimberly miller United States
kimberly miller
I am a mother of 5 girls and i feel the same way. Im not around alot of ppl cuz i dont work outside of the house but i am around other women where i live n i believe God wants me to raise good God fearing girls and set an example to the women who live near doesnt always have to be extreme.
9/14/2012 5:52:58 AM
Sarah Peternel United States
Sarah Peternel
I read a devotional this morning by Dr. Charles Stanley about being in the service of God. The Word is clear that each of us are given a work to do, a gift to use. The problem is, we have allowed oursleves to become far too "busy" and distracted to walk in it. We spend our time on social media, watching television, or running our kids to things that merely just fill their time. I think we need to step back and evaluate our committment to Him. Now, I'm not one who believes we can do anything to gain God's favor or cause Him to love us more. What I'm talking about is not doing things FOR God, but rather, doing things BECAUSE of Him. There is a huge difference.
9/14/2012 5:58:31 AM
Lori United States
I wake up every morning asking God to guide me and pray with my children before we walk out the door. I seek Him constantly in my daily walk.  We attend church regularly, but so often I do feel guilty for not doing more in serving God.  I am a single mom of three and it's a tough balance and at times pretty overwhelming.  Every Sunday I sit in church and tell need to just get involved again (as I use to be ALL the time in so many areas of the church/ministry).  Every excuse comes up to why I don't or just feeling tired and exhausted to do one more thing keeps me from committing.  The years I was involved in serving I felt a closer and more intimate connection to God...these days I feel I'm living in survival mode...waiting on Him.  I know my spiritual gifts, I know I should be serving and I feel guilty.  I'm full of excuses and keep putting it off.  To be quite honest, I feel  quite incomplete.
9/14/2012 7:00:54 AM
Angie United States
I have no problem believing such a high population of Christian women feel as though they should be "doing" more.  I would venture to say there's Christian men carrying that "guilt" load as well.  I taught Sunday School, Wednesday night Awanas and 2-week VBS for nearly 15 years straight.  I wore myself out!  It got to the point I hated Wednesdays because I worked all day and would get home with about 30 minutes to turn around and be at church with a mindset to teach little children.  Don't get me wrong, I love children but I WAS in a very legalistic church where you couldn't do/give enough b/c you can't out do or out give God.  The Pastor put an expectation on the Sunday School teachers to be at all church services as an example to your children.  No one in their "right" mind tries to pull off a 2-week VBS - but it was a matter of "tradition" (and stubborness), especially considering we had no room for a great number of children.

I was serving "full throttle" but I burned-out.  I'm in a new church and finally able to be in my own class for the first time after 15 years of being saved!!!  Sometimes I do start feeling guilty, but then I remember the story of Mary and Martha and Martha was busy, but Jesus said Mary was doing what was most needful....spending time at His feet.
9/14/2012 7:10:15 AM
April United States
I honestly feel like that quite often.
9/14/2012 7:10:45 AM
Natasha United States
I think that 75% feel this way because they have fealt callings on their life and seen things they should have done, doors that were opened and prayers answered for open doors,...and they chose not to act...out of fear. What is more likely, that we are serving God beyond our comfort level, or that we are are holding back? Me = failing! I want to serve God better so that I can experience the joy of growing closer to him and furthering His Kingdom. He doesn't need my service, but I need it. My heart hurts, because I so want to draw closer to Him, and I am hanging back! For what?! What does it look like to die to this world and live for Christ where I am, the mission field at my feet? We know when we are being bad friends, and we feel badly. In the same way, I know I am being a bad friend of Christ, and it hurts me to not bask in that glow of "let's work together, God! What do you have for me?!" I've tasted it before, and I want to taste it again! =)
9/14/2012 8:03:34 AM
Carolynn United States
The older I get the more I think I should do more.  Even though I have had ups and life has been blessed.  I thank Him in the morning ...then at night.  When my children were younger I was very much involved with the church, Sunday school and such.  Now that they are grown...I never feel that I have filled that gap.  Oddly enough...."my time" with the Lord and Church is children share their lives quite abundantly with Him...after reading this article I am going commit myself for a better service/worship time.  Sometimes we need the enlightenment...thanks!
9/14/2012 8:39:30 AM
Stephanie United States
I have to agree with the study.  I know there are many times I've felt guilty, like I'm not doing enough.  God tells me every day in my devotions that I AM enough simply because He is enough.  He fills my weaknesses and shows me my strengths.  But DOING enough?  That's a whole different story.  If you look at what the message is surrounding women in our society (I'm generalizing here), it's that we need to be multi-taskers and get the jobs done that no one else has finished.  But it's just not true.  We do what we can and give God the glory for that time and those abilities.  And what we can't do, we pray for someone else to step in.
9/14/2012 10:14:23 AM
Crucesignata United States
I agree.  
       Btw, I was reading some of the comments, and it looks like a very important question has been brought up:  Why does God want us to serve Him when He is all powerful, made everything, and is in need of nothing?  He certainly does not need us to serve Him.  
       Well, if you look at Sacred Scripture, the inspired word of God, you may notice that in the gospels when Our Lord asks a question, it is not for His own benefit, but for ours.  When Our Lord asks Peter 3 times at the fire with the fish, "Peter, do you love Me more than these?" it is to make a point and to remind Peter of that night when Peter betrayed Our Lord 3 times.  Now, after denying Our Lord by the fire on the night of His betrayal, he now is given the chance to express his love for +Jesus+ three times before the fire in the morning after the resurrection.  +Jesus+ also showed that He forgave Peter for this offense, and told him to "Feed my lambs."  
       Just as Our Lord asked questions for our own benefit (not His-- He is God and knows everything already!), He wishes us to serve Him for our benefit!  He made us because He is infinitely generous and good:  He made us so that we might know, love, and serve Him in this world so that we might be happy with Him forever in the next!  Just so, He wants us to choose to love Him precisely because He loves us and wants what is best for us-- what will make us truly happy:  the Beatific Vision.
9/16/2012 1:29:22 PM
christine United States
Faith AND works! We should be living our lives for Christ.  I feel like I want to be a mother to the world... Christ died for our sins...and in following him, that means giving ourselves to others... so I disagree with the first comment.
Ora Et Labora <3
9/18/2012 3:28:47 AM
Ruth Aragon United States
Ruth Aragon
I believe that if you're going to get involved in God's work you need to pray about it and let God direct you to how you can be useful in his work. If you are a mother you need to be careful you don't overdo your service to God. God doesn't want mothers to stress themselves out and neglect their children for his sake. If you have a husband the same thing goes. Being a wife your first duty is to your husband. Learn from God's word how to be the wife that your husband needs. Pleasing your husband is pleasing to God. If he isn't a christian, then learn how you can win him to the Lord. Children need their mothers to be there for them. I believe a Mom's ministry can begin at home. First with their children. With much prayer. Training them in the way they should go even when they grow old they will not depart from it. Prov. 22:6. Letting them know how much they are loved. Being careful not to spoil them. Teaching them with gentleness to respect your authority over them. Teaching them that Showing their love for you by being obedient is the same as loving God and obeying his word.
Mothers can have great opportunities to minister to their children's friends, and sometimes even to their friends parents.
This comment comes from my heart. I can understand your feelings of not being useful enough in God's work. I can tell you by my experiences as a mother raising 3 boys and 1 girl in the 1950 s  being a piano player for the church, teaching a Sunday school class, being a youth leader while having a job too.  I don't regret being a servant for the Lord, after all he has called us to be servants. I stretched myself too thin. I didn't know better. By the way our first child a male ended up wasting his life and body as a drug addict. We went through much affliction during those years. I thank God that he saved him 2 weeks before he died at the age of 43 yrs old. For Many years after my son died I felt that I hadn't been a good mother to him and I blamed myself for his bad life. I prayed for deliverance of guilt and the Lord heard me and answered me. My second son and his wife are serving the Lord. My daughter and her husband are serving the Lord. My youngest son is not serving the Lord, but I know god's grace and mercy will reach him and he will be saved soon. I'm the grandmother of 4 grandchildren. Ages 14-19. I'm always giving them godly advise and praying for them to keep Jesus in their hearts and lives. I feel that is my mission now, plus taking care of my sick husband and using my piano playing talent at church services. My advise to you is to Pray for God s discernment, concerning your service to Him. God is a sovereign God and he knows your abilities. He will answer you because he always answers our prayers. Psalms 6:9. And because He Loves you and Cares how you feel. 1Peter 5:7.              
9/21/2012 7:32:06 AM
Renea United States
I feel this way as well, at times. Even though I do mentor other single moms and serve with the kids at church I wish I could do more.
Sherri & Kimberly; I agree, being a God fearing example to our children is working for the kingdom of God, and many times it affects their friends, their parents, teachers, and others you or your children encounter! Way to go ladies!
Sarah..I agree fully! Great insight!
Lori, I was in the same boat about a year ago, I had gotten out of serving in my church and around the city..I felt a lot of guilt and emptiness, I prayed about where God wanted me. I began a single moms class and they have my heart, being a single mother myself we were abole to lift one another up and invest in one another's children. It has been an amazing journey that continues to touch many lives. About 3 months ago the lead coordinator approached me and asked that I get involved with serving the children, how could I resist..God has lead me back to my #1  strength of loving children and serving their families with God's love and mercy! It too has been amazing in my life! I encourage you to just take the first step in obedience to serving in one of your strength areas! Best wishes to you, and as a single parent I know how "busy & hectic" life can be. My prayers are with you!!
9/27/2012 10:07:26 PM
Sonia United States
I have read some of your comments and , I just want to say , God is with all of us.  We need to have that ear to hear Him speak - when we pray and worship Him - He will direct your path .  He already knows our ways and steps - He is and awesome God and loving - when you share that love with others you are already doing He's will.  When you can be and hear to someone you are already doing He's will. When we step out with love we are doing He's will.  Remember the one of the 10 commandments is Love thy neighbor as yourself's , Grace and Peace to all.
And may the Lord richly bless each and everyone .  AMEN
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