Jan 14 2013


We read something today that really impacted our view of how our weekends are spent. After a week of work, most people use their weekends to catch up on errands, get laundry done, and fix things around the house. Have we been doing it wrong all this time?

Instead of adding work to our "free" days, shouldn't we be using them to relax and enjoy them? Perhaps adding a STOP DAY- or day of rest- to our weekend routine could benefit us mentally and physically. Read more about the potential benefits here.


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1/14/2013 6:11:45 AM
Robert Lamm United States
Robert Lamm
I would get to church at 4:00 am and seek the the Lord And pray every morning except sundays. I got where the Lord Jesus would let me travel up to 9:00 am and it seemed like  it had been only 15 min. He would lead me to different seats to pray for different ones there. One time i asked him.Is rock and roll realy bad for us to listeen to? My wifes receiver wasent over a year old that she had then. When i got back home that morning. I had learned that the receiver just started haveing smoke roll out of it. I told her that i had just asked the Lord if that rock and roll she was listening to was realy bad for us to hear. She already had her old receiver hook up. An told me not to ask him thaat again. I hadent received my ministry lic few years latter. I go door to door sence 97 inviting people to come to church. We have a fellowship meeting the last fri of eveery month at a different church. So i have used that to go to 51 cities so far and 4 states by the Lord Jesus Chhirst mercy and grace and going with me. Cant Praise him enough. Where our treasure is so will our heart be amen.
1/14/2013 1:28:50 PM
Jayne Bryant United States
Jayne Bryant
I believe our God created the Seventh-day Sabbath as a day for his "creations" (us) as a Day of Rest.  God, himself, doesn't need to reset. His Word also denotes the day as being "hallowed" and set apart. Why did we let a Roman Emperor change the day from Saturday to Sunday.  Does a "man" have the power to do this?
1/14/2013 1:38:58 PM
Jayne Bryant United States
Jayne Bryant
I believe our God gave us the Seventh-day Sabbath as our resting day.  God didn't need to rest himself.  His WORD tells us that he hallowed it and set it apart from all other days.  He created this day to remind us to appreciate him and spend time with him.  Why did we let a Roman Emperor change the day from Saturday to Sunday?  Who gave this "man" the power to do this?
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