Mar 14 2013

Three things I Wish I'd Known Before Having Kids

I read an article written by family counselor, David Thomas, in which he explains  the three things he wished he and his wife knew before having kids. I thought it'd be good to share with you all!  

1. Parenthood is mostly about showing up.Little did I know that delivery would be the first of many times I’d feel uncertain, awkward or incompetent in parenting. The moments of uncertainty have created beautiful reminders of how desperately I need God—to parent, to love my wife, to care for my family and to just show up.

2. Parenthood is designed to help you grow up. Parenting will take us to the end of ourselves. It will drive us to a place of dependence, of crying out for help, of leaning into God. We aren’t designed to do this on our own.

3. Parenthood will expose the worst and the best of who you are. This enormous love that exists in me on behalf of my children has nearly wrecked me at times. But that same love is changing me—slowly, gradually, making me into something different. And hopefully, with God’s grace, something better.

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