Jul 31 2013

Saving Money While Traveling

Traveling expenses tend to add up quickly, but here are some tips that could help save you money!

Big travel savings and benefits:
1. Ask for an upgrade. - If they have bigger rooms/first class sits open, sometimes they’ll bump you with no charge!
2. Offer to be bumped. - Just knowing you’re flexible will make them want to upgrade you if possible on your new flight.
3. If you've served in military, you're on honeymoon or you're 55 plus, let them know!
4. When renting a car, ask for the cheapest car they have. - Getting the lowest-priced car available and showing up super-early in the morning can garner you a free upgrade to a bigger car.
5. Offer candy & gum to flight crew. - A travel coach handed out chocolate to the gate agents and flight crew & got a better coach seat or upgrade half the time.

Happy traveling! Where are you headed this summer?

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