Aug 27 2013

What's Expected

A recent article stated that one of the main reasons people don’t go to church is that they don’t know what’s expected of them. They want to be a part, they just don’t know how. They're not sure of their place.

Most of us have been the “new kid” in church at least once in our lives and most of us went in hoping that someone would say hi, ask our name, take interest – we wanted to be a part, that’s why we came in the first place. 

It’s easy though, when that church is your home, to get comfy.  You probably know what’s expected. Chances are you know your place; you know where you can get plugged in, where you can use your gifts and make an impact. And it’s easy to not see the new kid. You’re doing your thing, you’re dialed in. But, what if, part of what’s expected of us is to help that new kid know what’s expected of them? To help them know they are a part of the family, we’re glad they’re here and we want them to feel they belong. 

It’s easy just to get in your groove – we all do it - and not notice the new kid that’s eager to be a part. We have the Welcome Center, we have the Information Card – they can get dialed in! But, that’s our home, we’re all family and when it’s our home, we want guests to feel welcome. We want them to know we’re happy to have them in our home, and we want them to call it home too. But, gotta show them around, how they can be a part, how they can use their gifts. We want to show them why it’s so awesome to be a part of the family, why it’s wonderful to be in our home, why they matter and how important their gifts are!

Psalm 110:3 "Your people will volunteer freely in the day of Your power…"

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