Oct 02 2013

Hope Changes Everything

We love to hear your stories of how the Lord used K-LOVE and the perfect song at the perfect moment, to speak to your heart!

I recently lost my brother and seriously considered committing suicide.  The song that changed my life was a JJ Heller song. "What Love really Means" it gave me the strength to get through life. Thank you. -JP

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10/2/2013 6:26:34 AM
Dawn Dalton United States
Dawn Dalton
Several months back as I was listening to K-love 88.3 as i was driving to pick my daughter up from school. I was feeling confused restless and I just started talking to God and asked him to please let me know he hears me and to PLEASE show me the way!!  The next song that played was Not For a Moment (After All)-Meredith Andrews!  I just started crying out of no where!  I was so filled with the spirit of Christ at that moment!!  Praise God!  I am HONORED to be $40.00 a month easy pledger for the last 7 months!!  Thank you K-Love!!!
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