Oct 19 2011

Addicted To Angry Birds

Angry Birds: 30 Million Daily Active Users and 300 Million Minutes of Gameplay Per Day. Mashable.com

Addicted to Angry Birds? Here’s Help [INFOGRAPHIC] Mashable.com

Most people are well aware of the placebo effect as it pertains to medicine. The idea is that simply thinking that a treatment will cure your symptoms is sometimes enough to make that treatment take effect. 5 things You Think Work, But Actually Don't Finance YAHOO!

Some things should never be said -- like these phrases. Here, what to say instead. 18 common phrases to avoid conversation CNN.com

People with lots of Facebook friends tend to have areas of the brain that are larger than those of online social network users with fewer friends, British researchers say. Study: More Facebook friends linked to larger brain areas USA Today

Bad news for holiday fliers: it looks like the fares up there are set to take off. Holiday Airfare Increase Takes Off abc NEWS

Over the years, we've all had favorite eats hit the healthy-food blacklist, but thankfully, some of them are making a return. 5 bad foods you should be eating TODAY

There's never a shortage of ridiculous luxury items (see: $430 diamond dust hair treatment, $39K backpack etc...), but there is a limit. And we think our TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas found it: $19K for shoelaces made of 24-carat gold. Behold, $19K for shoelaces…made of real gold TODAY

KFC's new Cheesy Bacon Bowl comes with fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, cheese -- and of course bacon. The nutritional info for the $3.99 concoction is currently absent from the KFC.com nutrition guide, but its older cohort, the KFC Famous Bowl, packs 680 calories and 31 grams of fat. Outrageous Food: KFC's Cheesy Bacon Bowl abc NEWS

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Oct 19 2011

Have You Seen The Sign?

I was at a restaurant the other day after church and noticed I could not read the score of the football game, but my son rattled it off like it was nothing.  I then realized that I am getting old, and that I need glasses.  What has made you say, "I am getting old?" Share your story here or on Facebook

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Oct 18 2011

Times Have Changed

Dalton, 8 year old, called to talk about being bullied.

It's unfortunate that our children will get bullied at school, whether it's about their appearance or dress, their academic ability or hobbies, a disability or just the fact that they're the new kids in town. Here are things parents can do to strengthen their children before the bullying starts, convince them to tell parents if a verbal or physical attack occurs, and keep them safe. 

Start early. Does your child understand the difference between thinking, feeling and action?

Develop a sense of self. A sense of self isn't about children feeling good all the time or getting a trophy for showing up to every soccer game. It's teaching a child to have core sense of sturdiness so her sense of who she is isn't defined by the whim of her peers.

Encourage courageous behavior. Bullying flourishes in school communities when most of the community stays silent while the bullies attack.

Look in the mirror. Become aware of your own behavior, because your children will copy you.

Read full article here. Bully-proofing your kids from CNN.com

StopBullying.gov is a great resource to help understand and stop bullying.

Bullying is different now than it was when I was going up.  Hope this helps!


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