Feb 12 2013

Heard on Today's Show

DIY Valentine Ideas

With Valentine's Day coming up, here are some easy DIY Valentine's ideas - you see any you would like to do this year?

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Chocolate Stamps...Who knew it was possible?


Waiter Donates to Charity



Typo Cost This Woman a Fortune

This should be a great lesson in always, always reading over anything you turn in...OUCH!


Cruise Horror

After just getting off a great week on a cruise ship - we can honestly say this would be our worst nightmare come true!



Why Listening to the State of the Union Matters



Love My Kids - Hate My Body

I (Kelli), would love to hear if you have struggled with this. I know us moms have to stick together!


Feb 06 2013

Heard on Today's Show!

Joel Houston of hillsong united stopped by our studio today! Here's a great quote from today's interview:

"Wherever we find ourselves, whatever we do, whether you go to school, or
you're a mom taking care of your family, or at the shopping mall - remember
whatever place God puts you - you can be serving God by simply smiling and
encouraging people, just being a light. However small that might feel,
when we are obedient to the call, God uses those opportunities, and opens
up more of them." - Joel Houston

Be looking for a guest post from him later today!


Video story from about Michael Oher and Leann Touhey. 


Trick Shot basketball kid - look for him in the NBA in 20 years! 


World's Smallest car:


Another asteroid is heading close to Earth. 


February is National Heart Month for obvious reason…But what is not so obvious are the signs when a woman is having a heart attack.


The Post Office is stopping Saturday Delivery - be sure to give yourself plenty of time to get cards to your loved ones.