Aug 17 2013

Lying Awake

A 23 hour travel day lies ahead of us, yet I can't sleep because I am giddy with excitement over what I believe God is going to do in the next couple weeks, as we embark on this journey to take Love Around The World.  I imagine that the Apostle Paul must have felt this same kind of excitement as he would set out to take the Gospel to other cities and cultures.  This is how we fulfill our purpose in life; how we fulfill the call that Christ gives each of us, to "go and make disciples." That may mean setting out on a journey like this, but it also may be as simple as "going" across the street to love on a neighbor, or comfort a friend, but regardless of where it is, we just need to "go."

Each morning, I try to start my day with a time of devotion, and this is what I read in 1 John 4 this morning:, 

"God sent his Son to be the Savior of the world. We saw his Son and are now telling others about him. God stays one with everyone who openly says that Jesus is the Son of God. That’s how we stay one with God and are sure that God loves us. God is love. If we keep on loving others, we will stay one in our hearts with God, and he will stay one with us. If we truly love others and live as Christ did in this world, we won’t be worried about the day of judgment. A real love for others will chase those worries away. The thought of being punished is what makes us afraid. It shows that we have not really learned to love. We love because God loved us first. But if we say we love God and don’t love each other, we are liars. We cannot see God. So how can we love God, if we don’t love the people we can see? The commandment that God has given us is: “Love God and love each other!”

I never cease to be amazed at how God uses His Word to speak to us so clearly!  Like any good parent, God uses conviction to help mold us and shape us, so that we may continue to grow.  I would venture to say that, for most of us, our first thought waking up isn't "God thank you for the opportunities to 'love others' today." Yet that is what these verses are saying we should strive for. This journey is something that we are all embarking on together, and through this, we have  opportunities to live out the words John penned 2,000 years ago, "We love because God loved us first. But if we say we love God and don’t love each other, we are liars."  

In these next couple weeks, we are hoping to change the course of history for at least 1,000 children around the world, who desperately need us.  To hear that 20,000 children, under the age of 5 will die tomorrow without help is sobering. These are NOT simply statistics, they are CHILDREN, the same as our own. Children who become like our own through child sponsorship.  For what it cost us for a can of Coke, we can give a child HOPE!  

I guess that is why I am lying here awake, I am excited to see how we, as the K-LOVE family, can change the world, one child at a time… offering them hope not only for a better tomorrow, but a hope that lasts for all eternity.  

Aug 15 2013

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Jul 28 2013


At times, I think that we all ask the question, “why am I here?”  We all have a yearning to know what our purpose is, and where we fit in God’s bigger story, the greatest love story in history!  A story that we are called to share with the world, in the hope that God will change someone’s life forever.  

In his new book, “Unfinished”, World Vision president, Rich Stearns reminds us of the mission that Jesus calls every believer to, a challenge to ‘go into all of the World’ and proclaim hope and demonstrate His incredible love.  A job that Rich declares is “Unfinished.”  He reminds us that after having an encounter with Jesus, “you can’t just go back to your old life, that is not an option, an encounter with Jesus changes everything.”  Rich’s encouragement to you is simply this, “Be a finisher!”

This month, I hope that you will join me on this journey to be a “finisher!”  We are setting out on a mission to change the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children. Children who desperately need our help. Everyday 20,000 children, under the age 5, die, and sadly most of them from things that are preventable. If they make it past 5, 67 million will never make it to school and more than a billion are severely deprived of what they need to survive.  I know those numbers can seem overwhelming, but we have the power to change the world, one child at a time!  

During this mission, we are teaming up with World Vision to take “Love Around The World”, to fulfill the Lord’s call to go into all the World proclaiming hope and demonstrating His great love!  During this month, we are looking for 1,000 people to help us with the “unfinished” business of caring for these children and sharing the Gospel.  

For what you spend on one meal for your family at a drive thru, you can feed, educate and care for a child for an entire month, a child who is in desperate need of help, a child, who without your help, may not make it.  The great thing about sponsoring a child is that you are, in a very real sense, adding another member to your family.  You’ll have the chance to build a relationship with your World Vision child that often times means more to them than you can imagine.  

Mother Theresa said, “We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty.”  Join us in taking “Love Around The World” help us change the world one child at a time. Learn how to sponsor.