Sep 14 2009

Kanye West flagged for Unsportsman like conduct!

Last night at the MTV VMA Awards Kanye West through a tantrum when Taylor Swift won for best Female Video.  He got up on stage and blasted her saying that Beyonce should have won the award.  This seems to be a patteren of behavior for Kanye, and the unfortunate thing is it's a display of poor sportmanship.  Perhaps as bad, Serena Williams had an ugly outburst at the US Open yesterday, again another poor display of sportsmanship.  As much as we would like to throw the book at Kanye, or Serena, I think we all have our moments when good sportsmanship goes out the window.

Their poor behavior was much more public than ours, but I imagine that most of us have had our "moments".  Shining our light as believers isn't always easy, if it was I suppose that there may be a lot more people who would be following Christ.  As a believer, Christ calls to a life of service and self sacrafice.  Watching someone else's failure is many times a reminder of my own failures, and I am reminded of the incredible grace that Jesus extends toward us, even at our very worst. 

That is the Good News that the world needs to know about, and we have the incredible privalage of telling them about it.  Ironically enough, today's KLOVE Encouraging Word is a reminder to all of us, Matthew 5:13 says, "You are the salt of the Earth, but what good is it, if salt loses it's flavor?"  The whole world may not see our bad behavior, but there is always someone watching that God has charged us with reaching.  My prayer is that I don't fail God, and live my life for His Glory even when I think no one is watching!!!

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8/28/2009 1:51:32 AM
Meghan United States
This is an awesome blog! It is so cool because I just heard a sermon today on Matthew 5:13-15! This verse is occurring over and over again.. Its such an important thing to remember that we are always being God or people! We are to enhance the environment as salt enhances food. From the sermon, the pastor said.."You don't say that the salt on the steak was great! You say.. man, that was some great steak! If there was too much salt on the steak, you wouldn't want to eat it. We have to make sure we're not shaking too much salt out the shaker and not too little either." We are the salt of the earth.. lets get some flavor in this world!!
8/28/2009 2:02:05 AM
Clint United States
Yeah this is a good reminder of our responsibility of grace and forgiveness. It does not excuse their behavior, and I believe that since they are more in the public light they should be held at a higher standard because they influence more people. However, that does not give us an excuse to hate them. Celebrities are human after all. This is the world and we must live in it but not be of it.
8/28/2009 1:12:06 PM
just an observation United States
just an observation
I was disappointed to hear this story talked about on the Scott & Kelli show ALL afternoon. A one-time mention would have been more than sufficient.  Instead, KLOVE, a coast to coast "Christian" radio station gave the offensive performer free publicity.  Next time, remember that KLOVE's motto is "Positive & Encouraging."  Surely there are plenty of positive & encouraging newsworthy stories that don't get any mention.  
8/28/2009 4:23:12 PM
Rob United States
I too was disappointed that this received so much airtime.  The discussion was more fit for a secular FM station than Klove.  If Kanye is going to be a topic, at least put the discussion in a biblical context.  Please keep the afternoon show positive and encouraging.  
8/29/2009 1:05:40 AM
Lynn United States
I am finding it rather distasteful to listen to Scott discuss celebrities behaving badly--Kanye, Serena--when in the same broadcast he is condemning his neighbor over a disagreement they have.  Scott shared too many details to enable this neighbor to maintain their privacy and without giving the neighbor the opportunity to defend himself.  Scott is using his position at K-Love as a tool of intimidation towards his neighbor and that sickens me.  It is the worst form of self-righteousness cloaked in Christianity that I have heard in a long time and it made me turn off K-Love today and leave them a phone message (today is the only contact I have ever made with a radio station in my life, and I'm 39).  It made me feel like a dirty party to malicious gossip to hear Scott discuss what should have been a private matter.  It borders on sinful and is leading all of your listeners on that path right along with you.  I expect better from K-LOVE.
1/2/2010 2:15:46 AM
Dee United States
I agree that talking about Kane all afternoon gives too much emphasis on Kane.  Use the situation to further Christian ideals of forgiveness and maturity not hatred.  Klove is a great vechicle for growth in the Christian walk and a great encouragement for broken souls.  They are a light in the tunnel of depression, used of God to further the kindgom of God and lighten the load of individuals as they go about their day.  Thank God for Klove!
1/11/2010 7:38:12 AM
Elise United States
Taylor Swift is so extremely down to earth (now). And when I saw Kanye doing that! I felt sooo extremely sorry for her! Her music video for "You Belong With Me" was wayyyy better than Beyonce's music video. She definitely deserved that award. Kanye was just a bit of a jerk that night. Should we start praying for him?
1/11/2010 7:39:54 AM
Elise United States
But all in all, yes it was a bit to much. I understand how we should feel pity and draw that issue up on the radio. But, maybe it could have only been discussed for an hour, no longer than that.
1/12/2010 4:26:33 PM
Tim United States
first of all I have to agree with most everyone who has commented on this story. In the last few years there has been almost no positive news stories on any celebrities, that includes sports figures as well, and as a result, I couldn't care less about what they do. Personally, I don't even want to hear about anyone of them, they make tons of money due to America idolizing them, and yet they act like spoiled rich kids, throwing tantrums, infidelity, immoral, drunk driving, domestic abuse, drug use/dealing. Enough-I like the words of that old Gaither song "Tell Me" Tell me once again about His love. Report something about how a prayer meeting in Haiti, being held on the roof of a boarding house that collapsed during the quake and no one was injured. I want to hear stories of a missionary to Niger who knew of a crippled boy who fell ill and died,and his father couldn't bear to go in and wrap him for burial, after three days the family made him go into take care of him, as he started to wrap him he sat straight up and said did you see Him. The father said who, and the boy said Jesus, He was the one who helped me sit up. the boy is no longer crippled. That is the GOOD news.
3/9/2011 6:37:38 AM
Lauren United States
Now that's just downright WRONG!!!!
I LOVE YOU K-LOVE!!!!!!!!! B-D
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