Oct 12 2009

Basketball's Finest Moment!!!

I saw this video on the news the other day, and I wanted to make sure that you saw it! I love it. I love what it says is possible when we don't quit! It reminds me, that as believers, we must remember that the Bible says that With Christ, All things ARE POSSIBLE!!! (Philipians 4:13)
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10/3/2009 5:04:37 AM
graham ardner United States
graham ardner
hi scott

i have seen that video before, and i still love it. It's so cool to see how God uses whoever He wants to, whenever He chooses. I'm ok at hoops, but...uh...that puts me and most my friends to shame!! Clearly that was what God wanted to happen.

good post Smile

10/8/2009 11:26:04 PM
Brian United States
My children went to that school in Greece NY during that amazing time. A true inspiration.
10/11/2009 2:00:07 AM
Scot United States

You were included in my prayers today- & for the drive; as well.  I’m an avowed partner, and as I’m currently able to receive your signal over the interweb- I listen as I’m able to do so: usually while multi-tasking as an on-line student at a Christian University.  3 Christian Stations have strongly impacted (deepened and increased the ‘volume of’) my relationship with Jesus.  “The Fish,” (went belly-up in Chicago;) “WONU” (available from Olivet University in KS,) & KLOVE have each powerfully impacted times when I have needed a “life-line between aloneness and communion with Our Father.”  Yes it has been fun to put the station on KLOVE when I’ve used someone’s car.  When I’ve been telecommuting between Chicago-Los Angeles-&-Houston: it’s been fun to set the computers to your station; especially when I’ve needed to leave the office(s) for a season.  Falling asleep/waking up, or simply: at home, work, or “on the go”- KLOVE is sometimes a challenge to love- only due to the fact that the news bulletins kinda ‘reset’ the sets of repeating tunes.  I’m not going to lie.  I miss the contemporary “FISH” in Chicago, and was surprised that any station with a billboard of Michael W. Smith could go broke.  But then-again; Michael Card couldn’t continue funding his show on “WMBI” either.  What’s more, I regret how positive an impact “WONU” has had & how very little I’ve been able to give back to them/there.  I’ll just say this about KLOVE…

KLOVE may be a broken-record of sorts, with or without an advisory panel… but I like the station a lot.  Your dedication to Our Father, Brother; Jesus- and efforts at being led of God’s Holy Spirit- in demonstration of broadcasting excellence -are honored by God.  The enthusiasm you have for glorifying God has made (partial career) involvement in Christian Charity worth having been through.  I have been blessed to raise funds (I love PBS in Chicago.) for some fairly largely-named Church/Missions/& Ministries.  To God be all (REALLY) glory for allowing me go through a pledge-drive for a living once!

I guess I’m wanting you to FAIL to be discouraged by the bottom-line-number-sign-&-dollar(s)-amount [at the end of the/is drive].  I’m expecting great things of your help (as employees) as God helps you- helping HIM to expand the effectiveness of (and IN) His Kingdom.  You may endure a certain degree of let-down when you’re at 60-of-100 percent… I’ve seen it COST ME MONEY to do my job, and this is the WORST!  Anywayze… I lift you up from Chicagoland to California; & worldwide- in every and in any place: “Let everyone who has breath: PRAISE YOU LORD!”  Keep it up, and thanks partners: in the Name we ALL LOVE BEYOND WORD’S DESCRIPTION…”JESUS.”


PS.  I'd seen this video, and was motivated.  You two on the station and your "reckless faithfulness" surely gives Jesus cause to have said: "Ya know- irrespective of your latte`, and your lacking ability to love me more greatly than I do you- I forgave you; gave you grace, and- BY FAITH -you JUST MIGHT inherit the promises."

PSS. 'Stay tuned!' ;)
10/17/2009 9:03:11 PM
Robin Efing United States
Robin Efing
I just wanted you to know that I am originally from a town near where J-Mac was a student.  It was so wonderful to see the response and how people supported him and his family.  I am currently a missionary in Mexico City, Mexico and when I get discouraged, I remember that in Rochester, NY there are people who really do care what happens in this world.
10/18/2009 9:07:02 AM
Maria United States
10/18/2009 3:06:29 PM
Amber Lewis United States
Amber Lewis
That is so amazing. If only we could look at people who are "different" and try to learn something from them! Wouldn't this be such a better place.
10/20/2009 10:38:15 PM
Cynthia Pinion United States
Cynthia Pinion
Talk about a feed good story! Thanks so much for posting. You're great Kelli...
1/16/2010 9:15:20 PM
Falco United States
That is a nice video.
8/31/2010 9:21:30 AM
Ryan United States
WOW, amazing what the Lord can do!
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