Oct 28 2009

Onion juice, garlic chunks and a brisk walk...cures for the common cold?

It's officially cold and flu season and we're hearing a lot of talk about how to avoid catching the latest bug. But, what do you do if you start coming down with something? Any surefire methods for fighting off the common cold? We heard about many "normal" (i.e. sleep more, drink lots of liquids) and "not-so-normal" (onion and sugar juice, garlic chunks!) remedies on the show today! Here are a few ideas from Glamour magazine:

1: Walk fast. New research has shown that walking briskly will help keep a cold at bay by increasing your immunity. But don't run (you'll get sick if you overexert yourself), and if you have anything more than the sniffles, you best stay in bed.

2: Don't blow. When your nose is all stuffed up, blowing both nostrils at the same time can propel mucus up into your sinuses, which could possibly cause further infection. Um, yecch. Instead, take decongestants or blow one nostril at a time.

3: Take a sauna. Research shows that the warm, moist air somehow gives your bod the same detoxifying benefits that drinking lots of liquids does when you're sick, ushering the cold right out the door.

4: Have a hot fruit drink. Drinking a hot cup of apple and black currant juice has been found to relieve symptoms such as sniffling, coughing, sore throat, and runny nose. Scientists are researching whether other hot drinks are as effective.

5: Eat peppers. Chow some red bell peppers, high-in-vitamin-C superfoods that are believed to reduce the length and intensity of cold and flu symptoms. Other immunity-boosting foods: yogurt, tumeric, garlic, oregano, green tea, and pumpkins.

So, what are your best methods for beating a cold? It appears that nothing is too odd...as long as it works!

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10/20/2009 5:14:36 AM
Lisa United States
At the first sign of a sore throat, my husband and I do these things: We take extra vitamin C, zinc lozenges, and elderberry syrup. The brand of elderberry syrup that we take also includes echinacea, propolis, and raw honey. The key is to keep these things going every hour or 2 until symptoms are gone. My husband is also a big fan of colostrum from the cow, and GSE ( Grapefruit seed extract). When I was nursing my newborn last fall, we were both helped when I ate garlic. You'd be amazed at how many things we fight off using these remedies. One other thing that I want to add: I think it helps tremendously to avoid foods high in sugar, and to take vitamin C before leaving the house to be in large crowds. If you know you have been exposed to the stomach flu, drink Kefir or take pro-biotics for a week, and you should be fine.
10/20/2009 6:08:00 AM
Kit United States
I think if you take Airborne (or some other vitamin source) as soon as you feel any symptoms, and keep taking it every few hours as long as the symptoms bother you, then the cold will be shorter in length and less severe.  Also, vitamin A and zinc in high doses for a short time seem to knock a cold out cold.  Smile
10/28/2009 5:10:58 PM
Hannah Wentling United States
Hannah Wentling
I too have heard that eating garlic can help you prevent getting the cold and flu, but also sardines. Yumm! They have vitamin D which many people don't get enough of in the winter. Fresh pinnapple has bromelain which has been shown to sooth irritated sinuses and swollen sore throats. Good luck this cold and flu season, I think I already caught something. =( Hello sardines!
Hannah Marie
11/1/2009 6:45:51 AM
Shannon United States
Do not blow one at a time. This increases the intercranial pressure in your brain. This can cause even bigger problems.
11/3/2009 9:27:38 PM
Tim McCoole United States
Tim McCoole
In reading the above remedies and, speaking as a health care provider, I wonder what ever happened to chicken soup. The hot fluid would take the place of a sauna. The nutrition would definitely taste better than garlic, and chase away fewer friends. I guess I may be old fashioned but I like the addage, "if it works, use it."
I have also added something you may like. Some were gathered during my daughters graduation and commissioning ceremony from college.

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1/11/2010 9:16:10 PM
Falco United States
I wish that I would have known about some of these when I had a cold!! Smile
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