Dec 02 2009

Get a human!

"Thank you for calling. All our representatives are helping other customers right now, but your call is important to us. Press one for...." Sound familiar? Ever get frustrated trying to reach a human? We've got help for you! Check out this site--you'll find all the shortcuts to connect you with a human!


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11/23/2009 8:34:29 PM
Loree Evans United States
Loree Evans
I listen to you EVERYTIME i get into my car!
I simply adore you! You lighten my days when
I am down and when I am Up you make it even better!
Unfortunetly I am not able to help support your station.
I pray that you will not go off the air before
I am able to contribute at least a little!
Live In Lebanon,Oregon Loree
11/28/2009 5:23:06 AM
jim United States
this was a few days ago. scott was talking about paper snowflakes and his inability to makeone. I used to be like that till my daughter came home with a pattern she got from some website. dont remember where but just google paper snowflake. blessings!!
11/28/2009 8:49:51 AM
Jennifer Brown United States
Jennifer Brown
Thank you I hate talking to those machines
11/29/2009 11:36:37 AM
Theresa United States
Hi Kelli,

WOW!!!!  I am sooo glad to know I'm not by myself, I cannot for the very life of me understand the significance of A Christmas Story movie! I don't want to see it EVER!!!
11/29/2009 11:38:49 AM
Theresa United States
....and that leg lamp? and the profanity?  I couldn't be very comfortable letting children see it.  The mother in the movie seemed to feel the same way about her beloved husband, as I felt about the entire movie.  (Sorry Scott...had to share) Thanks guys - love ya! Smile
11/29/2009 2:17:49 PM
Lauren Hartmann United States
Lauren Hartmann
I agree!  It is so frustrating!  Thank you for helping me get through each day.  I listen to you on my way and from work every day and thanks to the new Ipod app I can now listen while I work. I don't know how I would have made it these past few months without Klove.  
11/30/2009 5:02:53 PM
Sara United States
Scott and Kelli,
You guys are awesome!!!! I listen to you all the time on the web Lisa and Eric wake me up for school in the morning and Scot and Kelli comfort me while I do my homework. You guys are the only station my parents let me listen to! Thank you guys and all those who work for Klove for standing up for the truth for being a station of music that I know is safe and not mind poisoning expeciall for a(almost) Teenager like me! Your awesome!

Sara age 12 Cincinnati,Oh
11/30/2009 5:22:00 PM
Carly Haynes United States
Carly Haynes
I have 3 very responsible adults.
In my house everyone had/has their own space.  The kids, when they were growing up, had bedrooms that were "their" space.  Whatever it looks like.  These were kids that always picked up their toys from the yard, put their bikes away, locked the car, but their rooms were usually a disaster.  That's the way they wanted them and so I respected their right of territory.
We all need some place we can go without getting hassled...I chose to give them that space AT HOME!!

God Bless  
12/1/2009 6:49:03 PM
Suzanne United States
First off, thank you KLOVE for giving my family a positive station to help us keep our minds on the right track.  However,(and I know this is a couple of days late) I think your families may be a little too perfect to appreciate A Christmas Story.  As flawed as that dad may have been, i.e. language, he is a more accurate picture of my family now, but also of my childhood.  And now that my parents are divorced, this movie is a great reminder of those holiday memories we can no longer get first hand.(And yes they are happy ones)
12/1/2009 8:33:51 PM
mariah United States
hi! i love listing to you guys! when ever i turn on my radio it relaxes me. you guys are amazing! Happy early Christmas hehe Smile
12/5/2009 2:37:56 AM
Sam United States
Speaking of "get a human": I was having a particularly frustrating time with a banking hotline; it was sending me through the same rigamaroll as it had a few hours before, so I was frustrated and sighed.  Apparently, it was loud enough to derail the automatic system and I got a human. Smile  Imagine that--I didn't even have to press zero!
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