Dec 16 2009

What Makes Christmas So Great!

Christmas is my favorite time of the year!  I love the fact that there are so many people open to hearing of Christ’s love.

There are so many things that make Christmas wonderful, like spending time with your family, the ample opportunity to love on others, and all the celebrating, Christmas parties at work, school, in the neighborhood, at church, in the community… they are everywhere!

For me, Christmas brings back such great memories.  I remember the road trips to grandma’s house, the cookies that my grandpa used to make, my favorite are those Russian Tea Cakes!  I remember the thrill of picking out our Christmas tree, and decorating it as mom played Christmas carols on the piano, or the Carpenter’s Christmas record, and of course I loved the presents.  I think half the fun was trying to figure out what we were getting, one thing that was never a surprise, new underwear! (thanks Mom)

I loved being in the church Christmas play every year, I got to be Joseph a lot, that was fun, I am just glad that I was never a cow!  I remember all the band and choir Christmas concerts, and the fun we had, and oh I remember when I was in high school, singing in the Madrigal singing group, I wasn’t thrilled about having to wear tights though!  Ewwwwwww! 

As an adult, I have a whole bunch of new reasons to love Christmas.  Christmas was the first time I kissed my wife.  It is a blast surprising our kids with gifts under the tree, there was that one year though where we found out they peeked… we weren’t happy!  Watching all of their Christmas plays and concerts, and being the dad who pointed out, “that’s my kid!”  I can only hope that our kids will have as fond of memories as I did growing up!

I have lost both my parents now, sadly, both of them passed during the Holidays, which makes it especially hard.  It makes me realize just how important it is to make the most of every moment that we are given.  I hope that you have an amazing Christmas this year, may the Peace ushered in by the birth of Jesus be with you and your family, and may you soak in every moment!


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11/29/2009 11:55:49 PM
Patrick United States
a funny story for me on christmas was every year someone in my family peeked at the gifts or shook the box to see what they got. If it wasent me it was one of my 3 sisters. so my mom came up with a code. Instead of writing our names on the presents she would use a code compiled of our birthdays and i think our social security number. I still do not know exactly what her system is because she still uses it! So we did not know what gifts were ours and instead of focusing on what's in the box, we would investigate the codes. We never could figure out which code was for us. My sisters sometimes claimed they did but they were lieing. hahaha women!
12/1/2009 10:17:16 AM
April United States
I was listening to the stories of what was people's favorite christmas memory/gift. For me the most memorable gift was one I got in 1994, my brother and I had just moved back with my dad that year after my parents divorced and my dad got me the stuffed animal Perdita from 101 Dalmations, I still have her to this day and she has had many tears cried on her and has been with me through rough times, and that is what made her such a memorable gift. As for memories if would be getting together with veryone in the family for dinner, opening gifts, playing games, talking, and having fun. Now that everyone in the family are adults the holiday dinners are not as big as they once were and I miss that. To me Christmas is not about the gifts but is about coming together with family and just being together.
12/5/2009 3:08:52 PM
Clarissa United States
I love christmas its the most exciting hoilday of the year,you got gift to guess n family coming, food. I enjoyed getting all bundled up to go sleding,Mom making hot chocolate.playin games,doing a puzzle,the warm fire.And it always made me think when i was a kid whats the meaning of this day,the manger scene the lil baby in a manger.and iam so thankful for the love of Jesus Christ. "Give thanks to the Lord,for he is good,his love endures forever" Psalms 136;1
12/19/2009 3:01:35 AM
michele United States
My best memory  from CHRISTMAS was being with my brothers and family and my mom and her boyfriend sitting down together and just enjoying conversation and simply getting to know my brothers and mom. That was my realization of gods gift to my child and my daughter. Its a New Year and Im going to make the best of it by forgiving and loving and just getting to all my family But have to start day by day and grow with faith god bless No more talking from now on action. Gods Real and he gave me freedom from fear.
12/19/2009 3:07:34 AM
michele United States
I have enough love for my blood family and my loved ones to that are just little more complicated to love but have  always had my best interest at heart and in mind. Express through music or words god loves everyone and he ll help me and my sweetheart and children all find our purpose in Life.  
12/21/2009 3:07:29 AM
olka-polka United States
what I love about Christmas is going caroling with our church youth...
it's great to see people's face expressions when they hear us sing...not that we're sooo good but the songs are beautiful and talk about Christ's birth

it feels so Christmas...
5/14/2010 5:14:11 AM
cora United States
What i remember about Christmas since i was about six or seven yrs. of age until now as an adult, my mom would always allow my siblings and myself to open a gift every Christmas eve. Of course it had to be a small one, but the excitement of knowing we all could open one was special. So that's now a tradition for my children, and they range from age 30 to 7 years .Loving Jesus until the end!!!
12/9/2010 5:44:44 PM
Sue Ray United States
Sue Ray
The day after Thanksgiving mom and dad would ride in the horse drawn carriage and we four children would ride their horses and me on my pony, Billy.  We would ride through the woods until we found the perfect Christmas tree.  When we arrived back home mom would warm us up with Russian tea and homemade popcorn balls while we decorated the tree and sing carols through the night.  
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