Jan 05 2010

Some Bizzare Dog Names!!!

Kelli and I were checking out the Hottest Pet Names this year... Kind of surprised that Bella was the top dog name...Can you say Twilight???  Here are some of our favorite pet names...


Doogie Schnauzer MD

Clawed Monet


Mouse Meat

Angus Sir Loin


What is your pets name???

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12/2/2009 12:35:55 AM
Chasidy Martin United States
Chasidy Martin
When I was pregnant with my second daughter, we got my first daughter a kitten. He reminded me of a creamsicle so I named him Hagndaz after the ice cream!
12/2/2009 12:39:54 AM
Cherryl Figueroa United States
Cherryl Figueroa
My husband wants to name our first dog. "Como Tu" which roughtly translated means like you. so when some asks what is your dog's name he will say like you.. Ha ha. I though he was joking but he wants to do name our first dog Como Tu.
12/2/2009 12:39:55 AM
Debra Johnson United States
Debra Johnson
I have a black and white cat named Oreo.
12/8/2009 10:25:19 AM
Brittney Hubbard United States
Brittney Hubbard
I had a cat growing up, it still lives with my grandparents...his name is Ballace Kit Vicks Cort Smith Hubbard.  Ballace bc when we got him, he was fixed...Kit bc my grandma said "We can't call him Ballace!" and Vicks bc he use to like Vicks on his nose and then Cort- grandparents last name, Smith- my maiden name, Hubbard-my married name.  
12/8/2009 3:50:23 PM
Amber Lewis United States
Amber Lewis
My daughter, who's 3, has a stuffed dog that's dark brown.  We offered up our thoughts on names: brownie, hot chocolate.  She came in and said those are not good names - my dog's name is "chicken noodle"
12/8/2009 3:55:31 PM
Bridget United States
Growing up, we got a dog in 1976, my mom wanted to name it Bicentennial but was rather concerned about the nickname 'Bi', so she opted for calling her Two-Hundred - with a nickname of Twozee!!
12/8/2009 11:48:48 PM
Angie United States
I have a 3 legged Yorkshire Terrier who we named "Tiny Tim" And just like the character he is named after.....he doesnt let his disability get him down!! He is a happy go lucky dog, who can literally outrun me!!!
12/9/2009 1:49:41 AM
Rebecca United States
My doggy's name is Louie the 14th. We had 14 dogs that we named that and looked just like him. We were insane when we were younger Laughing
12/9/2009 1:50:19 AM
Sheryl Pollard United States
Sheryl Pollard
My cats name is sassy short for sasafras that was her name when I adopted her.  My cat that I had before her was buttons because when he was a kitten and we found him his eyes were matted and had to have surgery and they put a button to hold the flap of his eye so I name him buttons.
12/9/2009 1:58:08 AM
Mona Tomaszewski United States
Mona Tomaszewski
we have a male and female labradoodle whose names are samson and delilah.........samson is chocolate and delilah is vanilla.

adrian michigan

12/9/2009 2:30:56 AM
Roxanne United States
About 2 years after my husband and I were married I got the maternal urge - so my husband bought me a dog. Truthfully I didn't want a dog (we lived in an apt on the 3rd floor).  We had him about a day and we couldn't think of a name we could agree on- I was a bit irritated as I was getting ready to take him out and called out "Get over here Buster", he must of liked it because he came.  We had Buster 16 years.
12/9/2009 3:26:01 AM
Dianne Scanlon United States
Dianne Scanlon
We rescued a Yorkie, whose name was originally Charlie,but he would not respond to it. So as I prayed about a new name for this little guy. I felt a prompting for ZACCHAEUS. That same night my 5 yr old grandson comes in sing the liitle kids song about Zacchaeus, the quiz on our big screen at church had a question about him, Our pastor mentioned him in that Sunday mornings service, and when I turned on the tv to Christian  programing that night, A tv pastor was teaching on Zacchaeus and Salvation has come to you house.  So we now have a yorkie, short in stature, Named Zaccheaus,who has brought so much love and joy to our home, and who indeed has brought a type of Salvation to each of us in our family. he is always loving, always forgiving,and alys putting a smile on our faces and in our hearts.
12/9/2009 3:44:06 AM
Randi United States
My favorite pet was Trapper John, MD  (remember the old doctor show?)  only this cat's MD stood for Mouse Destroyer.  The joke ended up being on me...he was a vegetarian to his dying day.  He much preferred a piece of cooked brocoli to any kind of meat I offered.  Go figure...
12/9/2009 3:44:24 AM
Tammy United States
My sister always wanted to name her a dog D-O-G (DeeOhGee), I thought that was cute.
12/9/2009 2:01:09 PM
Juanita United States
My favorite is my daughter's friend has a large dog named kitty.
12/9/2009 5:38:17 PM
Kathy United States
When I was nine my Mom brought home a stray dog that looked just like the little sheepdog that used to be in the old Chuckwagon dog food commercials. While I was bathing her my Mom commented about how horrible she looked and that she ought to just name her that. I told my Mom that you can't name a dog Horrible and she said, "It's my dog and I'll name her what I want!"
So, for ever after that little dog's name was Horrible. I no longer use that word to describe something that is bad because to me it means a beautiful little sheepdog who now plays with both my Mom and Dad in heaven.
12/9/2009 11:04:14 PM
Ammie United States
I have four toy poodles and all have Scotch-Irish and Hebrew names as I am Scotch-Irish and a Christian!  So I have Madden (little dog) Lailie(Hebrew for born during light); Phantom Macree(my heart); Keegan (little chief) Liran(Hebrew);and Keyna(Hebrew for affection & beauty)
12/11/2009 6:20:48 AM
Sherman Tindell United States
Sherman Tindell
Hi Kelli,

my yorkie was 4 1/2 lb. His name was Phideaux, he was  with me
18 yr 7 mo.  God allowed me to have another, My granddaughter,
Stephanie T., gave me Bosephus for valentine day 2008. He weight
7 lb.    and he hasn't killed any kids yet.  God willing, I'll keep him.

Yours in Christ
Sherman Tinndell
12/12/2009 12:35:24 PM
Martha United States
I had a cat named Sniffypie because she loved to smell everything after her upper respiratory infection cleared up, I also had a cat named Uh Huh after a jazz album (she was owned by a jazz musician before I adopted her)
My favorite cat name tho is Breathsucker, who would sleep on his owner's face!
12/13/2009 12:28:18 PM
Merri United States
I sent the below comment the day of the contest, but I don't think it ever posted.  I still thought I'd share:

We adopted both a Corgie and a Shelty on the same day. Both were 3 months old and had their own personalities. The Corgie was short and stout and more assertive, knowing how to throw his weight around. The Shelty was tall, thin and langly, and very timid.  The more we observed them, the more they reminded us of Laurel and Hardy so we named them Stan and Ollie.  I wish I could post a picture - you would totally get it seeing them together. Stan was definately the anxious comical sidekick to the confident and social Ollie.
12/25/2009 8:04:11 AM
Beth Dunnery United States
Beth Dunnery
Ok, I know this event is over...but had to tell you our pet names, We have two "normal" cat names...and then three others...A black cat named Cream, gray cat named Sugar (to go with Cream!) and a black and white cat named Skittles Cow (his colors make him look like a cow!)  
12/26/2009 7:22:54 PM
sarah United States
i named my cat after Jelly on Sopranos (the big softy)  but I call her Jellybean, sounds less PB&J
12/30/2009 12:39:04 AM
Geordie United States
Angel...Not really weird, but she is an angel!!!!!!!!!
1/1/2010 3:14:33 AM
Becky United States
In the 90's I had a Yorkshire Terrier who was very vocal. I named her Seiko. She was a great WATCH dog. I currently have a miniature dachshund named Eenie Weenie.
1/3/2010 4:58:21 AM
Hailey United States
We had a dog named Max. And, then, we got a 8 month puppy and named her Ruby, because of the show, Max and Ruby. So, whenever my brother and sister would watcvh the show and the theme song came on, Max and Ruby would race into the room and look around for who was calling them! It was hilarious.
1/3/2010 5:45:10 AM
Lynne United States
My first dog was a purebred mini-poodle purchased by my mom but then given to me. The name on his paperwork was:

Robuspierre Fred's Tally

we ended up calling him Robaire.  

My next dog was a Buff Cocker Spaniel and I named her Mollyanna Maple. We called her Molly though.  

There was also:
Arnold the Cocker Spaniel

and currently:
Wallynader  (Wally) the pitbull mix
Sadie the Standard Poodle

1/8/2010 2:58:39 PM
Hannah Joy United States
Hannah Joy
mine aren't that great but they are Sunny the yellow lab.(but she is the smaller kind) and Gracie the golden retriever!
~Hannah Joy
1/10/2010 9:15:14 PM
j lynn United States
j lynn
my pride n joy......Moses "moe" tha (female) shar pei. my 4yr old son named her!
1/12/2010 3:27:50 AM
Julie United States
My mom has a tea-cup chihuahua she named Marmaduke... yes, after the Great Dane in the comic strips... and his personality lives up to his namesake. A big name to go with a big attitude for such a little dog.... My children have decided, our next dog will be a miniature pincher and they are going to name it Taco... either Taco Killer or Killer Taco Howard (our last name of course).
1/31/2010 11:51:11 AM
Rachel United States
when i was 7 years old i got my very first dog and i wanted my dogs name to ryme with my brothers' dogs which were "missy sissy and kissy" so i went up the alphabet list and landed on one letter, i walked up to my mom and with a serious face said i got a name, i will name her 'pissy' (at the time i didnt know what that ment and that it just rymed) my mom was speechless at first and after a few seconds she laughed at me and told me i cant name her that so in the end we named her vanilla. When i look back at that memory i still laugh today about it
2/2/2010 12:24:11 AM
Lacy Jay Webb United States
Lacy Jay Webb
My friend when she was younger named her dog poop
2/2/2010 12:24:48 AM
Lacy Jay Webb United States
Lacy Jay Webb
and the dog is stikll alive and the whole family calls it by the name lol..i would never
2/5/2010 7:41:00 AM
jennifer baker United States
jennifer baker
I have a dog named Levi now - my son named him but I once had a cat named "Booger" My husband(then boyfriend)said that's what he looked like because he had a spot on his nose and, unfortunately, it stuck! Talk about embarrassing when you hear "Booger" called out at the vet's office when it's your turn!
2/5/2010 3:32:11 PM
Laura Finney United States
Laura Finney
I have a dog named Otis Fanortner Finney, (OFF).
Unfortunately he was standing at the end of the line when God was handing out the brains so Otis ended up a little shortchanged and didn't get the full quota needed for being considered a really smart doggy. But we love him anyway
Remember Otis the drunk on Andy Griffith Show? Well my Otis the dog is just like he was!! lol
2/7/2010 2:41:22 AM
Crystal United States
I have 2 dogs: Betty and Blake. Because they are still puppies, and seem to be spiratic bathroom users, they have been nicknamed Betty Poop and Dumplestilskin.
2/19/2010 12:32:11 AM
Aubrey United States
My neight=bors dogs names were nonie and neo, meaning handsome and beautiful in hawiian.
2/27/2010 6:32:07 PM
Chloe United States
My dogs name is Acorn, she is a Brown Lab.
When we lived in Hawaii we saw "A Midsummer Nights Dream" and there was a line in the play where a man said to a woman "Why, you...you...you Acorn!" and my dog is... lets face it, not the brightest dog in the doghouse Smile
3/18/2010 5:22:39 AM
Kathy United States
We had a German Shepherd named Scooby...great dog.  

My husband was chasing Scooby through the house (they play often) and Scooby knocked some antique ceramic chickens off the counter and they shattered into a million pieces.  I cried those were my grandmother's.  My husband replied, "they still are".  

We also have a Corgi named Libby, Chihuahua named Macy (a Thanksgiving surprise).  

We also have a few cats, mostly named by our children:

Blizzard --(he likes to crawl into the bottom of the frige)
Lunar -- (very big, dark black, long hair...aka Carpet Beast, Moose Cat...he sleeps on your legs and won't budge if you try to kick him off the bed).
Sidekick --(buddy to all the other pets)
Target -- (tends to be the object of frequent attacks)

My dauhter is 10 and is on a swimteam she has a gold fish named Freestyle...her favorite stroke.
6/7/2010 7:07:48 PM
Sherry Fender United States
Sherry Fender
Our toy poodle's name is Sophie Noodle (the poodle.)  We asked our grandaughters aged 3 and 5 for their choices and put them together!  (They didn't know at the time that the dog was a poodle.)  The neighbors kind of look at us funny when we call her by her full name. Smile
6/7/2010 7:30:31 PM
van w. United States
van w.
Our dogs name was asariah artaxerxes . We called him arty . No one could pronounce his name.
6/8/2010 3:17:04 AM
Reagan Franklin United States
Reagan Franklin
I had a weiner dog named Barney-Rollie. When I was little I loved Barney and the dog Rollie in 101 Dalmations. so we used both! Smile
6/8/2010 3:28:51 AM
sarah United States
my family got my sister a dog for her graduation from college. She is a science major and going to medical school. She wanted a science name for her puppy so named it Freud, like sigmund frued. We got another dog for the family and named it Fillie after Philadelphia since we are 20 minutes from the city.
6/8/2010 8:45:02 PM
KellyYork United States
I know this is a day late, but didn't have access to the internet yesterday and I HAD to share this with you...my mother in law calls her cat:  
MEOWmar CATdafi instead of Moamar Kadafi!!!  She's kinds nuts (my mother in law, not the cat)Smile
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