Jan 08 2010

Chris and Conrad and Jonny Diaz on the Scott and Kelli Show

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12/24/2009 12:07:04 PM
Na Lee United States
Na Lee
I found the prank Johnny Diaz was talking about. I wanted to share the link with you. It is sure funny!
12/24/2009 12:17:57 PM
amanda sutcliffe United States
amanda sutcliffe
hi sott and Kellie my name is amanda and i was lissoning today and heard you are having JOHNNY DIAZ!!!! today and i just wanted to say is that he sings my favorite song "more beutiful you". i frist heard it was when i was think that i was really ugly because everyone at my school is really pr3tty and wears all this nice stuff and i don't and when i heard it i just couldn't stop myself but to smile and my mom was with me and when she heard it with me she said amanda this is your song. so from that point on everyone that tells me i am not beutiful i just say yeah right i am as beuatiful as God made me.

this is from small town girl amanda  
12/24/2009 12:51:07 PM
lisa United States
Hi!  Just wondering if you were the two that vacationed in Hawaii?  I listen all the time and caught the tail end of one of you in Hawaii.  I wanted to know how it went??  
12/24/2009 1:28:39 PM
Karen United States
I was listening to the interview of Chris and Conrad on my way home yesterday. I was sure when the teacher called out his name on the first day of class it was going to sound like cutie. If it were me, I pronounce it that way.
2/12/2010 3:51:23 AM
Summer Peterson United States
Summer Peterson
Been listening to your show for a few hours and wanted to comment on what I am grateful for~~ I am SOOOO grateful Jesus brought me out of 41 years in the darkness of mormonism--and into His arms of love and grace! Jesus has touched my heart and life in untold ways, I am so grateful to tell you I have become a new creation in Him, and continue growing daily~I have been part of my worship team for many years now, and have so loved hearing and singing along with the tunes you've been playing this afternoon...thank you for being here and such a blessing in my life--thank you for bringing the light of the Holy Spirit with every song and every word you share with me and all those blessed enough to hear~
God bless you both this day and always!
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