Jan 08 2010

Colt McCoy Wins More Than A Championship!

I admit I was disappointed with the outcome of last night's College Football National Championship game. Alabama had a great season,and deserve a big pat on the back... but the real winner in the game last night was The Gospel. You don't even have to be a sports fan to appreciate Texas Longhorns quarterback Colt McCoy! As a sports fan, I was heartbroken to see Colt get knocked out of the biggest game of his college career, but the lesson that we can all learn from how he handled it was a lesson that will stick with me far longer than a National Championship. Colt showed what it means to love God and let your light so shine before men. I am sure that Colt would have glorified God in his post game speech, if Texas would have won, but I am sure that it wouldn't have had the impact that his parting words did last night. His words, his heart, his display of sportsmanship brought me to tears and inspired me. I hope that you'll take the time to watch this video, and then to pass it on!

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12/20/2009 12:04:23 AM
Danielle United States
I am a junior high English teacher in Texas and though I'm not a die-hard UT fan, I always root for my home team. Today, as a journal response in class, we watched Colt McCoy's postgame interview and talked about what it means to have class. But in addition, God was glorified in my classroom by Colt's faith. He is truly an amazing, young man who puts his faith out there and I praise God for the blessings He has brought Colt and pray for many more to come.
12/20/2009 12:14:12 AM
Cyndee United States
Regarding Colt McCoy and the Texas Longhorns:  check out this online article about the faith-filled players and their actions...such men of Christ!:


I am a Longhorn fan and am so proud of my team both on and off the field.  I am so very proud of the way the live their lives out loud, living for Christ.
12/20/2009 12:17:26 AM
Rachel Metzel United States
Rachel Metzel
If only we would have that kind of mind set in our daily trials... What would be able to stop us?
12/20/2009 12:17:45 AM
donna United States
I am a huge Texas fan, but I was very impressed with Colt Mccoy after the game. He gave glory to the one who matters. Thank you Colt for being the man God made you.
12/20/2009 12:18:36 AM
Mel United States
I too watched the game last night cheering on the Longhorns.  You see, I'm a die hard OU Sooner fan, but cheered hard for the Longhorns to win because my nephew is a student at Texas, and "go Big 12".  I was devistated for Colt when he got hurt, having watched Sam Bradford go through that same thing this year, obviously on a different level and certainly not the National Championship game.  My heart broke for him and certainly his parents as I prayed that God would would show them what to say to him to comfort him. I'm a mother and can't imagine what I would have said to my own son in that situation. I was so proud watching him and his attitude was an inspiration to us all.  What a fine young man.  
12/20/2009 12:28:25 AM
Raquel United States
Wow! So often we think of college football players and pro football players as being self-centered jocks...but...Mr. McCoy has renewed my faith in the sports-star species! haha! THANK YOU GOD!
12/20/2009 12:30:09 AM
john United States
God Bless Texas, and Colt McCoy.... I watched the game and in frustration wondered why Colt did not go back on to the field... After seeing this interview it makes the frustrations of a few minutes seem trivial compared to the overall picture of a young man carrying the message to the masses through a difficult medium in prime-time television.....

John Potter
Sulphur, Oklahoma
12/20/2009 12:31:01 AM
Zack United States
That's great. That's what our world needs, witnesses of God. God works through all of us, and when Christians proclaim the name of God without fear, it can get to people.

God is amazing, and I'm glad ColtMcCoy didn't give into the normal, worldly response. He gave God the glory.
12/20/2009 12:31:03 AM
Russ United States
Wow, wow, wow!!

What Colt McCoy said in his post-game speech is a beautiful exmaple of putting action to your Christian faith.  When Jesus Christ is first in your life, he prioritizes your life and puts routine daily life and even extrodinary moments in your life,totally in the proper perspective.

Colt McCoy, God Bless You and I salute you.
12/20/2009 12:35:30 AM
Jill Arogyaswamy United States
Jill Arogyaswamy
I also saw Colt McCoy last night.  I was very inspired by his willingness to stand up for God on national tv.  I told my husband, "can he marry Alyssa?" (my daughter). He is the kind of young man I pray she has in her life one day.
12/20/2009 12:35:50 AM
Sara United States
I was very impressed by his comments last night, and loved that my 10 year old son was sitting there with me to hear it too!  We need more positive roll models like Colt!
12/20/2009 12:36:54 AM
Brooke McDowell United States
Brooke McDowell
Well I am a former Red Raider and still a Texas Tech Fan so obviously not a huge UT supporter...BUT, as a christian mother who has a son, I hope and pray that my son will grow up to be a strong, proud Christian young man who is not afraid to share his faith with the world. Colt McCoy's words were very touching and it is such a blessing to hear such positive and uplifting thoughts from such a young, talented athlete. Praise be to God for His works through Colt McCoy!
12/20/2009 12:37:54 AM
Allen Watson United States
Allen Watson
I'm a lifelong Texas Longhorn fan and have been a fan of Colt's since he's been at Texas. After watching the interview live lastnight it brought a tear to my eyes. I'm proud to say he's a Longhorn and he represents everything that is good about Sports and Life. People always talk about Tim Tebow and his faith and good nature but McCoy is in the same breath as Tebow the only difference is Tebow won a championship and Mccoy wasn't fortunate enough to. The future is bright for McCoy and I will continue to support him 100%.
12/20/2009 12:38:23 AM
Jen Gilchrist United States
Jen Gilchrist
I have to say that I am a sports fan, but the total emotion and honesty in Colts post game speech is something so rare it just blew me away. What an amazing testament to our Lord to such a HUGE audience. I love all of the autobiographies by Christian athletes, but this hit me harder than many of them. God Bless this young man and his awesome spirit!!
12/20/2009 12:40:11 AM
ron Patrick United States
ron Patrick
What a testimony for the glory of God.
12/20/2009 12:40:44 AM
Daria United States
My family and I are Longhorn Fans. When Colt was injured in the game yesterday, I was numb. Then when he came out on the field during the second half and was cheering on his team... that showed how much he loves the game and his team. The best part was his interview at the end of the game. It took a lot of courage for Colt to say what he said in that interview. Initially, you could see the struggle he was having... The flesh wanted to rise up.. But Colt would not allow his flesh to take over.... He took a deep breath and looked up and choose to allow his spirit to take over.... The river of living water within Colt was now in control... That is how he was able to give God all the glory. I want my children and grandchildren to model Colt's behavior. Colt is sold out to his Lord and Savior.. He is a Role Model to all Christians.  
12/20/2009 12:40:55 AM
ellyn United States
I am a huge Texas fan,last night made me even prouder to be a Texan how evryone came together and gave their all in last nights game. What made me more proud than anything is when i just listened to Colt Mccoys interview, thats what its all about...God!!! He is in control of our lives,win or lose God deserves all the glory!
God Bless you Colt Mccoy,you are truely a blessing to all who watch and listen to you speak,and I know God has big plans for you and will most certainly bless you in more ways than you can ever imagine.
12/20/2009 12:44:51 AM
Anna United States
12/20/2009 12:47:46 AM
Kathy Black United States
Kathy Black
Colt is truly to be admired as he is truly one of God's special instruments!  
12/20/2009 12:49:28 AM
Georgia Collier United States
Georgia Collier
Colt is an awesome example of what our young people should strive to be like. He certainly gets my vote for the Athlete of the Year, and he makes a great Role Model. Way to go, Colt!!!
12/20/2009 12:55:05 AM
Jennie United States
Oh My...if only all of us Christians were willing to so effortlessly give the testimony this young man gave.  It is a man like him that deserves to be the role model for our young boys of today!
12/20/2009 12:59:24 AM
Kristi-Jo United States
If you want to REALLY here Colt talk about his faith, YouTube: Colt McCoy I Am Second. Truly awesome!
12/20/2009 1:05:27 AM
Nancy Kent United States
Nancy Kent
I don't watch football ever-but when Scott said this interview brought him to tears, I had to check it out.  Praise God for Colt's bravery and attitude and for the encouragement he is to all who love the Lord Jesus!
12/20/2009 1:09:34 AM
Cynthia Drewes United States
Cynthia Drewes
Colt is so right when he says never question why but so hard to understand as humans.  God's plan is so much better than ours as that is why we have hope and faith.  I am stuggling with some many items in my life right now.  I was listening to KLOVE on the way home from work.  I came home and watched the video.  I really needed to hear those words right now as they brought me to tears.  I have said so many times why is this happening and why me.....really needed to be reassured that God has me now and always!  Thanks KLOVE for posting this video.  I watched the game but turned the TV off after the game.
12/20/2009 1:10:55 AM
Regan United States
He is amazing! I'm 11 years old and he is my #1 Idol along with Tim Tebow.
12/20/2009 1:11:10 AM
Jason Whitesel United States
Jason Whitesel
I'm a HUGE sports and football fan.  I love the Buckeyes, and I now have the utmost respect for Colt McCoy.  I watched the game and have read many stories about the game on the various sports sites.  I was shocked when I saw one of the reporters actually say that Colt McCoy was "questioning his faith."  I was so shocked that I had to post a response to the comment.  My post was the following:

The last thing that Colt McCoy was doing was "questioning" his faith. And I quote from Colt McCoy himself:  "I always give God the glory.  I never question why things happen the way they do.  God is in control of my life.  And I know that if nothing else I am standing on the rock!"  

If you think that's "questioning his faith" then I'm not sure you know what the word "faith" even means.  It's much easier to give God the glory in victory, but to give God the glory in defeat and injury is the essence of faithfulness.
12/20/2009 1:29:01 AM
Stephanie United States
I'm not sure that that young man will ever know the impact that he left with so many people watching. It was inspiring and truly beautiful. What made it so beautiful is because it was so obviously said because that was what he was feeling and not something he thought he should say. My prayers go out Colt that his arm will be completely healed and that he finds peace in knowing that GOD had a reason that Colt didn't play that night; he may never know the reason, but that's OK because he knows God does!!
God Bless Colt always!
12/20/2009 1:29:13 AM
stephanie United States
this is truely a great young man who does put GOD first!!! i watched the colt mccoy i am second, and i see that GOD has wonderful plans for this young man a blessed testimony.to GOD BE THE GLORY
12/20/2009 1:33:51 AM
Cora United States
My sons and I were driving in the car when we heard Scott speak about Colt McCoy's words after the game. (We recorded the game due to bed times.) As soon as we got home my son turned on the TV and we fast forwarded it to him speaking! We were so impressed with his words! I am so thankful that there are still sports men that are positive role models for our children. I noticed this year in college football that several players spoke and honored of God. We love Colt and most of all his "Rock"!
12/20/2009 1:42:15 AM
Morgan United States
This is the kind of person that people should have as our heros and role modles. Wirh celeberties these days are not good for kids or anyone to see or hear about and Colt McCoy is one of the handfull of respectible celeberties that every one can look up too. God Bless him!!!!!!! And to say it on T.V. must have took a lot of courage and he is going to be made fun of but I respect him and he is my role modle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12/20/2009 1:43:35 AM
Pandy Horton Uzbekistan
Pandy Horton
I was in awe... I am the mother of two girls 18 and 16 and pray that there are more fine Christian young men out there.  That was an awesome testimony. You could not help but be heartsick that he did not get to play. After his testimony I just wanted to hug him and tell him he was really the winner and the star player.
12/20/2009 1:44:44 AM
Lavina Corns United States
Lavina Corns
I didn't see the end of the game but my husband told me about it. Then I heard Scott talking about how Colt's postgame interview made him cry,
so I had to pull it up and watch the video. Way to go Colt.Thank you for not being ashamed. My son is 15 years old and loves the Lord. He wears a cross made from white electrical tape on the cross bar on his helmet since he started tackle football in 5th grade. This year he ask me for a cross to put on the back of his helmet. I gave him a silver 3in, cross from my scrapbook supplies. When he come home after practice he needed more.Some of the other players were christians and wanted to display the cross. One of the players told him, the team that prays together win together. My husband and I went to 6 different Walmarts to find the crosses, there was one to each pack. We ended up buying 35 packs to get all the players crosses. They didn't win all their games but my son still gloried God, and so did some of the players. Before, their first game after eating their pre-game meal,most of the players listen to I-pods and talking, not my son he got out his Bible and started reading. Before long I looked over there and one by one there was players come over and joining him. They won that game. Now, let me tell you that was something to be proud of. I was crying , my mom was crying at what Brode, my son had done. His team kneels in the endzone and says the Lords prayer before each game. Thank God we still have coaches that allow this. My son is also a member of FCA. God Bless
12/20/2009 1:49:01 AM
Kathy United States
What a witness for Christ!  Here was a man who had just faced one of the most devastating things to happen to him in his young life and he had the courage and faith to give praise and glory to God!  Such an inspiration to us all!  God bless him in his future!!!
12/20/2009 1:54:41 AM
Tammi Derr United States
Tammi Derr
I love this interview!That is so wonderful how he is giving GOD all the glory and that He is his rock.He is a great example of how we should all be living! GOD is so awsome!!!
12/20/2009 2:12:24 AM
Pat United States
I'm the mother of a college baseball player for a Christian college and my only hope and prayer would be that he would be as gracious and honor God the way Colt did. Colt's parents did a fine job of raising him and they should feel proud of a job well done.
12/20/2009 2:45:33 AM
Bob Boudrot United States
Bob Boudrot
I don't think I have ever seen a more inspirational comment during a post game interview...and I have seen lots of them.  Colt McCoy shows exactly how faith transcends the reality of life.  And amazing kudos to Gilbert for stepping into the national spotlight and demonstrating tremendous poise.  It was truly a great game to watch as a sport fan and a Christ follower!!!
12/20/2009 2:47:40 AM
Erica United States
Not only excepting this disappointing situation, but congratulating and complimenting the winning team. What a great model for young fans.
12/20/2009 2:48:29 AM
Kirk United States
Praise God for young men like Colt!  Thank you Colt for standing up for Christ on the worldwide stage, especially at a time filled with adversity because of your injury.  May your words resonate through the lives of many men and women and inspire them to come to the Cross!
12/20/2009 2:53:48 AM
Jeff United States
As far as I am concerned Colt won the game last night! I am not a Longhoorn fan and love the Tide, but to see a youngman speak his love for our creator won my heart!  AMEN COLT!  You be blessed with multiple graces for giving praise to our God.
12/20/2009 2:57:39 AM
matt jackson United States
matt jackson
phenomenal interview. i always love it when guys show their emotion in public. even more i love it when God is glorified in the public media. there is far too much garbage perpetrated in the media that our children are exposed to. way to go Colt may God bless you beyond your wildest dreams
12/20/2009 3:19:10 AM
Susan United States
Jesus was well represented in the NCAA this year.  With Tim Tebow wearing his signature Bible verse eye black to Mark Ingram's acceptance speech at the Heisman Awards, and now Colt's eloquent post-game interview.  Great role models for my sons.  It's why we have turned off the NFL and watch our football on Saturdays now.  We pray for a full recovery for Colt.  
12/20/2009 3:41:59 AM
david barron United States
david barron
WAY TO GO COLT!!  saying things your world needs to hear ... glory to god !!
                thanks colt...
12/20/2009 4:43:45 AM
Cheryl United States
I watch the game last night and I was so moved by this young man, I couldn't help but cry..He has touched so many lives, he touched mine I was just wowed by him standing up and trusting in God. I am praying healing to his arm and many blessing...
12/20/2009 11:16:26 AM
Scott F United States
Scott F
I go to church with both Colt and Jordan Shipley.  They are both incredible men.  I can tell you that they can play a game in another state that doesn't end until 11, get home at 5 a.m., and they are both still in church the next morning, praising our Lord and being an example to all of the children who notice they are there. Praise God for both of them in how they exemplify Christ!
12/20/2009 11:18:52 AM
Pam Anderson United States
Pam Anderson
I am a OU Sooner fan.  Colt McCoy really touched me after we played Texas.  During the first quarter of our game,our Quarterback Sam Bradford hurt his shoulder and he was out the rest of the game.  After the game Colt McCoy went over to Sam Bradford, patted him on the back and said something to him.  Sam Bradford was asked by the reporter what Colt said to him.  Bradford said, He told him good game and told him he would be praying for him and his shoulder. I understand they are both friends.  I love the spirit of God this young man has in him.  I feel that he has touched many of people.
12/20/2009 7:19:32 PM
Andy Entwistle United States
Andy Entwistle
I viewed this video today, the morning of January 9, and listened to Colt say that he trusted God's ways and did not question His plan.  Then I opened my Upper Room to today's date and saw the thought for the day: "Trust God's ways."  The suggested prayer is to follow His direction even when we fail to understand.  This is what Colt did.  I was meant to get this message today, I beleive, perhaps in anticipation of something to come.  I will say this prayer and I will trust in Him.  Thank you, K-Love, for helping His word reach me.
12/21/2009 1:12:03 AM
Georgia Mackowiak United States
Georgia Mackowiak
That young man is a reaffirmation and an inspiration to all, an example of all that is good about America.  I am so proud of Colt and of the Texas Longhorns football team.  God bless Colt and his family.  He continues to make us shine by his belief in God, his priorities, his leadership and his character.
12/21/2009 1:27:37 AM
Elias fiala United States
Elias fiala
May the God of the universe be praised!!! I live in San Antonio, Texas and I am a diehard UT fan. I have followed Colt's career since he was a freshman. What you saw from his postgame interview was not just a one time thing. He is genuinely in love with Jesus Christ. In almost every interview I've seen him give in his 4 years as starting quarterback, he has given the credit and honor and glory to God. There is a story about Colt in a recent issue of Sharing The Victory Magazine, a magazine produced by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. You can probably find the article on their website. It is a very inspirational article about his upbringing and about his faith in Jesus. As much as I admire him for being a great athlete, I admire him even more for how much he loves the Lord and how unafraid he is to show it. Thank you Colt for your example. And thank you Jesus for instilling Colt with such a fire and passion for witnessing. I can't wait to see Colt in the NFL!
12/21/2009 5:20:58 AM
Michelle Garnet United States
Michelle Garnet
Colt is an awesome young man! His response is above and beyond what I expected. Such an instrument of God.  Bless you Colt!!!!
12/21/2009 12:54:37 PM
Pam United States
My husband and I are die-hard Longhorn fans and have loved Colt McCoy from the start of his college career.  He has so much class and it moved me to see how he handled not being able to play in the biggest game of his college career.  I am excited to see God lead him in the NFL.
12/28/2009 8:05:41 AM
David Haynes United States
David Haynes
Wow what a classy young man! I am a huge OU fan and always root against Texas now matter who they play. I honestly felt bad for Colt I hate to see anyone injured especially in this game. Obviously this injury happened for a reason, if only to Glofity our God that is reason enough. He certainly has the bigger picture and I applaud him for that. I hope he does great at the next level and continues to show his love for the Lord through his daily witness. Good for you Colt, you are class
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