Feb 25 2010

What can you learn from Sea World???

I am so sad about the loss of Sea World trainer named Dawn Brancheau, who was killed by a Killer Whale.  I had met her a number of years ago at Sea World in Orlando. 

Her passing was such a shock, and a reminder to each of us to just how fragile life can be.  It should be a reminder to all of us just how important it is to reach out and share Christ with our friends and family members.

Who would you like us to pray for???

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2/20/2010 12:22:09 PM
Brenton United States
My thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of the trainer who lost her life.  
2/20/2010 12:25:31 PM
Brenton United States
please pray for my dad,Emanuel.  He is an atheist and doesnt want to hear anything about God. Please pray that God will give me the right opprotunities to talk to him about Jesus.  i am scared for him.
2/20/2010 12:29:12 PM
Kristin Lewton United States
Kristin Lewton
I actually did a report today for class regarding this story. What I found amazing was that "Tilly", the whale that did the deed, has killed before. Not only once but twice!!!! He had been agitated prior to the attack, which is his trademark. Why was he in the public pool if he was showing signs of agitation?

My prayers are with her friends and family.
2/20/2010 8:59:16 PM
Katie United States
I was truly touched when I visited SeaWorld and saw these beautiful animals up close so this story pained me dearly. To be so violently reminded that these animals are "wild" and can act like an "animal" at any given moment was gut wrenching. I can't help but feel that, regardless of the reasons why or the history of the whale, trainer and such, this trainer knew the risks of her job and, though violent and awful, passed doing a job that she truly loved. My prayers to the trainer, her family, SeaWorld, and the whale too.
2/22/2010 12:23:22 AM
Alethea United States
Please pray for my best friends Lonny & Tiffany to find the Lord - they are such wonderful people with twin 1 year old boys, and I know the Lord is longing to show them how much He loves them.  In Jesus name, bring them home to your heart Lord! Smile
2/22/2010 12:35:12 AM
Crystal Smith United States
Crystal Smith
My children go to a christian school located here in town at a local church.  The pastor of that church has always been friendly but here recently we have really formed a bond.  He new my step father years ago when they were younger and this pastor was first going into the ministry. My uncle was saved under him at his first church. This pastor has recently really been involved in trying to get my father to come to church and has talked to him about accepting Christ. My mother just underwent some minor surgery and he came to visit her in the hospital even though he had never met her before. While he was there he asked her about her beliefs. After some excuses he then proceeded to tell her about the process of asking Jesus into her heart. She listened, but that's about all, she really didn't "hear". See, my parents are now divorced and my longing is to see BOTH my parents saved. More than anything would this make my life complete. See God gave me a wonderful man that shared the word of God to me just two months before our daughter was born. I am so thankful to him for sharing with me, and seeing that his house was complete before I had our child.
2/22/2010 12:40:41 AM
Emilie Hutcheson United States
Emilie Hutcheson
My baby sister... She is JUST Like the girl in that song... Does anybody hear her? Her whole life people ignored her... now she hangs out with a group of people that"give her attention". Man if I could go back... PLEASE PRAY for herHer name is Amanda. I love her SO MUCH... To think that one day she will be GONE and that will be the LAST time I will EVER see her... Crying just thinking about it. PRAYERS. It's in God's hands. Thanks.
2/22/2010 12:43:16 AM
Julia United States
I am 18 and since the summer of last year, I believe God has been calling me to pursue a career as a whale trainer. I don't know why, but I feel it is the right thing for me to do. He has given me many signs that point me in this direction. Brancheau's death has been weighing heavily on my heart lately; I've really been questioning my decision to work with these animals. And yet the Lord is giving me peace of mind about it and even though there is a great amount of risk involved, I still feel this job is right for me.

My prayers go out to Brancheau's family and the other trainers working at Seaworld. I pray they will stay safe.

2/22/2010 12:45:16 AM
Christina United States
I would like prayer for two of my friends who I would really like to know God. Their names are Christine and Dustie.

Life can be taken from us instantly, even when we are doing something we love to do...we must never let even our dreams get in the way of knowing Him.
2/22/2010 7:37:48 AM
Cherie Blanca Australia
Cherie Blanca
Hello, You write some very good blogs, I love nearly all of your articles. I always check back here often to see if you have updated. Keep on blogging!
2/22/2010 7:37:48 AM
Ilse Difillippo Australia
Ilse Difillippo
Hi, I often read your blog.I love it, you talk about anything from sport, news, entertainment, adult topics or just general topics. Keep up the good work.
2/22/2010 8:08:05 AM
Michele United States
Hello, Please pray for my friend Wilber Sameshima.  He was raised in a buddist home and is searching for the truth.  Please pray God will use me and my husband for His glory and to be a witness to Wilber.  We invited him and his wife to come along to church with us in October 2009 and they have been coming with us ever since...praise the Lord!  My prayer is God will reveal Himself to Wilber and he will call Jesus is his Lord and Savior.  God is good, ALWAYS!! Thanks for praying Smile
2/22/2010 8:26:01 AM
Janelle United States
My heart goes out to this family.  We saw her with the whales this last summer when we took our children to Sea World.  She was amazing with the animals.  However, we must remember, these are God's wild creatures. They are WILD.  When we take them out of their natural habitat for our own selfish desires so we can watch them perform, well...there will be accidents unfortunately....May God help them if they put this wild animal down.  I don't support animals in captivity and hope that we see this for what it is...a truly sad moment.
2/23/2010 9:35:56 AM
Jo Ann United States
Jo Ann
Please pray for salvation for my step grandchildren, Heather (16) and Mike (13), as well as Mike's father and step-mom.  Thank you for praying!
12/4/2010 5:26:00 AM
Julianna United States
Please pray for my brother.He has aspergers.
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