Mar 08 2010

Guinea Pig tastes great!!!

I ate some guinea pig on my recent mission trip.  Have you ever eaten anything weird???


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2/15/2010 12:49:19 AM
Barbara Roberts United States
Barbara Roberts
"I hate some guinea pig on my recent mission trip."  Was that a Freudian slip Scott????  Heeheehee
2/15/2010 1:05:46 AM
Kierston Kreider United States
Kierston Kreider
I LOVE GUINEA PIG!!! They taste SO good!! My family serves as missionaries in Cusco, Peru; and one of our favorite dishes is roasted guinea pig.
2/15/2010 1:18:45 AM
Monica Bolton United States
Monica Bolton
Hi! My comment is regarding Sanctus Real (sp?).  I love their song "Forgiven".  The first time I ever heard it was on KLove's website where you had a link to the song.  I clicked on it and instantly loved it as the message was so passionate and hit so close to home.  I always love hearing song each time it comes on.  Over the weekend, I heard that Sanctus Real would be on the show sometime this week.  I wasn't sure when and kind of forgot about it.  Today I stayed home from work due to some pain I have been having with my hip and I battle depression and it is acting up lately. Every once in a while I have to have a mental health day (I like to call them).  Usually I don't allow my depression to affect going to work but today was a day that I felt I needed.  I felt better after much rest and some Nuprin for relief of the pain in my hip.  I needed to go to the store and meant to go earlier in the day but left sometime between 5:30 and 6 p.m. eastern.  I got in my car and that is usually when I listen to KLove.  First I was going to call my 21 year old son who is in Fla right now with his college baseball team.  But I decided to wait till later so I wouldn't be on the phone while I was driving, for safety reasons. So I went ahead and turned KLove on and to my joy, you were interviewing Sanctus Real.  It is amazing how God works in our lives and in your ministry because you were discussing the very song that I wanted to hear, Forgiven and then they sang it live.  His testimony previous to song just touched my heart so much as I have been struggling with issues in my life lately and feeling uncertain about what I thought God had called me to do about 6 months ago.  The devil does play tricks on our hearts, making us doubt what we at first felt called to do.  I have felt insecure and uncertain about my ability to do this job God had given me which was starting up the Youth Choir at our church and also starting up Praise & Worship at our church which we now do one Sunday a month.  Not to mention just struggling with every day sin in my life.  The song Forgiven hits so close to my heart and when they sang it live, it brought tears to my eyes.  When I got out of store, I was pleased to discover that they were still on your show and when I got home and got on KLove they were singing song again.  God is so awesome!!!!  Thank them if you get this before they leave for their ministry and that song that I know has blessed and touched many, many lives.  Thank you also at KLove for you continuing ministry that blesses and touches my heart daily and the lives of countless others.  
2/15/2010 1:29:15 AM
Ryan Brady United States
Ryan Brady
I too ate some guinea pig on a mission trip to Quito, Ecuador two summers ago.  I thought it tasted good and was a joy to eat.
2/15/2010 6:35:02 AM
Adventure Writer United States
Adventure Writer
Guinea pig huh? Sounds good. I've seen it on TV, doesn't look too bad. Haha, though this is coming from someone who loves meat. Hey, sure, I'll give it to the little guys, they're cute and all, but not cute enough. =P

I like trying different foods, and I'll get that chance when I leave for France very soon. Escargot(already tried it, and it's good! Just seasonings and stuff, if you can get over the texture, you can enjoy it), some parts still eat "cheval" (fr. Horse). It'll be interesting.

So yeah, I've eaten so pretty wierd things, if snails rates. Some people can't even stand the thought of eating them, due to the "slime-factor." It even made me hesitated at first, when the plate of snails, soaking in a mixture of herbs and seasonings, were brought to the table at the French resturant I was interesting in trying on my birthday.

It has a fishy kind of taste to eat, sorta between a fish and a mushroom. And the consistancy, well, slime. But it's great! Up there with some of my faves.
2/15/2010 6:46:56 AM
Abby Rogers United States
Abby Rogers
Eeeewwwww! That is nasty! How could you eat a pore inocent thing like that? Lol!
2/15/2010 7:09:52 AM
Jewel Bond United States
Jewel Bond
This June I had the chance to serve the Lord in Peru on a mission trip.  The host family fed us guinea pig one night (wasn't bad).  My mouth still waters when I go to the Pet Store.
2/15/2010 7:32:30 AM
Cathy Sequeiros United States
Cathy Sequeiros
Hi.  I ate guinea pig also.  My husband is from Peru and he considers it a huge treat - they have it for big family events and celebrations.  I think it tastes more like rabbit than chicken.  I don't like chicken.  Smile

2/15/2010 9:32:32 AM
samantha mosser United States
samantha mosser
I once ate rabbit for thanksgiving. It was pertty good.
2/15/2010 9:40:48 AM
Karla Adams United States
Karla Adams
Well I have not eaten anything weird, but my 2 sons were about 6 and 7 and we lived in the country and the boys wanted to taste squirrel.  I told them they would not taste it with my help.  My mother in law cooked it for them on the grill and let them taste it.  I was horrified.  They are 17 and 18 now so they were not poisoned.
2/15/2010 11:22:18 AM
Kelly Hunter United States
Kelly Hunter
I have eaten Tripe, which is Cow's stomache, it is a northern delicacy, it is pickled and then breaded and then deep fried. Its an acquired taste. It is served with boiled potatoes with white gravy. Yummy!
2/16/2010 12:07:52 AM
Heather United States
That is really gross. You should never eat guinnie pig.
2/16/2010 7:03:44 AM
Cynthia Castillo United States
Cynthia Castillo
EEEEEWWWWW!!!! No why would you even want to eat a cute little animal like that. EW no that's gross.
2/16/2010 12:38:42 PM
April Long United States
April Long
have never ate a guinea pig. i don't think i have ever ate anything strange. a guinea pig does no sound good though.
2/16/2010 1:35:57 PM
Brandon United States
it s not too bizarre but I ate pickled herring... the thing that made it weird was that I thought it would be dill pickled however irt was sweet pickled.  Cow Tounge is pretty good too
2/16/2010 1:36:23 PM
Jessica Swaggart United States
Jessica Swaggart
Uhm I Was At A Missions Conference With My Mama When I Was Like 10 And I Ate This Stuff Because I Thought It Was Like Beef Jerky And I Later Found Out I Had Actually Eaten Guinea Pig. Now My Friends Still Pick On Me And I Am ALWAYS Sure To Ask What The Meat Is Before I Eat It!
2/16/2010 1:37:49 PM
Brandon United States
plain and simple... it's a culture thing... for example in Hinduism it is flatout wromg to eat beef and jewish customs say that is is flat out wrong to eat pork along with a bunch of other stuff
2/16/2010 1:40:37 PM
Katie United States
Once at a summer camp I had to eat crayfish. It was disgusting!! Blech! Smile
2/16/2010 1:41:29 PM
Cora Hart United States
Cora Hart
Scott and Kelli, the oddest thing I have eaten was gold flakes.  I LOVE sushi and my friend and sushi chef would often make a very BEAUTIFUL piece of sushi for me to try.  There were times I didn't know whether to eat it or wear it it was so beautiful.  The gold flakes really didn't have any flavor and showed up so nicely on the awesome piece of tuna. The contrast was stunning.

By most people's standards I suppose the other odd thing that I've eaten has been seal.  I am Yu'pik Eskimo and that is one of my most favorite meats.  I grew up eating it (I prefer it dried) and have never thought it odd.

My husband is non-native and this one time we were at the Denver Zoo and came upon the Seal exhibit and I said, "ooh! Lunch!!" LOL

Thanks for letting me share, have a blessed day!
2/16/2010 1:42:50 PM
james harvey United States
james harvey
i would have to say the weirdest thing i have ate would have to be cow tongue it was pretty good.
2/16/2010 1:43:02 PM
Jessica Swaggart United States
Jessica Swaggart
I Was At A Mission COnference With My Mom And I Saw A Bowl And I Thought It Was Like Beef Jerky Or Something, So I Ate It. I Later Found Out I Ate Guinea Pig And At First I Was Horrified! But Now Me And My Friends Look Back And Just Laugh Because People Talk About The Different Wildlife They Have Eaten And Im Just Like "Pshhh, I Ate Guinea Pig!" Haha.
2/16/2010 1:44:03 PM
Mia United States
in CHina they eat everything except Panda since it's their beloved national animal. I didn't eat it but they were selling dried lizard, fried scorpions, fried bugs, all sorts of animal parts, pork blood that looks likes strawberry jello, etc.

Happy Eats!
2/16/2010 1:45:20 PM
Trayvon Weaver United States
Trayvon Weaver
Hi my name is trayvon weaver am 14 and i went on a missons trip to cambodia and i had fried terantula and dog!!!! mmmmhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm tasty!!!!
2/16/2010 1:45:32 PM
Laura United States
Guinea pig tastes like chicken? The Philippine's balut (incubated boiled eggs) does too ... but that's technically chicken, isn't it?!
Most recently, dog was on the menu in a traditional Indonesian dish. It was pretty tasty!
2/16/2010 1:46:57 PM
Pat United States
I have done mission work in the Amazon Region of Brazil, I have eaten Monkey, donkey, piranha, lots of different snakes, and you know what, when you are hungry everything tastes like chicken!
2/16/2010 1:47:28 PM
Jenni United States
I was with YWAM and we went to the Philippines and my leaders ate Balut. It was gross!! It is a cooked egg with a chicken or duck in it.
2/16/2010 1:48:47 PM
Luann United States
Never tried guinea pig. However, in Zimbabwe fried caterpillars are considered "good meat"!  As a missionary there, I've tried them a number of times, but they're not my favorite.  I even tried them in a peanut butter sandwitch (didn't help)!  Have also had chicken, beef and goat intestine, kudu, impala, crocodile (does taste like chicken) and ostrich (my favorite, but it does not taste like chicken!).
2/16/2010 1:51:14 PM
Luann United States
Almost forgot, I've had real authentic haggis in Scotland.  Very yummy!
2/16/2010 1:53:45 PM
Debbie Schotborgh United States
Debbie Schotborgh
Hey Scott & Kelli,
My host family in Mexico tried so hard to make me feel at home.  There were some things, though, that just were, well..strange.  I was served cold cereal in the morning sometimes, but the milk was always warm....not so good with corn flakes.  There were the occasional flowers...cooked, as a side dish.  But the most interesting was the first meal I ate with the family.  I'm all good with a little fat on my meat.  But, I just kept cutting and cutting, looking for what meat it might be that I was eating.  But I never found any...just a large piece of fat.  And yes, I ate it.  =)
2/16/2010 1:53:47 PM
Sarah Lueb United States
Sarah Lueb
me and my friend katie LOOVE guinea pigs!!! the skin is the best part!!! yumm! ive made wallets out of guinea pig skin before.

oh and by the way, Kim Walker from Jesus Culture wrote How He Loves Us, NOT David Crowder band.
2/16/2010 1:54:29 PM
Trayvon Weaver United States
Trayvon Weaver
I have also eaten pig intestine, along with live octupus and alligator!! Fried terantula had to be the best though taste like crispy bacon!!
2/16/2010 1:56:10 PM
Bradley Barton United States
Bradley Barton
Last Saturday at wild game supper my dad and I cooked armidillo it tasted like roast
2/16/2010 1:56:59 PM
Teri Walker United States
Teri Walker
Menudo is not intestins.  It's stomach.  I love it!  I also like beef tung and intestins.
2/16/2010 1:57:00 PM
Bradley Barton United States
Bradley Barton
It tasted good
2/16/2010 1:58:07 PM
Ken Kolstad United States
Ken Kolstad
I generally try anything once, so I have eaten strange dishes in different countries.  Two of the most repulsive to Americans is rat and dog.  Stringy but not bad.
2/16/2010 1:58:39 PM
Shayla Steele United States
Shayla Steele
A year ago today, actually, I was on a missions trip with my church to Costa Rica.  We were hanging out at a cabin up in the mountains with some of the people from the church down there, and they were serving us these tasty little sausage things.  About halfway through the night, one of my friends informed me that I the sausage I was eating was made with horse meat!  I totally believed him, because the Costa Rican family I was staying with ran a butcher shop in town, and had a farm up in the mountains with about 15 wild horses.  (They couldn't ride the horses... so what else could they do with them but eat them?!)  I couldn't eat anything for the rest of the night, and felt like a criminal for eating horse.  

Only the next day was I told that this was a prank the Costa Ricans liked to pull on Americans like us, and that the sausages were actually made out of pork. Smile
2/16/2010 1:58:40 PM
Ele United States
i'm petting my guinnea pig as we as i type lol. id say the weirdest thing ive eaten was a calamari named squidward haha! Laughing
2/16/2010 2:01:07 PM
Dennis Schwartz United States
Dennis Schwartz
I have eaten roasted dog in the Phillipines.  I have had and will never again, Blood pudding.  Was not even tastey.  At least the roasted dog was very tastey but so was the raw squid.
2/16/2010 2:01:44 PM
Abigail United States
On a mission's trip to Pakistan, we ate curried and bar-be-qued goat.  You can't say no to these people who have poured out everything they have on just the one meal for their special guests.  We ate so much I probably ate an entire goat all by myself.  
2/16/2010 2:02:05 PM
Jennifer Smith United States
Jennifer Smith
My grandma ate monkey brains multiple times when my grandpa was deployed in Japan! Talk about gross! LOL
2/16/2010 2:02:05 PM
Larry United States
I went to Mongolia and China and while in Mongolia the kids we were working with were eating something and another guy and I asked what it was. They immediately gave us both a piece and it was sun dried milk. They scraped the top off the milk and put it on a platter and set it outside in the sun to dry. They then broke it in to little pieces and ate. The children consider it like we Americans consider candy. The night before we left, they barbecued a goat and served it to us. It tasted like a southern low country broil. With potatoes and carrots cooked with it. Best meat I've ever eaten.
2/16/2010 2:02:41 PM
Judy United States
I have eaten grilled catterpillar and fried grass hopers. The caterpillar did not taste too good because they were chared. The grasshopers tasted similar to fried pork skin. Yummy!!! Of course I have also had frog legs and snails, but that is nothing special, a lot of people have eathen these items.
2/16/2010 2:04:42 PM
Amy United States
I went on a mission trip to Ghana, Africa few years back. When I was there I ate goat lung. It was really tuff on the outside but if you opened it up it had a cottaege cheese looking stuff which is what you where to eat. Come to find out goat lung is not too bad but not something I want on a regular bases. That would be the wriedest thing I have ever ate.
2/16/2010 2:06:48 PM
Karen Brown United States
Karen Brown
When I went to China on a mission trip we ate bamboo,every kind of edible mushroom you can imagine.  We also ate goat kabobs and Yak.  Yak tastes alot like wide beef.  
The worst was Yak butter tea.  It is a salty tea with a chunk of rancid Yak lard floating on top.  Discusting!!!  Horses milk tea is pretty bad too.  Another salty tea with horses milk in it. You should come with us sometime.  Never know what you may get to eat.
In northwest China everything was spicy hot.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner.  After lips burning for three days you get used to it.
2/16/2010 2:08:00 PM
Bob Boop United States
Bob Boop
I've eaten black fish eggs (Russian Black Caviar) in Russia, fried bananas (plantains) with pork raised on nothing but sugar cane in Cuba but the one meal I ate very hesitantly was in Kiev, Ukraine. I love the Ukraine and it wasn't just the cow's tongue, mashed potatoes, dill pickle, sliced apple and hard bread that made me squeamish. It was the possibility of radiation from Chernobyl. The Chernobyl region was still off limits to farming but in the desperate summer of 1993, many Ukrainians went back to the rich soil, risking exposure to radiation and raised crops. Much of their lovely produce was making it to the markets as far away as Kiev. I ate my meal, quietly remembering that we are to eat what is set before us with gratitude. I did but that night… before I went to sleep, I brushed my teeth… and just to be sure, I turned off the light and looked into my open mouth... There was no telltale glow… It was dark… I felt a little like Thomas. God is Great! He takes care of His servants.
2/16/2010 2:09:21 PM
Reuben United States

Years ago I was on the Northwest Texas Field & Stream Assn.  Once a year we had a "Wild Game Feed".  So we cooked some unusual stuff...I think the weirdest was buffalo, rattlesnake, turtle & bear.  I tried it all but only liked the rattlesnake & turtle.

Also once, while in Old Mexico I ate domestic cat.  I didn't know it at the time but it was good!  Finally, a family member one time cooked up a raccoon...ugh!

2/16/2010 2:12:09 PM
Anna United States
I am married to a brazilian man, and I had the oppurtunity to travil to brazil to meet his family.  Well one night his mom said she was going to make something very special for the entire family.  When the meal was served I asked what type of meat they were serving, well it turned out to be armadillo.  I had to pass on the armadillo.
2/16/2010 2:12:44 PM
Dennis Schwartz United States
Dennis Schwartz
Suprised that no one has mentioned Rocky Mountain Oysters.  They are quite popular here in some parts of Kansas.  They are chewy like gizzards but do not taste like chicken.
2/16/2010 2:13:02 PM
Sarah Lueb United States
Sarah Lueb
yoo, your station on itunes is going bazzurk! its skipping majorly and its really hard to understand you guys!
2/16/2010 3:12:46 PM
2/16/2010 8:44:50 PM
Janell United States
When I was a missionary in Cambodia a local pastor took us out to eat fertilized duck egg... a little crunchy... but not bad... and now I've been married to that pastor for 5 1/2 years! You  never know what will happen when you eat something a little "different" Smile
2/16/2010 9:34:35 PM
Stephanie Winslow United States
Stephanie Winslow
We were in Kazakhstan and my dad had to eat a cow brain.
2/17/2010 7:20:37 AM
Margaret Burgess United States
Margaret Burgess
I was on a mission trip many years ago to Haiti.  We cooked most of our own meals and couldnt drink the water.  We did have 2 meals cooked by the locals and were told not to ask what was in it.  They said we probably wouldnt eat it if we knew.  Whatever it was wasnt too bad!!!
2/18/2010 12:26:33 AM
Grossed Out United States
Grossed Out
Ewwwwww. That is all so gross! I would never eat anything like that!!! Blech blech blech!!
2/20/2010 9:20:08 AM
Laurie United States
Have you really listened to the song "Shine" by Newsboys?

"That would make a vegetarian barbecue hamster"?


I had to check the lyrics to be sure of what I heard.      
2/23/2010 2:51:23 AM
Jonathan United States
We ate guinea pig a couple of weeks ago here in Quito, Ecuador.  I didn't like it, but then again, I tried all of the guinea pig including the eyes and yes... even the brain.

I made a video to showcase the experience:

2/24/2010 9:12:58 AM
ed United States
My nephew had a black guinea pig named Jordan. If you told him back then that you ate guinea pig,he would have grabbed Jordan and hid him,lol! I tried alpaca jerky a couple weeks ago,was surprised it was so good!

Keep the Faith Alive!
7/9/2010 10:16:55 AM
Yolanda United States
I am a bit late to seeing this...but sounds like you were in my home away from home...Ecuador!  Served in missions there for three years...Guinea Pig was NOT my favorite thing to eat...and I guess I would have to say it was the weirdest.  But being vegetarian...any meat is a little weird!!!  Smile
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