Mar 10 2010

Addison Road update!

We were heartbroken about the terrible loss that the band Addison Road suffered this past week. While on tour with Sanctus Real, their RV burned to the ground and they lost everything. Thank you so much for praying for them, it's been a really tough time. But God is faithful!

God wouldn't let me sleep after hearing about this. He laid some friends of mine on my heart. Geoff and Jill Ludlow of Full Sail Ministries. They travel with their family in an RV spreading the word of God. I felt that God wanted me to call them and see if Addison Road could use their RV. Turns out, they didn't need it until June and after hearing Addison Road's story, Geoff jumped at the chance to offer them the use of their RV for the remainder of the tour!

Jenni shared that they were considering leaving the tour and heading home. They were even questioning their career choice. It's amazing to see how God can use us to make a difference! For Geoff and his family, it was sharing their RV. For you, it may be something different. We are all called to reach out to those around us and share the love of Jesus.

Thank you for praying. Thank you for making a difference!


Geoff and Jill Ludlow

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3/8/2010 10:21:37 AM
shanika United States
the story i heard about this buss and it burned to the ground is terrible let me say to you addison road god made it happen for a reason and there are many nice people like Geoff and Jill Ludlow ill pray for you good luck on tour and stay safe and may god bless you and your band and the ludlow family.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3/8/2010 10:50:16 AM
Caitlin Miller United States
Caitlin Miller
god did this to addison road for a reason. it is a part of his plan. and remeber, god does bad stuff because he thinks you are ready, so stand strong!
3/8/2010 5:20:36 PM
Caleb United States
  He will provide to all your needs with his riches and glory!!!   Hey he lives in Heaven!!   Of course he can provide!!     He own all the gold and silver!!!      Jesus said  I own the cattle on a thousand  hills!   The hearts of kings are in my hands and I trun them wich way I want!!     Miricles shall follow those taht believe!!!     Will a father give his child a snake for drink?    Will a father give his  child  a rock for food?  Of course not!!!  FOR DO NOT WORRY ABOUT WHAY YOU SHALL EAT, WHAT YOU SAHLL DRINK,  AND WHAT YOU SHALL WEAR FOR DO NOT i CLOTH THE LILIES AND FEED THE BIRDS.     ARE YOU NOT MORE INMPORTANT THEN THEM!!!  I MADE YOU AFTER MY OWN IMAGE!!!!
3/8/2010 9:50:47 PM
Becky Harvey United States
Becky Harvey
Thank you for sharing this story and Trial truly by Fire with Addison Road. Life seems to take many turns and we really don't know at times what may be ahead. "We may not know what holds tomorrow, yet we know who holds the tomorrow." And truly God was and still Is working thru many people like the Ludlow family to help you know God Is Near amidst this trial.
I'm a new listener with K-Love and truly feel Blessed! I listen to you every day at my work-station! I am a single-mom (also, my husb has been serving in prison now 7 yrs for a crime he Never commited, we are trusting and leaning on great things in God's Time for his release). I have 4 grown children, 2 of which are still home for a time, and my two young adult children are coming to the concert at Sunnyside 4 square church tomorrow-night. I'm so Excited to hear and see God's leading and to refresh with such sincere artists whom share God's Greatness thru Song.
May You All Know: Those who Trust in the Lord Shall NOT be Disappointed!!! 1st Peter 6:8. Truly we can know that without a shadow of a doubt God Sees and Knows what we're going thru. Laughing Amidst whatever is ahead We Can Trust Him With Everything even when it's all taken away.
How Can We Help.....???? I will be prepared to assist in any way I can - Addison Road.
Blessings to you Abundantly because we serve a Mighty and Wonderful Father. He's not changed and has been there in the past and will be Faithful to  you in the future too....
May you know even more as you sing tomorrow evening. Our prayers and thoughts are lifted for you during this Bump in the road. Keep Singing !!!

Fans.... Becky H and Family LaughingLaughingLaughingLaughing
3/11/2010 6:15:32 AM
Laura Bray United States
Laura Bray
Loved hearing about our friends the Ludlow's. They are a great reminder of Gods love!
3/12/2010 4:04:35 PM
Rhonda D United States
Rhonda D
We will pray for you. God is good and he provides.
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