Mar 12 2010

How Do YOU Involve God in your Descisions?

There is a new study out that is talking about how healthy it is to involve God in your everyday decisions.

How do you involve God in your Everyday Decisions???

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3/4/2010 9:16:59 AM
Janet United States
god has helped me alot
3/4/2010 9:23:01 AM
Christa Mason United States
Christa Mason
I think studying 1 & 2 Samuel and seeing how amazing David was (most of the time) at involving God and His Word in his decisions is a great place to start.  Also studying how the disciples and apostles in the Book of Acts followed Christ's commands and the Holy Spirit's leading.  I believe all too often we think God's "To Do" list is "Go Here, Do this...."  My "To Do" list may be 1. Do the dishes.  2.  Get the kids to clean their room.  3.  Cook.  4.  Go shopping.  5.  Run a successful multi-million dollar business... ;)  God's "To Do" list for me is more like 1.  Be patient with the kids - and the guy driving in front of you.  2.  Stop and talk to the homeless guy on the street and get him a burger.  3.  Tell your husband thank you - and then take time to show him how much you care (the dishes can wait.)  4.  Humble yourself before Me.  5.  Don't envy your neighbor.  (Do you REALLY need a multi-million $ business? Maybe your girls need your time more than the business does.)  6.  I love you. Do you have time to spend with Me tonight?  (Reading the Word, praying, worshipping Him. Thanking him for our daily bread, not worrying about the $1000 in bills I haven't figured out yet how to pay - He's got my back.  It'll be ok, as long as I'm including Him in my daily decisions and seeking and trusting Him, not myself or the economy....)

Also, there are times when God's direction is clear by the Holy Spirit, but at other times He leaves the decisions to us.  But Christ's #1 command was that we love God first and then love our neighbor as ourselves.  Sometimes His directions are clear cut; other days (and weeks and some years) I'm trusting my loving Shepherd to get me where I'm supposed to be, because a bit like Abraham, I haven't got a clue where we're going.  As long as His will is being done ( we still have the command to "take up your cross and follow Me..."?) then whatever happens, I'm good.  I just need Him to be praised and pleased with my faith, my life and the choices I make - and when I fall so very short of what I long to do, I need Him to be pleased with the sacrifice given on my behalf - Christ Jesus who died and now lives.

God is so amazingly cool and awesome.
3/4/2010 9:25:42 AM
Janet United States
hello im janet and god has made a big difference in my life, well im only 16 and i was baptized to the apostolic church in may 3 2009.
Ever since that day God has changed my perspective completly, my whole life is dedicated to the lord. i live for him because he died for me.
Its a wonderful thing to live on gods path, and do gods will that he has all planed out for me.
I use to do really bad things like drink, steal, do drugs, but my almighty god has taken me away from that life.
with the power of prayer and repentance i changed my life for the beter.
God has a plan for each and everyone of us and its a wonderful thing to be in the hands of the lord
God Bless  
3/4/2010 9:29:19 AM
curtis United States
The primary insight that the Lord has been showing me is to slow down and pray about my decisions before making the choice.  I've found myself on a sort off auto-pilot that ends up excluding God from the front side of choice's.  His answer is unique for every circumstance and slowing down has really helped me to experience better outcomes.

Thanks for all that you folks do at K-Love.
3/4/2010 9:30:01 AM
Lloyd Davy New Zealand
Lloyd Davy
Hey Scott Lloyd from down under. Of late I have been through an incredibly challenging time with the Lord afterr having been made redundant from my dream job and been out of work nearly 6 months. I have found my dependeancy and reliance upon the Lord to help during this time as paramount to my sanity and survival. I have come to my knees virtually every day and God has been so faithful and loving during this time. My reliance upon him to guide and inspire me to lead me to where He wants me has been amazing. I give thanks honour and glory to Him as at last I emerge on the other side of gaining full time employment. Every step of the way my relaince was upon Him rather than trusting myself or other people to direct me to my new role.

bless you really enjoying listening in at present!
3/4/2010 10:27:35 AM
Coretta United States
I pray for GOD's guidance everyday and I always ask "how would GOD want me to react in any situation, especially at work or while driving.  Like at my work we are having a weight loss challenge and it is by the percentage that you lose at the end of the 10 week challenge the winner gets a prize, and my co-worker said "Wow with you and Kim in the challenge we don't stand a chance."  That cut me like a knife, but I simply smiled and said "that's right we're going to your butts in this challenge and enjoy the prize in the end!"  The things people say to you could really hurt your feelings, but they don't know that it hurt you because they don't think before they speak, so I just say "GOD takes care of his children and in the end we all will win the prize "JESUS"!!!
3/4/2010 3:51:57 PM
Kristen United States
I bring everything to Him in prayer.  Every choice from the "biggest" like brain surgery to the "smallest" and I let Him guide the way.  I try to keep an open ear and heart so I can hear the ways He prompts me and see the signs that are around me that I would otherwise miss.  I can look at my life and tell you exactly which decisions I may not have included Him like I should have.  Usually those were some of my biggest messes and mistakes.  All of Him, and none of me is the key.  I have had to learn to be obedient.  It's one of my biggest lessons.
3/4/2010 4:11:20 PM
Bob & Jessica & Brodie United States
Bob & Jessica & Brodie
though I've walked with God most of my life, at 55 years of age I realize that I'm not the sharpest tack in the box.
So every morning after I get up and make breakfast for Brodie my 16 year old and before I head out the door to drive him to school, him and I go into mom's room and on the bed we all hug each other and I pray for each of us. That God would give his angles charge over each of us. That God would draw each of us closer to him. I speak blessings over each of them and that he would give us wisdom in all the decisions that we make.
This is by far my favorite part of the day.
no mater how hard our relationships become this always seems to melt hard hearts when your wife and son hear you tell God how much you love them.
I dont do this to fulfill some kind of religious duty.
I do it because I just love them so much.
when God gives you wisdom for the day, fear flys away, and trust grows.
3/4/2010 4:20:03 PM
Micah United States
I am 14 and i have had a very strong walk with God, but it has gotten stronger over the last year.. I have been doing devotions before i go to bed ever since February 9th 2009.. It has changed my life in sooo many ways i dont think i could even count.. I was started to turn off my path for awhile and i would say a bad word every now and then.. After I'd say the bad word, I just had this feeling inside of me that wasnt right.At school I was just known as the girl with not really a description. I go to public school so there is ALOT of cussing and bad things that happen. I started to get the "Label" as the Jesus freak, the little christian girl and the good guy.. That was maybe a month or two after I started to do my devotions. I didnt think anything  bad of those names.. It made me feel good, like I was changing without knowing, people noticed. I now live my life for God. Everything I do I do to praise him. He is real, I know he is, the works that he does when people dont realize it. One of my good friends got dignosed with cancer January 2009.. That is why I started doing my devotions. The doctors said that she wouldnt make it, she had bone cancer that was spreading into her lungs. They said they werent sure how long she would live but it wouldnt be very long. She grew sooo much in her faith. So much that she put all of her trust in God. She lost her hair, alot of weight.. She lost alot but still had astrong faith in God. She has been cancer free since November of 2009. She is the reason I am the person I am today. And I thank God that she is in my life.. I dont know where I would be without her. My sister and I listen to you guys every morning when we are getting ready for school from 5:30-6:45. You guys give us a positive outlook on our day(: I just wanted to thank you guys for all that you do! You have made me grow strong in my faith as well..

Micah(: (Im a girl not, guy.. as in the Micah in the bibleSmile )
3/4/2010 4:59:29 PM
Hannah Regnier United States
Hannah Regnier
I'm a florist in a grocery store and every week I make flower arrangements for one of the churches in town.  Just in the past month, I've started to pray over them/for the church.  This has helped my pray life to pray to God more, and for more people other than those close to me.
3/4/2010 6:22:42 PM
Caleb United States
   I am twenty-one years old!  I am still very young and make alot of mistakes but I have come t othe realization that if you put him on one list with nothing els on it then you are going to make it!!!   Then put all the other stuff on a list like family,  bills, exsercise,   health, than whatever extra!!!           Because he said if  you love your wife, kids, parents ect... you can not enter the kingdome of God!!!!     Without him I am nothing!!!!!     We move and have  our being in him!!!!   I love what Curtis said!!  If we would slow down and pray and seek God and his word in our matters than God will be gloryfied!!!!    For Jesus said, I honor my word even above my name!!     When we need help!!   All we have t o do is call on his name and he will answere!!!    He is a heart beat away!!!!   God is soooo faithfull and true!!!    
3/5/2010 11:26:29 AM
Dauren Parker United States
Dauren Parker
Just when I think it's over with The Morning Show I get cheered up some more! Thank you and God Bless!
3/5/2010 1:16:29 PM
Kathy United States
Hi Scott!  I REALLY needed your question yesterday about involving God in my everyday decisions. I was driving home from a very hectic day in the classroom...I teach 1st grade. I heard your question, and suddenly realized I had REACTED to many stressful situations instead of quickly praying and RESPONDING to them!    I SO needed this reminder!  I begin each day with prayer asking God for His wisdom for my day, but forgot to pray DURING the day.

Sweet to be reminded.  Thanks!
3/5/2010 1:19:09 PM
Kathy United States
P.S.   Do you ever tell God that it would at times be helpful to have a physical sign like the cloud by day or the pillar of fire by night?
3/5/2010 1:58:13 PM
Ellie United States
well before i do anything i always imagine that God is right there next to me watching. Thats how i started listening to only christian music. I imagined that God is always sitting next to me in the passengers seat while im driving and every song that came on i was like would God listen to this? And thats how klove became my everyday station.. cuz god likes it too!!!! Smile
3/6/2010 12:01:16 AM
well, listen to this! I was in a Junior Bible Quiz team at the Church I go to, and there are like over 100 Bible verses on cards and we were supposed to memorize it and keep God's words on our hearts, and i know so many Bible verses now, so now i go to stores amd places and leave them places so people can read at least one Bible verse and pass it on, and i do not consider leaving God's Word and Messages places to spread the love of Jesus! Jesus!
3/6/2010 1:39:00 AM
Lastminutereisen Austria
Whats up there, I encountered your blog by means of Google plus your place appears quite occupying for me.
3/6/2010 3:03:38 AM
Sarah United States
I have an unconventional way I invite God to be a part of my daily decisions.  I find peace and solitude as I drive around a lake near my home and while I drive I think and during my thought process I also pray.  It is during these daily drives I feel a sense of peace and also feel God giving me direction.  I usually have music on and sing as well.  It's a joyful time for me.  
3/6/2010 9:59:21 AM
Rhonda D United States
Rhonda D
I include Jesus in my daily life always. I start the day with him, and I ask him when I have a decision to make and he leads and guides me in each and every decision. He walks with me at work and when I am shopping. I spend time in the Bible reading and he gives me fresh revelation when I read it, it truly is the living word. I spend quiet time with him and just bask in his presences.He is so awesome, Life with Jesus would be Terrible.
I depend on him for everything. He wants everything so I give it to him. He does a better job than I do. I love to sing and minister to the Lord too.
Bless you and enjoy experiencing the Lord.
3/6/2010 11:01:17 AM
Alycia United States
It is very important to make God apart of our every day decisions.  Sometimes I will stop and pray when I don't know what to make for dinner.  When I am skiing and I keep falling down, I pray for strength to keep going.  When I am so deepressed over a situation I can not bear it any longer I ask the Lord to take control of it.  In every one of these circumstances he is faithful!  No matter what it is he will never leave us you nor forsake you.

You can stop and pray or lift your voice in song.  Even our groanings are heard by the Lord as it says in Romans 8:26.

Lord bless you in your decision making!
3/7/2010 10:25:23 AM
Jacob United States
I personally haven't always made God a priority in making decisions, but as of late I have come too realize that making decisions through God's wisdom and discernment is the only way. We can't just try to live our lives the way we want to and expect miraculous results. Only through daily constant reading of his Holy Word and through fervently praying, can we know the will of God and what choices we are suppose to make!
3/8/2010 1:38:49 PM
Alyssa United States
I feel  like  crying  omg  Iv'e  been  bad         I  can't  believe  how  a  backstabber  I  have  been  to  God    yet  He  always  protects  and  loves  me .  I need to stop  taking  Him  for  granted .
3/11/2010 1:10:08 AM
Lisa United States
I am learning that God is a very personal Father; a close and caring daddy.  He cares about anything that matters to His children.  He longs for us to bring each and every matter to Him, whether we need comforting or a specific answer or guidance.  So, now I take every care to parenting concerns, how my teenage son makes me feel, what disappoints me in my marriage, the uneasiness I feel in front of someone, the hurts, the joys, the mundane,...I leave it all for Him to shoulder, I then thank Him for His loving kindness and the peace He gives me...I take in His goodness with a moment of silence, and I know He will work all things out, and provide guidance along the way.
11/29/2010 9:35:59 AM
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