Mar 15 2010

Happy Make a Difference Monday!

It might be as simple as complimenting a stranger, buying someone a cup of coffee or listening to a co-worker or friend. What can you do today to make a difference? Share your story--has someone made a difference in your life? Have you reached out to someone else? Tell us about it!

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3/9/2010 9:30:18 AM
Rita Wade United States
Rita Wade
My sister & I were in Branson, Mo a few of weeks ago visiting my daughter. We went to lunch at a Cracker Barrel. There was a family sitting behind us with a "special needs" baby. The mother was having to give the baby milk through a tube. My sister was facing them so I didn't know what was really going on. The man sitting across from us got up and went to the table where the "special needs" baby was. He knelt down and asked the mom if he could pray with them. She agreed and when he was finished she raised to hand to God. My sister was telling me what was going on because my back was to them. We both started crying. Then the nice man got the waitress to bring their receipt to him so he could pay for their meal...and there were several people at the table too! By witnessing what this generous man had done, we felt like we had been to church that day!!! This man made a difference in all our lives!
3/9/2010 9:43:15 AM
Amy B United States
Amy B
I am a waitress at a restaurant and I happen to notice a man watching me walk by. Well he stopped me on the way back from one and said, "If more people smiled like you have been, this place would be a better world."

I think is a positive point for the both of us  : )
3/9/2010 3:22:07 PM
Mariann United States
My son have been battling a cronic illness for 3 years now.  As a single mother, we both have been struggling.  Along the way, I met an amazing doctor who is a Christian man who prays for us and has brought me closer to my Faith than I ever have been.  I recently have begun taking my son and myself to a place called the Healing Rooms and feel closer and closer to God.  I now have hope that we can be well, thanks to the kindness of this doctor and the healers who pray for us.
Will you pray for us?  The doctor bills have been so high that even though I started graduate school to use the student loan money for medical bills, my car is getting repossed any day, my electric is sceduled for shut off the day after tommorrow, and my phone is scheduled for shut off on Thursday.
We just need all the prayer we can get and I know we will be ok.  I feel so inspired by the stories you are reading today.
God Bless, Mariann
3/9/2010 3:28:25 PM
elizabeth United States
i am starting to bike ride. on one of my rides i see a house with many leaves on the ground. i then see a little old lady walk out and get her mail. i thought, this is what i can do to make a difference. i will rake her leaves on early morning or late night. well, this weeken while doing my own yard, my neighbors mowed MY yard and helped me pull MY weeds! what a blessing!
3/9/2010 3:39:58 PM
Cindy Brunk United States
Cindy Brunk
I am always ready to share my story of hope and healing after my "poor choice" of abortion. Sometimes it's with just one person, and other times it's in front of thousands. Hearing my story has given people the courage to seek healing for themselves..... I look forward to August when I get to hold a brand new baby. The babies mother had an abortion scheduled, but after talking with me and learning about the services offered by our local PRC, the mother changed her mind!
3/9/2010 3:43:16 PM
Maria H. United States
Maria H.
Every weekday I take my oldest child, Christopher 7, to the school bus stop.  A couple of houses up from ours is an elderly veteran who gets a daily paper.  One day when it was starting into winter my son asked if it was OK to bring the paper to the man's front door step.  I could have cried out of complete joy and pride.  I smiled at him from ear to ear and told him yes.  He has continued to do that every weekday since that day, even during Christmas break.  I am amazed that at such a young age, my son has figured out that helping others brings joy to your own life, and love in God's eyes.

Proud Mom in Indiana.
3/9/2010 3:56:09 PM
Donald Pritchard II United States
Donald Pritchard II
I am writing toi ask that you please pray for me i have just started a church at the age of 20 and i have been preaching since i was 16 and well it has just been really hard here lately with satan fighting me in every direction and i ask that you jusr remember me as you pray that Gods will will be done in my life no matter what and that it wont be about me but all about him! And i want to thank you guy for the last fewe months, because with out you guys idk what i would have done you guys encourage me each and everyday and i praise the lord for you and what you do and i want you guys to know you have changed my life! Thanks and God Bless
3/9/2010 3:59:36 PM
Sara United States
I have a little sister that I share a room with and when she was little my mom would lay in bed with her and sing songs. They weren't really 'lullabys' but they helped her to sleep. She would sin Delta Dawn, How much is that Doggy in the Window, Gumdrop song, and others. Now that my little sister is older, she doesn't need to have the songs sunf to her at night anymore. But at random times in the day we all burst out singing Delta Dawn, or Doggy in the Window, and just have a great time with it!
3/9/2010 4:01:34 PM
A mom to a Special Needs Kido United States
A mom to a Special Needs Kido
A make a differnece Mon. idea..There are so many moms out there with special needs kids who are daily doing everything they can for their kids. These moms are stared at, often their kids are made fun of or pointed too, they are hit with rude and degrading comments all the time. It is often hard for these parents to remain possitive. Any encouragement given to these parents would mean the world to them.
3/9/2010 4:20:38 PM
Lou Ann United States
Lou Ann
I've been listening to KLOVE and the Testimoneis that have been given about making a difference in the lives of someone around you.  I've heard the many stories of those who've paid for someone else's dinner or coffee.  I've been the receiver of a gift like that, and then turned around and done the same to others.  The very first time was when a friend of mine paid for my coffee and donut at a Dunkins drive-thru.  I was soooo not expecting it, and didn't even know she was in front of me!!!  It was such an unexpected Blessing!!! It still touches me to think that someone cared, and was thinking about "me"!  No one had ever done anything like that for me before!!!
I've since done the same for others.  Just pay for their purchase without them knowing.  Usually it's at a drive-thru.  It's a Blessing to receive that type of gift, but even more so to be the giver!!!  As GOD Blesses and moves, I will do it again!
It has been such an Encouragement to hear all of the Testimonies on KLOVE tonight!!!  We as Believers are making a difference in lives as we Give of ourselves unselfishly!  Thank you, Scott, Kelli, and all of the staff at KLOVE, for the unselfish ways in which all of you give to us!!!
May our LORD continue to Bless each of you, and KLOVE in mighty and mulitiple ways!!!
3/9/2010 5:07:51 PM
Arlene United States
I recently recieved a phone call from someone.  They were crying, really out of control, so much that I couldn't understand anything they were saying.  I asked them if they wanted to talk & I would come over immediately.  I dropped what I was
doing at the time & directly went to their home.  We talked for a long, long time...probably from about lunch time until supper time.  Time really flew by.  We were really in deep discussion so much that I really lost track of time.  I suggested turn it all over to 'God' & pray, PRAY, PRAY.  This person absolutely knew that I was a firm believer in prayer.  I saw this same person just today & they seemed like a different person.  Please...would anyone who reads this please pray for this person as an 'unspoken' prayer request.  GOD BLESS!!!!  (:>)
3/9/2010 5:12:04 PM
loleta T. United States
loleta T.
I work at a Universary in Oregon and work with a lot of international students most of which are from China, I have for about 10 years now made birthday cakes for them on thier birthday I make about 75+ every year I even make cakes just because like last week I made one for a guy who just replaces our burnt out light bulbs. Thats how I make a differants to people who I work with every day, I got my email address from what I do, and have many inquirers about it I love listening to klove in the morning and afternoon on my way to and from work you guys rock.  Loleta
3/9/2010 5:24:53 PM
Colton Gregg United States
Colton Gregg
Me and my friends greg and matt do street ministry in Rochester, NY on the corner of Phelps and Lake Ave. And Although this occured saturday, it is just starting to hit me. We park next to an old, run down apartment building, where we see people coming in and out of all the time. A lady that lives in the apartment asked us to go up stairs and pray for her friend Cathy. She lost her son in November to Heroine overdose. As she noticed our familiar faces when she opened the door, tears rolled from her face as she walked into matt's arms and then mine. We were able to go into Cathy's home and pray for her and her pain. When we walked into her home, she looked at me in an awe manner, took my hands and told me that Jesus loved me. I thought i knew that, but it didn't click until she said those words.It doesn't end there. We got to pray for her husband, and her best friend who was there with her. They shared their love for Christ with us, their testimonies and hospitality as they made dinner for us as well. I thought i was going up stairs to bless another life, instead my life was humbled and i was the one being blessed instead. God reveals himself in the most amazing ways.  
3/9/2010 5:25:09 PM
Anna Daniels United States
Anna Daniels
Hey. My youth group and I have a bible study on monday night lead by a youth for just an encouragement for the week. We were sitting there starting our lesson and there was a man sitting at a table near us and I guess he was listening. Our waitress attends our school and waits on us usually. She had already given us our tickets and then came and took them back up. We asked her why and she said that the man asked if our chruch paid for our meals and she replied no, so the man asked for our tickets and paid for our meals. (which was probally around 100 or so dollars) This man is not from our town so he knows nothing about us. But yet he cared so much for us that he did that out of love.

It really touched me because it made me think of what Jesus did on the cross for us! He got on the cross not because he wanted to but because he loved each and everyone of us!! That man loved us and he didn't even know us!! It really makes you think about what kind of impression you make on people by doing the same thing you do every week.  
3/9/2010 5:28:08 PM
Karen United States
My best friend of over 20 years, had never been to church much, let alone allow Christ into his heart. He has alwys had a kind, caring and loving heart but was alwys missing something. He has been a great father figure in my daughter's life and the type friend you could always count on. He has been living with AIDS for 10 years now but just within the past 18 months began to have health problems. He was so ill that he was moved to a hospital a ways from us and we couldn't get up to see him often. I wanted him to brng Christ into his life and feared he would die without having that chance to find the right road for his final days. I emailed a pastor that I found online and asked if she could pay him a visit. She responded immediately and within 36 hours has not only visited with him but showed him the way to salvation. He accepted Christ into his life and 3 days later was on his way home. HE is still fighting many health issues but has a new love for life and realizes everything, including his illness, happens for a reason and God really is in control. I've seen such a change in him since her visit I am soo thankful to her for bringing Christ to him, since I was not able to answer all his questions.
3/9/2010 5:49:59 PM
michelle United States
I walked past a homeless man in the month of September and prated for God to heap blessings on his head. In the month of October, he came to live in the apartment complex where I live. He has been to church with me several times, and I help him make calls to his doctors, because he can't talk. I have had a hard time making ends meet this month and had been wondering what to do. He came to my door this morning asking me if I needed any money.I told him my problem, and he took me tombuy groceries. I thank god that he is in my life and tell him that sometimes i don't know what I would do without him. His name is Kenneth.
3/9/2010 5:59:28 PM
Anna Daniels United States
Anna Daniels
Hey. My youth group and I have a bible study/accountablity time on monday nights. We have a lesson lead by someone in our youth group just to keep us encouraged during the week. Tonight we were eating at a local resturant in our little bitty town. There was many groups of people and then there was a table where just one man sat alone. Our waitress attends our school and is a good friend to many of us. She gave us our tickets and then came and took them back. We asked her why and she said that they man that was sitting alone asked if our church paid for our meals and she told him no that we did our selves. So he told her to give him the tickets that he would take care of it!! (the whole cost was about 100 or so it wasn;t very cheap) This man does business in our town but none of us knew him. He paid for our meals out of love!! He didnt do it because he knew us..he did it because he loved us!!

It makes me think about what Jesus did on the cross for us!! Jesus didnt have to get on the cross and he didnt have to die for our sins!! Jesus didn't died on the cross for our sins because he LOVED us. I think back to a couple of hours ago and now I don't see the man sitting by himself...I see JESUS with him right now!!! God Bless Smile Anna
3/9/2010 6:00:00 PM
Karen Gray United States
Karen Gray
My husband & I were in a really bad head-on accident 5 years ago last month.  The young lady who hit us was 19 & very addicted to meth.  She did 1 year in prison because it was her second DUI.  While in prison she was very successfully rehabilitated. After several months we forgave her for what see had done to us.  Since then she has really turned her life around & become a believer.  We have stayed in touch with her & her mom!
3/9/2010 6:04:44 PM
Sandy United States
I think I made a tiny difference in lives today by watching my brother & sister-in-laws dog and cats while my sister-in-law had day surgery this morning.  Then their daughter, my niece, gave birth to twins today and I was able to visit her, her husband and the twins while my brother dealt with getting my sister-in-law home from the hospital and settled at home.  Twins are beautiful and healthy at 31 weeks, my niece is sore but doing well and my sister-in-law appears to be cancer free! PTL!
3/11/2010 12:24:23 AM
Lori Aknowlsa United States
Lori Aknowlsa
Well, my professor's daughter was pregnant with her baby girl but she didn't look so normal.  She looked swollen around her face.  Thankfully, her baby was delivered safely and she (the professor's daughter) was okay right after the delivery.
3/12/2010 12:48:37 PM
camee United States
I personally think that a smile is the best thing u could do. i try to smile more often, hoping to bless someone's day. SmileSmileSmile
3/25/2010 11:17:58 AM
Today and every Monday a few christian friends get together at a little place in the inner city of Toledo, Ohio and have coffee, lunch and give away clothes and just hang out with some ladies from a shelter.  They bless us when they come over and sit with us and we are building wonderful, trusting relationships and we just love on these ladies or whomever God sends our way, and we pray together and let them know how much Jesus loves them and so do we, no matter where they are in life!!!! It is AWESOME.
3/28/2010 2:47:50 AM
fin United States
hay scot and kelli kould you play the song hear with out you by the band three dors down. on my web site go to the music page the top song player has the song on the bottum plese lisin and start playing it by fin
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