Mar 17 2010

Scared of pickles? Clowns? Birds?

We learned today that Ben, the lead singer for the band The Museum has a fear of pickles. Seriously. Got us thinking. Ever had a fear of something usual? Known anyone who did?

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3/6/2010 10:38:40 AM
Lee United States
Extremely afraid if someone aims rubberband at me.  In middle school (over 30 years ago) I was hit very hard upclose with paper being launched from a rubber band on the bus ride home.  It came very close to my eye and could have been very serious.  It still makes me cringe...
3/6/2010 10:40:44 AM
Philip United States
My friend was just talking today about he is terrified of milk cartons he said when he was little he had a dream he was being chased by a milk carton and he wont go near one. He will drink milk but only if it is in a cup.
3/6/2010 10:43:12 AM
Loryn Walrod United States
Loryn Walrod
I am extremely scared of June Bugs! When I was about six or seven, I was outside by a screen door and I got mobbed by the nasty,fuzzy things! I have been terrified ever since. I am 20 now... :-S
3/6/2010 10:44:05 AM
Meghan United States
What I really cannot stand is napkins. There's just something about the texture, and the sound they make when you crinkle them that makes me cringe.  My sister thinks it's funny to come up behind me and crinkle one, or chase me around with them, but I don't think it's quite as funny.  I would rather wipe my hands on my pants than to use a napkin. Seriously, it's bad.
3/6/2010 10:44:12 AM
Carol Downing United States
Carol Downing
What is positive and encouraging about making fun of someone's fear?
The person that is afraid is actually fearful and isn't laughing.  Please re-think this.
3/6/2010 10:49:15 AM
Jennifer United States
My kids and I are scratching our heads as to why everyone thinks that Ben's very real fear of pickles is worth poking fun.  He did not choose this fear, as no one chooses their fears - rational or irrational.  I am trying to explain how this conversation you are encouraging is positive or encouraging to Ben.  It certainly isn't coming across that way.  I have come to the realization in my life that compassion is the one thing we toss aside for the sake of a good laugh.  The whole show this afternoon will not be playing in our home.  I hope in the future you will continue to point our thoughts heavenward instead of prodding a fellow believer with his fears.  I am really disappointed.
3/6/2010 10:55:02 AM
Kayla United States
Well, I have an irrational fear of Jell-O.  I don't know what it is, but I think it's just because I don't want to eat something that moves.  Jell-O is so strange and it scares me to death! One of my friends brought a bag filled with Jell-O to school and threw it at me. I went crazy with fear!! 8-)
3/6/2010 11:07:59 AM
Charissa United States
Hi, my mom Wanda from Alaska just talked with you over the phone about wellspring ministries. And other possible reason's why someone may have fears. Here is the weblsite and e-mail address that she mentioned to you. Have a God Blessed day!
3/6/2010 4:13:30 PM
Caitlin Miller United States
Caitlin Miller
i am deathly afraid of clowns.
3/6/2010 4:49:48 PM
camee United States
i love my friend, but she doesn't like balloons.
3/6/2010 5:00:03 PM
Alicia United States
I am severly affraid of clowns thunder mimes tornados lightning and microbursts
3/6/2010 5:02:54 PM
Luke United States
Microwaves.  Sounds weird but I can't stand being in the kitchen if the microwave is timed for over 2 minutes.  A while back I think I actually got hit by microwaves, and it wasn't fun.

And I agree, is it really positive to make fun of fears? I know you're just having fun, and I know Ben knows that, but what are the kids gonna think?
3/6/2010 5:10:09 PM
Portia Popken United States
Portia Popken
I do not understand why, klove, seems to be promoting this kind of fears. It promotes negativity in people's minds and hearts. The Bible does say " whatsoever things are true, honest, just, and of good report, if there be any virtue and any praise, think on this things. I know a good lot of people who are clowns, and are missionaries, and creates a lot of joy in both chilren and peoples lives. Why do you constantly talk negatively about this? It is not the first time. It also say, "that God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind"
3/6/2010 5:16:31 PM
beth king United States
beth king
I am afraid of hights.  I have to have my husband talk me over most bridges.  Like today, for my birthday we were looking for a blender and we had to go up a escalator, which is high and fast.  So I am petrified and shaking all the way up and down.  As he's "laughing with me".  But we had a good day other than that.
3/6/2010 10:31:42 PM
Marissa United States
I am deathly afraid of cows, goats, and chickens. Cows are huge and are known to be quite dangerous if they get a wild hair and decide to charge or trample people. Goats, well, big goats mean big horns! Some are really quite big and they just creep me out with their eyes too! Chickens are just erratic and don't make sense to me and make awful noises. But I like horses and ride them, just not many other barnyard critters! Go figure!
3/6/2010 10:32:19 PM
Stephanie Oertle United States
Stephanie Oertle
Not going to lie, but I totally hate mannequins with heads on them.  I just feel like it is someone staring at me. :/ haha
3/6/2010 10:40:00 PM
Samantha United States
My ex-fiance was deathly afraid of mayonnaise. It was REALLY weird. He couldn't go down the condiment aisle!
3/6/2010 10:43:58 PM
Meagan Smith United States
Meagan Smith
I'm afraid of lakes, however, I will swim in the ocean. When I was younger, around six, we went on a family outing to the lake, and I was thrown in (as a playful joke) by my uncle. Then I was bit by something (most likely a large fish). Now, I won't even put my hand in a lake.
3/6/2010 11:15:11 PM
Hosanna United States
I am severly afraid of big trucks. Especially garbage trucks! Smile I had a dream a year ago about me being run over by one Smile Not fun!
3/7/2010 6:59:34 AM
Joshua United States
Ever since 7th Grade I've had a fear of bees. That's just because when we had our back to school event I was walking around our city's park, and unknowingly stepped on an underground beehive. Then almost the whole hive came flying after me, and then a few minutes later, I got stung by about 30 bees, then a few minutes after that I was sitting on a log, crying like a baby, and getting the stingers picked out by the school nurse.
3/7/2010 8:58:29 AM
Kristen- Alaska United States
Kristen- Alaska
I have to agree with the previous comments about the subject of fear not being the greatest subject to talk about on"positive,encouraging" radio. But the reality is that fear is a part of life that helps make us stronger as long as we surrender our fears to the Lord and let him handle them. Fear not, for I am with YOU, says the Lord. It is a tool of the enemy to stifle us in our walk with Christ, but God also turns it around to help us turn to Him when we cannot handle our fear. The scrubbing bubbles(Lysol, I think) used to freak me out when I was a kid, and I learned to pray and ask Jesus to help take that fear away, baby steps in the right direction!
3/7/2010 9:20:23 PM
Alva United States
Birds!  Love the beauty some of them bring as long as they are no where near me.  By favorite is Eagles because of Isaiah 40:31.  Growing up as a child and even into my first years of walking with the Lord, I had dreams about dead birds and the fear of stepping on them.  I never knew what the dreams meant and cannot not stand see a dead bird now.  I certainly would like help to overcome this!
3/7/2010 10:14:21 PM
Emily United States
I am afraid of cars and the freeway!
3/7/2010 11:02:46 PM
Autumn Kirkland United States
Autumn Kirkland
okayy so my sister is 19 years old and in the army...and since she was 17 she has always been scared of BUTTERFLIES!!...yess she said its cause she watched this TV show about them and it scared i told you that she is in the army she is currently staitoned in south korea and im like you can go through all your army training and be in south korea and of all things your scared of its BUTTERFLIES!!..
3/7/2010 11:29:20 PM
Jeanette United States
I am afraid of birds- they really creep me out! I had a friend in high school with a similar fear to Ben's but hers was tomatoes! On the note of pickles- that same friend and I started a Save the Pickle Foundation when we were in high school. We saw it in a magazine and thought it was a good idea- it was to save innocent pickles from being slaughtered for use on fast food hamburgers. We wouldn't eat pickles or anything with pickles in it and if we saw people eating pickles, we made sure they knew how wrong it was! Thought you guys would enjoy that!
3/8/2010 6:05:45 AM
Marcia United States
Spiders. If someone killed a spider i will walk around the spot where it was killed for weeks! I will not touch that spot. And once i slept on the couch because that morning I saw a spider about 1-2 cm large on the ceiling over my bed.
3/8/2010 9:02:58 PM
Chrissy Packard United States
Chrissy Packard
You just have to remember with Fears- Jesus died on a Cross- so compare that to your fear.
I remember seeing a girl afraid to make an ice cream cone in MCDonalds - she was afraid it would look odd or make a mess. I hate clowns and June bugs too. But my biggest scariest fear is death.
My fear is not of dying but how I murder- it's pain. Since I had a 10 lb child naturally; now I know I can get through anything with Jesus and God's help- one breath at a time. I just prayed a lot. and kept saying prayer.  And have a now almost 9 yr old boy and much less fear.
Fears are normal. It is a turning point of life. What's abnormal is the ability to walk through it with supportive friends and family and get courage by experience. What's terrible is to have a fear and never change enough to get over it.
3/10/2010 9:43:16 PM
Hannah United States
I am beyond terrified of moose.  They are HUGE and I'm afraid that they are going to eat me or just run me over.  This might not seem like a crazy fear because they are a scary animal.  But you have to understand that I live in southern Indiana and I have never seen a live moose.  My family thinks I'm crazy...but it's a real fear.   Hannah Martinsville, IN
3/10/2010 9:44:55 PM
Amy United States
I am afraid of oranges the way Ben is afraid of pickles. I have never liked the taste of oranges, and 5 years ago now I always had science after lunch,and my science partner always had an orange with her lunch and her breath always reeked of ORANGE! I've always hated the taste,the is now to the point where I don't even like to look at them. A friend of mine once threw an orange at me at lunch last year; I screamed and ran to a different table. I was never able to comfortably sit next to him again if he had an orange on his lunch tray,haha!
3/10/2010 10:10:01 PM
Melissa United States
I have an absurd fear of skunk cabbage.  Growing up in Southeast Alaska, where it abounds, my brother used to chase me with it and throw it at me.  Even as an adult my palms would sweat, my heart would race, and I would step around it as much as possible.  I finally got my fear into submission enough to step on it if a piece was laying in my path if I absolutely HAD to.  I have suffered much teasing over the years, but I relate to Ben's "screaming like a girl" confession if someone throws a pickle at him.  I AM a girl, but there were many times I "screamed like a girl" when skunk cabbage was thrown at me!
3/14/2010 2:18:30 PM
Mia United States
do not laugh at this, but i am afraid of bannanas. (sorry if mispelled) One day at lunch, my friends thought it would be funny to draw on the bannana peel. Cry my friends drew a very strange and real looking face on my bannana. i picked it up and screamed. i am also afraid of clowns, mimes, and my little sister. Tong it's okay ben! some people are just afraid of food!!! ;)i love klove!!!!!!
3/15/2010 3:35:24 PM
danielle United States
my friend if deathly afraid of ....... paper cuts when i suggested the death by paper cuts she flipped out.
3/16/2010 7:52:42 AM
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3/17/2010 2:02:51 AM
Alex United States
I have catoptrophia....Achluophobia....Acrophobia(but not in airplanes).... Aeroacrophobia.... Agoraphobia.... Altophobia (but not in airplanes).... Autophobia.... Batophobia.... Catagelophobia.... Catapedaphobia.... Clithrophobia.... Isolophobia.... Kakorrhaphiophobia.... Kenophobia.... Lygophobia.... Noctiphobia.... Ophthalmophobia.... Panophobia... Paralipophobia... Philophobia.... Plutophobia.... Sciophobia.... Scotomaphobia.... Social Phobia... Soteriophobia.... and Zelophobia.... All of these are very minor though....
12/21/2010 8:21:40 AM
Emma-Catherine United States
Oh I feel ya Ben I have a fear of Pickles too! My friends always hold them in my face and say its going to eat me or it is chewing my friend Logan up........I end up crying,covering my ears,and have a scary dream about them don't worry i am with ya
12/21/2010 8:27:11 AM
Emma-Catherine United States
Also i have only tasted a pickle once and i hated it.........i had a very vivid dream of a pickle eating me and ever since then i have been scared of pickles
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