Mar 18 2010

Feeling old? What are some of the signs that age is creeping up on you?

Thinking today about all the annoying signs of aging that are popping up! What are some signs you've seen that you're getting older?

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2/27/2010 12:38:46 AM
Terri Schumacher United States
Terri Schumacher
I am experiencing a sure sign that I'm getting older; however, I am loving every minute of it -
GRAND-BABIES!!! God bless!

In Jesus' love,

2/27/2010 12:41:54 AM
Janice United States
I swear that other people's kids have grown soooooo much when I wasn't looking.  Then I realize that time has zipped by.  As I get older, time seems to go by faster and faster.

When I watch tv, I keep thinking that the dialogue is much quieter than the music, so I up the volume.  My kids complain that the tv is too loud.  My family thanks whoever came up with closed captioning.
2/27/2010 12:48:08 AM
Eldon Dotomain United States
Eldon Dotomain
You know you are getting older when it be comes too hard to tie your shoes and you hope no one notices you switch to slip-ons.
2/27/2010 12:49:15 AM
Aubrey United States
I can't seem to stop making old person noises when I bend over and sit down! Also, I've noticed that most of the kids I used to babysit are married and having babies of their own. Talk about a time warp...
2/27/2010 6:16:27 AM
Patrick Ryan United States
Patrick Ryan
You know your getting old when you go to sneeze and a fart comes out with it. Ha ha.
2/27/2010 6:19:09 AM
Amanda United States
My girls and I were watching "You've Got Mail" and my oldest said, "What's that noise?". I asked her what noise and she said, "Listen" was the dial-up noise. She had no clue.
2/27/2010 6:20:16 AM
Marcia United States
Who won the "debate" about Scott's "breen" shirt from yesterday?
I love listening to you guys when i clean. (I am cleaning right now.Tong)
Thank you for all you do!!!Laughing
2/27/2010 6:21:55 AM
Marcia United States
BTW: Could you play Amazing Grace (MY chains are gone) by Cris Tomlin?
2/27/2010 6:41:38 AM
Anita United States
You know you're getting old when you have to cross your legs when you sneeze.
2/27/2010 6:43:23 AM
kathy meduna United States
kathy meduna
When my 11 yr old nephew was MUCH younger,as was his mother,my sister(whom people claim we look alike)he asked her,"What are those CRACKS around your eyes?? It was funny at the time but boy oh boy,
out of the mouths of babes comes truth,funny or not, lol....BTW my sister looks great, younger than ever!
2/27/2010 6:46:08 AM
Tanya United States
You know your getting older when you are playing a record and 1 of your girls ask what is that. *LOL* It is an over grown CD
2/27/2010 6:51:49 AM
sharon United States
When I got a new top that I thought was great, and my son's girlfriend made a comment about old lady clothes. ugh.
2/27/2010 6:55:41 AM
amber meduna United States
amber meduna
You know when you are getting old when younger children say how old are you, you then tell them and they say, " wow that's old, very old." I am not very old but when I hear kids saying that it just makes me speechless and then filled with laughter. Smile I have heard this many times to others.

Daughter of Kathy Meduna
2/27/2010 6:56:59 AM
Kevin Switzer United States
Kevin Switzer
I'm only 28, but I knew I was getting old when I bought tickets to a concert a few years ago. I had the option to buy general admission tickets and stand on the floor by the stage, or buy seats. I bought seats so I could actually "sit and enjoy the music."
2/27/2010 7:07:29 AM
Glennie United States
When the waiter or waitress automatically place the bill in front of you,  because you look the oldest so naturally you must be paying.  :- )
2/27/2010 7:18:29 AM
Frances Gamble United States
Frances Gamble
I had my "aha, I'm getting old" moment not long ago when I made a mad dash to the store before closing.  I used to make that mad dash for ice cream or chips, now I made the run for denture adhesive and antacids!
2/27/2010 7:22:18 AM
Tracie United States
My back hurts when I stand up after sitting down for awhile
2/27/2010 7:29:38 AM
Sherry Evans United States
Sherry Evans
I have started a new supplement. It works!  Read all about it! I can remember now what I need at the grocery store, what I was going to get in the other room, and those big words I used to know and use regularly!  It is amazing stuff!
2/27/2010 7:39:22 AM
beth king United States
beth king
I felt pretty old when everyone who called yesterday to wish me a happy birthday said you must feel old because you'll be 30 next year! Hello that's next year.  Plus when I looked in the mirror last week I started to notice these wrinkles starting to creep up onto the middle of my forhead.  But I try not to let it bother me.  A year is another year and you cant stop aging.  Plus God said we're like a wind here today and gone tommorrow.  Thanks for always brightening my day.
2/27/2010 7:40:25 AM
Kristine Stephens United States
Kristine Stephens
My husband just bought a 1995 Jeep Wrangler so it doesn't have power windows.  My husband, Kevin, told our 7 year son to roll up the window and he said "Where's the button?"
2/27/2010 7:41:08 AM
cammi United States
i know i am getting old when i had to buy dr scholl's cushion for my shoes and boy does it help. my feet smile at me.
2/27/2010 7:48:47 AM
beth king United States
beth king
I just thought that I would add, that you knowing your getting old when...Me and my husband was wathing "Aliens and the attic", the caracters where trying to dail 911 on one of those rotory phones and didn't know how to work it.  I looked at my husband and said "that's not that old".  He answeared, Yea it's like 15 years.  Ahhh.
2/27/2010 7:56:11 AM
Jerry Pesina United States
Jerry Pesina
I am a 37 year old who has just returned to college, well I was at the local college book store searching for a text book for a class.  The professor was clear about needing volume 2 of the text but the young lady who helped me stated that volume 3 is the same book but was just released.  I asked her what is the store exchange policy and her reply was "just have YOUR SON keep the receipt and bring the book back to exchange for the correct one".  I knew at that time returning to college was going to be interesting.
2/27/2010 8:00:55 AM
Miranda Smith United States
Miranda Smith
Scott you have my husband on hold for the last 20 minutes.  He is feeling pretty old!!!!  hahaha
2/27/2010 8:01:25 AM
Andrea and I are 12 and 13 years old and we only have around 87/88 years till we are 100! oh brother! also, my aunt debbie was saying something like at work how this girl in her 20's was describing this other person, and she said something like"oh she's old like in her 30's! lol! Jesus loves us all!
2/27/2010 8:01:31 AM
Marci P. United States
Marci P.
When you have played tag with your kids and the next morning you can't get out of bed! Everything hurts and in places you didn't realize you had muscles in.
2/27/2010 8:04:02 AM
We have a pap John who is in his eightys. he was talking about John Wayne and I was clueless who he was talking about! lol!
2/27/2010 8:06:50 AM
Don Lawler United States
Don Lawler
I think it is great. Now I ride my bike 100s of miles for causes I like as well as pure all out fun.  Big difference now that I am older (42) I am planning a ministry support ride from Edinburgh to London.  Really I think it is great.
2/27/2010 8:07:49 AM
Shannon United States
Well, I may only be 14 but I've been listening and I just had to share 2 qoutes I found. Mark Twain says "Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you dont mind it wont matter" and Chili Davis says "Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional"
2/27/2010 8:09:35 AM
Barbara United States
A few weeks ago, I went into a convenience store/gas station grand opening, they were handing out free nuts and twinkies. I don't eat twinkies, so I told my daughter I had a treat for my 5 year old grandson. When she asked what I could not think of what they were. I described them as those sponge cakes with the cream filling that will out last all of us, and she patiently said... "mom, that is a twinkie. (very slowly as I was a little kid).
2/27/2010 8:17:06 AM
Elda United States
I used to be the one at the house to connect all electronics and program pretty much everything that needed programing just by figuring it out, now, I turn to my teens for help because it just seem too complicated Frown
2/27/2010 8:19:25 AM
Marisol United States
Well I'm only 13 but I feel old because Im a ant and I feel like its to early to be a ant and also my dad always tells me haha your turning old your already a ant and sometimes that bugs me for some reason but thanks god for giving me the change to be a ant. Smile hope your day is marvelous Scott and Kelli love you all at k-love station and god bless you all Smile
2/27/2010 8:24:38 AM
Krystal Jisr United States
Krystal Jisr
I knew I was getting old when the kids I used to babysit starting getting married and having kids of their own. But recently I felt old when Cory Haim passed last week and a co worker who is not that much younger than me didn't know who that was.
2/27/2010 8:31:28 AM
Hannah Campbell United States
Hannah Campbell
So I'll be 19 on Sunday and I know that isn't old, but I am getting oldER. I know this because I am actually beginning to care about what I do with my money! I hate spending it on little things because I know I could be saving it....okay, may that is just a sign that I am growing up and becoming responsible. Smile
2/27/2010 8:43:11 AM
Emily Johnson United States
Emily Johnson
You know ur getting old when ur 5yr old tells u that "Mom im going to have kids at 16 so u will be alive to see ur grandchildren."

2/27/2010 9:03:53 AM
Dannielle United States
When I get up and make a grunting noise like my grandfather did.
2/27/2010 9:09:06 AM
Tracy United States
My son turned 18 in December.  He graduates High School in May.  I was thinking back to when I graduated high school at 17, and thinking of my grand parents.  I remember thinking back to when I was younger, around 5, and my grandmother was so old...she was always old to me.

Well, something made me stop and think about how old she was when I was graduating high school...and, she wasn't much older than I am now!  So...either she was young and my perceptions were wayyyyy off...or, I'm getting very old.  Reality is, probably somewhere in the middle!
2/27/2010 9:09:35 AM
Lisa Akiyama United States
Lisa Akiyama
You know you're getting old when you reach the age you thought was old, when you were a teenager.  
2/27/2010 9:13:07 AM
Ragina United States
Hi Scott and Kelli,

One sure sign of age is when you tell your kids you used to watch tv on a black and white tv and they look at you with a sencere look of amazment and bewilderment and ask, what did it look like?
2/27/2010 9:24:36 AM
Jeannie C United States
Jeannie C
You know you are getting older when you cant stay up past 10 pm and look forward to going to bed at 9 when it was just a few years back you were up till 2am...

PS: thank you guys or the am crew for playing that song about Chick Fil A   argg its been stuck in my head today...

Elgin Oklahoma
2/27/2010 9:25:18 AM
Nancy United States
I knew I was getting old when I saw the children I use to babysit have their own children.  What a rude awakening!
2/27/2010 9:28:46 AM
Penny United States
When you go into a business and give you the senior discount without even asking you!!!!
2/27/2010 9:36:01 AM
Ashley Byble United States
Ashley Byble
Having a bit of "mommy-itis" and another couple from my church is feeling that too.. We talked about having a "ha ha we don't have kids so we can do what we want night, and going out at like 10:30p... then we realized we would still need a nap to go out that late and not get fired the next day!!" haha
2/27/2010 9:39:21 AM
Chadd United States
I know we are getting old when we headed to the Rock and Worship Roadshow tonight in Indianapolis and left about 50 minutes into the show because we thought it was too loud!  We were looking forward to seeing Mercyme and didn't quite make it this time!  There will be many other opportunities to see them and the other bands in more contemporary settings!  Keep up the great work on the tour, and may god bless all you and your families as you travel from city to city!
2/27/2010 9:40:18 AM
Jenny United States
I'm a Sunday School teacher for 4-6 year olds and one of my little ones proposes to me on a fairly regular basis. One week class he announces "I'm going to marry you when I grow up!" and one of my other students says "You can't marry her! She'll be dead by the time..." and then stopped and looked at me. I'm 25 by the way.
2/27/2010 9:42:41 AM
james harvey United States
james harvey
you know your getting old when you bend down to tie your shoe and you stop to think what else you can do since your already down there lol
2/27/2010 10:02:23 AM
Margarita Rivera United States
Margarita Rivera
You know you are getting older when you being talking in a conversation then forget what you were going to
2/27/2010 10:21:32 AM
Melanie United States
I can't jump on the trampoline with the kids anymore!  They're way too rough (and the bladder isn't as strong after 4 kiddos!)

2/27/2010 10:29:29 AM
richard United States
you know you are getting old when you have more hair on your back than you do on your head.
2/27/2010 10:35:00 AM
Tom United States
I just found out my wife and I are having our first baby.
2/27/2010 10:35:35 AM
Tom United States
THAT made me feel real grown up, real fast.
2/27/2010 4:01:05 PM
Megan United States
Im only thirteen years old but i feel old because, like Marisol, (above) I'm an aunt to four boys. and its so wierd because one of them is older then me!
2/27/2010 4:10:07 PM
Kendra United States
I am a tutor. I tutor mostly junior high and high school students in math.  I feel old when they pull out their fancy calculators and ask me how to input the problem, but I don't know how.  When I learned the math, we did the work by hand using a pencil and paper.
2/27/2010 4:20:22 PM
Tambry Scunziano United States
Tambry Scunziano
I knew I was getting old when...

1) I tried to do a cartwheel and my wrists gave out!
2) I got my first root canal (boss say this happens in your 40s!)
3) I realized I have not 1 but 3 pairs of reading glasses (1 for work, 1 for home, and 1 for Bible Study).
4) My nephew had to tell me that listening to MC Hammer does not count as Rap music!
2/27/2010 4:44:14 PM
Amy United States
I didn't think I was getting that old (I'm only 24) but I work at a middle school and the kids were talking about cars, and one says, "Yeah, have you seen that '85 convertible so and so has?, What a classic car!" I said, "WHAT?! You can't call an 85 car a classic yet, I DON'T WANT TO BE A CLASSIC YET." Smile haha.. oh well..
2/27/2010 4:52:50 PM
Chrissy Packard United States
Chrissy Packard
My kid came home and said they were studying the decade in which I was his age. The description started with "...way back in the nineteen hundreds!"
And the conversation continued with "wow no microwaves? How did you cook?"
Another sign is hair where you don't want it more prevalent than where you do.
Trips to the Dr for other than birth control...
when you start knowing your parents medical history...You want to take naps...people ask you questions beginning with Maam...
Your kids friends talk about how old and dumb their parents are...and you remember feeling that way once too...
and I'll end with You call your parents for advice! Love ya Mom n Dad- and love you K-Love.
2/27/2010 5:18:25 PM
Barbara United States
I listen to K-Love while commuting to my job as a counselor. I just like to listen and never bother commenting; but I couldn't resist this one. I don't feel old even though I have children older than most of the people who have commented about feeling old and 13 grandchildren (One graduating from college this year). Still don't feel old til I look in the mirror; but I really feel old when I comment to a client when they tell me where they're from and I reply, "I used to live there." Then I realize that I lived there before they were born." That's old! P.S. All the TV stars that I grew up with are dying and that is scary and sad. Also when I have to explain records, 8 tracks, tape recorders, etc. Oh well, since I am going to live for eternity how old can I really be?
2/28/2010 1:05:13 AM
Stephenie United States
You know your getting old when you 8 year old ask you if "Kiss" is a real band.  When you also inform you son that his grandfather use to listen to "kiss" when he was my age.  At that time I was in my 30's.  My son then asked me if they were still alive, and I answered yes.  He then said, Wow, they must be really old.  Wow did I just feel old.
3/3/2010 6:44:44 AM
Mark United States
You know you're getting older when you begin to make the same sounds in the morning as your coffee maker.
3/6/2010 10:52:44 PM
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5/11/2010 3:14:56 PM
Jenn United States
Well, I was in the grocery store a few years ago with my sister and sister-in-law(I was 34 my sister was 24 and my sister-in-law was 31) and as we were checking out the cashier looked straight at me and said,"Oh that's nice are you all having a mother daughters day out?" I didn't know what to say. I walked out of that store thinking about all of the things I should have said, but I just bit my tongue...AHHHH :/
9/5/2010 4:50:05 PM
Joshua United States
You know your old if the candles cost more than the cake
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