Mar 31 2010

Sometimes it hurts to be a parent!

A player on the Minnesota Twins hit his mom in the chest with a foul ball the other day. Ouch! Ever been injured by your kids? Share your story
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3/26/2010 12:10:02 AM
Heather United States
I have been a precaution to my parents, I am a pitcher, and working with my dad can be a very stressful time for him. He likes to worry about getting hit, because I throw the ball pretty fast, so he might get hit. Once I actually hit him, let's just say it was hard for him to walk the rest of the night.
3/26/2010 12:14:01 AM
ummm... well im not a parent not even over 25 but, yeah??
3/26/2010 12:22:50 AM
Kimber United States
Hi, Scott and Kelli.
Last night we celebrated Passover. Actually our family has celebrated Passover for as long as I can remember.  It has always been in preparation of Resurection Sunday...preparing our hearts to except His gift of new life.
A couple of years ago, one of my brothers brought home a friend from college.  As my father and mother explained and told the story of each item and narrated the story of the Exodus, the young man eyes filled up with tears.  He said that he had been raised in a Christian household but had never truely understood the significance of the holiday other than Jesus Dieing on the cross.  He never corilated the lambs blood that was placed over each door for the "Lamb's" blood that was shed on the cross.  He rededicated his life that night in front of our family.  Not a dry eye in the room.  For those who have never celebrated the the research, find a church that honors this holiday and experience it.  It changes your life.
3/26/2010 12:25:52 AM
Renee United States
we were playing wiffle ball in the back yard... I was the catcher and my daughter was at bat.  she swung at the ball, missed and kept on going...she made contact with my face!  Right between the eyes!

I had a lovely shiner!
3/26/2010 12:25:54 AM
Melissa United States
My 11 year old son took my nice, cold, icy drink and as I was trying to get to it and he was licking all over my straw--I reached forward, he lunged forward and snap--broken collar bone!! Insult to injury the after hours Doc wrote in my file "...injury caused by attempting to grab child!!" NICE!!
3/26/2010 12:26:16 AM
Megan Brown United States
Megan Brown
hey i dont have any kids but my mom has gotten so injuries from my brothers i remember one time i older brother broken her finger by kicking a soccer ball when she was trying to pick it up
3/26/2010 12:28:32 AM
Brenda United States
When my second child was born, I had braces on my teeth.  One day I was holding him on my lap, and he bounced up banging the back of his head into my mouth which cut my lips with my braces.  My eyes watered, and I almost cried.  It hurt so bad!  It didn't hurt him one bit though, so he did it again before I could stop him.  Ouch!
3/26/2010 12:28:57 AM
Christina United States
I have only been a parent for 5 months but in the 5 months I have been blessed with my daughter I have been hurt numberous times.  I pushed on her for 5 hours before she came out and now that shes a little older she has found mommy's hair and gets such a grip on my hair that I sometime have to have help to have her let go of me!!
3/26/2010 12:29:31 AM
Christi United States
My two year old son Angel has sent me to the emergency room three times. All for the same exact thing.  Three cornal abasions!  My son has a thing for the eyes.  He has scracted and poked me in the eyes repeatedly since he was around 10 months old.
3/26/2010 12:35:15 AM
Lesley Lea United States
Lesley Lea
My 13 year old son was messing around in his bedroom. He came down the hall yelling that his head was stuck in his p.e. shorts. The funny thing was that he was wearing them. I ran over to help him and started pulling on the waistband. My husband was observing all of this while sitting on the couch. I tried to get someone to take a picture of him. While I was pulling with all of my might, my son was trying to pull his head out of his shorts. Well in the blink of an eye, I pulled and his head came flying up and he hit me in the chin with as much force as if he had punched me with his fist. I was knocked back and everything went black for a minute. He felt so bad. I thought I had broken my jaw but fortunately I was ok. I still kid him about almost knocking out his mother with his head stuck in his shorts.
3/26/2010 12:39:24 AM
Jill Bernard United States
Jill Bernard
So here's a good one.  When my son was about 1 1/2 I was in the garden hoeing on my corn.  All of a sudden I was whacked in the back of the head.  When I finally figured out what was going on, he was toddling off!  He had hit me in the head with another hoe!!  My head was gushing and I felt awful woozy!  The worst part was that no one else was husband and daughters had left for a little while.  I called my uncle who lives across the road and asked him to come see if I needed stitches.  He raced over and just then the family pulled up.  We piled right into the van and headed to emergency.  No stitches that day, but I did have a tetnus shot...ouch!  We like to tease him about beating up his that he's 8 1/2!!
3/26/2010 12:39:33 AM
Violet E. Wigley United States
Violet E. Wigley
Yes, my best friend of ten years came back from Texas and was at the house eating dinner and my son who was about six at the time was showing off and did a karate kick, jumped in the air and landed on Sean's toe, hit it just right and Sean was jumping up and down in pain trying to hold in his screams and anguish. I don't remember how long it took but the toe nail started to turn black and eventually fell off! Very embarrassing. Sean's feet still seem to be the object of unintentional torture to this day.
3/26/2010 12:51:08 AM
Crystal Hampton United States
Crystal Hampton
The cheerleaders & I were making a tunnel for my sons little league football team & i was trying to get one of the girls out of the way so she wouldnt get hit....& I managed to get ran over by 3 of these 5th grade boy! In front of 100 or more people
3/26/2010 12:56:36 AM
Valerie H. United States
Valerie H.
A couple years ago my husband was in Iraq, our son was only one years old at the time and he liked to throw his head around. Well one day he got me good,,,, I got headbutted in the face and he broke my nose. Of course he didn't know any better and doesn't remember so we wrote it in his baby book to remind him!!!
3/26/2010 1:04:07 AM
pamela United States
It works the other way around sometimes hurts to be a kid! When I was about sixteen, my dad was playing baseball with us kids, and he hit a pop fly. I ran for it with all my might, and it smacked me in the face. Miraculously, there were no teeth knocked out, but it broke off my braces!! It remains to be one of the funniest stories of my life!!
3/26/2010 1:13:47 AM
Valerie H. United States
Valerie H.
A couple of years ago my husband was deployed to Iraq and our son was only 1 years old. At that time he liked to throw his head around. Well he got me good, I got a headbutt to the face and he broke my nose. It took time to heal but he always found a way to reinjure it. We put it in his baby as a reminder!!!
3/26/2010 1:16:52 AM
Nicole United States
When I was younger I used to love playing baseball with my dad. When I was about 5 I hit a line drive and it hit him right where it makes a grown man cry. He got me back about a week later while warming up for a game, he hit me in the nose and I got a bloody nose.
3/26/2010 1:24:18 AM
krystle United States
My Mom is the one that got hurt. We were playing baseball in the street (with a metal bat) and i had never really played before and my mom was catcher. I was up to bat and swung the bat in a complete circle and hit my mom right in the temple on the side of her head. She missed like 2 days of work and then taught me how to bat!! I was only 9 at the time
3/26/2010 1:35:04 AM
Candy United States
One typical evening at our house my 10 year old son was playing in the living room floor with our 4 dogs, 1) Shar Pei 2) Boston Terriers and 1) 99 lb German Sheppard and I thought I would sneak up behind my son and play along. He rolled over, backwards, towards me and slammed his elbow into my jaw knocking out of place. He felt sooo bad and that was the last time I've played in the floor. What was I thinking.
3/26/2010 1:38:18 AM
Erika Rael United States
Erika Rael
It was about 3 weeks after my wedding. I was changing in my room and my dog ran into the room to jump on the bed. As I bent down he jumped up!!! Yup... He broke my nose!!!! I know he is not a human kid however he is my family! My new husband was so mad at him for breaking my nose but in the midst of crying I was able to laugh and tell my husband it was no big deal. In the end it was comical!!!! Love you guys and God Bless!!!
Colorado Native!!!!!
3/26/2010 1:40:15 AM
Jean G United States
Jean G
I was trying to help my 11 yr old son practice baseball while Dad was away on a trip.  I threw the ball several times with him and all of a
sudden he threw one up in the air.  With my "40 plus" eyes I couldn't distinguish the ball from
the sky and unfortunately my head was right in the
path.  It hit me smack in the temple and I had a black eye for weeks.  So much for trying to be
super mom.  My husband said "It helps to know
your limitations."  So I am hanging up my baseball
glove to cheer my son on from the sidelines.
3/26/2010 1:40:58 AM
Rushcelle ( AKA Pebbles ) United States
Rushcelle ( AKA Pebbles )
I have twin boys that are 4 1/2. We live in Alaska. I was on the floor with the boys one afternoon. When they both jummped on me. One hit me on the nose and the other hit my right eye. My nose was bleeding and I was doing my best not to cry. Both of the boys started to cry and wanted me to call 911. I am proud that the boys know to call 911 when someone is bleeding. My mom did end up taking me to ER 30 min later. My nose was not broken but I did get a black eye. Like the ER nurse said "Love hurts sometimes."
3/26/2010 1:43:33 AM
Jennifer Keller United States
Jennifer Keller
This is not a physical injury, it is an emotional injury. Does that count? I think so. God is so amazing, you know how He works. The other day I was really stressed out because we have a newborn and breastfeeding isn't really the easiest thing. plus, my 3 year old daughter needs to see a counselor because she has developed ticks due to stress. My husband is in military and he is off for 4 months while we are left here to sell house and move. Ok that is why I took it out on my parents. Yes, I made them feel terrible  when all they were trying to do was help with us. It was to the point that my mom told my dad,"let's leave and go home." I felt horrible. I called them to apologize while they were on there way home. Here's the injury, my brother committed suicide a couple of weeks ago. As I was in the shower 20 minutes ago, the Holy Spirit laid it in my heart the pain my parents are going through. How can I, their daughter, be so rude to them while they have showed so much love even under the devastating time it has been . I asked for forgiveness and will hug them when they get here in a few minutes. The amazing point is I have played that song "I Can Only Imagine" by Mercy Me a lot here recently and I sing and give praise to Jesus. That has helped me grieve over my brother. When I was done asking for forgiveness in the shower that song played on your station!!!
3/26/2010 1:58:57 AM
Susie United States
My youngest daughter is now 23, but when she was in 7th grade she was a fast pitch softball pitcher. I was her catcher, but as she progressed, I was worried that  a ball might knock my teeth out if I failed to catch it. So, being the brave mom, I went to the sporting goods store and bought a catcher's mask. then we went to the ball field to get in some realistic practice. After a few warm up throws, she wound up for her first pitch. It came in very straight and very fast. The ball just barely skimmed off the top of my mitt and hit me square in the throat. I couldn't breathe or swallow for a bit. Finally I was able to take very shallow breaths. It was probably 20 minutes before I could talk well enough to tell her we were going home and Dad would have to practice with her from now on.
3/26/2010 2:23:43 AM
Alyssa United States
my son is thirteen months and recently started going to a family friends house a few days a weeks while i am at work and there daughter is few months older than him and he has picked up some of her habits for example when he gets mad at me bec i tell him no or lets do something else..he grabs my face with both his hands digs his nails in and hurts like crazy!!!
3/26/2010 2:39:30 AM
Sandy United States
I have 3 kids, all in their 20's now. One of our favorite childhood games was patty cake. We would say "patty cake patty cake Baker's man, roll em round roll em round POP em in the pan!" and when we said pop em in the pan, we'd throw our arms up in the air. My youngest loved this game and she wanted to play all the time before she was even a year old. One early morning the kids and I were all on my bed, and she was in my lap. When we said "POP em in the pan!", she threw her little hands up in the air and scratched my eyeball with the corner of her sharp little baby fingernail! OUCH! I had to go the ER and wear an eyepatch for two days and put antibiotic ointment in for a week. Let me tell you, a scratched eye is quite painful! She had no idea what she did. She was too young to know that she had "hurt Mommy" and I was glad of that.
3/26/2010 8:43:50 AM
Tammy McConnell United States
Tammy McConnell
My daughter had just learned to walk.  A few months into this new adventure, the day before Thanksgiving, I was laying on the floor watching TV at my mom's house.  Stephanie toddled by me, carrying a very large glass vase (for a 1 year old).  I must have startled her, and she dropped the vase!  The vase broke my front tooth off, exposing nerves!  Emergency dental surgery couldn't happen until the day AFTER Thanksgiving.  It was a rough couple of days!

This same daughter will be getting married on May 14, 2011.  I have forgiven her.  Smile
3/26/2010 8:49:10 AM
TK United States
I was an assistant baseball coach on my son's baseball team. We were working on a drill with the catchers throwing to third base. I stood in the batter's box so the catcher could practice throwing around the batter. My son was a catcher and when it was his turn to do the drill, he threw the ball right into my head from two feet away. For some reason, it didn't hurt. But what I remember most of the players came up to me later and said he couldn't believe I didn't swear after it happened.
3/27/2010 2:08:51 AM
CindyA United States
This was a long time ago when my children were little, my son Adam was about 3 and he was on my shoulders. We were at the park playing basket ball. My oldest Sean about 9 at the time had the ball and threw it to his brother on my shoulders. Unfortunately Sean wasn't a good shot so he hit me right in the face! The ball hit my glasses, breaking them. The halves of my glasses fell to the ground one piece at a time...plop,plop! My face was on fire with pain but it was so funny we all laughed good and long. We had to get a ride home from the park because I can't drive without my glasses. Ahh what a memory.
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