Apr 02 2010

Thank you for the cross!

It's Good Friday. Today we are humbled and more grateful than we can ever express for what Jesus has done for us. We found this great thought on Good Friday we wanted to share with you. Check it out:
"The God on whom we rely knows what suffering is all about, not merely in the way that God knows everything, but by experience. In the darkest night of the soul Christians have something to hold onto...we know Christ crucified. Christians have learned that when there seems to be no other evidence of God's love, they cannot escape the cross." --D. A. Carson
Got thoughts to share on the cross and what it means to you? Share them here!
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3/26/2010 9:41:09 PM
Cheryle A. United States
Cheryle A.
I so appreciate that KLove is doing a segment on Domestic Violence!  I once experienced it myself years ago and my ministry/work is now with an agency that cares for Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault victims.   So what does this have to do w/Easter?  I will never forget when Christ administered to my heart back then - He reminded me..."I was beaten by people that I love also - I know what You're feeling."  This Jesus who was beaten and then crucified knows what heartache and pain feels like and He is able to  help all you who are broken right now due to abuse to heal!  He will comfort the broken hearted!
3/26/2010 10:19:18 PM
Barb United States
Good Friday, tonight at church we are watching the Passion of Christ.  I enjoy watching that movie because it brings me to a place that visually impacts my thinking in regard to what my Lord Jesus possibly went through. It was probably a lot worse.  The song "Amazing Love" takes me to the same place.  The King of Kings died for me, that's amazing LOVE! It's important to me to constantly remember that Jesus died (went to hell) for my sins.  He paid that price by going to the cross, enduring the most intense pain and most of all separated himself from God our Heavenly Father to go to hell and take the keys of death from the enemy, TOTAL VICTORY for me and all his children.  Thank-you Jesus!!!    
3/27/2010 11:21:55 PM
Rico Indonesia
J-E-S-U-S can't be spelled without "U" because "U" are the reason He gave His life on the cross. He loves U so much. Happy Easter may the love of Jesus are overwhelmed in your heart always till He comes back again. Jesus Bless
3/28/2010 11:21:34 AM
Jaquelyn davis United States
Jaquelyn davis
hey Scott and Kelly,
I have been listening to you guys the past couple of days and I just wanted to share with you something that changed my perspective of easter.

a couple years ago my pastor gave a sermon on Jesus' crucifixion and it was pretty detailed. It really caught my attention and made we think a lot about what Jesus actually went through to save me. this past summer I was a working at a camp and I was able to share with my girls about Jesus' death. I told them that I wanted to give them a new picture. I have grown up in church hearing that Jesus died for me. it just seems obvious sometimes. but then I thought about how the nails were driven throught he bone in his wrist, and how he was beaten with not just a wip but one that had bits glass in it, it caught my attnetion! The soldiers were masters at their job and tore the skin right off him without killing him. The cross was not sanded down just plan wood and every time Jesus breathed he had to push his already torn back up against the rough wood.
Jesus didn't just die for me. He didn't get his head chopped off or run through the heart. No, He was crucified for me. That means so much more. (:
4/2/2010 4:33:27 AM
Leandra United States
We had the most amazing Good Friday service at our church, really toughing and eye opening.  
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