Apr 29 2010

Surprise!!! How have you surprised someone???

Well my wife Totally Surprised me for our Anniversary and my birthday! Yesterday, she had to use my car, and while she had it... She put new tires and rims on, and then had it detailed! Have someone surprised you??? Have you surprised someone???
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4/17/2010 7:29:56 AM
Katrina United States
It's funny you mention this because I was just surprised last Friday.  I normally don't like surprises.  My husband and I are separated due to the military (which we are both a part of) and this he wasgoing to visit here for the last time before his deployment.  It was only going to be Monday afternoon until this morning, and last Friday, I never hoped so much for Monday to get here.  I tried calling him Friday evening and his phone was off, which was not too uncommon.  However, I heard a knock at my door about 9pm and it was him.  He'd flown in 3 days earlier to surprise me.  He took a cab from the airport and even stopped to get roses along the way.  I love him so much and was so thankful for the extra days I got to spend with him.
4/17/2010 7:30:55 AM
Jasmine United States
My dad and I surprised my mom and sister by taking them to a tour of the places that the Sound of Music was shot. Its my mom's favorite musical and she was COMPLETELY SHOCKED when we got to the bus. We got to see a lot of the places where the movie was shot and it was really fun!
4/17/2010 7:31:13 AM
Michelle United States
When we were newlyweds, my husband really surprised me.  Once after a long day at a job that I didn't enjoy, I came home to find him waiting at the door with a clue.  He had designed a treasure hunt that sent me all over the apartment in search of new clues and treasures such as a dozen roses, an ice cream cake, and a necklace.  The last note said, "Because I love you more than just on your birthday."  I still have that note 23 years later.  Smile
4/17/2010 7:31:34 AM
Dave Angove United States
Dave Angove
My fiance Sara gave me a wonderful surprise for Valentines Day.  Her and I always listen to KLOVE and without telling me she did the 40 Day Love Dare with you guys and on Valentines Day, which happened to be Day 40, her present to me was the Love Dare book along with pages and pages of notes she took for the last 40 days about everything she did each day and her thoughts.  I don't think I showed it enough to her, but it was such an awesome 40-day surprise and it meant so much to me.
4/17/2010 7:31:57 AM
Barbara Johnson United States
Barbara Johnson
My husband & I got married while we wer serving in the United States Navy together.  We got married in January of 1998.  About three weeks after we got married I had a sea tour so we were not together on valentine's Day.  My husband wrapped 12 long stem red roses indivually, put water tubes on the bottom of them and mailed them to the ship.  Two days after valentine's day out in the middle of the sea we had mail call on the ship I way serving on the USS Abraham Lincoln CVN72.  To my surprized I received a healthy box of long stem roses.  That was the greastest gift, because I knew I would be not able to see him for 6 months.
4/17/2010 7:34:39 AM
Stephanie United States
My husband one year had a dozen roses sent to my work for our anniversary which is on May 5.  The card with the roses read "As long as one rose lives my love for you will never die."  As I cherished the lovely roses, there was one rose that was fake.  I will never forget this and still to this day that rose is on our nightstand! We will be married for three years May 5.  Our love has grown stronger everyday with the help of God!  Thank you all so much for being a part of our daily routine.  
4/17/2010 7:35:14 AM
Bea United States
a lady in our sunday school class. Her husband left her with two kids no job and no house to live in.  Our sunday school class prayed and prayed for her, soon after she found a house, a great job, and we fixed up her bedroom just for her. She cried and cried when she saw the bedroom and all the amazing things the Lord had provided for her. It was a blessing to be apart of God's work.  
4/17/2010 7:35:47 AM
brian prince United States
brian prince
after more than 30 years of surprising my wife, I have learned 2 absolute truths-  Never fall for lets not exchange gifts.  And the more she protested, the better the surprise was.

brian in louisiana
4/17/2010 7:37:11 AM
Karla Johnson United States
Karla Johnson
My boyfriend has been putting off asking me to prom for a long time. Now, with prom two days away, he finally set up the ultimate surprise, with the help of my best friend, since he doesn't go to my school. There was a decorated note on my locker, written in large letters it said "WILL YOU..." then later an office aid delivered me a note that said "GO WITH..." when i got out to my car, written in window paint it said "ME TO..." and when i got home in the driveway written in chalk was "THE MOVIES?" on our screen door it said "JOKING!" and behind that on my front door was "WILL YOU GO WITH ME TO PROM? - BEN"

The wait was worth it. =D
4/17/2010 7:38:32 AM
David Krikac United States
David Krikac
My wife was out of town visiting her family so I grabbed the kids and went car shopping (just for fun) We had been dreaming about a new car for some time. I ran accross one of those multi dealer car sales events and found a beautiful blue jeep w/leather (her favorite)  The sales guy said "we won't refuse any resonable offer" my offer wasn't what I would resonable, but the next thing I knew was I was driving home in a newsed car.
I found a monster sized bow and put it on the windshield and parked right infront of the airport so you couldn't miss it. (pre 9/11)
My wife walked out of the airport and said "Huh, some lucky B getting a new car". Then she saw me in the car, trying to video the experience, and she said "I guess I'm the lucky B"
It was a memorable homecoming!!!
4/17/2010 7:43:41 AM
Sherry Martin United States
Sherry Martin
The best surprise I've ever given someone, happened a year ago this coming weekend.  My mom had been helping take care of my cousin with cancer.  Linda died April 2, 2009 and my sister and I decided to surprise mom with a weekend great-away to Charleston, SC.  This wasn't easy to pull of because I live in NC, my sister in Fl and my mom in SC.  We surprised her and had a wonderful weekend together.  I'm so glad I listened to God to do this, because a year later mom is going through chemo treatment for Breast Cancer!
4/17/2010 7:44:15 AM
patricia obrero United States
patricia obrero
I surprised my husband with a truck he had been admiring quite sometime.  We had not been able to purchase a new vehical for over 10 years so this was a biggie. I took the day off from work and drove it to his school where he was a teacher. I had the principal drive the new truck out to his classroom and leave it.  I took his old truck.  After school, he saw the truck and admired it.  The prinicpal told him that it was his new truck (the principal's).  When my husband went to look for his own truck, he thought someone had stolen it.  About that time the prinicpal came driving by in the new truck. He finally got the keys and took the next day off from work to enjoy it.  This was  a huge expensnce.  However, it saved the lives of our family ( mom, dad, and 3 great kids adopted from China) last year when we were hit head on in a freak accident last year on a major freeway.  Although we have had a difficult year with this accident, we are all safe and cherish the memories of this great truck.  Glory to God for the opportunity to surpirse my husband and to save our lives!
4/17/2010 7:55:44 AM
Brenda Kelley United States
Brenda Kelley
A couple of years ago I surprised my husband for his birthday by contacting a friend he had grown up with but had lost contact.  His friend was living in Casa Grande, AZ. I dialed the phone and handed it to him.  He was totally SHOCKED when he heard his friend's voice on the other end.  I could never receive a better gift myself by seeing the look on his face and the big hug and kiss I got after he got off the phone!!!
4/17/2010 7:55:50 AM
Andie United States
When I was about six years old my parents had the best surprise planned for me and my sister. They showed up at my school and called us out of our classes because they "wanted to go shopping in Denver and wouldn't be home until really late". So we all started driving, but before too long the scenery turned from city to farms and we realized this was the way to the airport. When we questioned them about this they quickly changed their story to "we're both going on business trips at the same time so you have to stay with Grandma". Finally when we had all boarded the airport shuttle my mom asked us where we would like to go (anywhere in the world), my sister and I had always wanted to go to Disney World and that's we were going! My mom had packed our suitcases beforehand, got all our homework (not much in second grade), and even made sure we said goodbye to our dog earlier that morning. It was something that I want to do later in life for my kids so they will have a story they can tell 11 years later!
4/17/2010 7:56:21 AM
Kelly Neill United States
Kelly Neill
Best surprise I ever received was from my husband many years ago. We had only been married about a year and he sent me flowers on HIS birthday with a card that said "I know it's my birthday but you're the reason it's so special".

We've been married 25 yrs now but I will never forget how special and loved that surprise made me feel.

4/17/2010 7:58:45 AM
Julie United States
I have a different situation. I was thinking about what kind of surprises I have suprised my family with, and the Lord spoke to my heart and told me that I needed to surprise someone right now. He said to me that there is someone in the area where my church is that is "thirsting" for the knowledge of the word of God. That they are looking for a good Bible based church and can't find one in thier area. God told me to let them know through you that there is a very good church in Bulverde/Spring Branch area. It is called Texas Family Church, and our Pastor is a wonderful man named Rusty Brady who has a wonderful message from God every Sunday. The church is located on highway 281 between Bulverde and Spring Branch. There is a big sign right on the highway. Please pass this message on. Thanks.
4/17/2010 7:59:54 AM
Courtney United States
Several years ago my husband had sold his truck and was driving my old car so that I could get something bigger.  He hated it!  After a couple of years, for Christmas, I sold the car without his knowledge and bought him a truck.  I parked it in the driveway with a big red bow and called him to come out and help me get some stuff out of the car.  He was shocked!! It took me several minutes to convince him it was not a joke!!
4/17/2010 8:00:32 AM
Vickie Morris United States
Vickie Morris
April Fools Day Surprise. My husband hates the color pink. On April Fools Day I bought a big pink basket and sprayed it pink. Then I took it to the florist and had the fill it with all pink flowers - a huge bouquet! Then I had them deliver it to the auto dealership where he worked as a mechanic. I had done a caligraphy card that said "Congratulations! You are the Winner of Our "Tickled Pink" Contest and a basket of pink flowers will be delivered to you weekly for a year! When it was delivered, the guys set it on his toolbox and all days every time they walked by they said "oh, John I love your pink flowers!"
It did not occur to any of them that the date was April 1st. When he came home from work with his pink bouquet - he started to tell me about this contest he won - and he said - "other poeple win money or trips - I win stinkin pink flowers AND I HATE PINK!!" I just burst out layghing and said "April Fools!"
4/17/2010 8:01:14 AM
Suzanne Townsend United States
Suzanne Townsend
About 6 years ago, I surprised my husband with the best-to-date Christmas present.  To that point he had been using his 35 mm camera to take wedding pictures for people who didn't have a lot of money to spend on a professional photographer. One day, he casually mentioned wanting to purchase a digital camera sometime.  So, I did some research, talked to our local photography store and ordered a digital camera for him that would also take the lenses from his 35 mm camera.  On Chistmas morning, I saved the best gift for last.  When he opened the camera, his eyes got wide and he dumbfoundedly asked if it was really what was on the box (there is a habit in our family to re-use boxes).  I smiled and said, "Yes, and the best part is that it takes your other lenses, too!" It was so much fun to know that I had gotten it right, given him a wonderful and completely unexpected gift; and, to see him act like a kid with a "better-than-expected" toy.  

I am reminded whenever I think back to that Christmas day that just as I was so thrilled to give a wonderful gift to my husband, the Lord takes great joy in giving me good gifts...the best of which is an intimate, loving relationship with Him.  
4/17/2010 8:02:44 AM
Elizabeth Evans United States
Elizabeth Evans
Christmas in 2008, I got Brandon Heath's album, "What If We." The next day, I found out that he had a fan-mail number in the cd. I called him every day. After calling for a whole year, he picked up!!! I'd have to say, last year was the best year of my life, and I hope to meet Brandon some day. He totally surprised me!
4/17/2010 8:04:48 AM
Jeffrey United States
Many years ago I had been a believer for about a year in prison, and I went to work for a born-again nun teaching illiterate men to read write and spell, and taking them through pre ged when they were ready.
When I walked out of prison, I told God that even though I loved him I was never going back into a prison, I was never getting married...etc....etc
So, a few years later, my wife and I hahaha, were sitting down and I was showing her my Bible College certificates and all of the special studies I had done through Moody, and I found a letter that I had forgotten. It was given to me by an inmate whom I had taught to read and write.
I opened it and as I read I wept bitterly as God broke my heart for all those still locked up.
It was a letter of gratitude for all he learned and he said that God was going to have a special jewel for my crown when I meet Him.
Needless to say, I was ordained a year later having already been in Pastoral training at my home church and trained to be a prison chaplain.
I was a volunteer chaplain for four years in two prisons, and then went on to manage an aftercare.
That letter was more than a letter of appreciation, it have me a fresh gratitude for all that the Lord had done for me through others, and spurred me on to the call to visit those in prison.
When I preached in the prison, I regularly had 400 men show up for service, because they knew my history and were so encouraged by knowing God really could help anyone to be a gree citizen in His service.
Thanks for all you do.
4/17/2010 8:05:43 AM
Brenda Kelley United States
Brenda Kelley
A couple of years ago for my husband's birthday I tracked down a friend he had grown up with but had lost touch.  (He now lives in Casa Grande, AZ) I dialed the number and handed him the phone.  His face lit up when he recognized the voice on the other end!!  I could never receive a better gift myself yy seeing the look on his face and getting a BIG hug and kiss when he got off the phone!!!
4/17/2010 8:06:10 AM
Sydney Allen United States
Sydney Allen
Ok so I'm 14 and my dad travels with his job. During football season I was attending the games because I am on the school dance team. Well on the day of one of our away games my dad was on his way back from a trip and wasn't supposed to make it back in time for the game. My mom and I knew this and so my mom just carpooled with some family friends. Well me and my mom had no idea that he was actually going to make it there but the people my mom rode with knew. When we got to the field and we were all getting off the bus I looked out the window and saw a man leaning up against the fence with his head down, I was so surprised I was like oh my goodness thats my dad then I started having second thoughts but when I got of the bus I was almost positive it was him and about the time I was going through the gate he stood up and turned to me I took off in a dead run to him and wrapped my arms around his neck, I was in tears and was so happy. (If you read this on the air please say this.. I'm not sure if he is listening now but if he is I want him to know that I love him so much!!!!)
4/17/2010 8:08:30 AM
Dawn McKeel United States
Dawn McKeel
July 15,2009 was my 15th anniversary with my husband. When we first got married, all we had was our wedding bands. I never got an engagement ring because we got married quickly.
The weekend before our anniversary, I was out of town visiting my brother at John 3:16 ministries in Charlotte, AR (which is a spiritual boot camp for men with addictions). I was on the phone with my husband and he told me that he had already gotten my anniversary gift. He said that he got it at Fred's. So, I'm thinking that maybe he got me something that had to do with Raggedy Ann cuz I collect Raggedy Ann stuff. He said no. Then he finally ended up telling me that he had gotten me a camo iPhone cover. So, I thought, ok.
When I got home that Sunday night, he was having a fit to give me my anniversary present. I thought to myself, "I can wait til Wednesday for an iPhone cover"!! But he kept insisting. So, I finally agreed. He went to his fire-safe box & started unlocking it. I wondered why he needed to keep an iPhone cover in this box!!
But, needless to say, it was a jewelry box. When he handed it to me, I asked him if I was going to cry, and he proudly said YES!!(I am a big crybaby with sentimental things) When I opened the box, inside was a beautiful white/gold engagement ring!! It was the biggest and best surprise I have ever received in my whole life. I never would have expected it from my husband because he just doesn't think about things like that. And he did it all by himself!! No help from his sis or mom!! I was soooo proud of him and so excited!!
4/17/2010 8:09:47 AM
Ashlee Hillis United States
Ashlee Hillis
I am home recovering from Malaria that i got March 6 on my mission trip. I left my team and squad on March 22 to return home in Arkansas. After one relapse and hospital stay im well and ready to return. I dont have the money to buy my ticket back. A man from a different state called my cell phone and is Fedexing me a check. What a great suprise (blessing) I dont know him but he allowed God to use him! best suprise i could get that day!!!
4/17/2010 8:12:58 AM
Lady United States
One day after sunday service after the gave the benediction. The church says Amen and everyone is gathering their stuff to go home, I hear someone singing Happy Birthday. A cake with tons of candles rolls in and everyone turns around and are now holding ballons. My mother and my sister had thrown me a surprise party and everyone in the church knew about it but me. I hate being surprised but it was the best one yet.

4/17/2010 8:19:40 AM
melanie hayford United States
melanie hayford
well i am only 13 and for my b-day my friends through me a Surprise party the thang was for a mouth everyone was talking bout this big thing and no one would tell me wht they were talking bout on the night tht i was going to get pipzza with my family my mom left really early and i was tht is strage but i just keep going then when me and my dad were on our way i guess we where running late cuz my mom called and my dad has a speaker thing in his car and i guess he tought it was one of the kids and started freaking out it was funn but in the end i kinda knew wht was going on but i was sill Surprised and i cryed
4/17/2010 8:24:02 AM
Kim Skates United States
Kim Skates
My husband surprised me for our 20th anniversary.  He handed me numbered envelopes, told me to follow the directions in each envelope, and make sure I followed the order of the envelopes.  The first envelope gave an overview of the "quest" I was being sent on and explained the rules--like making sure I opened the next envelope at the time specified (it also gave me permission to take our oldest daughter along if I wanted--which I did).  The 2nd said to go buy a dress--a nice formal dress. The 3rd sent us to buy shoes if I needed them, or get a pedicure/manicure. My daughter and I both opted for the pedi/mani.  The 4th was to get something special for..well...lets just say for later...  The 5th was just to take time to relax if time permitted.  The 6th sent us to my hairdresser--he had booked an updo. The entire shop read the envelopes I had opened and stayed to see what the 7th one said!  The 7th said to look outside, where there was a limo! The limo took me to the Holiday Inn where my husband had booked a room for me to change and get ready.  The 8th told me to meet him downstairs.  He was in a full tux with tails! We had the limo for 4 hours.  During that time, we went around town and to dinner--a REALLY nice dinner--where he gave me an anniversary ring with a 1/2 karat heart-shaped diamond with 2 diamonds on either side.  We finished the evening with the limo by going to our house so our daughters could see us dressed up and check out the limo.  It was the most romantic day and evening I have ever had!!
4/17/2010 8:25:41 AM
Kevin United States
I have been looking at this road bike on ebay for awhile. I have a bike but i've had it for 3 years and the  new thing in bikes is the carbon fiber bike. the other day i saw the bike i was wanting and looked at the price WOW! So every day i would go to ebay to see if it was still available, i did this for about a week or so. The other day the bike was gone off ebay. I said to my wife the bike was off ebay. heart broken my wife called me in to the office I thought she was going to tell me sorry about the bike. But come to find out she was the one who bought it off ebay. I love her so very much. Thank you sweetheart!  
4/17/2010 8:28:04 AM
Stephanie United States
I just suprised my best friend (of 24 years) a couple weeks ago.  She lives over 400 miles away and was having her bridal shower. She assumed that since I was in the wedding and would have to come in a few weeks I wouldn't be able to come to the shower so she didn't even invite me (the nerve).  Anyway, I arranged with her fiance for me to come down, so he met me a few houses away and we walked in the door, where she was just waking from a nap. He greeted her and said, "I was walking around outside and look what I found" at which point I stepped forward.  The look of complete shock was terrific. An hour later she was still saying...."I can't believe you're here"!  The kicker was that the week before I arrived she and her fiance were having a conversation where she told him that he could NEVER suprise her....one of the many suprises she may find in being married.  
4/17/2010 8:29:12 AM
Rachael United States
My husband is a HUGE Steven Curtis Chapman fan and has been following him and his music since he first started some 20+ years ago.  A couple years ago for Valentine's Day I surprised my husband with front row tickets to a concert of his.  I had to tell him where we were going since he was driving, but when we got to the roll call desk and I received the envelope with the ticket.  I handed it to him and told him to open it.  What he found inside was Meet and Greet passes for after the show.  He was blown away!  I has also gone and gathered some of the CD jackets from his favorite CDs before we left for Steven to sign.  I wish I had grabbed the cassette tapes (yes, my hasband still has them!), but I forgot.  Later my husband told me that if he could meet anyone in the world it would have been SCC.  His face beamed the entire concert.  The greatest gift was me seeing his joy!
4/17/2010 8:29:57 AM
Lehua Tandal United States
Lehua Tandal
When my husband was training in Texas for his second deployment to Iraq, he found out they would have a 4 day pass before heading over there.  Sounds great, except that we're from Hawaii.  All the other guys in the Brigade had their wives fly up there for their 4 day pass.  I'm afraid of flying..especially by myself. So when my husband called me from Texas and asked if I would fly up there to see him before he goes, I told him I was too scared to fly that far alone. He was bummed but he understood.  

I actually already had my tickets bought and a hotel room reservered Smile  So the day they were realeased from their unit, all the other wives greeted their husbands while I hid behind the cars.  He stood there looksing SO SAD..looking down at the ground. I stepped out from the cars and he just stared at me, like he was seeing the ghost of me!! And then after a 10 second pause he shouts "hey!! thats my wife!!"...All the guys were laughing at him cuz they knew about the surprise. I video taped the whole thing and still watch it Smile
4/17/2010 8:38:27 AM
Allan Perez United States
Allan Perez
I Love surprises!!!  During the Christmas time, one of my best friends from youth group said that he could scam the whole group and take all of their money.  I said there was no way anyone was going to give you anything.  So to prove me wrong, he starts going around our church and telling people that he was raising money for "Dead kids in Africa".  I thought it was ridiculous, but people gave him money.  Everyday he would show me his wallet and how much he had collected.  by the next week the whole youth group had given him money and my buddy had hundreds of dollars now.  Then the Sunday before Christmas, the youth group had a party together.  Everybody traded presents and then I was called to the center of the group.  My buddy came out with a brand new guitar with a note saying "the dead kids in Africa said that you can have this"  all of my friends had signed it.  It was an amazing night, I ended the night with the song "From the Inside Out" by hill song.
4/17/2010 8:38:59 AM
hannah byler United States
hannah byler
i just wanted to tell you guys how my parents have surprised me about 3 christmas's ago. !! I always wanted a keyboard and i was always asking for a keyboard and then when i opened up 1 of my presents i was just sooooo shocked and in that box was my keyboard that always wanted!!!!! i was sooo excited!!
4/17/2010 8:39:20 AM
Susan Bunch United States
Susan  Bunch
I surprised my husband years ago at Christmas time. He had been looking at a little antique 1922 Cletrac tractor to buy which he would restore. He was trying to dicker with the guy to get it for a little less. I called the guy myself and bought the tractor (in early Nov.) and had him tell my husband he had sold it to someone else. My husband was kicking himself for a month that this little tractor had gotten away from him. The guy brought it over while my husband was gone 2 days before Christmas and my kids and I hid it in our big shop. On Christmas morning we had him go on a scavenger hunt. When he saw the "tractor of his dreams" he was speechless! The only time I have ever seen him like that!
4/17/2010 8:39:20 AM
stephanie United States
About 10 years ago for my grandfathers 75th birthday all 7 of his kids and few grandkids including me got invovled in finding his war buddie. he was in sipan when the war ended his buddie Ray was shipped out just before the war ended grandpa was next. He talked about Ray alot when I was growing up. We found him many years later. We gathered up funds from many diffrent ways even a yardsale. We brought Ray and his wife from back east. Ray his wife my aunt and I were at the house while another aunt took grandpa out shopping. When he came home Ray was standing in the door ready to great Grandpa. Grandpa shook his hand sat down then it hit him who was standing in his house. That was the first time in my life I saw grandpa cry. He was so over come with joy all he could was shake his head and fight back tears. After a little while the shock wore off Ray and grandpa picked up right where they peft off. It was like seeing 2 teens regroup after being a part. they had lost contact for 57 years, that was the best birthday grandpa ever had. He stil talks about how us kids pulled it off and how that one weekend was worth every second of his adult life wating for. we will never be able to top that brithday ever.
4/17/2010 8:39:52 AM
Susan Bunch United States
Susan  Bunch
I surprised my husband years ago at Christmas time. He had been looking at a little antique 1922 Cletrac tractor to buy which he would restore. He was trying to dicker with the guy to get it for a little less. I called the guy myself and bought the tractor (in early Nov.) and had him tell my husband he had sold it to someone else. My husband was kicking himself for a month that this little tractor had gotten away from him. The guy brought it over while my husband was gone 2 days before Christmas and my kids and I hid it in our big shop. On Christmas morning we had him go on a scavenger hunt. When he saw the "tractor of his dreams" he was speechless! The only time I have ever seen him like that!
4/17/2010 8:40:23 AM
Seth Stell United States
Seth Stell
My fiance lives in another city in Texas. I've surprised her a few times pretty good, and she always said she would get me back...I didn't believe her. I had talked to her all day one Friday and she pretended to be busy all night doing things with family...little did I know she was going to surprise me. That night at around 10pm, someone banged insanely hard on my door, and I almost peed my pants. When I looked out of the peep hole, there was a sign on the stairs that said, "follow the candy." I walked outside, and there were reeces cups (my favorite candy) leading down the stairs, three flights, and along the way there were signs that read "keep going" and "getting warmer." When I got to the bottom, I turned to my right, and there was my fiance holding a sign that said, "I love you." She totally got me! WOO!
4/17/2010 8:41:15 AM
Chelsea Wirtz United States
Chelsea Wirtz
This last december I went to New York to visit my boyfriend who was finishing up his last semester at the Culinary Institute of America. I was student teaching in Kansas so I went to visit during Christmas break. Earlier that year the musical Wicked was playing in Wichita and my mom and I had tickets to go. But a few weeks before the show I was invited by my college to attend a workshop in St. Louis for teachers which I couldn't turn down(it was a big honor to be asked to go with some of the professors) the St. Louis conference was on the same weekend as Wicked. Needless to say I missed the musical. My boyfriend knew all about this and when I arrived in New York he spent the weekend showing me everything he could. On the last night I was there we walked down broadway and I was so excited by all the great musicals listed. Wicked was one of them. He asked me if I wanted to get a closer look at it and I said Yes! But instead he pulled me straight into the lobby and pulled out to tickets to the musical!! It was amazing!So not only did God bless me with the oppurtunity to go to an amazing conference about teaching but I also got to see Wicked on Broadway!
4/17/2010 8:44:55 AM
Michele United States
Previous song continued:

Chorus 2: Katie, Katie Crockett
          Queen of the Wild Frontier

She was only six when she told her momma
How to kill a bear, then she began the drama
I'd grab it, then bite it, and kick it with my toes
And make it run around without any clothes

Chorus 2

Gabe "noticed" Katie on his paintball team
He thought is this real, or am I in a dream?
The first date they went huntin' squirrels
He didn't bag any game, but he got his girl

Chorus 2

The next date came on a dirt bike ride
Gabe was having fun with his future bride
He jumped a mogul, then he hit the gas
And turned around in time to see Katie crash

Chorus 2

Then it came time for Gabe to pop the question
They'd gone out for dinner, he had some indigestion
He handed her a teddy bear with a little knife
You'll find a ring inside, won't you be my wife?

Chorus 3: Gave and Katie Brown-Crockett
   King & Queen of the Wild Frontier

It was very comical.  They were so surprised and loved the song.
4/17/2010 8:45:01 AM
Heather Taylor United States
Heather Taylor
I was about to turn 30 and my favorite musician, Steven Curtis Chapman, was coming in concert to Kansas City. I had hinted to my husband and my best friend that I would love to go and celebrate 30 at the concert. They told me they had pursued tickets and they were sold out. Foolishly I believed them. Unbeknown to me, they had already purchased tickets and made plans for me to go.

The Christian school where I work made a big deal of my birthday that year surprising me with a "Honk, Mrs. Taylor is 30" sign outisde, gifts in quantities of 30, and a lunch party. It was wonderful. Just when I thought it was all over, my husband and best friend showed up and give me a scrap book of my life they had made and at the end, surprised me with a ticket to the concert!

The best part of the surprise was that after the concert, my best friend and I waited outside the church where he performed and got to meet Steven and have my picture taken with him! What a way to turn 30!

That was 10 years ago and just last weekend I got to go see him again with my husband and two year old surprise miracle baby. His music was so instrumental to my battle with infertility that I faced at 30 that it was a joy to celebrate the life of my toddler with him too, ten years later. Not to mention, I also have two adopted children and one is about to graduate high school. Obviously Cinderella, one of my favorite of his songs really hit home and with all the struggles my adopted children have faced, the song "Beauty Will Rise" was also especially powerful. It's amazing what one surprise can do to your life. Had I not attended that concert and met Steven in person, I am not sure I would have the blessings in my life that I do. Thank God for Christian music, artists who are authentic, the surprise of God's love and KLOVE!
4/17/2010 8:46:56 AM
Tammy United States
Three weeks ago, I flew from Denver to St. Louis.  A friend from NH was going to be visiting a mutual friend there in St. Louis.  The one from NH didn't know I was coming.  We hadn't seen each other in 7 years.  The three of us had not been together for probably for 15 years or so.  It was awesome to see her face when I walked in!  We had a great time.
4/17/2010 8:47:14 AM
TaylorAnne United States
Ever since i was little my best friend, my mother was a stay at home mom. She just went back to work about 2 years ago at our local supreme courts. She tends to get easily distracted, and hates not being able to spend as much time with my little sister and I. She gets so busy she rarely has time to take care of herself, let alone the household! So just the other day i was home, so i decided to clean my moms bathroom which isn't much but just to show that i appreciate her. When she comes home from work that's the first place she goes and she was so happy and started crying, and told me she is happy to have a daughter like me. And i responded, no, i am thankful to have a mother like you.
4/17/2010 8:49:44 AM
Kristen United States
I surprised my parents who had been in DC for about 4 months (Dad is a cancer patient at Walter Reed Army Med. Center).  They live 3 miles from me, so being that far away for so long was awful!  With the help of our dear friends there, I managed to arrange for a room where they were staying.  My 15 month old son and I flew out, a friend picked us up and we knocked on their door!!!  The look on my moms face was priceless!!  My dad did a double take, and cried! It was Good Friday, which for us was an Amazing Friday, we had a wonderful Easter weekend with my parents!!
4/17/2010 8:50:16 AM
Michele United States
This should have posted first:

My daughter got married last month and we had a friend surprise her with their own song.  They both loved Davey Crockett.

In nineteen-ninety, one cold December
God gave the Brown's another family member
The ice on the windows would melt when he smiled
they called him Gabriel, an angel of a child

Chorus 1:  Gabie, Baby Gabie Crocket
          King of the wild back yard

Ever since he was a baby he loved to climb
He was very quick he could make good time
He left his crib without shoes and socks
Climbed out the window into the window box

Chorus 1

He grabbed his blanket when he wasn't quite three
Climbed twenty feet up into a tree
Watching all the cars, his view was the best
He almost gave Jenny a cardiac arrest

Chorus 1

Katie was born back in ninety-two
She had no hair and her teeth were few
The Doctor held her up and gave her a whack
Then Katie wound up and put the doctor on his back

Chorus 2:  Katie, Katie Crocket
          Queen of the wild frontier
4/17/2010 8:53:42 AM
Edie United States
At the end of my sr year at the Air Force Academy, the couple running our Bible study announced the next year would be their last. A few months later I was listening to the Ray Boltz song "Thank You" and was inspired to have a surprise reunion for them at the end of the next school year.  I contacted a friend and told her the idea and she ran with it. She got their daughter involved and started making plans.  

About this time I got engaged, and this Bible study leader was going to perform our ceremony.  My fiancee and I were doing a crash pre-marital counseling weekend (I was stationed in California, they were all in Colorado).  While there I sort of tricked him into giving me his master list of all the Academy cadets who had attended the study over their 12 years.  He had been keeping track of everyone.  I said I needed it to get addresses to send wedding invitations...which wasn't a lie...I did use it for that as well.  We made a copy of the list and gave it to my friend and their daughter and they sent out the invitations.

At the end of the next year, my now husband and I contacted them and invited them out to dinner to thank them for all they'd done for us.  Unbeknownst to them, they were in for a huge surprise.  When we walked in there were over 150 people, former cadets and their families, all there to thank them for all they'd done for us.  The last event of the evening was the playing of the Ray Boltz song.  As the line began "one by one they came..." people started standing.  It was an incredible evening.  Of course, to this day, 18 years later, they still won't go out to dinner with us unless they pick the restaurant.
4/17/2010 8:53:47 AM
Katie United States
In our Church, teenagers get confirmed their 9th grade year. It's a Sacrament where you receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit. It's similar to a Bat/Bar Mitzvah, welcoming the youth into the parish.

The last session, they come for what they think is just dinner and a closing prayer before they get confirmed. When we walk over to the church for the closing prayer, they are surprised the see the church full with their family members, sponsors, and others from the parish who have come to welcome them into the parish during the prayer service.
4/17/2010 8:56:30 AM
Brian Young United States
Brian Young
   Last year was our 16th anniversary.  My wife is the one who needs to plan everything down to the last detail and I fly by the seat of my pants.  So this was perfect.  
We are not the type to send our kids to the parents all the time, we had them because we wanted them and enjoy doing everything with them.  So in 12 years we have not had a vacation with just the two of us.  And 4 years ago we found out my oldest is type 1 diabetic.  We cannot just let anyone take care of him.  So I never thought we would be able to take a vacation with just us until he was in collage.  
   My wife said we were taking the kids to moms for the day and would be spending the day in Little Rock about 70 miles away.  I drove and when we got there she wasn’t real clear on where we were going.  I knew it was the way to the airport though.  I love aviation and thought we were going to the air museum.  She finally had to confess we were going to Cancun Mexico.  I had in my head we had to be back to get the kids that night. So I was asking,  We are going there for the day?  She said no stupid we are going there for the week.   She had secretly been training my mom and son.  He had to tell her what he was eating, what his blood sugar level was and how many units of insulin he thought he needed.  They had been doing it for a couple of months and I didn’t know why but I liked it.  I never noticed the two backpacks in the van either.  Most women are impressed that she was able to pack both of us for a week in just two small backpacks.
   I didn’t know how much we needed that vacation.  Things were okay between us but it really strengthened our marriage.  And my son has more independence as well.  I know there are a lot of bad things going on in parts of Mexico.  There are bad things going on here as well and I would recommend Mexico to everyone.  Just be smart about where and when you go.

4/17/2010 8:56:35 AM
Johnm42 United States
Hi, Scott and Kelli. I was really mean to my darling Ellen several years ago. We had discussed buying new furniture in abstract, even looked at some to get an idea of cost and decided that after Christmas, we'd get it. I just jumped the gun a little. I bought the furniture and set it all up. My darling works third shift so she got home as usual and went to bed Christmas eve morning. I sprung into action and called my cohorts. We took out the old furniture, went to the store, picked up the new furniture and set it all up. Then my cohorts relaxed on the new furniture while I went upstairs to get Ellen. She came down, created my cohorts then saw the new furniture. She screamed, laughed and cried all at the same time! After 40 years, I'm still doing mean things to her so she doesn't trust me out of her sight for a minute. Hey, ya know, if it makes her cry, it must be mean, right?

4/17/2010 8:59:47 AM
Stacey Baca United States
Stacey Baca
For my 40th birthday my husband a few close friends decided to "kidnap" me and send me on a scavenger hunt... 2 friends showed up at my house with a note that read, "just be quiet and get in the car"... lol.... not an easy task for me.  They handed me another note with a clue to where we were to head. I figured out we were going to the moive theater at the mall and was met by another friend with another clue and a tiara and shash that read "princess"!!  When the night was over I had found over 15 friends at various stores and was completely decked out like a princess.  The Picture People even took a group photo and gave me one for free!! The last clue was to a restaurant where my husband and kids joined us... a great end to an unforgettable night... so I thought!!!  I was blindfolded and kidnapped again and taken to a near-by hotel for a slumber party!!!  It was a night I will never forget... I love my family and friends!!
4/17/2010 9:01:00 AM
Jenna United States
In March, my brothers and I flew from Texas up to Idaho to surprise our parents for their 25th wedding anniversary. They left Texas the same day we did, but they thought that we were still back at school. Because we have all gone off to college, times together as a family have become more important than ever. My aunt decided to throw them a surprise party and had us call our parents from the other room. A few minutes later we walked into the room... And I think my parents almost had a heart attack. I consider myself so blessed to have parents that are still passionately in love after more than two decades.
4/17/2010 9:02:41 AM
Ryan Richards United States
Ryan Richards
I was in basic training for the army in 2006. Throughout the whole time a girl from home, Tiffany, and I were sending letters back and forth, which was probably what got me through it. Anyway it came time to graduate and on family day I was expecting my Mom, one brother, and two sisters, and of all people Tiffany comes with them. That was the best day in nearly three months of drill sergeants and Army stuff. After that surprise we became very close and I am now married to her, just over two years and loving every minute of it!!!!!!
4/17/2010 9:03:08 AM
Sheri R United States
Sheri R
I have 2 very special women in my life.  They were my youth leaders in high school.  Over the years we stayed very close even though we lived miles apart.  I lived in the Detroit area, one lived in Chicago and the other in Nashville.  The woman in Nashville was going through a very difficult time.  She had breast cancer, fibromyalgia, lymphodema and many other physical restrictions.  Her husband had a stroke and she became his main caregiver.  Life was totally overwhelming her and her depression became pretty severe.  On January 1, 2003, I flew the woman from Chicago to Detroit where I picked her up (with two other friends) and we did a "road trip" to Nashville.  We were able to get into the house (with the help of her family)and literally into her bedroom where she was watching tv.  We were standing right in front of her before she ever knew we were there!  We then took her to a hotel for 3 days and pampered her.  Max Lucado once wrote about blessing someone:  "Why do you do it? . . . You do it so the heart will stop.  You do it so the jaw will drop.  You do it to hear those words of disbelief, You did this for me?".  For that one moment in my friend's life, my life was forever changed.  One year later my friend very unexpectedly went home to be with our Lord and Savior.  I know that one blessing carried her through many difficult times and God blessed us for ministering to her in this very special way.  
4/17/2010 2:08:31 PM
Rebekah United States
I surprised my cousin for her 18th birthday!
A bunch of people came to her party!  Mostly people from Christian Youth Theater!  The older kids played Wii while the younger ones were downstairs playing games like tag and capture the flag.
We also played K-Love the whole time in the background!  Overall, she was very surprised and we had a blast!!!!!!
4/17/2010 2:12:19 PM
James Park United States
James Park
My surprise was 6 years ago .
My dad bought me a car , it's a 2003 Kia Optima . The car is great , I got this car after I had a stem cell transplant . It was one year after that , I've surprised my niece & sister in-laws with pearl earrings .
4/17/2010 2:18:05 PM
Edie United States
I love surprises! Here's another one.

During my junior year at the Air Force Academy, my parents were going to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. My sister, brother and I began planning a surprise party.  My 88 year-old grandmother, who lived with my folks, chipped in to buy me a plane ticket from CO to FL.  (I had to request release from my afternoon classes and a Saturday morning inspection to be able to fly home.)  I arrived very early Saturday morning and stayed at a friend's house around the corner from my folks.

My sister arranged for the three of us to have a portrait done.  We were sitting the same way as a portrait our parents had of us when we were very little.  The photographer developed and framed it immediately.

My folks and their friends always go out together for each others' anniversaries.  As they left the house for the one I had been staying in, I got the call that they were on the way.  I went around the block the other way.  The plan was in motion.  Within 30 minutes of them leaving the house, everyone started arriving.  My brother and his friends all moved the cars over a block away, decorations went up (including the portrait), and the food was all put out.  
My folks were around the corner with their friends waiting on another couple when they got a call from my grandmother saying the power had gone out at the house. "Luckily" they hadn't left yet, so they came straight home to fix it.
Remember, they had only left 30 minutes earlier.  When they opened the door it was amazing. They were shocked by the party, by me being there, and the portrait is still on the wall twenty years later.
4/17/2010 2:27:31 PM
Edie United States
This one is in the works.

I'm currently stationed apart from my family.  My husband and I have been planning on having our 9 year old daughter come stay with me for the summer, but she doesn't know it yet.  I'll be going home for a quick trip in 3 weeks for her piano recital and to pick up the cats to come live with me. Little does she know that I'll be picking her up too.
The plan is for me to pack her things while she is practicing piano.  Right before she's finished practicing I'm going to ask her to hurry up so I can pack her music.  I foresee a very puzzeled look for a few seconds before she realizes what that means. It's going to be a great summer!

P.S. I know she's not listening, so I'm not worried about her finding out this way.
4/17/2010 2:31:08 PM
Bridgette United States
I wanted to tell you about an awesome suprise I was able to pull off for my best friend for her wedding. She had told me that she had always wanted to have a horse drawn carriage to leave the church in for the wedding, but she knew it was not in the wedding budget, so she did not think it was going to happen. So she thought that her and her husband were going to leave the church in a friends convertable. Unbeknownst to them I had arranged for a horse drawn carriage to be at the church. Everyone was in on it by the time of the wedding including the photographer so as they walk out towards this convertable car the car drives off and off to the side is this beautiful horse drawn carriage decorated in their wedding colors and flowers. They were absolutly dumb founded and it was so great to be able to do it for them.
4/17/2010 2:36:08 PM
Michelle United States
I have one of the best surprises, I think. When my husband and I got married, we did some of our photos ahead of time. They turned out great, but because they were taken before the ceremony, he doesn't have his ring on in the pictures. Well, being flat broke as we were when we were married, we had our nice picture in a really cheap frame and it got faded over the years. My husband contacted the guy to get a new picture made,  but he no longer had that negative. So unbeknownst to me, he contacted a local photographer that said if you can get me a good copy of that picture I can take a digital picture of it and see what we can do. My mom had ordered that same portrait, so they took my mom's good picture in, the guy digitized it. My husband did all of this with my mom and son without me knowing it and suprised me a few Christmases back. Bad thing was it was the year that we had said we were buying no presents for eachother! I gave him a card, he gave me a BEAUTIFUL re-done picture. The crem-de-la-crem was that he had the guy add in my husband's wedding ring (our poor son had to pose as me to get the fingers just right). So now I have the "orginal" picture re-done perfectly right down to my husband's ring. AWESOME!
4/17/2010 2:36:17 PM
Bernadette Fish United States
Bernadette Fish
Back in 2000 I met and fell in love with a wonderful man, each one of us had been married before an each had 2 boys.  By mid 2001 Jeff asked me to marry him.  I had always been close to my sister-in-law and called her about every snafu while planning that special day.  Our calls were endless. Forward to January 2002, we were all at the back of the church where we grew up, where my brother and sisterinlaw were married,  everyone was ready to walk towards the front, I looked forward and saw my brother and sisterinlaw, they were looking at me and tears were rolling down my face, family and friends were in the seats just smiling.  As we approached the front of the church, I saw the look of shock on my brother's and sister-in-law's faces,they finally realized that it was their bridal party of 25 years prior marching down the aisle.  We pulled it off, a surprise 25 year celebration and renewal of their vows, it was beautiful.  They had no clue, we found the entire bridal party and spent a special day together, the evening reception with guests that attended their reception 25 years earlier.  Their children felt as though they were at their parents wedding.  It was the best surprise I ever pulled off, down to the fake invitation they received. Less than 2 years later I was married, needless to say they were a bit nervous when they received that invitation.
4/17/2010 2:36:41 PM
Jan United States
When I was in third grade we lived in Ohio and we were studying about Hawaii in school.  I thought that is the coolest place!  I told my parents that someday I want to go to Hawaii.  They asked me if I would like to live there and I said "Yes!"  Then they told me that in a few weeks we would be moving there.  We drove from Ohio to LA in two cars (roadtrip!) and my brother and I took turns riding with each parent.  We both got to go on our first plane ride in 1968 to Hawaii!  That was one of many of my parents surprises!  I guess that's why I love to surprise my family and friends.  
4/17/2010 2:49:25 PM
Beth United States
My husband is great at surprises. The best one though was a few years ago. We do Civil War re-enacting but that year he had gotten called up to serve his country. When the last event of the season rolled around in Oct., he told me that his orders came in and he had to stay another 3 months. I was so upset. I went ahead and went to the event to get my mind off the news. That night I sat around the campfire talking with some friends talking. I was trying hard not to cry when I felt someone give me a big hug from behind and whispered how great it was to see me again. I turned around and there was my husband, fresh off the plane, grinning from ear to ear. The news spread fast through the camps and the rest of the event we had people coming up and shaking hands saying welcome home and thanks. That was the best surprise ever!
4/17/2010 2:50:30 PM
Alisha Mendoza United States
Alisha Mendoza
I love surprises...unfortunately...none for me lately. HINT HINT!! (just incase my boyfriend decides to check out the comments on here later... haha)
4/17/2010 2:55:17 PM
LeAnn United States
Several years ago, when I asked my husband what he would like for his birthday, he said "A night in a hotel alone with you"
So, I made arrangements with his mother to keep the kids, arriving after we left the house.
He was working with an intercity football team through FCS, getting them fed before the game.  I made arrangements with someone else to pickup & deliver the food, and for a change I was going with him.  I made an excuse as to why we had to make a detour before going to the school.
Just around the corner from the hotel, I handed him a "gift certificate" for one night in a hotel with me that was only good for that night.
"What about the kids?" - "Your mother"
"What about clothes?" - "Packed in the trunk"
He was so surprised and speechless.  
4/17/2010 3:00:58 PM
Meg M. United States
Meg M.
My dad's birthday was coming up, and my mom decided to throw a surprise party. So, for the whole week before, my mom said it was "spring cleaning". My dad cleaned up the yard, and the whole house. When it was his birthday, my older brother took him out to dinner and when he came back, the whole house was decorated and we surprised him. He laughed that he had cleaned the whole house for his own party! Haha.
4/17/2010 3:01:35 PM
Jen United States
My sister lives in Michigan and I live in Ohio. She is getting married in July and my husband and I aren't able to make it to all of her wedding events. She had a bridal shower two weekends ago and from the beginning that this would be the one we couldn't make. Well we ended up being able to make it but we didn't tell her. I called her from my parents house in Michigan and got on the phone and said "so what am I supposed to wear to this thing?". She knew I was there because I was at my parents house. She was so excited! Being her only sibling and her matron of honor it was pretty special to be there Smile
4/17/2010 3:03:53 PM
Lynn United States
It's been almost 9 years...On the very first mothers day after having my daughter my husband really surprised me. I had only been back to work for about 5 weeks after my maternaty leave and our daughter was being taken care of by a very good friend.My husband left work early to beat me to pick her up. He had a motive...he had purchaced a mothers ring and card for me. he wanted to put her hand prints in the card so he & our friend were looking for paint. The only thing they could find at first was an ink pad. He knew that wouldn't be good so they were digging through the toy box flinging stuff behind them and finally found some water colors & painted her hands pink and pressed them into the card. My husband is not the type to do this so I was really moved. I still have the card in a safe deposite box!
4/17/2010 3:04:31 PM
Peg Horvath United States
Peg Horvath
Shortly after we were married, my husband had to go out of town for a few days. He left while I was at work. When I got home, I opened my laptop and there was a note in it that said " I ♥ U", there was one in the frig, one in the loaf of bread, under my pillow, in my makeup bag...every where. He left over 100 notes telling me he loved me...I laughed and cried. I found notes 6 months later that he forgot he hid. That was 2 years ago...we still have those notes (they were index cards) and leave them for each other, especially after an argument. He's great!
4/17/2010 3:04:54 PM
Sherry Ross United States
Sherry Ross
My older sister Leah Surprised me a with a card. That said I know I don't keep in touch as much as you do but wanted me to know that she loved me and was thinking of me. Well she said, she did really good on her taxes and sent me $500.00 but I want to tell you that the money was nice. but the Card she sent was a Christian card. that was first one I have ever received from her.So the card meant more to me than the money. Praise the Lord.
4/17/2010 3:10:23 PM
Kalynn United States
Just got a little surprise from my 2 1/2 year old during "I'll Be There" a few moments ago.

My husband - 12 years next month - is away with the Army for a few more months. The kids and I are listening to you as we clean up dinner, and we hear you tell the story of the vow renewal then play the song. "I'll Be There" was played at our wedding as well, so I was having a little poor me moment to myself when in the middle of the song my son, the 2 1/2 year old, comes and starts hugging my legs then dancing with me. Feeling like God just spoke to his little heart to speak to mine!!
4/17/2010 3:10:44 PM
Sara United States
I love to surprise people.  I love the reaction I get.  A few years ago I talked my husband and his sisters into getting their mother's wedding ring cleaned, sized and fixed.  I have been with my husband for 14 years and I had never even seen her ring.  After some sneaky work by my father-in-law I was able to get the ring to my jeweler and have the necesary work done. On mother's day we gave her a very simple box with the ring inside.  She was so shocked to find her ring.  She started cryiing whick of course caused me to start crying.  We are a family of criers. All she could keep saying was "how, my ring, this is my ring, how?" It was by far one of the best surprises I have ever done.  
4/17/2010 3:13:58 PM
Brittany Thomas United States
Brittany Thomas
A couple years ago, when i had only been dating my current husband for about 6 months. It was Valentine's Day and I had to work. He was off and ended up spending the whole time in my car waiting for me to get off. I was working at my local Hardee's and I was working on the front line. He came in and acted like he was going to order, but instead he handed me a small box. It had a necklace that said "i love you" in it. Then later on that night, i assume that he had talked to one of my co-workers, and they asked me to get something out of the freezer in the back. Well on the shelf where it was supposed to be was a dozen roses. The tears started rolling, then I came out and he was standing in the front smiling. Then when I finally got off work, I went to my car and in the drivers seat was a HUGE Teddy Bear that was holding a heart that read "I LOVE YOU." That topped the cake. Biggest suprise ever.
4/17/2010 3:15:38 PM
Patty United States
Well...my husband and I have been together for 20 years and he has been throwing me surprise parties the whole time and I have never been able to get him....until now. He is currently deployed and I called his commanders wife to see if she could get the word downrange that his birthday was April 10.  She told her husband and so the Captain call my husband in off of the flightline and when he walked in everyone was there and they threw him a surprise b-day party.They had a cake and everything...the candle was a Chem "glow" stick. Then he called me the next day to say that I finally "got him" and in the last place he ever expected...Afghanistan.
4/17/2010 3:17:09 PM
Joshua United States
I was surprised with a great amount of dollars.
I was in Australia working with a Christian Mission Organization (YWAM). About a month before the surprise, God asked me to trust and rely in him only. Therefore, I cut off all of my support from my parents. With only couple hundred dollars left in the bank account for housing payment, God once again asked me to donate all of it to a missionary that was going to Cambodia. Although it was tough, I had to obey. Now, I had no funds to pay for housing or for the mission trip. Finance has never been an issue for me living in the States, but being away from home and not having access to my funds, I was discomforted and annoyed. I stared at a 89 cent drink for 5 minutes before giving up the desire to buy it. After a month, before our morning worship, I was pulled to the side and was informed that someone annonymously wrote a 10k check under my name. Hallelujah!
I was able to pay for the housing payments, pay for the mission trip, donate and give offering, and buy my mom a small gift to SURPRISE her.
Obedience is surprising and his love for us is always surprising. Through this experience, he also taught me how to be wise with money!
4/17/2010 3:18:41 PM
Sharon United States
My boys and I live in KS. We were going to fly home to my parents in FL last Christmas, but the plans ended up falling through and had to be cancelled.  We were heart broken.  I work for a Christian school and shared our heart ache with my coworkers.  That day the teachers I work with raised enough money for gas, food and hotels for us to get to go and surprised me with it at the end of the day!  TALK ABOUT A SURPRISE AND A BLESSING!
I decided to continue the blessing by surprising my parents & not telling them that we were coming.  My boys and I headed out for our road trip and were so excited!  
My brother and his wife live near my parents.  They'd told my parents that their daughters (my nieces) wanted to sing them a Christmas Carol that night, so when the doorbell rang, they both needed to come to the door.
I met up with my brother and his family the evening we arrived in town and went with them to my parents.  My sons and I hid around the side of the house as my nieces started singing Jingle Bells.  When they got to the 2nd stanza we came around the corner and joined in.  I've never seen such joy in my parents eyes!  
What a cherished memory for all of us!
4/17/2010 3:21:54 PM
angela United States
three weeks before my wedding my father passed away. My older brother is over seas but the night of the wedding he suprised me and we danced my father daughter dance to cinderella. it was so heartfelt.
4/17/2010 3:22:20 PM
Kristen Miyakawa United States
Kristen Miyakawa
Well this isn't really an encouraging surprise, but it did bring smiles to my whole youth group one sunday evening. Our youth pastor was walking in the door, and one of my friends decided to "surprise" him by scaring him. She hid around the corner, and as soon as he walked around it, yelled "BOO!" right in his face. He screamed. Then, he laughed and told her she was crazy. Then, after he left the youth building, one of the guys got the crazy idea for my friend to wrap herself in the black table edging lying on the floor, lay at the foot of the door, and pop up and scare the youth pastor again when he came back in. She did, and he screamed even louder. I tell you, he was jumping at every little thing that night! We were all laughing so hard at him and my friend!
4/17/2010 3:23:36 PM
rick United States
my wife was throwing me a surprize 30 b-day party my brother-in-law was in charge of keeping me out of the house he made several suggestions that i declined then i remembered that i had left my guns a gun range locker and asked if he wanted to go shooting. Well we leave there to return home and im caring all my guns thru the front door when all yell surprize, that could have been their surprize
4/17/2010 3:26:12 PM
Deborah United States
Last year for Mother's Day I was very unhappy with my husband, becuase he did absolutely nothing for me.......not even dinner or a card.  So to say the least it was not a very pleasant day for the family with Mom being unhappy.  Well about 3 weeks later on a Saturday while we were running errands my husband said that he was going to take my watch(which had been broken several months) to a jeweler to get fixed.  As we were heading there I asked why he chose a jeweler on the opposite side of town, I asked..."Isn't there a jeweler closer to the house that can fix the watch."  He said, "Yes, but he wanted to try out this jeweler as he had heard good things about them."  So we arrived at the jeweler, took my watch in and as they were repairing the watch one of the workers behind the counter started showing some jewelry he had made.  He proceeded to show me a beautiful ruby ring and asked me to try it on.  I played along feeling rather strange about it.  He asked me if I liked it, I said "Yes, it is beautiful".  Then my husband piped in saying "I am glad, I had this made for you for Mother's Day/Birthday."  Well at that point I started to cry, as I now felt like a complete loser for being so mean to him on Mother's Day, thinking he had totally forgotten all about it.  Everyone in the store said I was the first customer to ever cry.  My husband and I are now well remembered customers.  Needless to say my husband redeemed himself that day, and I will think twice about being upset with him when I think he has not remembered a special day.  I have an amazing husband and I am very blessed to share my life with him.
4/17/2010 3:26:36 PM
Heather United States
The first year I got my first "real job." I decided to go all out for my parents for Christmas. My parents are AMAZING! So I surprised them with a trip to their favorite place! I first started out by giving them a beach tote with all their favorite things like books, suntan lotion, a map...etc. They thought it was for spring break, naturally. THEN they opened their airline tickets, hotel information, and dinner reservations to Savannah, GA. That's their favorite place to visit! They were so excited. I don't think I'll top it but it was so nice to be able to show them for once how much they mean to me!
4/17/2010 3:27:26 PM
Debbi Hicks United States
Debbi Hicks
My husband and I surprised his mother with a visit to Tennessee for her 78th birthday. We called her from the hotel room in Knoxville and asked her if she was going to be home because we had a package being delivered for her birthday May 2nd. She said she would be home all day. So two hours later we drove up to her house in Newcomb, knocked on the door and boy was she surprised.  She turned white as a sheet and it took her a few minutes to realize that her baby boy was standing in front of her. We live in Washington, so it was quite a treat. I wish we could do that again this year, but finances will not allow it.  OH YEAH, it's not a good idea to surprise someone with a heart condition....lol luckily the Lord held her up for us...lol
4/17/2010 3:29:39 PM
Cindy Houser United States
Cindy Houser
My best surprise was to my mom, when my brother was deployed to Iraq the first time. He was able to come home on the leave the first time we did not tell my mom. So when he got home I took him to my mothers and we hid him in a large box on the front porch and I decorated the box like it was a present. We addressed it to my mom put a bow on it . So the plan was for my brother to ring the door bell and duck back into the box and be very still, well my brother is 6.5 and the box was maybe 5.5. so that was a huge problem but he did it. So my mom came to the door and saw the box and she still did not figure it out and so I told her to try and lift the box so she did and she saw his combat boots and she started crying and shaking and nearly knock my brother and the box off the porch. I still surprise her when he comes home but this was the best.
4/17/2010 3:30:20 PM
Kevin Rimes United States
Kevin Rimes
My wife lost her wedding ring about 4 or 5 years ago because of a flight that left her stranded in Seattle. She got to the airport the next day and realized she didn't have her ring. There was no time to go back and look for it and the hotel didn't have it. She bought a cheap replacement and wore it for a couple of years and brought up the subject of getting a replacement over the next couple of years. I kept telling her that it would be really expensive to replace and we should wait. In the meantime, I met my daughter's, friends dad. He happened to be a jeweler. I asked if he could recreate the ring. The ring was very unique and we couldn't find anything like it. I made several clandestine trips to my daughter's friends house and with one wedding picture and a magnifying glass, we built a custom ring as close to the original as we possibly could and I even upgraded the diamonds. It was supposed to be a Christmas present but I couldn't wait and gave it to her a couple of days early. She was blown away and says it's the best gift she's ever gotten.
4/17/2010 3:30:33 PM
Christy United States
One year for my parents' birthdays I gave them each a framed Bible verse that represented how they have influenced me, and a letter telling them how much I appreciate the specific things they have taught me and what they have meant to me.  For my Dad I chose the verse from Philippians - "you shine like the stars in the universe as you hold out the word of life".  I told him the story about how a high school classmate of mine got a ride to an event with us one evening, and the next day he said to me "Your Dad is Jesus--he's just like Jesus!" and my Dad hadn't even said anything about his faith.  He just lives it so constantly you can just see Jesus shining through him.  For my Mom I chose a verse from Proverbs "a wise woman builds her house" and I shared with her my appreciation for all the things she taught me about being a woman, and the way she prepared me to be a wife and a mom by building me up with the confidence and skills and discipline I would need.  They both cried, and my Dad shared his letter with his Dad.
4/17/2010 3:33:56 PM
Karen in VA United States
Karen in VA
One year my husband and I decided to just get each other cards for our anniversary since money was tight.  This was our 5th or 6th anniversary.  I bought a nice card and wrote a note in it.  He handed me a plain white envelope that day and told me to read it when I was alone.  He had written me a two page love letter!  He talked about God putting us together and how he loved me so much he would die for me.  He knew I would cry so that's why he told me to be alone when I read it!  
Sadly my husband passed away unexpectedly 3 days after our 7th anniversary.  I cherish that love letter more than anything he ever bought me!
4/17/2010 3:35:44 PM
Cheryl Moroney United States
Cheryl Moroney
I surprised my husband really good about five years ago.  My husband is a NASCAR fan and on his birthday the kids and I placed a gift bag with an envelope inside on his chair.  In the morning he opened the gift and inside the envelope was a certificate from the Richard Petty Driving School for a ride-a-long at the California Speedway in Fontana.  That means a professional driver will drive him 3 laps around the track at top speed.  He was Very Excited.  As the day went it on it was normal as usual, but then after dinner in his chair he found the gift bag with the envelope inside again.  He thought, this is cute the kids placed it there and he’ll go along with their game.  So this time when he opened the envelope his mouth dropped and tears came into his eyes.  For this time it was a certificate for him to drive the car by himself for 30 laps.  It was the most amazing feeling to see the surprise on his face and we all cried in a Big Group Hug!
Have a Wonderful & Blessed Evening.
Cheryl Moroney, Suisun City, CA
4/17/2010 3:40:01 PM
Meredith United States
When I was in the 5th grade a few years ago I was moving 3 hours away during the summer. One night my mom told me we were going to eat at my grandma's and we had to stop at a lady's house to drop off some clothes. The lady's niece was my best friend so I got out to go see her because she was there. When we walked by the pool all of my friends jumped out of the bushes and yelled surprise. They had thrown me a surprise going away party. That is when I knew how much my friends loved me and how lucky I was to have them. We had a great time and I will never forget that night.
4/17/2010 3:42:07 PM
Kathy United States
I was talking with a co-worker about religion: I knew that she was a devout Christian and I had questions about how to get started with my faith. It came out that I was baptized and confirmed this Easter. She said she had a book in mind, and that she would bring it in on Monday. I came in Monday morning to find two books and a gift - an inspirational journal to get me started. I know it isn't much; but the thought behind it was beautiful. I tried not to cry; and all I could say was: "Thank you...Thank you!"
4/17/2010 3:44:29 PM
Kelcey United States
Well about two weeks ago I had my fifteenth birthday, and my birthday just happened to fall on the weekend of an out of town basketball tournament with my club team. now this weekend was just more than my birthday, it was also my first basketball game in eight months.. this past august I tore my acl for a second time, had acl reconstruction surgery, and had to do physical therapy for eight long months before being able to play. the eight months of PT were the hardest in my whole life, all I wanted to do was just play. well on my birthday I was able to do just that. I had my first game and it was the most amazing feeling in the whole world. well it was an emotional day just thinking about how great it was to have overcome something that put me in a depression for over two months, obviously something I couldn't have done without my God. Well anyways, back at the hotel that night I was just hanging out on the couch when a couple of my teammates came up to my room to see if I wanted to go down to the pool for a while. So we went, and while we were down there the rest of the team went to my room and decorated it with streamers, banners, balloons, posters, and just about anything else colorful they could find. I had absolutely no idea what was going on while down at the pool. when we came back to the room, the lights flashed on and "SURPRISE!", my  whole team started singing, no screaming, happy birthday. it was incredible Smilewe had cake, and ice cream and just had a blast. my 15th birthday was the best birthday I've ever had Smile
4/17/2010 3:45:34 PM
Maggie United States
I am a tweleve year old and last year my mom was pregnant for the 7th time. It was a girl but we didn't have a lot of girl clothes. She said how much she would like to have a babyshower. I started planning right then and have been planning for almost two years. I finally got the chance this year when she was pregnant again. My grandmother and I set up a babyshower for her and my mom had no idea! We went for four months planning and in early April we had the shower. My mom was so supprised and she was so touched that I had thought of her. Two days ago she had the baby, a beautiful baby girl who had so many clothes to wear. Smile
4/17/2010 3:46:28 PM
Michelle Dwight United States
Michelle Dwight
2 years ago this May, my best friend of 12 years was graduating in Wisconsin while I lived in Texas. We hadn't seen each other in over a year. When we were younger we always said we would be there to see each other graduate but, from the looks of it, I would not be there for her. I had gotten my first job that year and decided to save up to make a surprise trip to see her cross the stage and receive a diploma. I was planning with her parents so that she wouldn't have a clue as to what was going on and they ended up surprising me by paying for the flight there and back! I was so excited to see the shocked expression on her face when she saw me at the airport but when I got off my plain, it was her dad there to pick me up. He had cooked up a better plan to really shock her to the core. About 3 minutes from their house, I called Laura on her phone and started a conversation about graduation and how I wished I was there to see her. Her dad and I pulled into the garage and I was having trouble keeping calm when I really wanted to run into the house screaming. I managed to walk in to the house without breaking conversation and walked into the front room where she was playing piano for her family, asking her what she got for graduation so far. She looked up from the piano, stood up, walked over to me and broke down into tears as we hugged and shared a powerful moment of true friendship.
4/17/2010 3:48:30 PM
kirsten langman United States
kirsten langman
my name is Kirsten im a ten year old girl almost 11 and so i suprised my best freind by i told her i cant go to church on wensday (yesterday) because i had a softball tourney and couldnt miss it so that morning i mildly sprained my ankle and i went to the doctor and they said i cant do any sports for a week so my best freind was all pooped that i couldnt come to church so when i walked in those doors of church i went to r pw and she comes in and sees there is some1 sitting in are seat and she goes to see who it is and i turn around and see her and she runs and gives me a big hug and says arent u suposeto be somewhere and i lift my leg up and her mouth just drops and says what happened i said i mildly sprained it!!! that is my suprise!!! love kirsten and thank you sooo much even though im ten i love god and u have made a blessing in my life and ppl in school make fun of me that i love god and i say u dont know how great he or having him is!!!
4/17/2010 3:53:17 PM
Deborah United States
    One of the places we lived when my husband was in the Air Force was just outside Anchorage, Alaska.  During the last part of our tour there, my second daughter, Sara, was born.  We were transferred away when she was less than one year old.  Alaska is a unique and interesting place and she heard many stories about it as she grew, though of course being so young, she had no memories of living there.  
    One time she told me that when she grew up she would take me back there.  Time passed and she grew to be a beautiful young woman, fell in love with a wonderful man , married and made her home far away from her father and me.
    A few years ago my husband and I planned a trip out to see my daughter and her husband at their apartment.  We spent one night there and the next day there was a commotion after a hurried dinner, and all of got in the car to go for a ride.  We drove for over an hour, I having no idea where we were headed.  Finally my daughter turned and said over her shoulder, "Mom, do you remember that promise I made to you…?"  Shortly afterward we turned into the airport parking lot and boarded a night flight to Anchorage!
4/17/2010 3:59:27 PM
Kellie United States
My parents are both huge fans of Frank Lloyd Wright architecture. Their 25th wedding anniversary was a year ago last October. With my sister and I both still being in college, they were very adamant about us not throwing them a big party (which is pretty standard within my extended family). My sister and I came across a website for one of Wright's houses about 3 hours from our house that you could actually rent out for a few nights. We knew right away it was perfect. We put together home-made book of many of his houses and on the last page put a picture of the house they were going to be visiting with all of their reservation information. When they got to that page my sisters and I just waited for their reaction. They didn't get it at first, they thought the book itself was their present, and really liked it, but then they both got this amazingly shocked look on their faces and were so very excited about the trip. They still brag to everyone about how amazing of a surprise it was. Seeing how happy they were when they came back from their trip was just as amazing as the surprise we pulled on them! Its true when they say giving is far more rewarding than receiving...
4/17/2010 4:00:52 PM
Shanova Ray United States
Shanova Ray
My husband gave me the best 40th birthday, over the hill surprise party, ever!  It was at the local funeral home! He even arranged for funeral home director to pick me up and take me there in the hurst - I got to ride up front at least. When I got there, one of the parlors was full of family and friends. My cake was even in a mini model of a coffin! We all laughed and had a great time. It is a birthday memory I will cherish - all the way to the grave!
4/17/2010 4:02:22 PM
Helen in Texas United States
Helen in Texas
Our daughter and son-in-law visited us for Easter and gave us an egg hunt with clues in each egg telling us how to find the next one.  The last egg - a golden one - had a photo of a sonogram showing us they are expecting their first child!
4/17/2010 4:02:49 PM
Vicki Francis United States
Vicki Francis
I wanted to write and tell you about a surprise my wonderful husband was able to pull off on our 10th Anniversary. You see we are a blended family, so we never had a honeymoon or any time alone together after we were married. I have done my best to surprise him in a big way every chance I get, but I have to say, he took my breath away with this.  Our oldest daughter Brittany was graduating from High School in 2007. It just happend to be the same year as our 10 wedding anniversary. Since I felt it was such an important year for us, I just wanted our anniversary day to be a special day just for us.  While we were planning Brittany's graduation party at a local golf course, I was trying to choose a day for the party. It turned out that the only day available for the party was May 26th,(Our anniversary). I was devistated! But once again, my mom instinct kicked in. (It's all about the Kids). So I went on with the date. At the party my husband played a DVD he had created about our daughter's years growing up, everyone loved it. And then all of a sudden there was a picture of us on the screen (on our wedding day).I had no Idea what was going on. Well since Family had All come in from out of town, and all our friends were there, and our pastor was there, guess what.  He had planned for our pastor to renew our vows right there and then. I have never been that surprised before.  And I had never felt more loved by him, than at that very moment. He knew how much that day meant to me, and I will always remember it.
4/17/2010 4:04:21 PM
Laura United States
My top surprise was by my son, my daughter and her boss. Our youngest child was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when he was 3 years old, he had to stay in a hospital about 2 hours from home and I was really missing my older children, I really wanted to be with them during this time. My daughter called my husband's cell phone which was not normal, I usually got the calls but she called daddy that time and they talked and he had just hung up the phone a few minutes and my beautiful children walked in that hospital room. My daughter's boss flew them there as a surprise and I was so happy to see my children. My daughter didn't call my cell phone and talk to me cause she knew I would figure it outSmile That has been my favorite surprise cause it was just what I needed at that time!!
4/17/2010 4:07:05 PM
Marie United States
I am person who hates to celebrate my birthday-I know that they are a gift from God-but for 364 days I ignore them then one day it hits and I feel like God is just laughing and saying "Your it".  On one of my birthdays I was attending a varsity high school soccer game.  We always love going to the games to watch our son play.  Well at half time a plane flew over with a banner with my name on it saying Happy Birthday-the announcer told everyone that my son wants to wish his mom a happy birthday-my husband handed me roses and the cheerleaders took the time to cheer me a happy birthday.  Basically everyone enjoyed it except for me. I want to thank God for giving me a sense of humor.  Went to work the next day and employees saw the banner as it flew over their houses.  Well I vowed to ge even so one valentine's day I was out of town.  I had a group of women singers go to my husband's job.  Set him in the center of the business-sang love songs to him then presented him with a teddy bear that said you are loved.  I then called him and said Gotcha.  What a day that was.
4/17/2010 4:08:48 PM
Philip L. United States
Philip L.
After completing a year and a half overseas in Iraq, I found myself in an airport in Whashington calling home to see if my wife and kids could pick me up at the local airport in Texas. It was a schoolday, and the time I was to arrive made it impossible for my wife to come get me and pick up the kids.It was then decided that I would get a taxi as soon as I got to the local airport. Later, I was finally in the taxi. The driver ended up being very nice, and later he even let me use his cell phone to call my wife to see where she was in the line at the boys' school. Meanwhile, the boys had no idea I was going to be getting home that day. Our oldest knew i was supposed to be getting in and as he asked where I was, I was pulling up in the taxi behind my wifes truck. The other two boys overheard and my wife said, "Look behind you and you will find your answer!" At that moment all eyes went to the back of the vehicle as I opened up the trunk to put my bags in. I will never forget the look of such suprise, mouths dropping open with big smiles and eyes getting so wide they nearly popped out and all yelling "DADDY!!!!".

4/17/2010 4:09:40 PM
Andrea United States
My husbands is in the Marine Corp and was offered a very rare amount of time for leave. Keeping it our little secret we didn't tell any of our family at home. I planned to have dinner with my mother in law the night he was to be coming home. I picked him up from the airport and drove with him over to her house (all while he was on the phone with her thinking he was still on a base) I walked in the door with him (still on the phone) she burst into tears.
4/17/2010 4:10:02 PM
Erin United States
My husband and I make it a habit to surprise each other, we both LOVE surprises! My best surprise for him thus far was his first birthday when we were dating. No one had EVER been able to surprise him before and they had tried. I took him to Ocean's of Fun (a local waterpark) then I had called a bunch of his friends and had them meet us in a special room at the restaurant. I had another friend stop by my house to pick up his birthday presents. Then I told him to get dressed, because we had a dinner reservation, I even told him where. he was thoroughly surprised when the hostess led us to a table where there were 15 of his friends seated and waiting for us.

The best surprise he's given me was for this years anniversary. My fingers swell when I am pregnant and I had been wearing my engagement ring. My fingers started to swell so bad that I couldn't feel my finger anymore. So I took off my ring and gave it to my husband to hold till we got home from church. Unfortunately it fell out of his pocket and we couldn't find it. He took me out looking at local jewelry shops to see if we could find the right ring, but we had no luck. So he found the information for the store where he originally bought my engagement ring. He contacted them and bought the same exact ring, again. He gave it to me at midnight on our anniversary, and all I could do was cry.
4/17/2010 4:12:28 PM
Kelly United States
My husband had always wanted a Porche.  When he was 20, it was a young man's dream. When he was 30 the house was built. When he was 40 our daughter was born. A few months before his 50th birthday he really believed his dream of owning a Porche would never happen.  What he didn't know was I had been saving for 7 years.  For his 50th birthday I threw a surprise party and during the party a friend of his brought the car around and I told him to turn around. The look on his face was worth saving for 7 years and making a dream come true for the most wonderful husband in the world. He is now 55 and still loves driving his vintage 1991 convertable Porche.
4/17/2010 4:13:42 PM
Margaret United States
My family got the best surprise last tuesday.  Last year my Cousin got called up to go to Iraq.  In September my family faced a great loss as my Grandpa went to be with his Father in Heaven.  We tried to get Danny home for the funeral but were not able to.  Danny was very close to Grandpa so we worried even more about him.  His tour ended and Danny got to come home last week.  He called Grandma last Monday and told her he would be home on Thursday at some time and would let us know when as soon as he knew.  I was home on vacation for the week because I wanted to see Danny and I was staying with Grandma.  On Tuesday Grandma, Katie (Danny's Sister) and I were heading out to go flower shopping but Katie had run a little late.  We were just leaving and discussing plans for Thursday to surprise Danny when we saw my other Cousin Dawn's husband Scott coming down Grandma's road.  Grandma slowed the car down and was just going see what Scott needed when the passanger door opened and out stepped Danny.  It was such a wonderful surprise and I don't think I will ever forget the look on Grandma's face.  After a year of worry and sadness my family had something wonderful to celebrate and it was such a great surprise for all of us to have him home earlier than expected.
4/17/2010 4:16:04 PM
Savannah United States
Last year for my birthday I was planning a big birthday party. I was planning it on thanksgiving weekend so that my cousins could be there. Then my parents said that I couldn't have it cause they thought they couldn't do it that weekend. So I was very disappointed. The day I was planning to have my birthday party I was gone pretty much all day with my dad. When I got home that night I walked in the house and when I walked in there were a bunch of people and they all said SURPRISE!!!!!! And I was surprised. REALLY surprised. We had SO much fun!! We had a party, bonfire, and played games.
4/17/2010 4:16:25 PM
Marie United States
Exactly four years ago today, I was given the biggest surprise of my life from my husband.  At the time, my husband and I were just "dating".  He came to my parents' house and picked me up to take me to my favorite restaurant.  On the way to the restaurant, he remembered that he had left some equipment outside and we just had to stop by his parents' house to put the equipment back in the barn.  He asked me to ride with him on his four wheeler across a wide field and through the woods to a little creek.  When we got there, instead of equipment, he had a red carpet and stepping stones waiting for me.  He led me across the rose petal covered carpet and stepping stones down to the creek.  On the other side of the creek there was a huge rock. He had placed 6 roses on the rock.  He held my hand and guided me across the creek and onto that rock.  As soon as we stepped on the rock he told me that he had something for me.  He stooped down and picked up a box from behind the roses.  He dropped to one knee and told me that he knew that God had put me in his life for a reason.  He asked me to marry him.  Four years later, we are happily married with two small boys.  
4/17/2010 4:17:07 PM
Tory Olsen United States
Tory Olsen
Well I had the opportunity to surprise someone i didn't even know. i work for a retail store and we happen to sell tractors. i had a guy come in wanted to buy a tractor for his son! he was soooooo excited about it! we were offering 12 months no interest payments and that day was the last day we were doing it and i told him about it. he was even happier. i could tell he had had some type of stroke because he could only really use one side of his body. he was a glass half empty kind of guy and just seeing and talking with him my heart broke for him. he wanted to get the most expensive tractor soo we went inside and started doing the paper work. unfortunatly the payment thing only let him talk out 500. so he said that he couldnt do it. and he walk away and it was soooo sad! my heart broke again and i felt sick. God was calling me to do something but i didnt know what. and i just started praying. i happened to remember his phone number and i called him the next day. when he answered he was really excited to hear from me. i asked him if he was still interested in the tractor and he said he really was. i asked him how much he could afford for it and all he was able to do was 1000. it was a 3000 dollar tractor. all i heard God saying was do it. soo i listened. i told him that i could cover the rest of the cost. im just in college and i really don't have that kind of money at all... but i had just over that much and i went and i helped him pay for it. and i found out later that his son that the tractor was for works with me!! soo that was my big surprise! and the son still doesn't know! and all i was doing was following what God told me!
4/17/2010 4:17:30 PM
Vicki Francis United States
Vicki Francis
I wanted to write and tell you about a surprise my wonderful husband was able to pull off on our 10th Anniversary. You see we are a blended family, so we never had a honeymoon or any time alone together after we were married. I have done my best to surprise him in a big way every chance I get, but I have to say, he took my breath away with this.  Our oldest daughter Brittany was graduating from High School in 2007. It just happend to be the same year as our 10 wedding anniversary. Since I felt it was such an important year for us, I just wanted our anniversary day to be a special day just for us.  While we were planning Brittany's graduation party at a local golf course, I was trying to choose a day for the party. It turned out that the only day available for the party was May 26th,(Our anniversary). I was devistated! But once again, my mom instinct kicked in. (It's all about the Kids). So I went on with the date. At the party my husband played a DVD he had created about our daughter's years growing up, everyone loved it. And then all of a sudden there was a picture of us on the screen (on our wedding day).I had no Idea what was going on. Well since Family had All come in from out of town, and all our friends were there, and our pastor was there, guess what.  He had planned for our pastor to renew our vows right there and then. I have never been that surprised before.  And I had never felt more loved by him, than at that very moment. He knew how much that day meant to me, and I will always remember it.
4/17/2010 4:22:40 PM
Allison United States
so my boyfriend of almost 3 months (march 4th is our anniversary) went out of town to visit colleges with his family in washington DC during our spring break. he was gone sunday to friday. and i decided i would buy some balloons for him that said "i love you" and tie them to his door. i also made up a little scavanger hunt that led him to my house. when he got there, my wonderful mother hit the play button on my ihome (the song was "when you wish upon a star" from pinnochio) and i ran around the side of my house and jumped on his back. i would say that was probably the best surprise of his life. im so glad i was able to do that for him.
4/17/2010 4:23:26 PM
Christopher Thies United States
Christopher Thies
Three and a half years ago i was in a life threatening car accident in which i fractured my skull... I am a huge Drew Brees fan and while i was recovering from the injuries that i had got in my accident my aunt e-mailed Drew Brees and told him about my situation and what had happened to me... about six or seven months after i got out of the hospital i got an urgent call from my aunt telling me to come over because she has something for me... I arrived at her house and she handed me a big envelope with Saints symbols all over it... So i was thinking what the heck??? I opened it and i pulled out a autographed picutre of Brees that says... Christopher Go Saints Drew Brees... I was so excited for the rest of the day and i called everyone i knew and told everyone i knew about what my aunt had done for me... So you can say i was just a little surprised at what had happened...
4/17/2010 4:24:46 PM
Bel United States
My special surprise was many yrs back before the BFF was even heard of, I had a BFITW (Best Friend In The World) We met when we were working together and most people thought we were sisters because we spent all our time together. Our children called us their Aunt and we had become family. After several yrs of living close to each other she moved across the country and we missed each other terribly. Although we were on the phone most every night and several times on weekends. When the internet was still fairly new, we chatted on instant message, all our friends were missing her too. So I planned a party in her honor and we would all chat on IM with her. While it was my party I was the first to chat and after several minutes into the chat. She comes into the room behind me and says, "Hey, why didn't anyone invite me to the party" I cried and laughed and we had a wonderful visit. Thank you for helping to remember the wonderful memory of my biggest surprise. I miss her dearly still as she went to be with Jesus in 2003. Bel, Reno, NV
4/17/2010 4:27:35 PM
jen United States
surprises are great! but i NEED a clue!!!!!!!! where's  the road trip going? i've been waitin 5 hours
4/17/2010 4:32:33 PM
Allison United States
so my boyfriend of almost 3 months (our anniversary is february 4th) went to visit colleges over our spring break during the beginning of april. he was gone for about a week. on the day he was coming home, i decided i would buy balloons that said "i love you" and tie them to his door. i also made up a scavenger hunt that led him to my house. when he got there my mom hit play on my ihome to start the song "when you wish upon a star". as it started playing, i ran around the side of my house and jumped on my boyfriend's back. good surprise? i would say so since we were both grinning from ear to ear. Smile
4/17/2010 4:33:41 PM
Duane Flemmer United States
Duane Flemmer
last year i end up very ill and end up going to the hospital they said i had a slim chance for living

well for the suprize i end up waking up and shocking every one not knowing half on what was going on lol
4/17/2010 4:36:00 PM
Pam United States
Three fo us ladies were known as "The Trouble Triplets" and we would meet once a Month for a meal. This one night I wasn't feeling well so I called to say I wouldn't be able to come and the other two begged me to come anyway. After a lot of talking back and forth I gave in and went. As I was walking into the Apartment I was met by 12 people from our Singles group and was really surprised.
4/17/2010 4:36:34 PM
Melissa Goodrich United States
Melissa Goodrich
I was surprised by my 2 oldest children in Feb this year.  My daughter was on her way form St Louis to Wisconsin for a big job fair.  I had taken the day off so we could have lunch together on her way through.  While we were eating lunch, this person came and sat down right next to me, I mean right up against me!  It was my son in his Navy dress blues!!  He was on his way from Pensacola Fl to his ship in Norfolk VA and came home to surprise me for a week while on leave!  It was so awesome; I had absolutely no idea he was coming.  Megan hadn't ever seen Josh in uniform, so even she was a given a surprise!  I
4/17/2010 4:39:51 PM
Savannah United States
I just tried to post this story and i couldn't find it so if i already posted it i am sorry.

Last year I was planning a big birthday party. I planned it on Thanksgiving weekend so my cousins could be there. A day or two before the party they said i couldn't have it cause they didn't think they could do it. They day I was going to have it I was gone almost all day with my dad. When we got home that evening I walked in the enter way and saw different shoes, but i really didn't think anything of it cause I knew my cousin was there. when i walked around the corner into the kitchen there was a bunch of people and they all yelled SURPRISE!!!! and i was surprised. That night we had so much fun. We had a bonfire and played games.
4/17/2010 4:43:09 PM
WBT United States
My parents will be celebrating their 25th anniversary this summer, after 25 wonderful years of marriage and a great job raising 3 kids.  My siblings and I are surprising them with a cruise to the Bahamas - we've made all the reservations and arrangements, and will be tipping the surprise THIS SUNDAY.  It's an exciting time!
4/17/2010 4:45:21 PM
Allison United States
so my boyfriend of almost 3 months (our anniversary is february 4th) went to visit colleges over our spring break during the beginning of april. he was gone for about a week. on the day he was coming home, i decided i would buy balloons that said "i love you" and tie them to his door. i also made up a scavenger hunt that led him to my house. when he got there my mom hit play on my ihome to start the song "when you wish upon a star". as it started playing, i ran around the side of my house and jumped on my boyfriend's back. good surprise? i would say so since we were both grinning from ear to ear. Smile
4/17/2010 4:47:53 PM
Shawn United States
My wife and I were married on Jan 9th 2010. This last Valentines Day was my best ever. She entered our wedding "kiss" picture in a contest sponsored by Hersheys and Walgreens. Our picture was put up on the Walgreens billboard in Times Square in New York City!! Even it was only long enough to take a picture, it was AWESOME! It wasnt "photoshopped" either. Because it was snowing the day they took it, and we looked at other pictures and they all didnt have snow like ours. I wish I could send you a copy of it. It was the best and my wife ROCKS!!!
Love you Kim!!
4/17/2010 4:49:47 PM
Erlina Mae Bowers United States
Erlina Mae Bowers
The biggest surprise I pulled off was a few years ago when I flew from Pittsburgh to California to surprise my brother for his graduation from seminary.  He knew that my mom was flying in from Ohio, but he had no idea that my dad was coming with her, or that I was on a seperate flight arriving later in the day.   His wife was in on it, as was my parents and friends of his who came to the airport to pick me up.  The day that I flew out there was also our birthday...we share a birthday but are 2 years apart.  We always call one another and see who beats who to calling.  When he called, I was up in the air flying to CA.  When I called him back to wish him a happy birthday, I was walking from his friends apartment to my brothers apartment.  While wishing him a Happy Birthday I knocked on the front door, and when he opened the door he just stood there as shocked as could be.  It was the best surprise I could have ever given someone- it was so much fun and a joy to be there to see my brother, who I love so much, graduate from seminary.  What a wonderful surprise I was able to pull off!!
4/17/2010 4:54:54 PM
Pam United States
Have you ever organized your own Surprise Party.
My Sunday School class decided to have a table games night and so for 2 weeks I was telling everyone to come and it was going to be a pitch in
and had a sign up sheet and everything.I even told them it would be a lot of Fun.
When I arrived at the Church I was met by a friend with a wheel chair and Bib saying "Over The Hill" and then rolled into the game room where all the singles and some other friends were waiting for me. I was so embarrassed when I relized I had helped promote my own surprise party.
4/17/2010 5:09:41 PM
Lily United States
today, my aunt turned 50 and my mom wanted to do something special, since they hadnt seen each other in a while.so,my mom flew down to florida from wisconsin in order to surprise her. my aunt was so shocked when she saw her standing in the doorway that she shut the door in my mom's face!i guess she thought that she was hallucinating or something... Smile
4/17/2010 5:10:13 PM
Laura United States
About 9 years ago we had the best surprise ever for our family and friends. We had applied for the adoption and had kept it a secret, only a few people knew. We were visiting our family in a near by state and found out that our precious baby boy just across the boarder. We were on our way to pick up my husbands mother to attend a  family function when we got the news. We picked up my mother-in-law and my husband announced " Congratulations Grandma!! you have a new Grandson that was born this morning." We then allowed my husbands mother to announce the news to the rest of the family at the event, of course everyone was ecstatic and in tears. The next day we picked up our precious baby boy and took him to meet everyone. Later we got to share the news and surprise once agin with my family back home.. The surprise lasted for months.. because hardly anyone knew we'd even applied.. People would see us and ask, "whose baby we were watching". I was so proud to say "Mine!" It was really fun and truely a blessing from God!
4/17/2010 10:39:01 PM
deb United States
For years my husband surprised me we big gifts. It was usually on my birthday, but sometimes at Christmas. I was always at Bedford Church Camp the week of or before my birthday in June. the first huge surprise was a 4 day cruise. It was the most romantic vacation we ever went on. Another time I came home from church camp and a hot tub was being installed. I got a ring w/ 14 small diamonds on it another time. The gift that took the most work was when he and my young son redid our bedroom. They painted, wallpapered, purchased bedding and wall hangings. The paint was actually still wet when I arrived home. It was perfect as was all his thoughtful gifts.
I'm a widow now, 3 yrs. and 10 mos. I am so very thankful that I have these wonderful memories. The first year he was gone I prayed to see at deer to show he was thinking of me on that day. I did, on my way to church camp. I'm pretty sure our Heavenly Father had a lot to do w/ that birthday gift.
4/17/2010 10:47:47 PM
Debra United States
I am back on the chocolate, I didn't get a chance to be on Kelly's side, and I wanted to share with you, in Sonoma County we have a Strause Family Farms that make organic, non-antibiotic/hormone animal products, and they make the best ever dark chocolate ice cream, it is so rich and creamy and chocolaty...nothing better!!!!
4/17/2010 11:04:55 PM
Melody Roth United States
Melody Roth
Usually I'm not able to surprise my husband because he's such a good guesser. But this year for his birtday in February, I was able to give him a double surprise.

I wanted to do something special for him because he was in the hospital for his last birthday and because he's an awesome husband, an amazing dad, an involved papa, my treasure, my blessing from heaven.  He's God's best gift to me next to my salvation.

I devised a plan with our adult children so they could help me with the surprise.

My husband is a HUGE Detroit Tigers fan and we happened to be at an auction where they had the autographed walk off home run ball hit by Magglio Ordornez in the 2006 ALS game that took them to the World Series. I sat with my husband while my son bid on it and we won it (the kids helped pay for it). It is in a nice frame with a picture of Maggs actually swinging the bat.

Then, I reserved a hotel room at a very nice hotel. Since his actual birthday was on a Monday, I also took that day off work without his knowledge. The kids and I took him to dinner and presented him with the Maggs ball.

I had already packed a suitcase and had it hid. Then as my oldest son took him for a ride on pretense of having to "meet someone regarding a business deal," I left the restaurant and went to the hotel. My son brought my husband to the hotel for the "meeting" and there I was. He was very, very surprised. It was truly amazing to be able to pull the off the surprise without him having an inkling of what I was doing or without me slipping up (and he wasn't even upset that we didn't go to a Superbowl party).
4/17/2010 11:17:41 PM
Susie Taugner United States
Susie Taugner
I tried all afternoon to get through on the phone to share this story with you.  I'm glad I have this option as well.

In June 2006, my son, Shawn's National Guard reserve unit was deployed to Kuwait and Iraq for 15 months.  I was having a hard time dealing with the fact that he would be spending the holidays away from home for the 1st time.  

On the day before Thanksgiving I got up for work and went to the kitchen to get my coffee.  On the table were Christmas stockings made from camoflage material, personalized for Mom, Dad, and Josh (his brother). I dropped everything and ran down the hall to Shawn's room and found him sleeping in his own bed. (obviously I didn't make it to work that day)

He had arranged to have his friend pick him up at the airport and hide him out until after midnight.  He still had his house key, and snuck in the house to suprise us for Thanksgiving.

On top of that, he wouldn't let me tell anyone that was coming to Thanksgiving he was here.  When his grandparents arrived he walked in and put his arms around his grandma from behind and kissed her on the top of the head, just like it was any other day.

That was the best Thanksgiving ever.  He was able to be home with us for 2 weeks before having to go back.

He's now a Marine and headed for Afganistan in September, so thanks for praying for our military and their families.

Love, Susie Taugner
4/17/2010 11:23:12 PM
Laura United States
My birthday was yesterday and my daughters (11 and 13) planned a surprise birthday party for me.  This was especially difficult because my husband is in the military and out of town.  They cleaned the house, invited my friends and arranged for someone to bake a cake.  They took care of all the details without me suspecting a thing!  I am truly blessed to have such thoughtful children.
4/17/2010 11:42:22 PM
Teresa Jeche United States
Teresa Jeche
When my Mom turned 70, my sister and I (the only two of Mom's kids who lived on the West Coast) flew back to our home state of Minnesota to surprise her (in March, no less, brrr!).  We flew into Minneapolis from separate states, rented a car, and started the journey to Mom's house.  First we stopped in Red Wing and surprised our older sister, when she got off work (we actually hadn't told anyone in the family we were coming).  We stayed overnight there, and then drove to Rochester the next morning and surprised our brother (he worked in a closed psychiatric unit at the time, but we explained what we were up to via a closed circuit TV to his staff, and they snuck us in and stashed us in the psychiatrist's office until they could fool him into meeting us.  The look on his face was priceless.) Then we drove to Chatfield and surprised my sister-in-law who was the principal of our local high school (my sister and I both graduated from there, years ago, and the SAME school secretary was still there!).  FINALLY, we drove to Spring Valley, bought some flowers and balloons, and knocked on Mom's door.  When she first looked out and saw us, she was speechless.  We were all pretty choked up, at being there, together, at such an important moment in her life, and she bragged about our surprise visit to everyone we ran into that weekend.  It was one of the best tricks I've ever played on someone (several someones, in fact), and such a great memory.
4/18/2010 12:06:52 AM
Ruth United States
2007 was going to be an exciting year for us, it was our 20th anniversary, our oldest son's was graduation High school and my husband was turning 50. We had big events in the planning for all three.
Every year we go to the valentine's banquet the youth put on at church. This year we went and my husband (somehow without me knowing) gave one of the youth a gift bag and ask them to bring it out during dessert. They forgot, he had to remind them and when they brought it out near the end of the banquet my husband got down on his knee a proposed to me again.  He gave me a diamond ring, a red rose and a copy of the song "The Rose" by Bet Milder. This was sang at our wedding. I was so surprised.
We planned on having a church renewal of our vows, which we did every 5 years and had starting planning the event. We were going to walk down the aisle with both our sons and they were going to take part in the ceremony.
None of the events we planned happened except I barely got to attend my son's graduation and his party. My father became terminally ill and passed way that year. I spent March to June with him away from home and family, until his death (the day before my husband's birthday).
Seven weeks ago today, some broke into our house and stole that ring and all the other jewelry my husband had given me over the years, including my original wedding set and several rings that belong to my deceased sister. Most of the jewelry was not very expensive but it was priceless to me.  I keep telling myself, these are just material possessions and the people that gave them to me are more precious  silver and gold. It bring to mind, lay up your treasure in haven where thieves cannot brake in and steal. and where your treasures are, there your heart is also.
We decided to wait till our 25th anniversary to renew our vows. Our 23rd anniversary will be on mother's day this year. We got on the phone two month after my father's death and called our family and friends and invited them to a surprise birthday party for my husband, who was helping me call people, which was funny.  We decide after the burglary to attend the youth retreat, since we were the drivers and there wasn't anything we could do. The retreat speaker spoke to the youth about living for a higher purpose, God.
4/18/2010 12:11:28 AM
Ruth United States
2007 was going to be an exciting year for us, it was our 20th anniversary, our oldest son's was graduation High school and my husband was turning 50. We had big events in the planning for all three.
Every year we go to the valentine's banquet the youth put on at church. This year we went and my husband (somehow without me knowing) gave one of the youth a gift bag and ask them to bring it out during dessert. They forgot, he had to remind them and when they brought it out near the end of the banquet my husband got down on his knee a proposed to me again.  He gave me a diamond ring, a red rose and a copy of the song "The Rose" by Bet Milder. This was sang at our wedding. I was so surprised.
We planned on having a church renewal of our vows, which we did every 5 years and had starting planning the event. We were going to walk down the aisle with both our sons and they were going to take part in the ceremony.
None of the events we planned happened except I barely got to attend my son's graduation and his party. My father became terminally ill and passed way that year. I spent March to June with him away from home and family, until his death (the day before my husband's birthday).
Seven weeks ago today, some broke into our house and stole that ring and all the other jewelry my husband had given me over the years, including my original wedding set and several rings that belong to my deceased sister. Most of the jewelry was not very expensive but it was priceless to me.  I keep telling myself, these are just material possessions and the people that gave them to me are more precious  silver and gold. It bring to mind, lay up your treasure in haven where thieves cannot brake in and steal. and where your treasures are, there your heart is also.
We decided to wait till our 25th anniversary to renew our vows. Our 23rd anniversary will be on mother's day this year. We got on the phone two month after my father's death and called our family and friends and invited them to a surprise birthday party for my husband, who was helping me call people, which was funny.  We decide after the burglary to attend the youth retreat, since we were the drivers and there wasn't anything we could do. The retreat speaker spoke to the youth about living for a higher purpose, God.
4/18/2010 1:08:24 AM
Amber United States
When my twin brother was in Iraq he called me and told me that he was gonna be going to be going through a hard time for a couple of weeks and he wanted me to take some time off work so he could call me whenever he needed to talk. well at the time i was working at a early learning center and opened the classroom @5:45 in the morning. so when i came home, if i wanted to have any sort of social life, i needed to take a nap! i was woke up with a scream coming from the kitchen! it was my mom! my heart had never pounded out o my chest so hard! i got up and went to walk out of the bedroom to go see what they were yelling at. when i walked out the door, i saw my twin brother, in his full military dress, standing there in the hall way!!!!! HE DIDNT TELL ANYONE BUT MY LITTLE BROTHER AND DAD THAT HE WAS COMING HOME! i couldnt do anything but back up in disbelief. then finally he was like 'Amber, are you going to hug me or what?!?" greatest suprise of my life.
4/18/2010 1:44:13 AM
SJ (Central Coast of CA) United States
SJ (Central Coast of CA)
I LOVE surprising people with blessings from the Lord...it's like covert ops for the Kingdom of Heaven! One of my all-time favs was the time I got my friend to help me plan a birthday party for myself at a restaurant with a lovely view of the Pacific Ocean. I invited the 8 or 9 women that God was using to minister His heart to me early in my recovery, & told them not to worry about gifts...my present would be their presence. The invitations went out, they all showed up, and we enjoyed a fabulous meal. What they didn't know is that I'd made arrangements with the server to pick up the check for all of them (it took a long time to plan & save, but it was SO worth it!). When we reached the end of the meal, I gave each of them a note expressing my heartfelt gratitude for how God had specifically used them in my life. Inside the note, each lady found a $25 gift certificate to a favorite store, and the friend that had helped me with all the planning found an additional gift certificate to another store she really enjoys. If you could have seen the looks on all their faces...& they kept trying to pass me money...asked if they could at least pay the tip...it was priceless!!! Hands down my BEST & FAVORITE surprise birthday party EVER...& I was the only one who wasn't surprised! ;)
4/18/2010 2:15:35 PM
Danny United States
Back in January of 2007 for our 25th anniversary, I rented a cabin in the mountains up in Townsend a little over a hour from where we live.  I took off work that day, to decorate it with flowers, chocolate covered strawberries in the fridge, I had a CD playing of "You needed me" by Anne Murray (which was our song as young adults while dating).  I had even taken the words to the song, photoshoped them over a picture of clouds and framed it.  I had this sitting next to her favorite roses, and gifts.   I picked the wife up after work where we went and spent our romantic weekend in the cabin.  But this was not the surprise.   The ultimate surprise was how my wife returned this gift.  For our 28th anniversary, she had changed the words of the song to match our own lives, and photoshoped over clouds and framed, Which was wonderful.  But the biggest and most memorable was she found the music track and recorded her version of the song and made me a CD.  I cannot listen to the CD or read the words without tearing up.  Then last night she and our boys drove for almost 10 hours to spend the weekend with me.  We have been separated due to work for close to 6 months.  My phone rang at 3:11 AM with the wife on the other end saying unlock the door, I'm turning up your road.  And I have to work today.  Frown  We only get to see each other about once every 2 months, due to the long drive and finances.  God has blessed us with 28 years plus of a happy life together and two wonderful boys.  And we both know he is in control and has plans for us, even with this long distance separation.    GOD is GOOD.  
4/18/2010 2:47:14 PM
Su United States
I had the priveledge of surprising my hubby almost a year ago, mostly because of God using KLOVE's Valentines Matthew West contest!!  When he came out with his contest song on Feb 13 2009, God put in my heart to surprize him on our anniversary with a vow renewal ceremony!  I'd heard all week and at other times of husbands surprizing their wifes, but not ONE of a wife surprizing their hubby.  So, I thought if our anniv is on Saturday this year, we'll go for it... and , GOd is SOOO good, it was (in 2009!).  So I had friends lined up to run sound, take pics, and help plan for our 22nd anniv in June!  We'd stayed in tough with 3 of our original maids and groomsmen (2 being siblings =) ), one beat us Home, and another I spent a month or more trying to find -- we hadn't seen 'em just about since our wedding!  I was just about to give up with God led me ... AND I FOUND "EM!!  So of the 8 standing in for us at our renewal, 1/2 were from our original!!  By Jun 1 he knew I was planning a party or something but was TOTALLY SHOCKED TO SEE FAMILY AND FRIENDS THERE WE HADN'T SEEN IN QUITE some time!!  After that, man it's HIS turn!!! =))~
4/18/2010 4:05:00 PM
Sandie Sanchez United States
Sandie Sanchez
My 11 year old (at the time) daughter TOTALLY surprised me for my 39th birthday!  She called two of my friends, one helped her get emails out to all my other friends inviting them to a surprise birthday party for me in my home! She asked my other friend to come and take me out to a movie and lunch (wonder if she ever paid her for that!!). It was great, I NEVER suspected a thing, even while we were having lunch and my friend was receiving many calls and texts!  As we walked into my house, it was nicely decorated and I just thought the kids did it to be thoughtful, then I jumped as 30 or so of my friends screamed "Happy Birthday!"  All I could think of was "Praise God I cleaned the bathroom!!"
4/18/2010 5:36:57 PM
Renee Moore United States
Renee Moore
My husband and I both lost are job, and have been going through a really difficult time financially, and are dryer broke and  we were not able to buy a new one so we have been going to laundry mat to dry all our clothes. Yesterday we received a call from Home Depot and my sister and mother bought us a new dryer and it is being delivered toady. I feel god is always there for us through the tough times.
4/19/2010 4:38:35 AM
Ashley Woodcock United States
Ashley Woodcock
I went to Rochester, and my friend didn't know I was coming... While her family did. I walked in to her office, and then she looked at me went pale, screamed and it was truly a blessing.
4/20/2010 12:21:25 PM
Kim United States
For our 25th anniversary, my husband and I planned a short three-day get away.  We decided to go back to the area where we were married and spend the weekend.  I had a nice card for him but I thought he might not have had time to get one so when we left, I left mine at home.  We headed out and our first stop was to visit the Church where we were married (in another state).  I was taking some pictures of the outside of the Church.  He came up behind me and handed me a small folded up letter.  (like the love notes you get in school!).  I opened the letter to find a hand-written love letter.  Of course, I started to cry.  At the bottom of the page it said "over".  On the reverse it said for me to turn around for a surprise.  He was standing there with a beautiful anniversary ring for me.  I was so totally surprised and excited.  As I then found out, everyone BUT me knew about his big plans.  He had planned and schemed and gave me a wonderful surprise.  It was then that I really regretted leaving his card at home!!  God Bless!
4/20/2010 12:42:17 PM
Candy United States
I am in the military and I left for my training in July of 08'. And this past Thanksging I was at Fort Gordon, GA finishing up. My grandmother was back in West Tennessee where I am from counting down the days till I get finished with training in GA so I can come back home. Well as Thanksgiving got closer and closer I kept getting more calls from her asking me if I was going to get to come home for Thanksgiving she was cooking supper. And I told her no I wasn't going to be able to come because it was too far and I only had three days off. So she was upset and kept asking my mom if I was okay and what I was doing for thanksgiving since I was by myself in GA. So my mom told her I had friend I was going to be with and I would be ok. Well the day of Thankgiving my plane landed in Memphis and my mom picked me up and we drove two hours to my grandmothers house. When I got there my mom and sister went in like normal I waited a minute and then I walked in the door. And my grandmother looked up and saw me and started crying and clapping and jumping and ran to me and gave me a big hug and just wouldn't let me go. She said it was the best Thanksgiving she had ever had. And I am so glad I got to make it the best for her.
4/20/2010 4:31:27 PM
Ralph Waldo United States
Ralph Waldo
I was realy upset, I had been doing homework all day and I didn't finish in time to be able to go out with my family. well, I went outside and was crying. I got angry and threw a really big stick.  Then my labrador ran out from behind me and went and retrived the stick. he had never even retrived stickes before, only balls. I felt like that was God saying, don't worry about it, just let go of your fears and anger and enjoy life. Me and my dog played till the stick, which used to be longer then him, was nothing more a little twig. God speakes in amazing ways.  
4/21/2010 12:48:11 PM
Renee Castle United States
Renee Castle
One of the best surprises of my life came from my husband and our church! A week before Mothers Day last year my husband came to me and said that he was speaking at church the next weekend. When I asked him why he said that he was going to share is story on finding God. I kinda of pushed it off because he has already done this once  and I was suppose to work. So after a week of him telling me that I had to be there Sunday came and I called in.  We headed to church like always. At this point I was totally clueless as to what was about to happen.
We did our normal routine upon arriving at church. The only thing was that we sat in the front row. When I asked him why he said so he could see me if he got nervous. I thought that was very sweet so I agreed. So as service started one of the assistant pastors asked all mothers to stand up. So about 700 moms stood up. The next thing you know...the church staff is handing out long stem roses to us all. Everyone clapped to thank us for all the hard work that mothers do. It was very heartwarming. So Danny ( our pastor) comes on to stage and begins to tell us how is mother impacted him and brought him to God. It was very moving. Then he began to speak of biblical mother's and how they impacted some of the major players in the bible.
The next topic started with here at Emmanuel  Church we have some very special mothers that we would like to recognize. He stated that he wished that he could do this for all the mom's but the church would go broke. LOL Then very quickly he turned to me and said " Her name is Renee Castle and she is the mother of two special needs children" I looked at him and said you are in so much trouble Danny.. he said I know and gave a heartfelt grin. He proceed to take me on stage and tell the congregation about my children. With out going into an even longer story our son who is 8 has Autism, Medication induced Prolong QT Syndrome, and Asthma. Our daughter has Spina Bifida Occulta and has had 5 surgeries in her 4 short years on this earth. So back to my wonderful surprise. I hear my sweet babies voice from the back of the church and they coming running on stage. Danny then tell's me that there is a limo out front waiting to take my family to lunch at Bravo's. I could not believe how humble I felt. That my husband and my pastor took so much time to honor me. My kids were over the moon to be in a limo and our lunch was perfect. We spent the rest of the day in Brown County as a family. I want to add that they did this for another mother in the second service. Never in my life have I won something but if I never get such a grand gift again I have been truly blessed!
4/22/2010 12:21:02 AM
Savannah United States
I just tried to post this story and i couldn't find it so if i already posted it i am sorry.

Last year I was planning a big birthday party. I planned it on Thanksgiving weekend so my cousins could be there. A day or two before the party they said i couldn't have it cause they didn't think they could do it. They day I was going to have it I was gone almost all day with my dad. When we got home that evening I walked in the enter way and saw different shoes, but i really didn't think anything of it cause I knew my cousin was there. when i walked around the corner into the kitchen there was a bunch of people and they all yelled SURPRISE!!!! and i was surprised. That night we had so much fun. We had a bonfire and played games.
4/25/2010 9:43:31 AM
Jaclyn United States
My husband surprised me with a 30th birthday party in the town's Opera House with a theme of the Phantom of the Opera, of which I am a huge fan. It was also going to be our 10th wedding anniversary in a couple of months. When he proposed to me 11 years ago it was coincidentally on my birthday, and we were at his junior prom. He told me he'd get me a more suitable ring on our 10th anniversary. At my surprise birthday party he presented me with a new ring and proposed all over again for all my friends and family to hear. It was so romantic and perfect, and I can't believe he had been planning it for three months and nobody had let any secret slip!
4/28/2010 9:42:31 PM
Stephanie United States
My husband surprised me for Christmas.  He had gone to Houston from Ft. Riley, KS to pick up his mom for Christmas.  Well, he called me a day later and said we were going home (to Houston) for Valentine's Day.  I asked why.  He said, "Cause I've had it set up to renew our wedding vows on that day".  He had gone to my pastor's house and set it up to have our marriage vows renewed for our 10 year anniversary before he was due to deploy to Iraq.  It was the most beautiful surprise ever!  The wedding was marvelous and I was so glad to have our marriage blessed by God in the church.  I will never forget it...I have told him for about 4-5 years that I wanted to renew our vows in the church I was baptized in.  He did that on his on accord and I felt so loved.  God is amazing and I continue to pray for my husband that he will have a personal relationship with the Lord.  I know He is working on him.
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