Apr 30 2010

Eating out tips!


This week the editors of Men’s Health released a list the worst seafood dishes in America.  I was shocked to read that a field of greens salad with sautéed salmon from California Pizza Kitchen clocked in at 1,227 calories, landing at #7 of “AMERICA’S WORST SEAFOOD DISHES.”  This is yet another example that you have to be very watchful of what you order at a restaurant because even the most healthy sounding dishes can be secret calorie bombs!  Click here to watch Christine Avanti on NBC News weighing on “America’s worst seafood dishes.” [link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-W-qNbQghcY]

Salmon salad? If that isn't healthy than what is?

Christine Avanti’s Eating Out Tips

1. Avoid ordering salads as a meal.  A side salad with a small amount of dressing is fantastic.  However, restaurant salads that are designed as a meal are usually loaded with hidden calories from dressings, cheeses, and fried meats.  Make your “meal salads” at home!

2. Scan the entrée section of the menu for grilled, baked or roasted meat dishes that are free of sauces.   For example the “Herb crusted Salmon” at Cheesecake factory is a healthy choice.  You should split it with a friend because they give a 10 ounce portion.  Additionally, they serve it with mashed potatoes in which case I recommend requesting a substitute of brown rice (168 calories per serving) or baked potato (161 calories per serving). 

3. Order sparkling water, unsweetened iced tea or ice water with a twist of citrus instead of soda, juice, or alcohol.  Doing this will save you 100-300 calories!

For more information on what to order at restaurants check out the Fast Food Nutrition Guide from Nutritionist Christine Avanti.

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