May 17 2010

Looking for teacher gift ideas!

Hey parents! It's that time of year again...time to come up with a meaningful, unique gift for our kids' teachers. Any great ideas? Teachers...what do YOU like to receive as a special gift? Help!

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5/5/2010 3:08:52 AM
Letha Chasey United States
Letha Chasey
I have given my Daughter's teacher a small handmade Longaberger basket as a year end teacher gift. Or at Christmas time we gave her Jr teachers a Longaberger Travel Mug. I am an Independent Longaberger Home Consultant, and you can email me with additional questions, or visit my website,
5/5/2010 3:13:11 AM
Amber United States
I'm a 3rd grade teacher and I can tell you that gifts are nice, but once I get them I feel like I need to keep them around.  Space is limited in my classroom, so this isn't always best.
Last year I got the best gift of all.  One of my student's parents came in for an hour and read a book and had my students draw a picture for me, while I was able to do paperwork and other things that just have to get done.  Another student's parent came in at the same time and helped me pack up my library.  It was such a huge task, and I was blessed to have willing hands to help.  It's so hard to find time at the end of the year to pack up and finish the mounds of work that gets bigger each day.  These gifts of time were so precious and much needed.  Consider giving your time to your child's teacher.
5/5/2010 3:14:25 AM
Julie Sharpe United States
Julie Sharpe
The best gifts are school supplies such as glue,glue sticks,crayons,magic markers,hand sanitizers,clorox wipes
5/5/2010 3:15:24 AM
Brandy United States
When  I was in high school I had the same English teacher for 4 years.  At the end of my senior year I gave him a gift certificate to go out to eat.
5/5/2010 3:18:38 AM
Kara United States
I am a 5th grade teacher, I don't receive many gifts because many of my children are from low income families, but I do enjoy anything that will give me a chance to relax.  Like a gift card to a book store so I can get a good book to read over the summer.
I also taught middle school, so I do know that they often feel forgotten.  You can always find a day and bring in a large pizza for the team to have lunch together.  Hope the ideas help.  
5/5/2010 3:19:33 AM
Brandy United States
Hi Kelly, a gift certificate to go out to eat is a nice gift for a teacher.  That is what I gave my high school teacher.
5/5/2010 3:23:15 AM
Jasmine United States
I personally like to make something homemade and write a note for them of something important they taught me this year. For example, for my English teacher I would make a bookmark, decorate it, and write: "Without you, I would not know how to read! Thank you!"
5/5/2010 3:23:23 AM
Denise Barandas United States
Denise Barandas
I suggest a gift card to either a bookstore or a teaching supply store. OR a gift certificate to a nice restaurant. Also, I only give a gift to the homeroom teacher, not all 7 of them!
5/5/2010 3:23:39 AM
Natasha United States
I've only been teaching for a few years, but I could already open up a gift shop with all the mugs, candles, and little statues I've received from my students!  The most appreciated present I've ever received was a gift card to the local cafe; that sweet little boy had noticed that I got my coffee there every morning.  Other great gift ideas are gift cards to restaurants or bookstores, and I also love the idea of telling kids my favorite charity so they can spread the joy beyond me.
5/5/2010 3:23:41 AM
Laura United States
I work in the school and I love when my students write me a note at the end of the year.  Many times they'll tell me a favorite activity or what they'll remember about me.

And I love to get gift certificates to Target, Staples, Office Depot - any local teacher supply store - or Dunkin Donuts!!  

5/5/2010 3:23:45 AM
Steph United States
I think a gift card to a book store would be awesome.  Teachers are always looking for new books to encourage their students to read, read, read!
5/5/2010 3:24:05 AM
Mary Miller United States
Mary Miller

How about a gift card from the Health store or Good Earth store.
5/5/2010 3:24:34 AM
Paige United States
I would suggest writing in a card that your family is going to offer up a rosary for her and her needs. Or if you aren't Catholic you could tell the teacher in a card that your family will add her to their prayers that week. That's such a great gift because what greater gift do we have than the lord? Hope this helps! God bless!
5/5/2010 3:25:29 AM
Renee United States
Hi!  So, I know you said something about candles, but if you go to and check out April's warmer of the month, I think you'll really like it.  It's specifically for teachers and the saying is so perfect.  These are wickless candles that are so safe (heated wax by a light bulb) and really beautiful.  They scents are also really strong & come in over 80 scents.  Good luck!
5/5/2010 3:28:19 AM
Erin United States
We make the same homemade gift each year for each new teacher. The teachers love the gift, and the kids enjoy helping make it! Best part, it's very inexpensive.

We decorate a small terra cotta flower pot to look like a chalk board by painting it black. Then we use white puffy paint to write "ABC" and "123" on the pot, and tie a pretty black/white ribbon around the top. We have filled the pot with pretty flowers in years past BUT this year we filled the pot w/dry pinto beans and used green tape to secure pretty fake flowers to inexpensive pens and stuck them in the beans. Now teacher will always have a pretty pen available to grade papers and a cute place to store them!
5/5/2010 3:29:26 AM
Christina United States
The best gift I ever got was a gift card to Starbucks!  I don't know any educator that doesn't love coffee.  Most of us need it to start our day, especially when we work with the younger ones who have way more energy than we do!

5/5/2010 3:33:11 AM
Michele Wright United States
Michele Wright
Kelli, I am a consultant for Blessings Unlimited. It sells unique, inspiring gifts.  It was started by Day Spring Cards in 2006.  I heard you on the radio this evening driving home and I thought I would share with you.  You can log onto my website and view the catalogs.  There are so many great ideas-one for instance is the Proverbs 31 box ($18) on page 53 in the spring catalog.  Another idea is the purse mirror ($15) on page48 in the spring catalog.  If you order it will take 3-4 days for your product to arrive to your home.  Good Luck with the gift and I hope you find what you are looking for.
5/5/2010 3:33:34 AM
Kat United States
A nice gift for teachers would be a PocketBac (pocket or purse sized) Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar hand sanitizer.  
5/5/2010 3:34:16 AM
Casey United States
Teacher Gift Ideas

Whenever I'm not sure what to get somebody, I fall back on a couple things:

1.) Picture frame -- But instead of giving it with that generic insert, I include a photo of me and the recipient.

2.) Gift card to local gas station

Another thing I thought of is that I lovelovelove it when my nieces and nephews send me "letters" and include pictures they drew for me.  You could have your son write his teacher a thank you note.  (Or you could write it and have him sign it and draw pictures on it.)  
5/5/2010 3:35:50 AM
Amy Bates United States
Amy Bates
My mom is a teacher and I have heard so many times how sick she is of candles and lotion.  Remember that each class can have up to 28 kids so that means lots of lotion.  My mom spends alot of her own money on the classroom and I know that she would love a class cash fund.  
5/5/2010 3:37:19 AM
Douglas United States
Last year my brother made wood crafted pens for his daughter's teachers. The teachers loved them. There is even a teacher's pen available that is a two sided pen. One side is black ink and the other is red ink. There are even wood working stores such as Rockler that not only sells the items to make them but at times has pen turning classes. Your child could even make the pen for the teacher and teachers can always use a good pen.
5/5/2010 3:40:40 AM
suanne United States
as a special gift to your kids teachers make a summuer calendar with a weekly prayer time praying a specific blessing on them. have your kids decide what the teacher gave them that was such a blessing to them and now send it back with an abundance. many teachers are scared for their future and are pretty worn out by end of the school year. why not pour back into them all theyve given and more.monetarily cheap but truely a priceless gift and a great learning tool for your kids too. good luck!
5/5/2010 3:40:48 AM
Erin Brown and Emily Weaver United States
Erin Brown and Emily Weaver
We are both teachers and love to get gift certificates to coffee shops, favorite restaurants and stores, manicures, etc.  They don't have be much ($5 - $10) but they go a long way in making a teacher feel appreciated and pampered.  Practical gifts like dry erase markers, office supplies, printer cartridges, and colored copy paper are also great to get.  Don't give mugs, apples, lotions, and cutesy-teacher stuff... we have it already! Smile  Always remember: we are people like you and want the things you would want.  
5/5/2010 3:40:49 AM
Ashley smith United States
Ashley smith
My sister is the most Godly woman I know and she is also a great artist. She designs T-shirts and other gift with Scripture on them. I think her art is a great way to share our faith with the teachers in our lives who deserve so much encouragement and love. You can see her art at
5/5/2010 3:45:09 AM
Grace Cole United States
Grace Cole
Hey Kelly!
I've worked with or been a teacher for the past 7 years. I agree completely about supplies and stuff, but if you happen to have the time you might want to volunteer to take over for the teacher during lunch or recess if the teachers at that school have to do duty.
At my school, teachers have to eat with and watch the students at lunch. One of the best times is when someone brings us lunch and takes over that duty for the day.
Also, find out if your son's teacher likes manicures, pedicures, or massages.  The end of the year is pretty stressful, so massages feel good.
Finally, helping during the end-of-the-year party and then helping to clean up the room later is something teachers LOVE!!!
5/5/2010 3:50:01 AM
Megan Jones United States
Megan Jones
I am a first year teacher (actually first semester teacher) after coming in mid year at a middle school. I can definately say this has been the most trying time of my life. I agree with other people who have called in that books and supplies are some of the most appreciated things as we put so much of our own money into it. BUT, I can also say that as teachers one thing we DON'T get (or all too rarely) is the chance to see the fruits of our labor. I think one thing I'd appreciate most is a letter from my students of what they learned/liked/appreciated about my class. So often I go home wondering if I made a difference or what my purpose is; hearing from my students is always a heart warming and FREE.
5/5/2010 3:54:36 AM
Robin Wilson United States
Robin Wilson
I am a 4th grade teacher and love to receive gift cards such as for restaurants, bath shops or movie theaters.
5/5/2010 3:56:12 AM
Megan United States
As a teacher here are some thoughts on the gift ideas.
Best gifts:
1)true, heartfelt thank you cards. Teachers love to know that they made a difference. This is really the best thing that I can think of that I would ever want from my kids or their parents.
2)If you have the time during the day, you can offer to help in the classroom. We're busy and an extra pair of hands is always appreciated.
3)We like a fun day. For the ladies - a gift card to a spa. For the gentlemen - a round of golf. These can be a little more pricey, so you could pool money from a few parents in the class. Or just gift cards to any department store.

A few gift no-nos.
1) Candy. I get so fat from all the chocolates. Smile
2)Lotions and bath & body items. I have quite the collection now.
3)At Christmas time, please do not give mugs. I have about 30 mugs that I've collected by now and I don't even like coffee or tea.
3) Things that clutter the desk like a cute apple with an inspirational quote. It may say something great but it just adds to the many things out on the desk.

5/5/2010 3:58:41 AM
Patisa Kielau United States
Patisa Kielau
As a teacher, I can tell you I have enough coffee mugs and apple nicknacks. However, as a lady said online, a gift certificate for a bookstore or a book for her classroom is ideal. My school has book fairs twice a year where teachers can put things on a "wish list" for parents or others to buy. I love reading at home, too, so if it is a bookstore gift certificate, I could also get something indulgent for myself. ;)

God bless
5/5/2010 4:16:43 AM
Linda Christopher United States
Linda Christopher
I've been a teacher for a very long time and I have recieved many thoughtful gifts over the years. The gifts that I have found most enjoyable were: 1) homemade treats that I could share with my family (most people don't realize how much a teacher's family sacrifices)2)sentimental rememberances such as a tote bag or apron with the children's names or handprints and 3)gift cards to book stores, restaurants, nail salons or for just about anything. That being said, the only gift that I actually save and still find enjoyment in, has been the notes and cards with kind words and personal thanks. The note really does matter. Teachers are in their positions because they care about the children and about their families. It's a frustrating job at times and it helps soooo much to hear that you've made a difference.
5/5/2010 4:17:44 AM
Ashlyn United States
Hey!! So what my mom and I always do for my teachers is we make jars with all the dry ingredients for cookies or brownies, then all they have to do is add milk and eggs. ITs really easy and its also fun!!
5/5/2010 4:18:04 AM
Annette Falcon United States
Annette Falcon
I would make a hardcover photo book. Write a story to go with it or have each of the kids say something they appreciate about the teacher. You can also put a picture of your family at the end and write a message to the teacher about something your child enjoyed learning from her.
5/5/2010 4:18:31 AM
Kaye United States
My children's teachers have suggested that they would love the gift of a meal prepared for them.  They are so busy and often have to take their work home with them; it is a blessing to have an evening where they don't have to worry about making dinner and frees them to spend that time with their own families or doing something fun!  If you're not a cook, find a friend(s) and go together for a gift certificate to a restaurant or for takeout pizza and drinks.
5/5/2010 4:18:40 AM
Whitney Miles United States
Whitney Miles
Keep it simple. Give your kid's teacher like a gift card to her/his favorite shopping place or resturaunt in like a little cute humorous card. I'm in high school but I remember my teachers weren't really big on gifts they just liked their jobs. So if you get them something I bet your bottom dollar that they will love it just the same.
5/5/2010 4:22:49 AM
kandee worley United States
kandee worley
my daughter and I painted flower pots and planted herbs in them.  Along the rim of the pot we wrote
"thank you for helping me grow"  The teachers loved them!!!

You can get terra cotta pots pretty cheap at lowes or home depot, and they sell special paint at craft stores.

We made thumb print bugs and flowers on the pot it was real cute.
5/5/2010 4:25:51 AM
Jill Lindsey United States
Jill Lindsey
Take your kids to a pottery painting store and have them paint a piece especially for their teacher. Use the teacher's favorite color and fill it with Hershey's Kisses. The paint is lead free and the pieces can be put in the dishwasher which gives you so many useable choices that won't go to waste.
5/5/2010 4:26:28 AM
Christine United States
Teaching supplies would really be appreciated, just something small, like a ream of paper, or a pack of pens.
5/5/2010 4:27:00 AM
a-ta rattray United States
a-ta rattray
not sure what amount you are looking to spend, and this would be out of your budget, maybe plan with a couple other teachers or the entire class to treat the teacher to one of their favorite events/plays/ even a day at the spa. if you are really trying to budget, try looking in your area for a spa/beauty school. their prices are usually about half and they take their time and do an incredible job!! who doesn't like to be pampered at some time ^_^ *hugs*
5/5/2010 4:27:19 AM
kandee worley United States
kandee worley
my daughter and I painted flower pots and planted herbs in them.  Around the upper edge of the pot we put "thank you for helping me grow"

You can get terra cotta pots pretty cheap at lowes or home depot.  And they sell special paint for terra cotta pots at craft stores. they also sell paint that comes in a pen form for easy writing.

We made thumb print bugs and flowers on the pot and it was really cute.
5/5/2010 4:28:14 AM
Jean United States
What if your son made a a customized name plate for his teacher? It could be decorated on the front with the teacher's name and on the back have a personalized letter from him.

Maybe even create a personalized plaque with a great sentimental phrase geared towards teachers and the difference they make using some vinyl letters. I know that a gift like that during teacher appreciation week would've meant the world to me!

You could bake some goodies together by finding out his/her favorite sweet or make a goodie bag with her favorite candy/candies.

Write a meaningful poem that you two could write together about the teacher and decorate it. Acrostic poem using the teacher's last name?

*I have to admit, this was a hard list to make... and I'm a teacher!
5/5/2010 4:29:55 AM
dana United States
How about a little pot the kids can paint/decorate and a nice plant/flower that's will come back every year.... or a cute picture frame the kids can decorate with their picture in it
5/5/2010 4:33:46 AM
Karlee United States
A Giftcard.  

        Karlee, 10
5/5/2010 4:34:26 AM
Leandra United States
Have your kid make the teacher a craft.
5/5/2010 4:35:11 AM
Cindy Blue United States
Cindy Blue
Hi Kelly,
My son also had several teachers this year. I have done this in the past and it was a hit. Take the smarties candy and dumm-dum suckers and put them together with a note that saids: "Thanks for making me a smartie and not a dum-dum."
Teachers have loved it. One more take mints and put a note that said: "You were "mint" to teach!"
Extra chewing gum:You are extra special!"
5/5/2010 4:36:58 AM
Mark Henry United States
Mark Henry
Kelli I have the perfect teacher appreciation gift for you. Check out the link below:

It is a book titled The Heart of a Teacher which comes with a dvd all for about $12. You will love it.

Thanks for all you do to brighten my days.
5/5/2010 4:38:01 AM
Gayle United States
Hello! Last year, I got a basil plant from one of my students. It was great because I could snip off basil leaves all summer for my salads, sandwiches, etc. I think you can get them at Home Depot, Lowe's, etc. I'm hoping for another herb this year!!!
5/5/2010 4:38:34 AM
Rebecca United States
A letter describing how the teacher has positively impacted your child might be the best present she/he could ever receive.  This is the time of the year that teachers learn whether or not they will be asked back the next year.  A hand-full of letters from parents could be very important to a teacher who has been let go.
5/5/2010 4:40:05 AM
Jovi United States
Here are a couple links for some Great teacher ideas I used this year!

The warmer is So cute! It's a wick-less candle and my favorite from the 2nd link is the square red plate that you make with your child! LOVE LOVE LOVE them both! Good Luck and God Bless!
5/5/2010 4:40:23 AM
Mary Lynn United States
Mary Lynn
I agree with Eric no knick knacks.  I am a teacher and I appreciate the thought that parents care what we do.  A $5 gift card to Starbucks so I can treat myself is wonderful.  A gift card to a bookstore is always exciting for teachers too.  Thanks for taking to time to make your son's middle school teachers feel appreciated.  I teach 8th grade and we put in some pretty tough days.
5/5/2010 4:42:40 AM
Carrie Hargrove United States
Carrie Hargrove
My niece made these for hostess gifts for a baby shower but they are a fantastic.  Inexpensive and oh so cute.  Male teachers may not enjoy as much but I'm sure they should be using a coaster Smile.  **the link has the instructions and pics**
5/5/2010 4:45:05 AM
Tamera United States
Teachers love food! Why not surprise your child's favorite teacher(s) with food that you bring in?  When teachers come to school, they are often not able to leave for the day. Having someone show up with a dozen bagels, or lunch is such a nice gesture that they can pay forward and share with their colleagues. It is especially nice if you have a child in middle school with multiple teachers. They can share!
5/5/2010 4:55:15 AM
Brian United States
We went to our daughters school and took a picture of each kid in the class then had them write out their favorite memory of the teacher on a note card.  We matched each kids picture with their note card and put it in a photo album for the teacher to keep.
5/5/2010 4:58:44 AM
Amanda Rose Smith United States
Amanda Rose Smith
I have three older brothers and grew up in a small farm town in California. My sixth grade English teacher, ms.larabell had really made an impact on myself and a classmate. As a thank you, we cut up hundreds of pink and red paper hearts writing a few special notes on them and 'heart-attacked' her home. To top it off, my mother, a baker, helped us make a heart shaped cake to place on her doorstep. She bragged about that story for years. I do not think teachers realize how large of an impact they have on their students, lately feeling disposable. Well from myself and all students, thank you to the teaching community for having a lasting impression on our lives. God Bless!!!!
5/5/2010 5:01:57 AM
Laura Riggs United States
Laura Riggs
I am a teacher with 23 years in the classroom.  I suggest giving teachers gift cards to movie theaters. Gift cards to office supply stores are also nice, since many teachers have to buy their own supplies.  What I have cherished most, however, are handwritten thank you notes from my students.  I keep those.  I would suggest that you not get teachers gift cards to eating establishments unless you know it is a place they like to eat.
5/5/2010 5:07:20 AM
Rebekah United States
Coffee and chocolate, pertfect
5/5/2010 5:12:14 AM
lisa sangalli United States
lisa sangalli
i know some people give gift cert. or cards to restaurants or other stores or other services like hair, nails, or massages. Teachers welcome all these just find out what your teacher likes and where they spend their money.
5/5/2010 5:12:25 AM
Kara Caldwell United States
Kara Caldwell
Hi, I teach 1st grade and I wanted to share with you the coolest gift I have ever received.  At least I think it was cool b/c it was very creative.  One of my parents bought all different kinds of candy and had her son use them to write me a message.  They pasted the candy in place of words for the message.  For instance, Twix was used for "tricks," Sweettarts were useds for "sweet heart," and I think there was a Whatchamacallit (or something) and 100 Grand bar and some others as well.  But it was so cool to see those incorportated into the message.  I took it around to show all the other teachers in my building and then took it home to eat.  Smile  I left the packages on the message though so I could save it.  If you're looking for something that's really unique/creative, this is it.  But I also heard the guy earlier mention giving supplies to the teachers. That's also very nice since we only get so much money to spend for the school year and it's usually gone by the 2nd nine weeks and school supplies do not last all school year.  Especially first grade b/c I think they must eat their supplies or something.  It amazes me how they can have a pencil for one assignment and then 30 minutes later they ask for a pencil b/c they've lost the one they JUST had.  Anyways, I know this was way more than what you asked for but I hope this helped in some way with your choice of teacher gifts.
5/5/2010 5:17:44 AM
Susan Scher United States
Susan Scher
Having been a teacher for 30 years I would say Do Not give the teacher a mug, perfume or a candle.  Gift certificates are wonderful.  One to a teacher's supply store is great.  Other ideas are:  a teacher's favorite restaurant, bookstore, craft store, even a gas card.  Teachers are always spending their money on school so giving them a gift card to use for themselves is so thoughtful.  The best gifts a parent/caregiver can give is a kind, hard-working child and the parents' support for the teacher.
5/5/2010 5:25:11 AM
Heike United States
I have been home schooling my children for almost 10 years, but I still found it important to honor our teachers in our area. They have had pay-cuts and lower staff.
I brought a massage table in and massaged their feet. I massaged 18 pair of feet and it took me 4 hours.
5/5/2010 10:27:08 AM
Julie Sharpe United States
Julie Sharpe
Any items such as school supplies such as pencils,crayons,glue,glue sticks,hand sanitizer,clorox wipes,kleenex so many teacher's budgets have been cut to supply the items needed & have to pay out of their pockets. so I try to keep these supplies stocked for the teachers
5/5/2010 10:31:23 AM
Tricia United States
I'm a teacher and parent.  Gifts I have enjoyed receiving over the years were things I normally wouldn't or couldn't buy for myself.  Examples of the ones that stand out in my mind are homemade items, cards with messages that I knew came from the kids, a gift card to a coffee shop, a massage(which I totally enjoyed), and one special student that I tutored after school gave me a plant that his mom helped him grow from a cutting from one of her plants.  I'm still enjoying that plant 10 years later. As a parent, I remember how I feel as a teacher and give those same types of gifts.  
5/5/2010 10:39:53 AM
Julie Sharpe United States
Julie Sharpe
Any type of school supplies such as glue,
glue sticks,pencils.markers,coloring pencils,kleenex,hand sanitizers,crayons,notebook paper this helps the teachers out for a lot of their budgets have been cut so a lot of this has to come out of their pockets.
5/5/2010 10:55:16 AM
Ruthann United States
I have given my son teacher(s) poems of encouragement on plaques. However; one year 4th grade I think, my son wanted to write is name 5 times in his best penmanship and that was going to be the "Gift".  I see that teacher once in awhile at the supermarket, She tells me that she has his "paper" in a frame in her classroom.  My son is going to be a freshmen in college. So it is not the cost that is going to count let it be the thought of your "Son".  Good Luck GOD bless. We listen to you all the time.
Ruthann from the state of Rhode Island
5/5/2010 11:02:35 AM
Elaine Holloman United States
Elaine Holloman
Ask the teacher what out-of-pocket expenses the individual teacher spends each year and ask what the items are mostly bought. I was a special ed teacher for 25 years. Yes, I love the mugs and they are still displayed in my kitchen even though I've been retired for 11 years, but the things teachers use daily like stickers for behavioral charts, baskets of trinkets for grab bags, colored chalk, dry erase markers, classroom games for rainy days are things appreciated, too.
5/5/2010 11:20:42 AM
Laura-Ann Ruppelt United States
Laura-Ann Ruppelt
I have 5 children, one has a wonderful special education teacher.Last year my husband  was part of a mass layoff so I had to get creative with thank you gifts. I bought a 6 pack of the prettiest flowers and 6 inexpensive clay pots. The kids and I painted them complementary colors to each persons favorite color/flower, then I wrote what my son said he was thankful for about each person. They were small and inexpensive but each of them were so deeply touchedby the pretty sentaments. His sp. ED. teacher wrote me a note last Christmas and said the flower was on her kitchen window sill and still blooming!

Laura-ann Ruppelt
5/5/2010 11:24:28 AM
Michelle Houston United States
Michelle Houston
My friend Tonya Prive has a fantastic Christian clothing company that makes amazing fashionable clothing for those who believe in Christ and like to look their best named Righteous Apparel.  Their t-shirts would make awesome gifts for any Christian teachers! The website is
-Michelle Houston, Burlington, Vermont
5/5/2010 11:27:12 AM
debbie smith United States
debbie smith
Here's an idea glue a few coffee mugs, tea cups, small bowls together and fill them with supplies like paperclips, pens, pencils ect.
5/5/2010 11:32:53 AM
Carol Wright United States
Carol Wright
I retired from teaching full-time last year after 27 yrs., but I still substitute cause I love the kids and being around school! Through the years, teachers get lots of "stuff" (I remember a friend saying, "Just give me something I can eat or spend!) I personally loved the Sonic gift cards, or a flower to stick in a pot in the spring. But I also have so many wonderful knick knacks that I switch out every month or season, It means a lot when the child's name (not just the initials!) and the year are printed on it somewhere. Also, the loving notes of thanks and appreciation from children, parents and grandparents that I had saved through the years caused me to weep with joy when I cleaned out my desk. It's not about the money; never was. It's about our love for your children, and the honor of you trusting us with their lives.
5/5/2010 11:36:44 AM
Abby United States
A Starbucks gift card pehaps?
5/5/2010 11:55:36 AM
Marie Calzada United States
Marie Calzada
Hi, I teach kindergarten.  We get lots of coffee cups and little nic nacs. I can always use help straightening centers for next year. Or doing my year end filing. If you are way to busy like the rest of us, when fixing your families meal add a little and give it to your child's teacher for them to eat that night or to put in the freezer for later. This time of year is sooooooooooo busy is can be difficult to get a good meal on the table after long hours at school. Writing a letter of encouragement or recommendation and giving it to your child's supervisor is another way to help the teacher, especially a newer teacher who may need recommendations should they get laid off. Most of all, support  your child's teacher and read with your child.
5/5/2010 12:18:49 PM
Carolyn Boyles United States
Carolyn Boyles
hey Kelli,if you are really searching for a different kind of teacher appreciation gift, just let me know how many teachers (female) and the address I would use to send you (complimentary) some of my unique bracelets.  A lady at work bought some for her daughter's teachers.  They are nice.  I would be more than happy to send you some for the teachers in your life.  I could mail them on Monday if this would be soon enough.  I could do school colors or each teacher's favorite color, etc.  Let me know.  Keep up the good work for the Lord Jesus.  Carol Boyles, West Virginia
5/5/2010 12:23:12 PM
Jennifer Martel United States
Jennifer Martel
My daughter's 3rd grade teacher was the sweetest lady. She went out before the end of the school year to have eye surgery. While she was out I sent index cards into school for each child in the class to write something special about the teacher. Then I had my daughter take pictures of her classmates. I inserted the photos along with each index card into a small photo album which my daughter and I decorated. Someone at the school made sure the teacher received the gift. She was so moved by this speacial gift. It even brought her to tears. Sadly, this was the last year that the school was open. Financial issues caused the school to be closed. This was my daughter's favorite teacher and I am sure she will never forget her. Thank you Mrs. Sigman for being such a wonderful teacher to my daughter, Amanda.
5/5/2010 12:39:38 PM
Sarah United States
I've given beautiful wreaths to my children's teachers from  I've found them to be the most beautifully created wreaths around.  This is a stay at home mom who loves the Lord and puts so much love into creating these arrangements.  I believe she will ship them directly to the teachers with a special note as well!
The teachers have absolutely loved them and so do I!!
5/5/2010 12:42:04 PM
Diane Cruz United States
Diane Cruz
some teachers like the simplest like cards. and i think the cards with words of encouragement are good because it helps them on with their day. Teachers go through a lot. and i think a simple card with word of encouragement on them is best. teachers should be appreciated one way or another.
5/5/2010 12:51:31 PM
Debbie Gill United States
Debbie Gill
Dear Kelli, I have a suggestion for a meaningful teacher's gift. My mother-in-law gave it to me as a gift and it touched my heart. You see, she was dealing with "end stage" breast cancer and knew she probably would not be around to give me any more birthday presents so this last one had to be special. For my gift she gave me some particular daylilies since she always loved them and got so much pleasure in growing them. She said that I could look at them whenever she was gone and think of her. This type of flower is a perennial and comes back year after year. Your gift could be a flowering plant of some sort or maybe some bulbs (in your price range) that is a perennial for her to plant. You could let your child write a note to attach to the plant telling her also that when it blooms each year to remember him or her and whatever else they may want to say. I am presuming the teacher is a female. This is a gift that keeps on giving. God Bless everyone at K-Love!
5/5/2010 1:28:41 PM
christina Beal United States
christina Beal
I would call all the moms I could get and we would plan a luncheon or brunch for them.  Decorate the break room and have door prizes etc.  They really loved it!
5/5/2010 1:31:01 PM
Josh United States
Our family likes to make cake pops for special people and events.  They can be made in tons of different ways and are always a special treat.  Check these out:[]=tags&includes[]=title
5/5/2010 2:10:39 PM
Rebecca United States
I always make my teachers a homemade card, telling them what I like about them, what I liked most about what they taught me. Sometimes I bake them something, like a cake, or cookies. I think acts of service can be more helpful then gifts sometimes, so I also offer my services to help them during the summer with setting up for the next school year, and I usually get response from that. Flowers are wonderful for the lady teachers, and food is basically good for the men. You can't go wrong either way. Or for an unique gift for a lady, you could do like a relaxing basket. Put in all sorts of bath soaps and whatnot, some flowers, some tea. It would be a 'take time for yourself now' basket. Very much needed.
5/6/2010 4:15:47 AM
Debi Meraz United States
Debi Meraz
I am a teacher and one of the neatest gifts I ever received was a popcorn bucket filled with microwaveable bags of popcorn, 2 soda bottles and a movie rental gift certificate.  Something like this may be inexpensive enough to do for several teachers like in middle school. Good luck!!!  
5/6/2010 9:30:12 AM
Cindy Rolland United States
Cindy Rolland
I'm an Avon representative. Why not something from Avon! There's some great inexpensive gift ideas! There's some small tubes of hand lotion and lip balms that are colorful. (pg 180) Go to Go to online brochure to shop by page. Great scented body lotion for less then $2. (pg 175) There's even low priced Father's Day gifts on pg 187. You should check it out! Have an awesome week!
5/6/2010 9:58:12 AM
Susan United States
For the elementary grades - I get books from the school book fairs for the teachers as they usually have a list of books they want for their classroom.  For the middle school - I let my daughter take the lead and we give gifts to those teachers she chooses.
5/6/2010 3:06:18 PM
Bonnie United States
Through my years of being a student and also a teacher, I found that for the younger grades a nice cheep build a bear with a personalized message from the student made a great classroom mascot, And for the older grades have the student pick their favorite teacher or two and give them a pair of movie tickets to enjoy with a loved one or just to get out away from life's stress. Also homemade book marks are always good and needed because teachers are always reading.
5/6/2010 8:36:04 PM
Teresa Jeche United States
Teresa Jeche
I am an elementary school counselor, and love the handmade notes and pictures from children---I still have lots of them from the past 20 years.  One of the BEST gifts our parents group did for our school recently was to bring lunch in for us, make fruit smoothies in a blender and serve us all.  They had enough volunteers to cover our playground supervision duties, and the staff got to eat together for once, and sit and relax together---it was marvelous.  At a previous school, one of the retired teachers came back during a grade prep day every year and made us breakfast in the cafeteria---that was delightful.  Another idea is to offer teachers help cleaning out their classrooms on the last day of school.  They have to cover bookcases, take down bulletin boards, wash and move desks and chairs, sweep the floors---you name it, we do it.  A helping hand would be a true gift.
5/6/2010 9:22:00 PM
Jamie Clark United States
Jamie Clark
I have a jewelry business (Premier Designs) and the teachers do seem to like getting it as a gift.  It is very affordable and great quality and something they can wear for years to come.  
Other great gifts -- Paper - one teacher just raved and raved when we gave her a really unique journal book.
Of course starbucks or any gift card are always niceSmile
5/6/2010 9:55:43 PM
Stephanie United States
Our room parent is collecting money to get her a and her fiance a spa packet since they are getting married this summer. At Christmas we gave her money. She was so grateful.
5/7/2010 4:44:45 AM
Laura Sanders United States
Laura Sanders
CUTE AND THOUGHTFUL GIFT:  If the teacher you have in mind enjoys cooking, a custom-designed apron is a great way to show them you care! I'm running my own business designing and sewing aprons  Monogram their initials or simply the letter of their last name.
I am a teacher and my business is a way of helping pay for my Masters Degree in Elementary Education. I'd love your business! My website is  Thanks.
5/7/2010 7:16:53 PM
Kristina United States
Last year I put together a movie basket.  I bought a popcorn bowl (I have found some that say 'Popcorn' at the dollar store), I filled it with packets of popcorn, soda, candy and a gift card to the local movie store.
This year, I'm doing icecream.  I bought $5 gift cards to 2 different ice cream shops and I'm goign to put it in a cute icecream bowl with an icecream scooper.
Good luck.
6/15/2010 2:13:18 PM
Annie Andre United States
Annie Andre
I had my son give his teachers some really cute handcrafted sleeping masks from my small independent shop Le Neko Noir

I wrote a little note that said " Even teachers need their rest".  I gave the men teachers a ninja sleep mask and the women got either an owl sleep mask or a raccoon sleep mask. What's great is that they are so cute and they are functional.  Totally different them giving them a card to Starbucks.

Here's the link to the main website of the cute sleep masks. Click on the sleep mask section
7/31/2010 7:18:25 AM
shana norton United States
shana norton
Anything useful... gift cards are the best!
10/12/2010 5:52:10 AM
GIST United Kingdom
i am a teacher, one of the best give i got from my students are a surprise party for me at my birthday.
i love my dear students.. god bless them
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