May 21 2010

What is the BEST Video Game Ever???

What is the Best video game of ALL TIME??? Pac-Man is turning 30 today... and it got me to thinking about what you think is the Best Video Game EVER???
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5/12/2010 6:54:36 AM
Mike Schneider United States
Mike Schneider
Pac-Man   Of course.
5/12/2010 6:55:12 AM
David United States
best video game ever, Centipede!!
5/12/2010 6:55:54 AM
Aspen United States
the best video game of all time is without a doubt the original PAC-MAN
5/12/2010 6:56:26 AM
Jennifer United States
Temptest is my favorite video game!
5/12/2010 6:56:44 AM
Nathan Forst United States
Nathan Forst
Zelda Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo 64.
5/12/2010 6:58:31 AM
Nadine Lundgren United States
Nadine Lundgren
Super Mario Bros 3!!!
5/12/2010 6:59:30 AM
hunterm United States
Tie between Super Mario Bros. (NES) and Sonic The Hedgehog (Genesis). Smile
5/12/2010 6:59:46 AM
Wendy United States
Galaga was the best, then Centipede and Pacman
5/12/2010 6:59:50 AM
Lou United States
5/12/2010 7:00:04 AM
Tracy United States
Other than Pac Man being a great game.  I would have to say "Dance Praise" for your computer!  I am into video games that allow you to move around!  "Dance Praise" is a lot like "Dance Dance Revolution" only "Dance Praise" has all Christian music you have to dance to on a mat!! Laughing
5/12/2010 7:00:58 AM
Doug United States
There is only one to idle according to the word of God and that is God alone!!!! What does packman have to do with christian radio. You should be promoting Godly things yall seem to be stuck in worldly things. You have such great things within you to gloryfy God. Thank you for the work you do for the kingdom.
5/12/2010 7:02:24 AM
Tanner United States
Either Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo 64 or Super Smash Bros. Melee for the Nintendo Gamecube
5/12/2010 7:03:05 AM
Amy United States
Super Mario Bros - anyone of them, they all rock!
5/12/2010 7:03:59 AM
Janice United States
Zelda was the best game ever!
5/12/2010 7:04:51 AM
Hannah United States
Mario Kart 64 for sure!
5/12/2010 7:05:09 AM
Stacy United States
I love Dance Dance Revolution!
5/12/2010 7:07:00 AM
Braheem United States
As much as I enjoyed the classics on atari and in arcades they are exactly that.... classics. They were great cause they were new, but I would have to say newer games are better, at least ones that push great graphics and a good story.

My favorite games

Offline - Final Fantasy 7, incredible graphics for its time and amazing story.

Online - Splinter Cell Pandora Tommorow/Chaos Theory, a complete inovation in online gaming, its like playing cat and mouse, but the mouse has an uzi =D
5/12/2010 7:07:04 AM
danielle United States
The legend of zelda series are the best games ever!!!!!!!  My second is Super mario games
5/12/2010 7:07:08 AM
Analilia Ortega United States
Analilia Ortega
5/12/2010 7:07:57 AM
Yulonda United States
I loved Tempest!!!! It was my all time favorite at the arcade...
5/12/2010 7:11:52 AM
jeff United States
asteroid... classic
5/12/2010 7:12:32 AM
Deanna United States
The best video game ever was Atari's Asteroids! It was challenging and I loved trying to get the different asteroids and characters before they hit the bottom of the screen! Kept me busy for hours.
5/12/2010 7:13:32 AM
Veronica United States
Super Mario Bros. The best ever!! Even though i never saved the princess lol Smile
5/12/2010 7:13:36 AM
chris shaffer United States
chris shaffer
tetris is the best game of all times Tong no questions asked Smile
5/12/2010 12:14:47 PM
paul chapman United States
paul chapman
Tron and Joust..woohoo!
5/12/2010 12:16:02 PM
julie carlisle United States
julie carlisle
My husband would say the original super mario bros but my favorite is probably one that not many people have heard of. I loved Exodus! It was a game my dad brought home when I was about 7. You were Moses and you had to get through these mazes of things you had t complete and collect manna and bibles in each round and once you completed a round you had to answer 5 questions about the book of Exodus! I pretty much know everything about that book! I miss that game. Oh and also tetris! Wink
5/12/2010 12:16:47 PM
christine shaffer United States
christine shaffer
"dream life for girls" is the best game ever!!!   Tong  
5/12/2010 12:16:49 PM
christine shaffer
christine shaffer
"dream life for girls" is the best game ever!!!   Tong  
5/12/2010 12:20:56 PM
Donny Mathurin United States
Donny Mathurin
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. I know lots of people don`t like this game but its the best game ever made so far {2007}.We go to war,kill each other,women and children,lots of inosent people die for no reason at all.What wrong with a game.Its just a game.
5/12/2010 12:26:53 PM
Ryan the future famous movie maker United States
Ryan the future famous movie maker
I like all the Sonic the Hedgehog game's equal, even the one's I haven't played yet, but I liked Mario Galaxy, Pac-Man World 2, Poptropica the internet game, and a bunch of others, but none are as good as Sonic.
5/12/2010 12:32:37 PM
Mary K. Lindegaard United States
Mary K. Lindegaard
I think the best game ever would be Mario Brothers and Donkey Kong.

My Mom thinks that the best game ever is Ms PacMan.
5/12/2010 12:35:21 PM
Michael Heckenberger United States
Michael Heckenberger
Would you believe "Pong?"  Does anyone remember Pong?  Ping Pong played with two short white lines (about an inch long depending on the screen) and a solid white circle that played the part of the ball all played on a black background.  It wasn't much to talk about in the mid 70s but it started it all!  In the first season of SNL they had some funny sketches where you heard two guys talking while playing Pong.  I think one was Al Frankin.
5/12/2010 12:46:46 PM
Jeff Stitt United States
Jeff Stitt
For Me, it has to be "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time," simply because it was such a fantastic game to play and actually still IS a blast to play. The challenge in the game was perfectly balanced, it had a great story, and for the time great graphics, and anyone whom has played the game knows the significance of this: The Water Temple - the challenges in that was unreal and was something else to experience.
5/12/2010 1:36:42 PM
April Barber United States
April Barber
Pong of Frogger!
5/12/2010 2:00:42 PM
Debbie United States
1942 and Centipede! Go 1990's!!
5/12/2010 8:29:40 PM
Rebecca United States
Video game?? THE FORCE UNLEASHED!!!!!!!!
5/12/2010 9:08:01 PM
Christine Song United States
Christine Song
Pokemon and Super Mario Bros
5/13/2010 7:42:04 AM
Jennifer United States
I'm pretty young myself (turning 23 next month) and my first favorite game was Super Breakout (got an atari from my older brother when I turned 7). To this day, as much as I like other video games, games like Super Breakout and their more modern counterparts still have a special place in my heart Smile
5/13/2010 11:09:50 PM
Pastor George United States
Pastor George
from gang banger to preacher
from drug addict to minister
from homeless to a home
from barren to fruitful
from lost to Found
Jesus Has restored  
Thank You Jesus
We will put on the garments of Praise
My message to you all
Is this your testimony It's Mine
we all have a similar Story Whats Yours?
I Love You all Thank you Jesus for your Grace and Love Thank you for Scott and Kelly you Light up my Day's with the message of God's Love
5/13/2010 11:13:39 PM
Pastor George United States
Pastor George
sorry my last comment off topic
my favorite game of all time was bible trivia and bible explorer on windows 95 it was fun I miss the old days of PC and gaming world They Edified and ministered to us a message of hope and understanding they weren't violent war games you went on a journey through the bible Anyone Remember them? I do
5/14/2010 1:53:58 AM
Andy United States
Best video game every Wii Endless Ocean 2 Blue World
5/14/2010 2:06:56 AM
Verity Cheslo United States
Verity Cheslo
Ms. Pac Man

Ds game Aragorns quest
5/14/2010 2:15:51 AM
melissa United States
Halo was definately the best video game ever made
5/14/2010 2:17:10 AM
Listening online in New Hampshire United States
Listening online in New Hampshire
Frogger!  Smile
5/14/2010 2:17:42 AM
melissa United States
dougs comment is lame
5/14/2010 9:59:33 AM
Jim United States
The original Zelda.  Just thinking about it will put that music in my head for days!
5/15/2010 10:20:13 AM
sarah h. United States
sarah h.
barbie horse adventure... =].
5/18/2010 10:31:16 PM
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5/19/2010 5:21:19 AM
Kayla Wiltrout United States
Kayla Wiltrout
My favorite game is Pac Man. I love to beat my brothers score. I also love the game Firefighter on the WII.
5/26/2010 4:48:22 PM
straight up Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
5/26/2010 5:34:27 PM
Sarah United States
My personal favorite is Mario Kart...
I used to play it every night with my dad!
5/29/2010 2:38:02 AM
Libby United States
There are too many awesome games to pick just one! I suppose I would pick Mario Bros. 3.  My husband and I have been playing a PS3 game called 3D Dot Game Heroes which parodies a lot of the old school games like Zelda and Final Fantasy. It's great to reminisce about the good old games. Smile
6/21/2010 8:04:39 AM
mason United States
So many games to choose from sooo I'll narrow it down to action...then to shooting...below the M rating..... It has to be Medal of Honor: European Assult.
4/6/2011 2:56:41 PM
Emily United States
Animal crossing for gamecube!!
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