May 28 2010

Christine Avanti's Healthy Memorial Day Tips

Mediterranean grilling for a beach body!!!!


Christine Avanti's Healthy Memorial Day Tips


1.  Serve homemade chips and salsa instead of greasy potato chips and dip.  Homemade chips and salsa take less than twenty minutes to make and there is almost no chopping involved!


Christine’s skinny chips and fire roasted salsa: 106 calories, 2 grams fat, 45 mg sodium

Store bought chips and salsa: 338 calories, 17 grams fat, 406 mg sodium


2.  Offer healthy side dishes that cook up easily on the grill, low in calories, low in fat and bursting with flavor!   


Christine’s grilled portobello mushroom with thyme, garlic and balsamic marinade side dish: 112 calories 4 grams fat

Conventional potato salad: 328 calories and 20 grams of fat.


3.  Marinate with Mediterranean flavors instead of typical sugar loaded BBQ sauces. 


Mediterranean chicken kabobs with mint, oregano, and red onion: 178 calories, 6 grams fat recipe available at

Standard BBQ hamburger: 605 calories, 38 grams fat


4.  Prepare desserts with fresh fruit and save hundreds of calories.


Christine’s grilled fruit kabobs: 134 calories, 0 fat Store bought cheese cake: 257 calories, 18 grams fat


Meal totals:

Christine Avanti's Beach Body BBQ:  530 calories, 12 grams of fat

Traditional Backyard BBQ:  1,528 calories, 93 grams of fat


Each healthy recipe is available at  (





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6/3/2010 12:40:02 PM
Joann United States
I absolutely love Christine's recipes.  When does her new book come out?
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