May 28 2010

Has your pet done something unusual?

A kitten crawled into the family washing machine and ended up going through a complete wash cycle (including the spin cycle!)! Kimba is fine (although a bit dizzy!) after treatment. It got us thinking...has your pet ever had something odd like this happen?
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5/16/2010 4:46:17 AM
Kathy United States
In high school I was playing basketball in the driveway with my younger brother. All of a sudden, he points at the roof and says, "There's Bosco!"
Our german shepard mix had jumped from the picnic table to the garage roof (about 10 feet up) in the backyard and had decided to walk over to the other side to see what we were doing!
5/16/2010 4:48:27 AM
Samantha Burnes United States
Samantha Burnes
A five week old kitten climbed under my brothers car and rode the whole way home on the under carriage. He meowed the whole way home and now his meow has whittled down to just a squeaky noise! =) So cute though.
5/16/2010 4:53:23 AM
Jean United States
In the winter my cat would crawl into the engine of the car to keep warm. My mom thought he had left when she started the car. He hadn't. She drove almost 4 miles until the cat jumped through the fan (we assume he could see the ground because the fan was moving so fast). He totaled the car because the fan bent back into the radiator, which then did whatever it did etc, etc.  The cat showed up on the garage window 3 days later with some cuts. We took him to the vet and everything was OK. On the way home he chewed the stitches out, so I guess he decided he was just fine. After that anytime he heard a car, he be across the room in a flash!
5/16/2010 4:58:37 AM
Skye United States
When I was three, my mom's dog chased a rat into the hole in our dryer. My mom, obviously freaked out and called the fire department to get her dog out of the machine. After the officers had looked at the situation for a minute, they turned to my mom and said "Ma'am, the only thing we can do is use the jaws of life to get your dog will completely destroy your dryer. Is that okay?" After hearing that, my mom, distraught, said "No! I'd rather my dog live with her head in there until she dies! Of course it's okay if you kill the dryer!"
5/16/2010 5:01:32 AM
Cherish Adrianse United States
Cherish Adrianse
One morning my neighbor came to my door holding my cat Cowboy and told me that he had driven all the way to work (about a 50 mile trip) when he got out of his truck and heard a cat meowing from under the hood. To his surprise when he openeded the hood there was Cowboy without a scratch on him! He had taken a 50 mile drive without injury! My neighbor was amazed and I was grateful Cowboy was okay! He's most likely used most of his 9 lives for sure.
5/16/2010 5:02:16 AM
Chris (in Vancouver, WA) United States
Chris (in Vancouver, WA)
I am laughing listening to you... My Siberian Husky - Madison - she was 1yr old at the time. We had just moved;new city, new job and she wasn't liking my work schedule very much, she was home alone a little longer than normal. When she was upset with me she would take tissue out of the bathroom garbage and shred them all over the bedroom. Smile But this day she must have been more upset than usual... I walked in the front door and caught her in the act!!  She is laying on her belly on the floor, feet stretched out in front of her... slightly crossed at the end when she looks up at me and her normally beautiful white muzzle/black nose was COVERED in FUSHIA PINK LIPSTICK!!!! I couldn't decide if I should be laughing or scolding her. The lipstick was tucked tightly between her White paws.  She was absolutely adorable but I could not let her know I was laughing... she looked like she had been looking in the mirror the lipstick was ONLY on her mouth/lips Smile  barely any lipstick anywhere else...  hahahaha She always brightened my days. It is sooooo worth it when they make us laugh....
5/16/2010 5:08:27 AM
Dori United States
I live in a 3 story apartment complex.  Me and my two cats, Oliver and Anubis, live on the second floor.  During the day they like to go out on the balcony to sunbathe.  Well Oliver doesn't like my friends dog.  One time when I was dog-sitting, Oliver decided to jump from my balcony over to my neighbor's balcony next door.  Now he has to wear a harness and leash that is anchored to my computer desk if he wants to go out.  LOL
5/16/2010 5:16:20 AM
Alexandrea Brewer United States
Alexandrea Brewer
My dog makes me laugh sooo much Smile He goes and rubs his back on the carpet and does it right after he gets bathed, to get his good smell out, for at least 10 minutes. By that time he normally starts to smell like a dog again!!. Than when I call his name; he looks at me with a crooked, wet, face and, he just looks at me with his big wide eyes!Smile Smile
5/16/2010 5:18:04 AM
Wendy United States
We live in the desert and it's already reaching the high 90's here. I was putting my groceries away last week and when I turned around my cat was stretched out on the refrigerator shelf ready for a "cool" nap. Of course I went for the camera so I could send the pic to all our family.
5/16/2010 5:18:58 AM
Robert Long United States
Robert Long
I've never owned a pet that did anything really unusual, but there was one time we were taking care of a friend's cat, we walked into our room one day and found him laying inside our empty fish tank.
5/16/2010 5:19:34 AM
Rhonda United States
We have a miniature poodle who somehow got a helium balloon string caught around his back leg. The helium balloon was a few days old and only hung about half way up in the air so the string dragged the ground a bit. Next thing I know this dog came flying by like his life depended on it and running all over the house trying to get away from this balloon that was flapping in the wind and following him everywhere he went. Here I am, running after him trying to catch him so I can get the balloon off his leg. I finally caught him when he went to hide under the end table. ROFL.
5/16/2010 5:32:26 AM
Bekah Domis United States
Bekah Domis
When I was younger my cat, Toby, would let me put his body in a child's carseat and let me strap him in and feed him through a bottle!! Smile
5/16/2010 5:36:17 AM
Veronica Miller United States
Veronica Miller
A few years ago, we lived over sixty miles out from town. We got a cat, Miss Mouie, and the next day we went into town to eat lunch and pick up some parts at the hardware store. After lunch, and on our way out from the Home Depot, we saw a cat wandering the lot. She looked a lot like Miss Mouie . . . Miss Mouie had traveled about 70 miles in the undercarriage of the car, along with waiting for us to eat lunch.
5/16/2010 5:36:30 AM
Celina United States
The upstairs on our house wasn't finished when we bought it - I'm talking no insulation or Sheetrock, and holes in the floor. Well, one day I woke up and I couldn't find my cat, General, even though I could hear her meowing. Come to find out, she had gone upstairs and fallen down one of the holes - and was now stuck inside the wall between my sister's room and the kitchen! My dad had to cut three huge holes on the wall before he found her. She was a bit dusty, but was otherwise purr-fectly fine.
5/16/2010 5:37:29 AM
Dwanna United States
Our Chihuahua/mix, Pedro, hated bad weather.  One evening, he was outside while we were repainting a room in our house.  We had the window open in my parents' room, and Pedro heard thunder in the distance - the FAR distance.  He proceeded to pull the screen off the window and climb inside.  He came into where we were and sat, shaking, as close to us as he could without being in our laps. We figured out his urgency about 15 minutes later when we could also hear the thunder.
5/16/2010 5:54:04 AM
HO PHAM United States
I could not figure out why my socks, boxers and shirts was missing after I take a shower. I thought I put them in the hamper, but then I  was thinking that I don't put my dirty clothes away until after I had my shower. One day I found out who the culprit was. It was my mini pincher/chiwhawa mix dog named Scottie who was hoarding all my clothes and stashing it away under my bed. I had a video camera ready one day to be sure and sure enough he was the one who has been steeling all my clothes!Too funy.
5/16/2010 6:06:16 AM
Chrissy United States
TOO FUNNY!!! I have received SO much flack from my kids and husband for a similar incident with our cat, Dusty, about 3 or 4 years ago.  Someone had opened the dryer door to get something out and left it open.  When I went into the laundry room I shut it and turned on the dryer to toss the clothes that had been sitting there getting wrinkled.  I went back into the living room and was watching a movie with my family.  About 10 minutes later, I realized I kept hearing a thumping noise coming from the dryer.  I asked the kids if they had put their shoes or something in it and they said no.  Finally, I went in to investigate and upon my opening the dryer door, out came Dusty from under the pile of clothes, tongue hanging out, long hair standing up, and barely able to walk from dizziness!  He apparently enjoyed napping on the clothes, too! It shook us all up, but Dusty ended up being fine and is still with us today! He won't go anywhere near the laundry room anymore, though...
5/16/2010 6:06:50 AM
Pat United States
When I was a teen I had an attack cat.  It got to the point that my friends would call to tell me to go outside and keep my cat back.  I found out he would hide in the bushes and when they passed he would jump at their thighs and dig his claws in.
5/16/2010 6:46:29 AM
Heather Acree United States
Heather Acree
My cat Chloe is a klepto-kittie.  Whenever I garden she enjoys being by my side digging in the dirt with me.  The next day she brings me gardening gloves she's stolen from the neighbors' yards.  Almost all the time it's a matching set.  Chloe is now 13 and in the earlier years my daughter would go door to door in the neighborhood with a wagon full of gardening gloves allowing the neighbors to claim what was rightfully theirs.  Most often, no one would claim them which leaves me to wonder how far she wanders to collect these gloves.  I currently have a bag with 40 pairs of gloves!  Once I was sewing a cover for a bench swing.  The fabric was blue hydrangea and Chloe kept crawling on top of the fabric trying to assist me.  The next day Chloe brought me a finished drapery tie from a neighbor in a fabric that was almost identical to the one I was sewing.  Another time Chloe brought home a shower curtain!   How this 6 lb. cat got a shower curtain over the fence is beyond me.  The one that takes the cake is driving up to my driveway and finding a large furry mound about the size of raccoon with long fingernails.  Chloe had stolen the glove from a gorilla costume from someone's garage.  At 13 she's still up to it and two days ago came home with a pair of swim goggles Smile  
5/16/2010 6:53:08 AM
tim United States
Last week  I was coming home from school and saw several cars going real slow by my I know my house might need to be painted but it is not that bad...well as i was getting out of my car  I looked up on the roof of my 2 story shed and there was my 2 year old Black Lab sitting calmly on the ledge of the roof. She ran around the perimeter of the roof eager to see me.She definitely has no fear of heights!!!!!!!  I think she is part cat as she could not figure out how to get down, LOL But My daughter  and I eventually got her down. Fortunately she has not tried to do it again. LOL
5/16/2010 7:04:14 AM
sarai marsh United States
sarai marsh
when my cat "angel" was younger we lived in this house with a rock fireplace.One winter we lit a fire in the fireplace and started hearing a cat cry. Angel had climbed into the fireplace and was not able to get out because the wood was burning.
My husband grabbed the log with the log tongs and took the log outside. After the metal cooled down
Angel climbed down out of the fireplace. She was sooty and mad but totally unharmed. Her fur or whiskers were not burned or singed.  She is still alive today and is 14 years old.

5/16/2010 7:54:47 AM
Annette United States
My cat Phoenix and I have a very close bond.  When I am gone and she is lonely, she carries one of my socks around in her mouth and cries.  If I happen to be home and call to her, she quickly drops the sock and comes running to me.  Once when I was gone on vacation, my daughter put the phone to the cat's ear so I could talk to her.  She immediately sniffed the phone, and since I wasn't there, she jumped off my daughter's lap and took off to go look for me.  I felt so bad about that, since she couldn't find me, that I don't do that anymore!
5/16/2010 8:20:12 AM
kayla scott United States
kayla scott
my cat go stuck on a window screen... i have to say that was just about the funniest thing i have seen. getting her down wasnt so fun though!!
5/16/2010 4:05:20 PM
amanda United States
when we first got our kitten, she was super funny. not only would she bathe with us whenever one of us was in the tub ( our children love it lol) she would run up to my husband and i when we were laying down, lay right up above our heads, quietly FART, then calmly walk away haha. we would always end up having to leave our bedroom cause the smell was horrible, but it was so funny. she always did it too, and sometimes still does!! lil stinker haha
5/17/2010 4:52:45 AM
Keith United States
My wife was taking our Great Dane for a walk when another dog ran over and wanted to fight him. Magnum pinned him down and let him up and the dog lunged again but in the midst of this our Asian Bengal cat (Bonzai)runs across the yard all wild eyed and attacks the stray dog with all fours  sending him down the road. It was amazing and sooo funny to watch the cat fend for his dog??!!
5/17/2010 6:28:38 AM
Nycole United States
When I was in elemtray. I had a cat that thought he was suppose to take other peoples sets when they got up. Well, Oneday my mom went to the bathroom and when she got done; she opened up the bathroom door the cat ran in and jumped on the toilet and fell in. You would think that the cat would of learn his lesson, because he still took peoples sets when they got up!!!
5/17/2010 9:09:38 AM
calli cremeans United States
calli cremeans
my dog pounder can crack & peel a peanut & then he will spit the shell out & just eat the peanut
5/17/2010 3:01:20 PM
Kristin United States
  my cat (Casey) has always loved running up the stairs off the toilet lid (witch we keep down) onto the top of the toilet and into the window above it. One day Casey went running up the stairs and..... into the toilet. We had a very wet cat after that =] he has never done that since lol =D we still to this day make sure the lid is down just incase
5/17/2010 6:07:08 PM
Shaunia United States
My cat Sher loves to get into empty boxes and laundry baskets.  When we are sitting watching tv she will also lick our hair.
5/17/2010 7:36:48 PM
Rebecca United States
My sister's cat, "Paul Pierre Regret"(don't ask) crawled into the cat food bin and ate all the food. His stomach was about the size of a baseball(this is when he was a kitten)!! Cats R crazy
5/18/2010 2:58:32 AM
Angela United States
I have a 6 year old golden retriever I love him so so much but when he was a year old he was a hand full. He would eat, napkin's, undergarments, paper towels, and female hygiene products, soap, every now and then he would brake into shampoo and conditioner bottles and drink that to! There have been many times when he would eat something an I would drive him to the vet. The vet would look at him check him over and say he's fine! Well during that summer a bunch of teenagers started trouble on our block and the police were out questing people asking them if they had seen anything strange. I locked Jack up to answer the door the police wanted everyone in the house to come out side while they asked us questions when all of a sudden you heard this loud crash and BOOM and here comes Jack barreling down the steps and out the door past 2 cops with there guns ready with the laundry basket in his mouth with fresh clean laundry flying every ware. My undergarment was stuck around his neck and one on his tail. I excused my self to go chase him down but when 3 other cop cars pulled up they couldn't help them self's but to laugh at the sight of me chasing my dog and the close that were stuck to him! He is now vary well known around town by just about every cop there is. Jack is now 6 and has calmed down a whole lot he does sometimes go back to his wild roots for an occasional napkin or underpants but he is a good dog.      
5/18/2010 2:39:28 PM
rebekah United States
my kitten jumped into the bath tub with me in it with water and he loved it
5/19/2010 3:07:58 AM
Valerie United States
My cat Scooter is not your average orange tabby cat, mostly because he sucks on his arm when he is happy. He picked this up as a kitten and is not 10 years old! It is so funny when he is sucking on his arm when you are holding him because he will drool!
5/19/2010 2:00:28 PM
Patty Tohidi
Patty Tohidi
My son was at his friends house on the back  porch watching their cat laying there with a bird in its mouth with exhaustion.. AS it dropped the bird out of its mouth.. to rest surpriseley the bird regain consciousness and flew away as cat got up with amazement.. my prey sure did fake it...this time.. Him and his friend were amazed the bird  was still alive......

5/19/2010 3:29:34 PM
Mary Emery United States
Mary Emery
my husband and I have a part golden retreiver part black dachsund and sometime in the evening he can be heard barking at my husband wanting lick his feet so my husband talks to him a little and tells him are you going to do a good job and do it for a while and the our dog Tippy barks at him like he understands what my husband is saying so then my husband takes his socks off and then Tippy gets busy licking his feet quite cute
5/20/2010 3:27:46 PM
Sharon Rogers United States
Sharon Rogers
I see a lot of cats have taken long rides accidentally in cars and trucks on here.  Had a kitten one time that took a 20+ something mile ride in my family's truck.  We called the owner and they said, "We have too many cats, anyway, you keep him."  We ended up naming our little stowaway "Stowie" for short!
5/20/2010 4:40:39 PM
Tiffany United States
When my dog was a puppy she was as loyal to me as she is now. At the time the windows in my house were being replaced, so there were holes in the walls basically. I left to run some errands and there she was out by my car. She JUMPED out the second story window to get to me! I think she landed in juniper bushes. She was just fine and then I invested in a large crate. She is an amazing pup!
5/20/2010 5:31:04 PM
Joanne United States
Our dog Skid likes to hang with me. So when I am in the yard doing whatever...gardening, setting up the agility equipment for some training, chatting with the neighbors...he will sometimes open the screen door of the patio door and let himself out. He can also open the heavy glass door of the patio door if he is especially anxious to find me...a mildly Herculean feat for a 25 pound dog. Our other two dogs just stand there gaping at the open door in amazement that he would do such a thing. Skid can also open the door to his crate. He is apparently a little too smart for us. And I have been training dogs and teaching others to train their dogs for over ten years. <G>
5/21/2010 3:28:16 AM
Lexi United States
During the night we put Cookie,my moms dog in the bathroom to sleep becuse she likes day my mom and I went to get her out and she wasent there we looked all over and couldent find her then all of a sudden we heard barking we looked in the landry basket and under all the close there she was.she had gotten in there all by her self to sleep
5/22/2010 5:26:46 PM
Brandy United States
My cat some how got on the roof of are 4 story house and we went out side to find her and she was meowing from the roof and we were about to get a ladder when she jumped of on to are trampoline and got launched on to the roof of the shed we got her down with a ladder she was okay but she has not gone out side since even when we would leave the door open!
5/23/2010 1:36:53 AM
Val United States
One evening at home, my husband and I were trying to decide on which restaurant to go to for dinner. We were arguing back and forth. Sadie, our dachshund, had been listening to us, and then she disappeared. All of the sudden, she appeared with 2 potholders hanging from her mouth. It was as if she was saying, "Would you please stay home and cook!" She had jumped into the chair in another room and had gotten the potholders from the t.v. tray. She is so smart and funny!
5/26/2010 5:52:39 AM
Libby United States
I grew up with many neurotic cats over the years.  Bowie, the black cat living with my parents is the strangest little thing I've ever seen.  He likes to stare at the wall, and then jump as high as he can to attack nothing.  He picks fights with our big spaniel dog Mack, and when Mack decides it's time to play, will whack his giant paws on the floor and wiggle his butt.  Needless to say that after that noise, Bowie has already rocketed under the couch.  So much for playtime!

Bowie also has a ritual where he has to 'shine' my dad's shoes every day after work.  Dad will sit in his recliner, and Bowie comes and rubs his paws and face all over his shoes. This happens every day without fail.

There were also several times when I would come home and find a tail twitching from this lump underneath the area rug.

One time he also had this brilliant idea to jump on the mantle of our pot-belly stove when it was still hot...our previous black cat did the same thing, so maybe it's genetic!

If you go into the bathroom, Bowie HAS to be in there with you.  And if the door is shut when he is not in there, he will 'knock' and meow until you let him in.  Or if he's really desperate, will stick his paw under the door and meow some more!  He's always coming up with new antics and keeps us on our toes.
6/8/2010 8:37:22 PM
Karen United States
Our cat at work, Simon (who weighs about 25 pounds, nurses on himself when he gets lonely.
10/1/2010 4:49:45 PM
Hope United States
yeah my dog hazel has eaten a caterpillar, a turtle ( shell and all!!!!!!!!!!! ) and half a raw possum!!!!!!!!!! Smile
10/27/2010 11:17:11 AM
HO PHAM United States
Our little dog Scottie (mini pincher/chihuahua mix) steals our clothes when we are in the shower and hides them under our bed. For the longest time, I thought my wife took my clothes and put them in the hamper. One day I caught Scottie running  under the bed with my boxers in his mouth. Pretty funny.
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