May 28 2010

Honor our military this Memorial Day!

It's Memorial Day Weekend and, in the midst of BBQ'ing and sleeping in, we pause to remember what the day is all about. We are grateful for the sacrifice of so many for our freedom. Do you have someone who has given the ultimate sacrifice for our country? You can honor them here.
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5/22/2010 10:11:36 PM
Barbara United States
I want to honor my son, Joshua!  He served 4 years as a Marine and now is proudly serving our country in the Army.  He served two tours to Iraq and was injured both times.  In just a couple of months or so, he will deploy to Afghanistan.  This will be his THIRD deployment in less than four years.  We are so proud of him and his accomplishments and service to our country!  We also can't forget his beautiful wife, Holly!!  She stands beside him thru it all!  That may well be the hardest job of all in the military!!!  WE LOVE THEM BOTH!
5/22/2010 10:15:21 PM
Carol United States
I am so thankful for the freedoms we have in this country and the men and women who sacrificed for those freedoms.  My Dad is a WWII veteran;  he will be 89 years old next month.  His stories of the time he spent in the war are horrific but he also has some really good memories, too, of people he met during that time.  He has had many health issues through the years and many times we thought he would not make it through again.  God has blessed him with a long life in spite of the fact he had his first heart attack at age 40.  I want to honor Dad at this special remembrance as well as my husband who served in the National Guard Army Reserves during the VietNam conflict.
5/22/2010 10:22:02 PM
Tim McCoole United States
Tim McCoole
I ask you, please, to honor my son Tim. He gave up a full scholarship through college to follow in my footsteps, joined the Active Army and is now in training to become a Combat Medic. I, as his father, am extremely proud of him not only for what he is accomplishing now but what he has had to overcome to accomplish it. (He and his brother and sisters lost their mom to a long illness 21 November 2004)

Thank you

Timothy S. McCoole
SSG (Retired)
5/22/2010 10:34:12 PM
ashley United States
i want to thank my aunt laura and friends cody and his wife. please pray for them and there familys especially for my aunt for we have not heard from them.
5/22/2010 10:36:19 PM
Mary Lynn United States
Mary Lynn
I would like to honor all those in my family who have served over the past 200++ years. Among them: Roy, Ellis, Hillard, Pat, Sue, Vicky, Neal - a few among the many. Because of their sacrifices, I am blessed to live in a wonderful country. May God richly bless those who have family members serving today as He has blessed my family.
5/22/2010 10:37:10 PM
Jeannine Hovancik-Newhouse United States
Jeannine Hovancik-Newhouse
I am so thankful to the men and women who serve our country!  I want to honor my husband Bill who has served in the Navy for the past 17 years and also both of my nephews Matthew and Andrew who both are are in the Army National Guard Reserves where they have served and currently serving in Irag.  I love you all.  God Bless You and keep you safe in his arms!  I can't wait to see you again!

Thank you,

Proud Wife & Aunt
5/22/2010 10:38:21 PM
Tracy Hiebert United States
Tracy Hiebert
I want to honor my grandfather, Charles Williams.  Grandpa passed away seven years ago.  He is now in heaven with my grandmother.  My grandfather only spoke of his time in WWII twice.  He was the first ground troop to land on Iwo Jima.  Hundreds in his troop were killed.  Grandpa made it out with this life. Grandpa was a wonderful, Godly man, and taught me about Christ.  I love and miss him very much.  Thank you to all who have server our country.
5/22/2010 10:46:35 PM
Danielle United States
I would like to honor my big brother Gabe, who served in the Marine Corps. He is now a police officer and still my hero. I praise God for him and others like him, who willingly serve so we can have peace.
5/22/2010 10:55:41 PM
Sheila King - Director of Health and Welfare United States
Sheila King  -  Director of Health and Welfare
I want to honor my sons Michael and Matthew King.
Michael served 4 and half years in the air force and had three tours in Iraq. Matthew who served 15 months in the army.I have a nephew who is also in the air force too. His name is Bruce Mcpherson.

I am so proud of all three of them and love each of them alot. I pray for the military men and women serving and those who have served. I want to say even though my boys are out they both speak of "their guys" and how they miss them.Even though they are not currently deployed , they need our prayers to continue after they are home.  

5/22/2010 10:59:09 PM
Amanda United States
i would like to honor  my daddy. he is in the air force.  he serves our country every day and i thank god to have a daddy just like him and i am especially glad that he didnt get hurt in iraq  
5/22/2010 11:00:01 PM
Elizabeth United States
I would like to honor all the amazing soldiers I have had the honor of meeting. My dad is a missionary to the military on staff with the navigators and I have had the privilege to meet amazing men and women like Zac,Lee and Daniel who all recently have come back from a tour in Iraq. Thanks to all the brave men and women who have kept are country safe.
5/22/2010 11:00:41 PM
Kristie United States
In honor of our good friend Tim.  He is being deployed for his second tour in Afghanistan in just a couple of weeks.  So thankful for him and his family and all the other military families in our country that give their all for their fellow Americans.  Such a blessing to have these people serving on our behalf.
5/22/2010 11:06:03 PM
Nancy United States
Thank you for the opportunity to honor my son Matthew, serving in the Army, who left this month for Afghanistan.  He is 22 years old and we have always been very close.  His brother, sister, dad, and I miss him something terrible.  We pray every day for his protection from the enemy.  Both the enemies of this earthly world and the Enemy of the spiritual world.  I know he is in God's hands.  Every day is a struggle to remember what I know to be true.  
Thank you Matthew, my son, for honoring your country through your service.  Thanks to all the men and women serving sacrificially for our freedoms.
5/22/2010 11:06:42 PM
Renee United States
I want to honor my father this Memorial Day, a career Army man, now deceased.  He was on light duty, standing guard with another MP, having just been released from the hospital after a bad jeep accident, when he heard the sound of a helicopter in distress.  The copter crashed very close to where they were on duty, and when they got to the scene, he noticed that a chemical grenade had been activated and was beginning to cook inside the copter near the unconscious pilot's feet.  My dad jumped into action, not thinking of himself, but of the pilot, whose life he saved that day by his selfless actions.  He's a hero in my eyes.
5/22/2010 11:08:46 PM
The Freezes United States
The Freezes
We would like to honor and thank Paul "Blue" Keller for faithfully serving our country for 23 years and for faithfully serving the Lord in his daily life. We love you Coach!
5/22/2010 11:13:20 PM
rebekah United States
I would like to honor my friend andy who severed and came back for his son's frist birthday and i am not sure if he want back
5/22/2010 11:20:32 PM
Joseph Logan United States
Joseph Logan
I want to honor my great grandfather, Bud Horton's memory, he was a WWII vet in the Air Force.  He made it back ok, but sadly died a few short years ago.  I also would like to give a shout-out to the men and women serving aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise, wherever they are, thank you!
5/22/2010 11:46:36 PM
Makala Barnett United States
Makala Barnett
Can everyone please pray for my teacher Mr. Eyman and his family. He is being deployed this summer and will be gone one year. He will begone during my Senior year FrownWe will all miss him so please pray for all of us.
5/22/2010 11:48:28 PM
Renee United States
My grandparents were both active during WWII; Papa served in the South Pacific while Nana corresponded with 100+ hometown soldiers and those from her church. She also sent a monthly church newsletter to keep the servicemen up to date with what was going on back at home.

To my Papa and Nana, Leonard and Thelma Fischer of Lodi, California, this I dedicate to the memories of you. I love and miss you both so very much and thank God for the legacy you left our family.
5/23/2010 12:50:18 AM
Samantha United States
I'd like to honor my husband's cousin, Zarian, who was a medic in the Navy. He sadly and tragically had his life cut short in Afghanistan last week. His dedication to help others and service to our country is a testament to the person he was. While, I did not know him well, I know that he is someone that deserves to be remembered as a hero. While he is with the Lord, his family continues to need prayers and love.

I'd also like to honor my cousin, Matthew, is who part of our nation's great Marines. He has been in the Marines since he graduated from high school and is truly a good person.
5/23/2010 12:50:43 AM
Mandy Dillaha United States
Mandy Dillaha
I want to honor my nephew SPC Tory Dillaha US Army. He voluntarily deployed to Afghanistan on May 13, 2009 & returned in April 2010. I also want to honor God for answering all our prayers for him & returning him back to the U.S. safely!!

I also want to honor every soldier (Army, Marine, Navy, Coast Guard) who is serving & those who have already served. God bless all our soldiers!!
5/23/2010 5:59:29 AM
William A. Moline United States
William A. Moline
I want to honor my uncle Albert Ray Moline, my father's only sibling, who gave his life in World War 2.  He was the top turret gunner in a B-17 bomber shot down over Germany.  He was a wonderful godly young man, who would likely have had a family a career and a wonderful productive life, but chose to serve not only his own country, but the millions in Europe who were being oppressed and threatened by the Nazis.  I would also like to honor my father, Carl H. Moline, who served in the Army Air Corps during WWII, and then spent his entire career serving the public in the field of Public Health.  Thanks, Dad, you are the greatest.
5/23/2010 6:28:53 AM
Wendi United States
I would like to honor my oldest son, PFC Matthan Jacob Joseph.  He is a United States Marine stationed at Camp LeJeune, North Carolina.  He will celebrate his 19th birthday next week and it will be the first one that we have not celebrated together.  I would like to wish him a happy birthday and tell him how very proud I am of him.  My prayer for him has become.... Numbers 6:24-26 The Lord bless you, and keep you; The Lord make His face shine on you, and be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance on you, and give you peace.
Thank you, son for you service.  I love you!
5/23/2010 6:47:50 AM
Vicki United States
I would like to honor my nephew Sgt. Robert M. Weinger who was killed in action on March 15, 2009 in Kot Afghanistan.  He was a proud member of the Illinois National Guard.  This was his second tour and he was part of the Woodstock Illinois Armory.
5/23/2010 7:04:23 AM
Marlynn L. Gonzales United States
Marlynn L. Gonzales
I would like to honor all of the men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice while serving our country.  It is because of their bravery that we are able to have freedom.  I pray for the families that they have left behind; that our God would give them the strength, peace, and comfort that only He can give.
  Our son, Cpl. Tony (T.J.) Gonzales was killed in Sadr City, Iraq on December 28, 2008.  He was 20 years old.  We are very proud of his dedication to our country and our God.  He and all the other men and women will never be forgotten!  They are our heroes!
5/23/2010 7:06:48 AM
Amanda United States
I would like to honor my big brother Patrick who serves in the Army Reserves. I Thank God he made it safely home. I would like to honor as well all the soldiers who willingly serve our country one nation under God. Take Care and God Bless All the Soldiers who have and had served!
5/23/2010 7:25:35 AM
Joe Von Andersen United States
Joe Von Andersen
I am writing on behalf of those that have served this country, their country, the country that they love and would have died protecting. I am writing on behalf of those that after years of service will never be called veterans. I come before you with a heavy heart, and many tears that have been shead. I cry out for the unheard voices of those veterans that are imprisoned weather in Ft Leavenworth or a RCF. We love this country, please don't forget us, all we want is for someone to saying "thank you". On this Memorial Day weekend I want to say "Thank you my brothers and sisters that are serving and have served in the military. I send my heart, love, hopes and prayers to those who now after years of serving are imprisoned. I will not forget you, I would still stand sholdier to sholdier with you and protect our freedom today. Thank You, with all my love and thanks.

Joe Von Andersen
5/23/2010 7:57:19 AM
Pat United States
I want to honor my nephew Matthew and a manager, Donald, from where I work for going into our military services to protect us.
5/23/2010 8:02:03 AM
Suzanne United States
My Grandpa was a machine gunner in WWII. He's awsome!!!!!
5/23/2010 9:35:44 AM
Katy Burgess United States
Katy Burgess
I lost my son, SPC Cory W Burgess 6/30/07.  He was with the 164th Military Police Company - US Army.  Two months earlier we lost his closest cousin, SGT William "Billy" Bushnell KIA 6/21/07 in Iraq.    Cory & Billy were very close and this has been a great loss for our family.  Thank God we know the lord and have the hope that Jesus has given us by overcoming death.  I miss my son terribly but rejoice in knowing they are alive & well at home and I will see them again one day. Thank you for allowing me to honor them on this Memorial Day Weekend. Land of the Free Because of the Brave!
5/23/2010 9:41:01 AM
Katy Burgess United States
Katy Burgess
Honoring my dad, John E Brabham Sr, 3/2/23 - 10/26/06.  He was a WWII Navy veteran and is greatly missed.
5/23/2010 4:12:18 PM
sherry United States

If not for those who took the chance, way back in 1775
Could you speak out, write down some words,
Would you even be alive?

The civil war; hard for all, father fighting son.
The blood they shed, fell like the rain, back in 1861.
Hard battles fought, men were lost; but they would rather be.
Gone to us and home with God, So others would be free.

The world wars came both I and II in 1914 and 39
So many all around the world fought, bled and died.
For those who made it home again, were heroes one and all,
They carried then and some still do the nightmares those days,
When screams of men, bomb blasts and guns remind them of the call.

Where would we be right now I ask, if not for all they gave?
Those who returned and some did not, they fill an unmarked grave.

In 1950 again it comes, cries of another war,
Battles in Korea, again a foreign shore,
Here we stand to fight again, and many more will fall,
We can’t give up or turn our back; when our country calls;

In 62 was Vietnam, we surly did not want,
To hear the call to go again, followed by those taunts
They call us names and spit on us, we saw they had some rights.
Those of us, who left them here while we went to fight,

Where would we be now? You might not be here to read these words,
Nor be allowed to write, but for all of those who answered the call
Yes I’ll go to fight.

And still today men and women, hear the call to serve;
They travel to a foreign land, to fight for you and me
Iraq’s white sand or Afghanistan’s mountains, no matter near or far.
They fight and serve our great country; so you can be just who you are.

As you look at all those who have served and are serving now, the memorials and grave stones honoring them, just remember this.  WITHOUT THEM

Happy Memorial Day 2010
          Michael Ross


5/23/2010 5:24:28 PM
Kelsey United States
My brother Bryon is leaving for Afghanistan this Sunday. This will be his fith trip there and has been to Irqui five times already. He just got married last month. He has a seven year old son that is his and a eleven year old that is his wife's.I listen to K-Love everywhere I go and it has made such a difference to me. Thank you so much. Bryon is First Sergeant. He is a pathfinder which is the people who go and rescue the people who have gotten shot down. There is one thing that makes me worry the most about him and that is, he is not a Christian. I pray for him every night that he will soon decide to chage his ways. Please remember him. He means so much to me.
5/24/2010 10:53:01 AM
Suzi United States
My Grandpa was an anti aircraft machine gunner during WWII. He's awsome!
5/24/2010 4:50:49 PM
Quinsey United States
I wanted to honor both of my parents. Donnell and Ron. Both of them are retired Marines, my mom served 8 years and my dad served 24. My dad went to Iraq 3 times and went gone through cancer after that. My mom had to stay home with my younger brothers (at that time we were about 6, 8, & 10) and watch us while she also had my older sister in college and my other older sister in another state. Our family has gone through so much and were still closer then ever. Our parents have taught us that if God put you into a situation, he will get you through it. They are the strongest and most courageous people I know. My brothers, my sisters, and I are all so proud of them. We love you Mom & Dad. Thank you so much to all of the veterans who have served and  put their life at risk for this country. God Bless!
5/25/2010 8:19:53 AM
Kelsey United States
My Brother Bryon is leaving for Afghanistan today! This will be his forth trip there. He has gone to Irq five times already. He just got married last month and has a son that is his and his wife has a son too. Im not sure if he is a Christian or not. That is the thing i worry most about him! I wish he could stay around so much. I listen to K-Love almost everywhere I go. It has touched me so much! Please remember him and his family in your prayers. He should be getting home around December or January. He is a First Sergeant. He is part of the Screaming Eagles from Fort Campbell, Kentucky. He is a Pathfinder which is the people who go and find and rescue the people who have been shot down from a plane. Please pray for hime.
            Thank you,
           -Kelsey Chanler
5/25/2010 10:51:15 AM
Bryan United States
I notice so often we forget in our prayers for our military those who have yet to serve. I spent two years in the University of Minnesota Navy ROTC program before realizing that it was not for me, but not a day has gone by I do not think of the men and women I served with in that unit. Please remember in your prayers all those who volunteer to give up a large amount of time over four years to become officers in our armed forces, and for those who accept the challenge of training them. They are the future of our country.

On another note, I realized something tonight that brought a great smile to my face. Right now in the world there are people of ALL faiths fighting for my right to choose to be a follower of Christ. Our military is as diverse as the people they defend. To all of my friends, and to the many troops that I will never meet, thank you for your sacrifices on our behalf. You and your families are in my prayers.
5/25/2010 2:48:55 PM
Melissa United States
I would like to honor and my nephew, SSgt Clayton P. Bowen, who lost is life in Afghanistan last August.  I take great comfort in knowing that God touched his heart before he left for Afghanistan -something he shared with me on more than one occassion. I pray for his Mother who struggles every day over the loss of her only child, and for families of all those who are experiencing such greif.  May God protect all those who are serving, give comfort to their families, and guide the leaders of the world to strive for peaceful resolutions to conflict.  
5/26/2010 7:27:24 AM
Jeff United States
I am in the Navy and recently am stationed in San Diego. I would like to honor my wife, Edna, who is still in Waco, TX, until we are able to move the family.
On May 4, we had our 3rd child. Since I was not there, Edna, who had contractions for 7 days prior, was taking the older kids to school, grocery shopping, cleaning, and doing everything that is required to keep the house going. I have heard from multiple neighbors, friends, and school employees how Edna was pushing through the pain to insure that everything was accomplished, right up until the day she gave birth.
Edna and all military spouses and children are my heroes that I would like to honor. Their support is what keeps us doing our job well.
5/27/2010 2:43:47 PM
Susannah United States
I'm writing on behalf of my Dad.  He's a doctor in the Emergency Room in the Army.  I have 5 sisters, and one is 3 1/2 months old.  He deployed this year for 6 months while my mom was pregnant.  It was hard for all of us, but he went like a good soldier and didn't grumble.  Thank God, he got back 36 hours before my sister was born.  I think he's very brave and wonderful, and I want to thank all the soldiers with families who have been deployed.  it's very hard, but you don't shirk your duty to God, your country, and your family.  thank you so much!!!! From a very grateful 13 year old.
5/29/2010 11:35:44 PM
Chris United States
I'm writin in honor of Jose, he has served in Iraq and is being deployed again in a couple of months. I admire what he does and I'm thankful because he is an amazing person doing an amazing job. Thank you for what you do for all of us Jose, I love you. Always.
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