Jun 07 2010

Make a Difference Monday!

It's Monday---another chance to make a difference! How have you made a difference today? Has someone done something for you? Go MAD today (Make a Difference!) and tell us about it!

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5/31/2010 4:27:24 PM
Tiffany United States
Just wanted to encourage everyone with this thought:

I just wanted to encourage everyone with this thought:

If you cast your head down, you will not be able to see what's ahead. If you look forward, you can only see what's in front of you. But if you always look up, you'll see that God has everything under control. So KEEP LOOKING UP! You never know when God is going to drop something amazing in your lap!
5/31/2010 11:33:40 PM
Brenda United States
I want to share with you someone who made a huge difference in my life.  His name is Dr. Fernado Rustia.  He was my son's pedi.  When my son died at 3 1/2 weeks, Dr. Rustia called and talked to me for over an hour.  
When I was pregnant with my daughter and the ultrasound showed she could have problems with her kidneys, he said he would order an ultrasound done a few hours after her birth, if I wanted.  Thankfully the next several ultrasounds showed her kidneys were fine.
Dr. Rustia showed much common sense and compassion as well as medical knowledge.  
Sadly, he died yesterday.  He will be missed by so many.  And I will never forget his compassion and the difference he made in the life of my husband, my daughter, and me.
6/1/2010 12:17:15 AM
Kristi Brickey United States
Kristi Brickey
The school year is coming to an end and I wanted  to show appreciation for the teachers and staff at my kids' school.  I particularly wanted to recognize people like the janitors and cafeteria workers who often have the dirtiest jobs but receive the littlest thanks.  My PTA friends and I baked dozens of cookies and we packaged them up with ribbons and notes of appreciation.  We took the cookies to school this morning.  It felt good to Make a Difference on a Monday morning.
6/1/2010 1:13:48 AM
Kate Borton United States
Kate Borton
I run a small, non-profit livestock rescue, Adoption and Educational Center, and Community Service Organization. The economy is melting away and so are donations.  Every time we are about to quit, or don't have funds for hay, God touches the heart of someone - and proves once again we are doing his work. Through the animals, we touch and enrich the lives of others, always, always, to the Glory of our Creator.  He continues to bring the needy to us:  both mankind and animal, and we share Him, ourselves, and anything else we can provide with them.  But we KNOW HE is the one that provides.
6/1/2010 7:22:16 AM
Sue United States
I work in a call center taking incoming customer service calls.  It doesn't always happen on Mondays, but I sometimes have to opportunity to pray with the caller.  I have prayed with people who have family members that are terminally ill, with those who have lost a spouse and are trying get a handle on finances, even those who are going through a hard time and just need encouratement.  It is the calls like these that remind me that God has me there for a reason other than just "a job."  I am so grateful that He chooses me to spread His light to those who may never otherwise hear His name.
6/1/2010 8:20:32 AM
Asia United States
I wanted to say thank you to my aunt susie, who willingly sat 10 hours in the car with me on a long drive from San Antonio to Las Cruces New Mexico this weekend, so i could take my son half way to meet his father.

My son is going to his dads in California for the summer for the first time.

I really appreciate her going, and ask God to bless my Aunt for her sacrifice of a weekend, and a sore bum.
6/2/2010 6:19:05 PM
Bryan Feeney United States
Bryan Feeney
I know its not Make a Difference Monday. But I have to tell you all. I live in the Chicago area and I have some friends who thought of an amazing way to up lift each other every day. Every day we text each other bible verses. Since I started reciving them and sending them it has had such a HUGE impact in and on my life.
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