Jun 14 2010

Sunburn poll!

Quick poll: peeling the dead skin from your sunburn...creepy or cool?!

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6/9/2010 3:03:07 PM
Leandra United States
I think it is gross but my friend thinks it is fun to do, and I think she has a problem.Smile lol!
6/9/2010 3:13:29 PM
Jordyn United States
super cool!
6/9/2010 3:13:35 PM
Jordyn United States
super cool!
6/9/2010 3:13:47 PM
Carol United States
6/9/2010 3:13:53 PM
bluegirl United States
My mom and i both think its kind of neat...
6/9/2010 3:13:56 PM
Ashley United States
I think its cool...me and my best friend both got sunburns and we would spend ours peeling our skin.
6/9/2010 3:13:56 PM
Cali Girl from Montana United States
Cali Girl from Montana
I love it! I think it is not only super cool, it is almost an accomplishment when you get a really big piece. Then again, I love to pop zits too. EW. I know.
6/9/2010 3:14:02 PM
Missionary Kid 4 Life Canada
Missionary Kid 4 Life
6/9/2010 3:14:20 PM
Cheryl Hibdon United States
Cheryl Hibdon
It's cool when I do it, but gross when someone else does it!
6/9/2010 3:14:20 PM
Karlee United States
Cool!  Why else would it peel? lol
6/9/2010 3:14:38 PM
Connie United States
I think its cool its weird and fun also because I have a skin peeling problem all together I also peel the dry skin on my fingers and lips I know its gross but well you asked. Smile LOL
6/9/2010 3:14:48 PM
Emily United States
Definitely Cool. I hate sunburns, but I love peeling it off, especially when it comes off in big pieces!
6/9/2010 3:14:48 PM
Katie K United States
Katie K
My DREAM Job would be a "Pick-olo-Gist" there is such a thing right? If it can be picked or dug at, I am your gal!! My husband and child think I am quite strange!!
6/9/2010 3:15:13 PM
Meil-li United States
I think it's cool.  It also feels a whole lot better to peel off a section of skin than to flake for days & days.

Sadly, I flake.  I would rather peel. Smile
6/9/2010 3:15:41 PM
Lillian United States
I think it's sweet!!! Smile You guys aren't weird at all!! I hate the flaky peely stuff! haha!
6/9/2010 3:15:51 PM
Terry Morris United States
Terry Morris
I grew up in Texas and peeling sunburn was the official state sport (after football of course).
6/9/2010 3:15:56 PM
Macon United States
I have also loved peeling my sunburn and my family members and boyfriends sunburn especially if its in strips.
6/9/2010 3:16:07 PM
Brenda United States
As kids we used to see who could pull the largest piece without it tearing.  I think it's really cool, especially when you sweat a little and there are bubbles of perspiration.  Now that is wierd, huh?
6/9/2010 3:16:34 PM
Emily United States
Definitely cool! I love peeling off my dead skin! It's gross, but I always try to get the biggest pieces possible!
6/9/2010 3:16:40 PM
connie United States
i think it feels great, i am a red-head and all my life i have either been ghost white or lobster red.  feels like someone is scratching your back in a real itching place.  i know a great help to take out the sting.  tea bags that have soaked in warm water, rub all over the burn.  the acid in the tea takes the sting out of the burn.
6/9/2010 3:16:48 PM
Kelly United States
Gross!!! You wake up in the morning and your lying in your own dead skin!!! Or lying in your spouses!! Nasty!
6/9/2010 3:16:50 PM
Cheryl Hibdon United States
Cheryl Hibdon
Cool when I do it.  Creepy when someone else does it.
6/9/2010 3:17:08 PM
Kelly United States
I think its cool. when I start peeling i just pick at it non-stop until its gone.
6/9/2010 3:17:30 PM
It feels good to get that dead skin off your body, and I think it's cool to peel.
6/9/2010 3:18:08 PM
Zach United States
6/9/2010 3:18:24 PM
Lisa United States
I think it's awesome! Just yesterday a group of us were discussing this, as I was peeling skin off my husband. My friends and family know who to go to when they're peeling....
Me! Haha! But Kelli is right, that flakey stuff is no good Smile
6/9/2010 3:19:31 PM
Tori Weigler United States
Tori Weigler
I think it's cool and I think alot more people find it cool than will admit because they think like Lisa and feel that its a gross cool so no one wants to admit to it Smile  
6/9/2010 3:19:43 PM
Kymberli United States
Hate to admit it, but I've had an obsession with peeling sunburned skin for years. The bigger the patch the better. Thank you for making me know I don't need psychological help.


6/9/2010 3:19:46 PM
B.J. United States
Who DOESN'T think it's cool to peel a sunburn???  I've never talked to anyone who wasn't fascinated with getting the biggest continuous piece of skin pulled off successfully!!!
6/9/2010 3:20:02 PM
Katie Canada
Creepy but kinda fun to do!
6/9/2010 3:20:12 PM
Elizabeth United States
i don't know what it is about it, but I have ALWAYS loved peeling off sunburnt skin! It's the neatest thing ever!! It's always a game to see how big a piece you can peel before it breaks off... sounds gross, but totally isn't! 35 years old and I still dig it... go figure?
6/9/2010 3:20:17 PM
Lisa United States
GROSS...that is your skins waste product...!!!
6/9/2010 3:20:22 PM
Tori Weigler United States
Tori Weigler
I applogize I meant Kelli
6/9/2010 3:20:22 PM
Juli United States
6/9/2010 3:20:50 PM
Robin United States
I think it's totally cool! My 9 yo likes to peel my back for me...she doesn't burn, neither does hubby!
6/9/2010 3:20:51 PM
Jose Joaquin Lim (J.J.) Panama
Jose Joaquin Lim (J.J.)
very Cooooooooooooooooooooooooooolll hahaha Smile
6/9/2010 3:20:55 PM
GR United States
Creepy (just because everyone else is saying cool).  ;)
6/9/2010 3:21:14 PM
bluegirl United States
ohh, you have no idea...girls can be gross to.
its kind of ewwwwww, but also sort of cool...like, i dunno, just cool...
lol Smile
6/9/2010 3:21:14 PM
Nate United States
This has to be the weirdest, and best question ever here. I like the feeling but it's pretty nasty. Gotta say creepy.
6/9/2010 3:21:24 PM
Jenni United States
I have never peeled but I think it is kinda creepy.
6/9/2010 3:22:06 PM
Rayna United States
Cool! I love it and my husband is totally grossed out!
6/9/2010 3:22:26 PM
Joseph United States
COOL, however I have just applied some Ocean Potion lotion to my back to help prevent peeling. As cool as peeliing skin is though, I'd rather keep the tan Smile
6/9/2010 3:22:46 PM
candra United States
very cool!!!! i luv it!!!!
6/9/2010 3:22:47 PM
Pam United States
Tooooo cooooooool!!!  I love to see how long a strip I can get off someone's back, too!
6/9/2010 3:23:01 PM
Marcel Aube United States
Marcel Aube
Kinda creepy guys but we still love you all =)
6/9/2010 3:23:16 PM
Alex United States
6/9/2010 3:23:20 PM
julie United States
6/9/2010 3:23:42 PM
Kenn United States
That is just nasty! No other answer! My wife likes to peel skin and I wont let her come near me when I get a burn because she will constantly look to see if I am peeling!
6/9/2010 3:23:56 PM
Angela United States
Definitely creepy! Just thinking about peeling another person's skin off makes me get a little freaked out.. y'all need help! lol
6/9/2010 3:23:59 PM
Susan United States
Love to peel a good sunburn ~ the bigger piece of skin the better.
6/9/2010 3:24:07 PM
tammy harper United States
tammy harper
Hi guys, Just wanted to comment on your poll. I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you about my daughter and a close friend of ours who has a skin condition called Ichthyosis. There are around 24 types. Skin that peels horribly is part of some . My friends daughter and my daughters best friend Hunter Steinitz has one of the worst or the worst types Harlequin. She knows the Lord. On June 15 on the National geographic channel there is a special on about skin disorders and Hunter is one of the stars. Check it out. My daughter has Sjogren Larsson syndrome another rare type  God bless more to share many testimonies. God is good all the time. Tammy Harper    
6/9/2010 3:24:39 PM
Christine United States
Maybe not sunburns but remember when we were kids and we would put glue on our hands and let it dry and try and peal it off in one big sheet... Now that was cool Smile
6/9/2010 3:24:48 PM
Courtney United States
I got in trouble once for peeling it off and sticking it to the window of my moms car ... But I love to peel my but peeling someone wales would be gross
6/9/2010 3:26:19 PM
Gary United States
You really need to be careful about getting sunburns. It just takes one bad sunburn to get skin cancer. When I was younger, I had a really bad sunburn, real painful, lots of pealing. Maybe about 15 or 20 years later, I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma on my scalp. I had surgery and have been cancer free for 5 years now. My dermatologist said never go out in the sun without putting on plenty of sunscreen.
6/9/2010 3:26:27 PM
Wiley United States
6/9/2010 3:27:27 PM
Carrie foss United States
Carrie foss
It's not nessicarily cool but it is more convenient and less messy than a lot of little flakes

6/9/2010 3:29:32 PM
Sarah United States
I love peeling skin!!! lol. It's so neat!
6/9/2010 3:40:35 PM
britney United States
gross i get sick a lot from seeing it
6/9/2010 3:41:43 PM
Jo Ann United States
Jo Ann
I think it cool. Like peeling my husbands back & arms when he burns.
6/9/2010 3:48:10 PM
Lorrie Riddle United States
Lorrie Riddle
Fellow Peelers UNITE!!!!This adds a whole new dimension to "Give me some skin, man!" (giggle giggle). I love peeling! I even like that crackling sound it makes as you peel! I get super disappointed when the piece you are peeling that you just KNOW is going to peel down your entire arm, breaks...uuuugggghh!
It is safe to say that I love it! Friends even come to me on occasion to do it for them because they get grossed out doing it.
Scott, lean over here...you missed a piece...tee hee.
6/9/2010 4:05:04 PM
Lena United States
It's fun!

I don't get sun-burned, but my husband does.  And when he does, he lets me peel the skin.  I get so excited about it too. lol...there must be something wrong with that.  

Now I don't eat it like the weirdo in the Austin Powers movie, that's yuk! But peeling it is fun! Smile
6/9/2010 4:09:07 PM
Teena Gurule_Vazquez United States
Teena Gurule_Vazquez
6/9/2010 4:28:22 PM
alissa United States
i think it is cool to peel big pieces off.. when it sheds it gets every where and its nasty!!
6/9/2010 4:30:35 PM
Katie United States
It's kinda like picking a scab... You know you probably shouldn't do it, but you just can't help yourself!
6/9/2010 4:35:26 PM
Ivan United States
6/9/2010 11:43:25 PM
Tawnya United States
I used to think it was totally cool, I LOVE it! Until one day I was peeling the skin off of my cousin's back and I nearly puked on her! Now I get quesy at the thought of it, just adding this comment is blech!
6/10/2010 12:41:59 AM
Lizzy Girl United States
Lizzy Girl
I think that it fells soooooooooooo good to peel off the dead skin! I also think it is cool to peel the dead skin like on your fingers and feet! i know it is kinda wierd but hey, look at all the other people who like to do it!
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