Jan 13 2010

Haiti Needs Your Prayers...

Find out how to help Haiti

This morning I called my friend Will McGinnis from Audio Adrenaline to check on him and the orphange that they run in Jacmel, Haiti.  He said that he is thankful that everyone at the facility is OK, but the destructuion is overwhelmming.  Audio Adrenaline Mark Stuart and his family are there right now and Mark sent this email this morning.

Hi everyone.... Our internet is working finally. So I'm sending this to a few of you.... Everyone here is ok, but we are all very scared. The buildings held up great, but there are several houses right around us that have collapsed. Also, Hotel Cyvadier had major damage, while the brand new three story "peace of mind" hotel was demolished. Francine, one of our teenage nannies was in afternoon school and escaped while the building was collapsing around her because she was sitting by the door...however many of her classmates died yesterday. Many houses and and buildings have collapsed in Jacmel including the hospital. I know most of the news there is coming from PAP, but there is substantial loss of life here on the south coast. We need prayer for wisdom and strength. Its very chaotic here. We were able to buy diesel this morning and hopefully get more propane for cooking tomorrow. Last night was crazy...slept on the dirt in the center of the village...away from the buildings. Tonight we may venture back indoors, but that is yet to be decided. We go in and out to get necessities. The Haitian people are numb and sad to say very used to death, but this has created what seems to be a hypnotic state. I've never been in a situation were you feel SO helpless, fearful, and small. The tremors are coming again as i type this. Whoa!!!


Thanks so much for praying for Haiti and all those that God has there to minister to those who are hurting.  Please continue to pray!  I am also sharing a video from Mark and Will so that you have an idea of what God is doing through the Hands and Feet Project.  God Bles You, Scott!



Jan 12 2010

New YOU in 52 Week 1 Tips!

If it's you're goal to take better care of the body that God gave you.  New YOU in 52 is a chance to learn something new every week that will help you stick to your resolutions and reach your goals.  Nutritionist Christine Avanti shared some great tips with us this Friday.  Here is what she says about a great place to start!

1) Clean out your pantry and fridge of any foods that have more then 10 grams of fat per serving. Also remove any foods that are high in preservatives i.e., package foods such as Ramen noodles, sugar loaded cereals, soda, juice, frozen pizza, ice creams etc.

2) Grocery shopping tips: a) Healthful carbohydrates: buy fresh or frozen fruits and veggies that are in season such as apples, oranges, grapes, squash, artichokes, sweet potatoes, bok choy and broccoli. b) Healthful protein sources that won't break the bank: whole chicken, frozen shrimp and low fat cottage cheese.

For more tips go to www.christineavanti.com.



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Jan 12 2010


As a parent, it is really hard to resist your kids when they give you that "Ahhhh mommy or daddy" look! You know the one...The one that just melts your heart. Well my little girl Charin got me this weekend when we were at the pet store. We lost our favorite cat ever a few months back, and have been heart broken! So while we were there, we adopted a cat. She is beautiful and sweet!... BUT we have a dog, and now here's where I need your help!


How do you get them used to one another?  Is there a right way to do it?  Is there a special formula?

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Welcome Casting Crowns to the show today!
Jun 16 2010

Welcome Casting Crowns to the show today!

Our special guest today is Mark Hall, lead singer of Casting Crowns! Any comments for Mark? Share them here!

Click below to listen to the interview with Mark Hall

Mark Hall from Casting Crowns talks about the song “If We Ever Needed You”

Mark talks about Casting Crowns visit to Rwanda

Mark talks about adopting a daughter from China & sings Scarlet Letters live

Mark talks about the process of adopting his daughter and the adjustments after bringing her home.

Mark talks about the work he is doing with Youth Pastors

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Comments (28) -

6/12/2010 11:10:45 AM
Johnny from Texas United States
Johnny from Texas
Hey just wanted to say to mark so he could tell the rest of the guys the only reason i even started listening to K love is because of their song until the whole world hears,  Great Music, you guys have helped me through alot of tough times with numerous songs , thanks guys, Johnny
6/12/2010 11:13:45 AM
Jo Ja Brewer United States
Jo Ja Brewer
I just wanted to say that I admire the story about Mark and his wife adopting a daughter from North Korea. I was adopted when I was 6 years old and I was from South Korea.  I never knew my biological parents but I appreciate my adopted parents and I feel like I was blessed to be in America.I have 2 sisters that are not adopted but I consider them as my real sisters.
6/12/2010 11:19:17 AM
Amy United States
Thank you Mark for not only serving God through your talents, but also for being a living testimony in all areas of your life.  Your kindness and understanding of people are a wonderful example for all to see.  
6/12/2010 11:19:32 AM
Don Couture United States
Don Couture
Just wanted to say to everyone with Casting Crowns, may God bless all of you for everything you do with your music, live performances and experiences that you have shared with everyone.  Attended your concert on Good Friday with Tenth Avenue North....the concert moved my very soul & spirit.  Brought my 13 yr. old step-daughter, I know it changed her as well.  Mark, you are very funny! lol  So true, your comment about the beach ball....very unexpected.  Smile  Thanks for partnering with World Vision, ended up sponsoring a child that night!!
6/12/2010 11:21:09 AM
robin United States
This is a poem I found a very long time ago that has always helped me understand.  I just thought I would share it because Scott you really touched my heart talking about your father.  I still have mine but I almost lost him last year.  I pray the Holy Spirit gives you comfort on the days that are tough.

“One Hand on the Stars”
        By B. J. Hoff

How do we count the lives he touched,
The light he shed for years?
How do we see the difference he made
When we’re looking though our tears?
How do we know the things that are
That never would have been
Without his valiant heart that dared
To fight, and fight again?
How do we know what flowers will bloom
From seeds of yesterday,
What songs are sung and dreams begun
Because he passed this way?
How do we measure the shining place
That time can never pale
In all the hearts that cheered him on
And willed him to prevail?
How did his spirit soar beyond
The suffering and the scars
To live with one hand clutching hope
And the other on the stars?
We may not know what he left behind
On the difficult path he trod…
But we know this much: his life’s brief touch
Was from the hand of God.
6/12/2010 4:21:29 PM
chris wright
chris wright
I saw you in greensboro what a wonderfull humble spirit you have . Your music inspires me to share the  good news of jesus. Till the whole world hears.
6/12/2010 4:25:01 PM
Don Couture United States
Don Couture
Just wanted to say to everyone with Casting Crowns, may God bless all of you for everything you do with your music, live performances and experiences that you have shared with everyone.  Attended your concert on Good Friday at Family Arena in St. Charles, MO with Tenth Avenue North....the concert moved my very soul & spirit.  Brought my 13 yr. old step-daughter, I know it changed her as well.  Mark, you are very funny! lol  So true, your comment about the beach ball.  Smile  Thanks so much for partnering with World Vision, ended up sponsoring a child that night!!
6/12/2010 4:26:33 PM
Katrina United States
I have to say I don't think any other Christian group has been as much of a comfort to me in my life as Casting Crowns.

Just over 11 years ago my husband and I welcomed our first child into this world. Our boy was born with a rare syndrome which we later found out was a genetic disorder. We had another child and felt God had blessed us when he was born without any evidence of the eye disorder. Further developmental issues and other concerns with both of our boys made us think we were doing having children.

God decided otherwise, and blessed us with another boy just over 6 years ago. A preemie, he was born with a small brain bleed which, we think, resulted in his have Cerebral Palsy and more severe seizures. He also was found to have signs of this rare syndrome.

Today, we have three beautiful boys. It's just over six years later, and while we've been through many, many storms in our lives, God has seen us through them all. Our boys all have Rieger Syndrome, they are all autistic to some degree. They are all epileptic, though praise God one child has outgrown his seizures. My oldest child, who was born effectively blind, can see with glasses today, even though he is considered legally blind. My youngest, who had additional issues, has the issues I listed before, and is nonverbal as well.

We know how very,very blessed we are,and, most of the time, can handle the emotional rollercoaster that comes with having three special needs kids. My husband and I have both turned to various music when the emotions grew to overwhelming. I couldn't even begin to count the number of times a Casting Crowns song was one that God used during my dark and turbulent times.

Your music has made a difference, a very welcome and discernible difference, in mine and my family's lives. I just wanted you to know that. Feel free to erase this message once it is read. I just wanted to take the chance that they would actually know what a difference their music has made in the life of at least one Christian mother and father.

----In Him
6/12/2010 4:27:13 PM
InPain United States
That song really hits home for my family!! Please pray for us as my wife has left us for the second time and 2 affairs and now is claiming a 3rd affair since she has left but we r still married. I have my faults in our marriage as well but have been willing to work on everything each time, but this time I am struggling to continue and she is addiment to divorce. My 4 kids and I r in so much pain!
6/12/2010 4:28:46 PM
Don Couture United States
Don Couture
Sorry about the double post, acted like it didn't post the first time....had to write it out again.
6/12/2010 4:29:23 PM
Bonny Highman United States
Bonny Highman
Please come back to Wild Adventures in Valdosta, Georgia!!! I saw you when you came last and bought everyone of your CD'S.  Mark I can relate to your music, I listen to K-Love in my home and in the car CC on cd. CC and Third Day are my favorite groups.  Congrad's on your new baby girl.  At your concert in Valdosta, Georgia we sponcered a boy from World Vision ALL BECAUSE OF YOU!!! Thank you for blessing my life and his.
6/12/2010 4:34:46 PM
Kathy H United States
Kathy H
I have a question...I was at the April 2010 concert at the Municipal Auditorium in San Antonio, TX and the lady who plays the piano ran off the stage towards the end of the concert.  I have often wondered about her since that night and wondered if she's ok.   By the way, that was my 2nd concert of yours and it was TERRIFIC.  YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!
6/12/2010 4:41:06 PM
Michelle United States
I absolutely love your song "Voice of Truth" It has been an encouragement when I feel like giving up...it will always turn things around and make the day brighter!!! God Bless you all!!!
6/12/2010 4:47:27 PM
Holly United States
I just wanted to let you guys know that you have been such an inspiration to me and my family in both good times and rough ones. I want to thank you for all you have done for the work of God.

(P.S. You guys need to come back to Alaska soon, we don't get many concerts up here!)
6/12/2010 4:47:57 PM
Michelle United States
My friend and I met all of Casting Crowns at a concert in the Chicago land area and was so awe struck that I was not able to tell you what a blessing and how much God has healed me through your music and continues to. It is if you have a mirror in to my life and sing about what my struggles are at that moment. It was also great to see how down to earth all of the band is. God Bless!  
6/12/2010 4:48:48 PM
Veronica Spagnola United States
Veronica Spagnola
Mark....we found out at the last minute that our former youth Pastor Jesse Blinn would be with you in Roseville last September....so for my daughters 18th bday she asked to go to the concert......we were blessed by the music and the opportunity to visit with Jesse...... my daughter has the voice of an angel and to hear her sing along with each song...well I cried....and she looks forward to seeing Casting Crowns again......because " mom my heart wasn't really in it last time...." so keep up what you all are doing.....
6/12/2010 4:58:26 PM
Luis from Tennessee United States
Luis from Tennessee
Mark, i just wanted to tell you how much i appreciate your gift of being able to spread God's word through music, and as a fellow musician i really love your music, my favorite right now is Until The Whole World Hears. Im really glad to have people like you in the world, and as a sixteen year old i hope to become a musician much like what you have become to the world. Thank you
6/12/2010 4:58:29 PM
Pamela Furlan United States
Pamela Furlan
Is there a way I can have someone go back (a link?)and listen to the conversation you were just having moments ago with Mark Hall? It was about 3:55 pm PST. I really want someone to hear what he had to say.
6/12/2010 5:00:13 PM
Jessie United States
Hiyas! Mark I just want to thank you so much for that story about Mika letting you 'rescue' her. My Little baby girl passed to heaven 30 years ago, and for 20 years or so after that i ran and hid from God, even shaking my fist at heaven and blaming Him. About 11 years ago i woke up so afraid one day, and couldn't figure out why, till i realized that if i died in that state, living the way i was, i'd probably never see her again. I was restored to God through the Holy Spirit that day. Thank you for reminding me of how much he desires me to need him to rescue me each day during my quiet time.
6/12/2010 5:06:39 PM
Wimma Kanis Netherlands
Wimma Kanis
Hi Mark,
I just wanted to thank you and the band for your music. It is a great encouragement to me, and many of my friends. We were just wondering when Casting Crowns is going to visit The Netherlands..?
6/12/2010 5:08:18 PM
Angela United States
Casting Crowns is my favorite band. I've not yet encountered another band who is so completely honest and convicting--not to mention musically talented. Mark, I've read both of your books, and found them incredibly encouraging and inspiring. I'd like to share a quick story:

One of my closest friends has often stumbled in her walk with God. I've watched her trip up more times than I care to remember... in fact it's developed into a predictable pattern. I love her as much as I know how to love anyone, and I've always striven to be there for her when she needed a friend, to point her back to God and remind her that He is just waiting for her to run back to him.

A few months ago our relationship hit conflict when I confronted her in love about a some choices she was making that I knew would lead only to destruction and pain for her and those around her. She lashed out in anger at me, and I didn't know what to do. I wondered if I'd been wrong to say anything, what I might have said differently--basically, any doubt that might have crossed my mind did.

I picked up my Bible and read it some. Then I reached for your book, Your Own Jesus. I opened it at random, and found myself reading the chapter titled Newness. So I started reading... and it was exactly the confirmation I needed. One quote in particular stuck out at me: "We can't change people, but God can use us as agents while he changes people--if we're willing" (130). I needed to be reminded that I couldn't change my friend's pattern for her. But if I trusted God, he might use me to help her change. And I also needed to be reminded that "It's more important that this person has a relationship with Jesus than with us" (135). Reading about keeping our brothers and sisters in Christ accountable, and about the different warning flares, I realized I had done everything right. My doubts were put to rest. My concerns for her were still there, but I knew that God had been using me to make a difference in her life.

I know God is to be ultimately thanked for that confirmation, and for the inner peace that ensued. But if it weren't for your book, I might not have received it. So I just wanted to say thank you.

In His name,

6/12/2010 5:12:11 PM
Jordan United States
Just wanted to say you guys are doing great things with your songs. I know this is a ways off but I'm looking forward to your visit to Purdue in September. Do you think I can meet you all beforehand briefly or wave with frantic excitement in your direction? I'll be ushering so I'll be there early. Anywho, I'll be praying for a great time and thanks again for your music Laughing
6/12/2010 5:12:15 PM
Dan United States
I pass this in a txt to my Daughter, Son, Sisters and friends: "Has anyone told you, You are the Best!, they may have but it is true YOU are The Best!". I sent that to my niece and she told me my Dad has never said that to me, of course I told her to tell that to her dad. Try at times because you are the Best!

God Bless.
6/12/2010 5:30:53 PM
puppyeyes88 Philippines
Wow! Casting Crowns!!! Please come to the Philippines. Help heal my country like how your songs have helped heal me.
6/12/2010 5:37:37 PM
Meka Dawn Brock United States
Meka Dawn Brock
I got off work today and was driving out of the parking lot and was listening to Mark Hall talk about Hope Meka and I had to reach out to Scott, Kelly and Mark when I got home to tell you a little story myself.  As you can see my name is Meka.  You do not hear this name very often.  I am not sure how you spell your daughters name but thought I would drop you a few lines and let you know its a GREAT name to have.  My 16 year old daughter went to her first summer camp and not only that it is a Christain camp, "Falls Creek"  I had named my daughter after me and took my first name and added yla to the end of it and named her Mekayla.  What is interesting is she meet a boy that started to invite her to church.  Due to some events that happened three years ago, she had stop going and seemed to be upset with the lord about things.  I explained to her to just keep praying and the lord my not answer her in her time it would be in his time to be patient.  Anyway, I am so glad she was able to take this opportunity.  I love to hear Casting Crowns music and to hear Mark on the air talk about his new addition to the family was great.  I just hope that with all the struggles my daughters and I have had over the past three years helps brings us all back together under one roof to reunite them with there step dad.  I listen to KLove every morning before work and after work and it gives me the strength to make it through the day with a positive outlook.
God Bless!
6/12/2010 5:49:56 PM
Vicky United States
Was listening to Mark talk about the experience of the adoption and how his little girl wouldn't let him hold her for a while.  I have a co-worker who adopted a little chinese girl about 2 years ago now.  She was the same way with the dad.  Then once she opened up to him, she wouldn't let mom hold her.  She's adjusted great and doing very well.  They are truly a family.  God bless Mark and his family for adopting.
6/13/2010 12:17:55 AM
Tiffany United States
Just wanted to let Mark know that I have been SO blessed these past several months by Casting Crowns' songs.  The Lord always seems to have them playing at just the right time on K-Love when I need it most.  I'm going through an extremely rough time in my marriage right now and their songs have encouraged me to hang in there while I wait on God to work a miracle.  The song that helped me most was "Praise You In This Storm."

Also, we're going on a mission trip to Jamaica next week and there has been great unrest there. I was also becoming afraid that I wouldn't have the ability to do what God wants me to do there. I've tried my best to stay faithful and trust that we'll be OK, but I started to get fearful when people started telling me I shouldn't go because it wasn't safe.  God kept reminding me through my faithful friends that I would be fine and that I just had to trust Him. Just when I was starting to doubt (out of fear), K-Love played "Voice of Truth" and I was instantly encouraged again.  Thank you to K-Love and Casting Crowns.  Please keep doing what you do.  You have no idea what a tremendous blessing you are to me and countless others.
6/14/2010 3:00:09 AM
Dawn United States
My husband and I had just come out of our first marriage counseling session where I was struck by how far we've grown apart and how different we are from each other.  I turned on the radio and heard Mark talking about the story behind "If We've Ever Needed You".  His words spoke to my heart.  Our marriage and our family is falling apart and the only way we'll change it is by reaching out to the Lord.  The words of this song are my hope and my prayer.  Thank you for getting up in the middle of the night, Mark, to write the words to this song.  They are truth and light.
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