Jul 23 2010

Ice cream truck for dogs?!

The world's first ice cream truck for dogs opens for business this weekend. Some of the "canine-friendly flavors" include "Dog Eat Hog World" and "Canine Cookie Crunch!" What do you think? Would you visit the ice cream truck for your dog?

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7/19/2010 10:40:09 AM
Rhonda United States
Absolutely. I spoil my dog and I'm sure it's better for them than regular ice cream. Whatever I eat, I save a bite and give it to him when I'm done eating. He LOVES ice cream. His eyes get big as saucers and he looks like he's on drugs when I save him a couple bites of ice cream & let him lick the bowl, rofl. (For those saying gross: soap does clean the bowls, lol). It's probably his favorite food by the way he acts.
7/19/2010 10:50:03 AM
Heather clapp United States
Heather clapp
I totally would! We have a dog store in Shreveport Louisiana that has dog yogurt! My 2 dachshunds LOVE it! They have flavor like apple/cheddar, peanutbutter/banana, and papaya. Ofcourse they don't get it everyday but like once a week maybe. My "children" are VERY spoiled but I couldn't live without them!  
7/19/2010 10:54:38 AM
BRIAN United States
I don't have dogs but I mad ceramic dog dishes
I pold weeds for dogs. the Dog i do this are spoled. so I geuss why not ice cream!  
7/19/2010 11:12:08 AM
Rene United States
Yes, definately. But they need to have ice cream for me too. Rocky Road & Jamoca Almond Fudge.
7/19/2010 12:04:24 PM
Mary Ellen Keith United States
Mary Ellen Keith
Yes, most definatey. But I agree they should sell ice cream for doge at your local ice cream store. Then when you buy ice cream for yoursel then you can buy one for your "child with fur".
7/19/2010 1:40:12 PM
Leandra United States
That is so ridiculous.....
7/19/2010 1:51:15 PM
Bryhan Cumings United States
Bryhan Cumings
Yeah, I totally would, because my dogs are like another member of the family and I would want to treat them equally.
7/19/2010 2:00:58 PM
Nena Twedell United States
Nena Twedell
Absolutely, If have the extra money, and I have ice cream why not?! Grunt,my pit bull, is soo spoiled he would absolutely love it. He tries to eat mine all the time.Its almost like having him sleeping in your bed, or something. guilty as charged of spoiling my puppy!
7/19/2010 2:03:52 PM
Rhonda United States
Just imagine a life of eating the same dog food every day, morning-noon-night, 7 days a week for xx number of years! Dogs need a variety too. Talk about a boring existance. I would go insane but they keep on loving us, like nothing is wrong.

They did a study that showed dogs eating the same food like that all the time have a higher increase for developing allergies. They really should eat HEALTHY adult food like we should (fruits, veggies, lean meats, etc) but who can really afford that? I "hope" to be able to switch over to real food for my pets within year.
7/19/2010 2:07:13 PM
Ronnie United States
What a fun idea. Another way to spend quality time with your loved pet. It's sad when we can't take a moment to ENJOY life. If money is tight, give that worry to God and enjoy the life he has given us with another life God has given us to take care of. In addition to our Children and pets, I think God allows a little fun for us adults too. Eat ice cream, run in a part, and stop to smell that beautiful rose. Those are precious gifts from God.
7/19/2010 7:13:33 PM
Tammy Willson United States
Tammy Willson
Until recently I would have said absolutely not but my dog suffered from an illness this spring that cost us a lot of money. Every time she ate dog food no matter the brand she got sick and I was up many nights with her. Every time the fee was $100 or more so we stopped feeding her dog food and now I get up every morning and cook her 2 eggs, a slice of toast, and a piece of fruit as well as her cheese. At dinner I fix her some chicken and rice and through in some sort of veggie to go with it. This has in fact cut the cost of dog food out though. So yeah I would probably buy her an ice cream at a truck. Although she think treats are plain ice cubes from the freezer.
7/24/2010 1:38:53 PM
Rebecca United States
THAT IS SOOOOOO STUPID! Dogs DO NOT need ice cream!!!!! It might make them sickFrownFrownFrown
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