Jul 23 2010

Tony Horton tells how to have an effective workout

Tony Horton, creator of the P90X workout series answers the question: "Is your workout too wimpy?!" Here's that WebMD article Tony was talking about: http://www.webmd.com/fitness-exercise/features/is-your-workout-too-wimpy

Listen to Tony talk fitness

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7/15/2010 8:17:31 AM
Jill United States
Question: Any great tips for moms who need to work out at home? With small kids hanging from our ankles? Smile
7/15/2010 4:35:05 PM
Jodi Bordenet United States
Jodi Bordenet
Hello. My name is Jodi and I am 31 years old. I have a wonderful husband and two amazing boys. I have struggled with my weight my whole life. I was also the big girl, the chubby girl. I have also tried to exercise but it seemed I maintained my weight or lose 5 pounds here or there. Right before I found out I was pregnant with my 5 year old, I had lost 15 pounds. I had been working a job where I would walk miles a day. I was so excited. Then next thing I know I am pregnant. I was already technically obese so I worked hard on not gaining more weight than needed. I gain 20 pounds. Right after I had him I lost it all and then some more. I gradually put all that weight back on ad then some. My husband and I decided to try to have another baby. I was watching what I was eating, trying to get some exercise in throughout the day but was not losing weight. We continued to try on our own for a year with no success having a baby. I went to my midwife to see what can be done. After about 6 months still nothing so she referred me to a fertility specialist. After the first visit and blood work he diagnosis me with Polycystic Ovarian syndrome, or PCOS. Now after doing research about PCOS everything started making more sense. With PCOS you can have difficult losing weight due to being insulin resistance IR. My body does not use the insulin correctly. After 8 or 9 months with that doctor we did finally get pregnant again and had another boy. He just turned one. Now here I am bigger then I have ever been. With this pregnancy I only gained 10 pounds. But shortly after having him I gained even more weight. I am only 5 feet and a half inch tall and over 200 pounds. I am borderline diabetic now, due to the IR and PCOS and I know if I could lose the weight I would feel better. I pray every day and ask God please help me get healthy so that I can be here for my family. I want to be able to go out and run and play with them and not have to stop so often. Our oldest son is also over weight, as well as my husband. I want to show our son and teach him how to eat and live healthy. I don't want him to be picked on like I was in school. In order to do that I have to be living that way, be an example. I have seen the p90x and thought wow wish I could afford that, that might just be the push that can help me lose the weight and get healthy and be the example for my sons and just be able to be here for my family. Thank you K-Love for the inspiration you give and great thanks to God for having you be that inspiration needed.
Jodi Bordenet
7/15/2010 4:40:51 PM
Angela United States
P90X Is awesome. I have always worked out but did the same thing for years. I bought the P90X workout and did the doubles 13 weeks and dropped a size in my clothes and tightened up my body. I do it in my living room everyday. I Love P90X and will probably do it for the rest of my life. This workout is perfect for moms you can do it right at home. Thanks Toni!
7/16/2010 6:38:27 AM
Amy United States
I'm not a mom. I'm an aunt of 3 adorable highly energetic children ages 4-10. They joined me as I did my DVD workouts (Power 90 and RevAbs - from Tony H's company www.Beachbody.com). Thought I didn't get the usual intensity workout, we enjoyed laughing with each other while we "got fit."
7/24/2010 2:54:06 AM
Patty Wright United States
Patty Wright
I just completed a Respiratory Care program and am looking for a job. I am 50 years-old and the area hospitals are hiring mostly 20-year-old who seem to be the perfect weight and age. I would love to lose weight and workout and feel that the new Power 90X would help me get in shape and be able to compete with the younger generation for the jobs. I am a stress-eater and going back to college has only added to my stress-eating.  In 1998, (12 years ago) our then 15 year-old son was diagnosed with bone cancer over the next 9 years he survived 5 bouts with cancer which only increased my stress-eating and sporadic exercising, then adding to my stress even more, my father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. I went to our son’s university classes and took notes for him when he was recovering from one of his 13 surgeries, which allowed him to finish the semester and not have to drop out. I found that I enjoyed college and enrolled at our local area junior college and began taking classes, it took a bit to get back into the swing of learning (it had been 24 years since I attended college). I started back to college in 04’; I just completed the Respiratory Therapy program this past May. I had to step out a few semesters during that time, because of our sons many bouts with cancer. I would appreciate the opportunity to get back into shape and possibly land a new job in the best shape of my life because of the P90X. Thank you for considering me for your contest.
8/11/2010 2:34:47 PM
Ashley United States
I am a nursing student and my husband is a professional chef. Many times we eat out due to very little time or energy to cook at home. We have three small children and we want to lose weight for them. I don't have any medical problems yet, but I feel that I will if I don't start eating healthy and working out again. I have about 50lbs to lose while my husband wants to lose about 150lbs. It has been hard to workout, especially in expensive gyms that have limited childcare time frames or doing diet programs where when you stop the diet and try to maintain--weight seems to creep back up. We have even tried the HCG drops and they were deemed unsuccessful. As of this weekend we have started healthy eating. Everything fresh--nothing processed. We are planning to walk every night, and with the help of the P90X program and also a cardiac exercise DVD I do, we both hope to get to that healthy stage where we can be there for our children and not be so winded to do anything. For those of you trying to lose weight out there, keep your heads up and know that God is right beside you motivating you every step of the way.
8/17/2010 3:35:45 AM
Kyle United States
My name is Kyle Fox and I just felt lead to share my story. I hope that you get out of reading this a sense of determination to go for your dreams and not be held back by anything. The past is the past you can't change it even though how bad you might want to you can't. I think it's time for me to share my story about the struggles in my life and how determined I'am to change my life around I hope you enjoy. Here is my story...I'm about 5'10 in high school I weighed 320lbs and was on my high school football team and played offense and defensive line and during my junior yr my mom pulled me off the team because my grades were slipping it has always been hard for me to juggle both football and school but I know that she did it for the right reasons to help me grow as a person. Then my senior yr rolls around and I sign up to be on the football team again but a wk into the school yr I pulled myself out of the program and became just a regular student again, because I felt like I couldn't do it. I was doubting myself because I hadn't been in the weight room or working out so without even giving myself a chance I gave up which was a huge mistake on my part. Fast forward to the end of my first yr of college about a wk after my first year was complete on May 26, 2009 I had surgery called the Gastric Sleeve which is where they go in and cut out about 85% of your stomach, yes I had weight loss surgery. You maybe asking yourself why, because I was tired of being big and not feeling good about myself and I felt the only way to get myself back in shape was to have the surgery so I did. I know I'm not the biggest or fastest in the world but I put my heart into everything I do and give 110% all the time and in this past yr since my surgery I've went from 320 to 213lbs which is a difference in 107lbs. I have always wanted to go to college and play ball and I took a major step back when I quit playing football. But now I'm in the weight room and running everyday. I'm out to prove that I didn't take the easy way out by having surgery, I had it to better myself and my condition. I know that I may not ever play college ball now and I'm ok with that because that may not be the calling GOD has for me in life but I just want to tryout to say that I at least attempted to chase my dream and not let the past hold me back from attempting it. My family is moving to Lubbock, TX which is my hometown this August and I will be attending South Plains College with hopes of transferring to TEXAS TECH after I get my associate's degree and I will be working harder than ever to earn my degree, and also to get my body in shape to tryout for Texas Tech Football. I live my life by this scripture "I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME" Philippians 4:13. Notice: This Scripture cannot be amended to read "I will want to do all things" or " I get to choose the things I have to do". Everything I just said is true and straight from my heart. I hope that you feel inspired to chase your dreams and to not give up. Life is not easy by any means and things may not always happen the way you wan't them to but you just have to learn to make the best of the situation that you have been put in.
9/15/2010 4:39:35 AM
Cheryl United States
As a child I was always the skinny one that needed more "meat on them bones". Unfortunately that is no longer the case. After I got married I was put on a medication that’s side effect was "might have weight gain". It wasn't joking; I gained over 40 lbs in 6 months which has been impossible to get off. Ever time I get on the scale it goes up. I worry about this because diabetes is common in my family!

As a beekeeper I am up at dawn and don't go to bed until long after dusk, so going a gym is out of the question. I have been reading more about the benefits of following the biblical diet that might help, and one morning I was up at 2 am unable to sleep because I got stung a lot that day and I saw the P90x program on TV and so wanted to buy it but as a beekeeper the funds never seem to be there...
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