Aug 02 2010

Odd pregnancy cravings

Talking about pregnancy cravings--Kelli craved spinach at 2am when she was pregnant, Natalie Grant is craving banana ice cream and Angelina Jolie says she craved onion rings and dark chocolate! What about you? Any pregnancy cravings?

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7/22/2010 11:37:24 PM
Linda Winslow United States
Linda Winslow
I craved orange pinapple juice.
not orange or pinapple it had to be orange pinapple - I drink it by the gallons.
7/22/2010 11:39:17 PM
Paula United States
My husband would know I was pregnant every time I craved pork rinds.
During pregnancy:
fruit(but couldn't eat it, made me sick)
7/22/2010 11:41:39 PM
Lanigirls Mom United States
Lanigirls Mom
With my first it was onions -cooked, sauted, baked, fried, or even raw like an apple.  Couldn't get enough of them!  With my second it was the smell of Pinesol..I loved it! I would carry around a rag with the tip dipped in Pinsol, in my purse.
7/22/2010 11:41:39 PM
Erin United States
Cravings for non-nutritive items, like dirt, and even ice, is called Pica.

I firmly believe, as suspected, that it is a symptom of iron deficiency. With all 6 of my pregnancies, I craved cola (coke, pepsi), but it had to be in a can. I drank WAY too much. Eating crushed ice was also another serious compulsion. I couldn't figure it out until #6, I took iron supplements for the first time, and the cravings stopped suddenly and completely. I believe I was actually craving the aluminum (can) which can/does seep into the drink, rather than the soda.

Scary stuff!
7/22/2010 11:46:19 PM
Claire United States
Odd!!! I love listening to these conversations.
7/22/2010 11:57:41 PM
magon United States
cravings huh? i had cravings for pop corn puffs...they sell them at the 99cent store ...i could afford my cravings!! ..yeah!
7/23/2010 7:10:54 AM
Karen Baker United States
Karen Baker
I craved peanut butter cookies & peanut butter by the spoon full (I still love to eat it that way). But I always knew very early that I was pregnant because certain smells (microwave buttered popcorn, cigarette smoke & diesel exhaust) would make me utterly sick--even more than usual.
7/23/2010 7:16:43 AM
Bridget Lewis United States
Bridget Lewis
I know why we have cravings.  I believe they come from the babies likes and dislikes.  I hated coleslaw and when I was pregnant for my daughter I craved it.  When she a baby 8 months old...she would not even think about eating the fries at a restaurant all she wanted was coleslaw.  A baby eating coleslaw?  She had to be the reason for the craving.  She is 22 and still loves VEGGIES>
7/23/2010 7:23:32 AM
Rhonda United States
1st pregnancy:  Ice
2nd pregnancy:  Ice, Mint choc. chip ice cream.

I used to chomp on ice quite a bit but when I was pregnant, it became a daily thing. It's a good thing I had my kids in my early 20's...too many fillings to allow me to chomp on ice now (teeth are cold sensitive now). Frown
7/23/2010 7:32:09 AM
libertymama (Erin) United States
libertymama (Erin)
I didn't say in my previous post, since I didn't think of it as 'odd'....but I too craved TACO BELL with all 6 pregnancies. It was already my very favorite junk/fast food. My hubby also made many late night runs for me.
7/23/2010 7:33:18 AM
Krystle Miller United States
Krystle Miller
I craved chocolate covered chicken and sausage :/ lol I never dipped my drum in chocolate cause I was too embarassed but I did eat the two together. More normal cravings were green beans and green bell peppers
7/23/2010 7:34:54 AM
Joanne Fowler United States
Joanne Fowler
I craved everything spicy with boy of my pregnancies.  I planned meals around what would go good with salsa or hot HOT sauce!!! Both my boys eat hot, spicy food with no problems.  Smile  

I knew I was pregnant with #2 because I was dying for some canned tomatoes. How gross is that??? It was really hard not to eat the diced tomatoes straight from the can!  
7/23/2010 7:36:59 AM
Erin United States
My mom ate tamales all the time while she was pregnant with me. Now she can't stand them, and I could eat them all the time!
7/23/2010 7:42:42 AM
Jessica United States
When my mom was pregnant with me she craved pickles dipped in peanut butter.

Pickles are one of my favorite foods. lol
7/23/2010 7:46:55 AM
Dina United States
I am now craving a piece of cake with some polish ham Smile

7/23/2010 1:01:17 PM
Krista United States
Garlic!  I ate so much of it that before I got pregnant my cholesterol was 275, after it was 175.
7/23/2010 1:35:45 PM
Tina United States
With each pregnancy I craved different things
1st~mashed potatoes,instant,lumby,w/ or w/o gravy made no difference and then a peanut butter and jelly sandwich anytime of day everyday!(otherwise pb&j makes me totally nausated even to make it for the kids)

2nd~ coffee ice cream w/ pineapple topping~worse yet I still eat it!

3rd~ pb and j anything that would say downSmile

4th~Grilled salmon and tuna with sour cream (again still love it that way)
7/23/2010 2:57:37 PM
Regina Rinker United States
Regina Rinker
Beef Jerky and green olives!
7/23/2010 4:02:58 PM
April United States
I craved pancakes with butter, peanut butter, and syrup. I would wake up at random times in the night and just make pancakes Smile
7/23/2010 10:45:35 PM
Le'Anne United States
By the time I found out I was pregnant I had already miscarried, but the pregnancy definitely explained my dinner made of Diet Coke, Sunflower Seeds and Sour Patch Kids!
7/24/2010 8:30:51 PM
Beth United States
With my 1st pregnancy I craved Pickles and Milk.  With my 2nd pregnancy all I wanted were slushies.  I would make my husband run out at 11 or 12 oclock at night just to get me a slushie if I awake.
7/24/2010 11:10:44 PM
Lupe Ostrolencki United States
Lupe Ostrolencki
With my daughter I craved Chilli dogs...and Pizza with lots of Jalapenos..these are now my daughters favs.  With my son, fruit lots and lots all kinds, and now son is a fruit fanatic.
7/26/2010 12:12:15 AM
Sherri United States
Sardines in mustard sauce!! I wouldn't touch them with a 10ft pole now but I couldn't get enough of them with both of my pregnancies. Also, sour patch kids. We lived down the street from a candy store and I restocked weekly Smile
7/26/2010 1:33:14 PM
Melanie United States
My dearest friend craved beer throughout her entire pregnancy.  Weekly, she would dream of drinking a beer and when she went to the hospital to deliver - she packed a six pack.  Now, prior to being pregnant, she NEVER had a beer and following her delivery, she drank one. Her son is 15 years of age and she has yet to drink another!
7/29/2010 12:27:31 AM
Cristina United States
With my first child it was Cottage cheese with shrimp (cold of course), jalepeno bites, and hot wings.
With my second it was sushi!!!!! I did do a few hot wings with him though.
I will say, with my first I think I ate a watermellon a day for the first three months. Then I couldn't look at one, talk about them, nothing. I just recently had my first peice the other day...after 3-4 years. It is good but probably nothing I will ever again cherish like I used to. Smile
7/29/2010 1:33:24 PM
Kathy B. United States
Kathy B.
I survived the last three months of my first pregnancy on Lucky Charms and milk.  Everything else made me sick.
7/30/2010 11:21:16 AM
Laurie United States
When I was pregnant I craved 2 things. Jewish rye bread with hotdog relish (no hotdog) and saltine crackers with helmans mayo and dill pickles.
7/30/2010 11:22:55 AM
Denae United States
I am pregnant for the first time.  The thing that my husband thought was random was when I ate a pickle I had to have a bottle of chocolate milk to drink it down.  Thats as weird as my cravings have got.
7/30/2010 11:42:41 AM
Michele United States
Can you believe this?  I actually craved liquor!  I didn't even drink, and was craving this while pregnant with my 3rd child.  Never once satisfied THIS crazy craving Thank God!
7/30/2010 9:59:56 PM
Vickie United States
with my 1st baby i would drink thoes orange carrot sobes ALL day long (after i had my daughter i tried one and gaged lol) but i could not eat any mashed potatoes wich was sad for me i love mashed potatoes. and my 2nd we found out i was preg becaus ALL i talked about or wanted was my moms spagghitti lol.
7/30/2010 11:08:02 PM
Debra United States
With both of my pregnancies I craved potatoes. It didn't matter how they were prepared. I would stop by Wendy's almost everyday after work for a sour cream/chive baked potato!
8/1/2010 6:11:02 AM
Audrey Lake United States
Audrey Lake
Cravings are caused by a mineral deficiency.  The baby will take what it wants and needs.  That leads preg. women craving weird things if she doesn't have enough minerals.  The government came out with a report in the 1930s saying that the soil doesn't have enough minerals in it.  Produce cannot absorb minerals if they are not in the soil.  Our bodies require 60 minerals that we know of, when farmers plant there crops, they only replace 3 or 4 of them.
8/4/2010 6:18:17 AM
vickie United States
something eles i did once when i was preg with my first daughter was i went to the movies and had one of thoes big pickels they sell and my husband had popcorn by the end of the movie i was diping my pickle in the popcorn bucket!! lol for what ever reason it was so good. my husband was grossed dout.
9/14/2010 4:02:18 AM
Emma United States
I'm pregnant with my first child, (the doctor's have determined it's a boy!!! =D) and I have insanely craved orange juice and chocolate cereal combined!! Also, around 1 am almost every night, I crave about a quart amount of green tea ice cream.
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