Sep 14 2010

Who's harder to raise...boys or girls?

A recent article on asked this question: who's harder to raise...boys or girls?! Scott and Kelli poll...what do YOU think? Are boys or girls more difficult to raise?
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8/31/2010 10:02:05 PM
stephanie perez United States
stephanie perez
I have twin 18yr old girls and a 4 yr old boy and he is twice as harder than it was to raise the girls. I thought having one would be so easy well he always has me on my toes.
9/1/2010 3:03:14 AM
Anne Foster United States
Anne Foster
Girls girls girls~~~  have 5 of them and one boy!
9/1/2010 3:03:25 AM
melanie United States
I personally think girls are....especially when they are getting hormonal, and dont know daughter is having a real tough time with it...She knows she is moody, grumpy but cant explain sister who has a boy says it is easy...he is so go with the flow...and her daughter has to make sure her hair is brushed, and she has a pretty dress on
9/1/2010 3:03:31 AM
Lori Desiere United States
Lori Desiere
If they are anything like my kids, the girls are much harder.  My son is 8 1/2 and is all boy, he plays hockey, cars, trucks, loves school and is pretty mello for the most part.  My daughter will be 5 in 11 days but she acts like she is a teenager.  The attitude, the emotions, the Princess like attitude.  If it gets worse as she gets older I am going to be a gray haired old lady by the time I am 45.  
9/1/2010 8:04:01 AM
Roberta Mugler United States
Roberta Mugler
Girls are much harder to raise.  I have two sons.  My younger son told me God thought I was weak that's why he gave me two boys instead of girls.  He said Mom you just thank God you are weak.  There are no hormones with boys and you always know where you stand them.
9/1/2010 8:04:29 AM
Anne Foster United States
Anne Foster
Girls girls girls. I have 5 girls and one boy
9/1/2010 8:04:39 AM
Caren United States
My husband I have raised 1 boy and 3 girls.  As your info showed, girls are more difficult at times and boys are more difficult at other times. I think the difficulty in raising them was more dependent upon their individual personalities than on their gender.
9/1/2010 6:06:27 PM
Mike Dobrinski United States
Mike Dobrinski
As the father of 14 year old quadruplets I would have to say GIRLS. Our 3 boys combined don't compare to the drama, attention, money or support needed by girls.  I thank God for my daughter but there is definitely a reason he gave us only 1. We are certainly blessed beyond measure but it takes my wife, our God, and I together to handle the mixSmile
9/1/2010 11:07:03 PM
patty United States
I think either one depends how you raise them. I have 5boys and 2 girls. And i thought girls were the only ones that took long before heading out the door and noway. My 19 yr old son is the same as my 12 yr old daughter and my 6yr old is also headed that way. the other of my children are okay with putting whatever is in the closet and their hair its fine the way it is. Its awesome to see they each have their own personalities and characters in them selfs.
9/2/2010 4:08:07 AM
Pam United States
I raised 3 boys and 1 girl, and I cannot answer the question.  They were all difficult at different ages, and all totally delightful at different ages as well.
9/2/2010 9:10:20 AM
Eileen Haggerty United States
Eileen Haggerty
I have two boys (teenagers).  I would never want a girl with all the hormones.  I have enough hormones for the whole house.
9/2/2010 9:10:23 AM
Amanda United States
Boys are much easier than girls.  My boy is very mello for the most part and just is easy to deal with.  My daughter if she would of been the first child she would of been our only one.  I love her to death, but she will be the death of me and she is not even 5 yet.
9/2/2010 9:10:41 AM
Gloria United States
I have two boys myself, 17 and 14 yrs. My boyfriend has 2 boys, 18 and 17 yrs, and 1 girl, 15. For us, boys are easier. She our princess and we wouldn't ahve it any otehr way but she can be worse than all four of them combined.
9/2/2010 2:11:06 PM
Aura T. United States
Aura T.
Hi!  I think each has it's own difficulties.  None is easier than the other!!  If God had difficulty raising Adam (boy) & Eve (girl), what more for us humans!!!  Hahahaha!!!  If it's not difficult for you now...It's gonna get you later.  Aloha!
9/2/2010 2:11:32 PM
Mary budzichowski United States
Mary budzichowski
I will be 35 on the 29th and I have seven children. Four boys and three girls. Boys are so much easier. You'll spend most of your time laughing at their silly tricks. Girls.... They talk back too much and complain
9/2/2010 2:11:39 PM
Mikal United States
BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a 15-year-old boy, a 2-year-old boy, and a 1-year-old girl, and man! I tell ya...boys can be challenging, but girls...OY! I love all my children dearly and would never trade them in for the world, but yep...definitely boys.
9/2/2010 7:12:02 PM
christina United States
Girls are definitely harder!
9/2/2010 7:12:11 PM
Jim United States
All I can say is this is my wife and I have 3 little angels,4,2, and 7 weeks old.  Our oldest one takes after me when I was a kid rough and tough our middle one is like my wife kind and sweet. Boy or girl it does not matter they are all going to present their challenges.  Just love them with all you got because they're not going to be that way forever.
9/2/2010 7:12:16 PM
Linda Remaley United States
Linda Remaley
We have girl and a boy.  Our daughter, who was born first is named Angelica.  We call her Angel.  She always has been.  Our son, Dakota, we often call D-Man.  Notice how much that sounds like Demon.....
9/2/2010 7:12:41 PM
Nicole Moore` United States
Nicole Moore`
I think that they are equally hard. Boys are wild when they are little and harder to entertain. While girls are easier to entertain when their little, then they become teens.
I don't have a teen yet but if they were like me, I'm in for it, cause I have three girls! prey for me.
9/3/2010 12:13:03 AM
Christine United States
I raised one of each and I have to say I would have a dozen boys befor I had another girl.
9/3/2010 12:13:19 AM
Rose Taylor United States
Rose Taylor
Boys should be harder!! And girls can be tough, for example I love armwrestling!!
9/3/2010 5:15:08 AM
Lana Collier United States
Lana Collier
I have raised both and when they become teenager it doesn't matter if they are boys or girls they are the same work.
9/3/2010 5:15:12 AM
Sydney United States
I am a girl and have a brother and sister. Let me say that at our house my sister and I are harder to deal with than my brother. Luv him, but sometimes he's just too perfect for my taste.
9/3/2010 10:23:50 AM
Jeff Boles United States
Jeff Boles
Boys are easier by far. You tell them to do something and they will do it. Might not like it but will do it. Now a girl maybe after all the drama she will do it. Maybe. But girls still have a special place in her Dads heart.
9/3/2010 3:24:11 PM
rrhoop United States
I had 2 boys (thankfully) so I can only say BOYS!!! because of things I've heard about raising girls. I am so glad I didn't have to mess with make-up, barbies, dolls, dresses and the attitude, etc.
9/3/2010 3:24:36 PM
kim United States
I normally love listening to your station, because it is usually encouraging and real. But I ask you to please stop this conversation about boys vs girls being easier to raise. I don't think you understand how potentially hurtful this conversation is - especially since children as well as adults listen to your station.

As I child I was the only girl with 3 brothers, and we were a emergency temporary foster care family. My parents talked about only getting boys for foster care because girls were too difficult.

As a child I wondered what was so wrong with being a girl? because of the same kind of conversation you're having on the air. As an adult, I can understand the difference - but not all of your listeners are adults. So this is NOT the kind of encouraging talk that I thought your station was known for.
9/4/2010 1:31:28 AM
Aimee Dawn Wheller United States
Aimee Dawn Wheller
I would not know I have all boys and sometimes they act like little girls LOL but I am glad I have boys they seem easier to me but I can't really give a good answer so I would say boys
9/4/2010 11:35:23 AM
Penny Good United States
Penny Good
I am a mother that is blessed with 7 yes 7 girls. I have to say that it is not boy or girl but the child and the kind of person that they are. I even have one driving and I just can say let them drive so that you feel better about them driving without you. My daughter did all the driving for 6 months.
9/4/2010 4:35:56 PM
Gina United States
My husband and I raised a boy and a girl.  Our daughter is more of a worrier and stresses over things a lot(just like her mom). She is more concerned about what she wears and looks like than her brother does. When they were growing up it was tougher dealing with friends for our daughter than our son.  She was more hurt and he would just move on to someone else if there was a problem.  They have always both been very loving and caring wonderful Christian children and now young adults and we feel so blessed to have both a daughter and son.  Gina
9/4/2010 4:36:20 PM
Anita United States
Please stop this conversation!  My little girl and boy are listening to the radio and now my little guy is in tears, ready to pack his bags and leave because he is too much trouble.  This is a horrible discussion -- we ALL have value and since I have had 6 children, 3 of each, I can tell you that in every season, all children can be difficult and easy. Goodness -- as old as I am -- I am still at times difficult to raise. Smile Please -- remember that there are little ones listening to this.
9/4/2010 4:36:20 PM
chuck guthrie United States
chuck guthrie
I have 4 boys and 2 girls. Boys are alot easier to raise than girls. Boys will be boys when they are little but for some reason when girls turn 14 they turn into their mothers. Its not always a bad thing but they sure seem to get mouthy and needy. Still there a gift from God and i wouldnt trade them for anything. God Bless
9/4/2010 9:42:16 PM
Jennifer United States
I have one of each! My son is 3.5 and he is so hyper and busy, But really sweet . My daughter on the other hand has a very diva like attitude which is much like my sisters! I think with her I am trouble
9/5/2010 7:50:24 AM
Laura Yoerger United States
Laura Yoerger
My husband and I have NINE, yes 9 children. Boy - 24, Girl-21, Girl-18, Girl-15, Girl-12, Boy-10, Boy-8, Girl-6, Boy-4. All but our oldest son, who is now married, still live at home.

The answer to your question is GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS!!!

Anybody who said girls were easier doesn't have a daughter over the age of 10 or else they only have ONE child, a daughter, to deal with. We could probably cope with raising a girl if she were the ONLY one we had to raise! It would literally take that much effort to get through it without becoming an emotional wreck. I'm a veteran mom and I still spend most of my days in tears.

Take it from Dr. James Dobson. He said it took him 2 to 3 times as long to write his book on raising girls as it did to write his book on raising boys (I just wish he would have written the one on girls first and about 14 years ago :0)

And the book on girls appears to be 3 times the size of the one on boys....that speaks volumes!!
9/5/2010 6:52:16 PM
Zeke Bucci-Torres United States
Zeke Bucci-Torres
My wife Kim and I have 4 children, boy,boy,girl,boy 9,6,3,1 I have to say that they are all equally difficult, parents need a medal just for keeping these kids alive, my wife is a for time gold medalist here at the Bucci-Torres games. She has earned it. Is one suppose to be easier than the other?
9/6/2010 5:35:46 AM
Emily United States
Hey K love!! I just LOVE your radio station.something had happened yesterday. My friend rose was over and we where going to play a joke on some people. So i told her when i say "hey rose" im going to faint(pretend). so a car was coming and i did the joke..except that i fell on my spine and butt really hert but my friend helped me up.we laughed a lot but luckley i didn't brake anything.yay and god u reign!!<><
9/6/2010 12:14:19 PM
deb byron United States
deb byron
I have four great kids , 3 sons and 1 daughter and I love them all , but I have to say , I'd take a boat load of boys over girls any day !
9/6/2010 5:53:12 PM
Leandra United States
Boys, Boys BOYS!!
9/6/2010 10:54:49 PM
Leandra United States
Boys are so much easier than girls!
9/7/2010 5:06:14 AM
Lily Carreno United States
Lily Carreno
definetly BOYS! only have 1 totally a hand full. more like two hands full and he's only 4. have four older girls 16,15,9 & 6 and haven't had much trouble out of them. but wouldn't trade any moments i've had w/ them. including the flooding my son made last wk in our bedroom lol gotta luv him!
9/8/2010 5:24:32 PM
Sheila United States
We have one of each and we both agree it's the girl! Our boy is very easy and will follow the standards we've set even when we aren't there...people have told us. Our little girl? Well, if we're not there, it's about a 50-50 chance she's gonna try to get away with it!
9/9/2010 7:28:29 AM
winnie jones United States
winnie jones
Boys are so much harder to raise!!!!
Girls are easy.
9/9/2010 5:33:04 PM
Laura United States
Girls.  I raised 3 girls and 1 boy.  One word on the girls.  DRAMA.
9/10/2010 3:52:24 AM
V United States
I only have one girl, she is 6, she is such the little diva... she is soooo hard to raise i think. My mother says she is just like me, so i guess thats for certain that it is girls! lol
9/10/2010 8:53:24 AM
Donnell Thomas United States
Donnell Thomas
I have been blessed with three amazing girls, Thye have their moments when they are difficult, but since I don't know what it would be like to raise boys, I'm gonna say it's easier to raise girls..LOL!!!!!

9/10/2010 1:57:23 PM
Darin Kinsey United States
Darin Kinsey
I think it can go both ways. I believe my girls can be difficult at times because they are 18 and 13 but it depends on the situation. Getting ready for something and being on time can be an issue at times, but they truely are my angels and listen and obey pretty good. My 18 year old is blind and requires a little more help with some things, but my 13 year old was sent by God to help her. Both of my girls are special gifts from God and I am truely blessed to be their dad. I would love to tell you more about my blind daughter she is an amazing story. She has amazing musical talents given by God. Thanks
9/11/2010 5:29:36 AM
Johnnie United States
Girls are so so so so so so very hard, I have two boys one girl, I had rather have 10 boys, I love her so much, but talk about drama!!!  Girls can really snow ball their daddy's.  My boys are out on their own now ages 20&23 and no they are not prefect, but they do know what respect is.  and it is not about them.  I am blessed to have 3 healthy children and a healthy grand SON he is 2 and minds better than my daughter which will be 18 soon.
9/11/2010 3:45:38 PM
Phoebe United States
I believe they are equal!  Girls are definitely easier as small childern.  Easier to potty train and they are usaully advanced in walking, talking, and independence.  As the age of say 8 come around, I think they are equal.  Then comes the teenage years....Equal again.  Boys are less likely to tell you how they feel, girls want to scream and slam doors.  Boys begin to be more independent yet still need moma for laundry and food...Girls get more independent and start cracking your head about driver's ed and when do they get a car.  Boys want to make there own money and girls want Dad's.  haha!  I really think when you weigh it all out they are equal.  They are both difficult in their own way.  They are both joy in there own way.  Blessings no matter.

I am a mom of a 16 daughter and 13 son!
9/11/2010 11:01:09 PM
debbie Piatt United States
debbie Piatt
I have 2 boys but I would say Girl are harder. Thank God for boys!1
9/12/2010 4:14:10 AM
Paula United States
My three boys have been easier to raise then my one daughter, and I've always said boys are easier then girls.
9/13/2010 2:18:01 AM
Amelea United States
Girls are harder because of all the drama they cause, especially in middle school and high school.
9/14/2010 4:22:31 AM
Natalie United States
Here is my thought...I grew up in a family of 3 girls and 1 boy and I think all in all we were all easy except for my youngest sister. My mother says I was the hardest, but I was the tomboy, all I ever cared about was sports! That wasn't a joke, my entire childhood was spent playing them watching them and talking about them. My brothers passion my music, his band. My older sister boring studying, yawn. Now my younger sister make-up at 3 and from there drama crying all the time screaming when she didn't get what she wanted. Ballerina classes, everything! At school she started rumors about everyone in the family! So you tell me, I want both, but dear Lord my heavenly Father please give me a Tomboy and a boy who loves sports and let them be trouble like me! At least then I know what I'm in for!
9/18/2010 9:12:51 AM
Elizabeth Foster United States
Elizabeth Foster
I have three older boys, 31,29,27 and two girls,26 and 9,from my experience I would have to say hands down, that GIRLS ARE 100% EASIER than boys. My son's challenged me and my daughters comforted me. Now that they are older, my son's ask more of me than my girls, my girls give more. I love all 5 of my children but I would have to say my girls were so much easier and more pleasant than my boys!! God knows this, so he gave me 4 Grand-daughters so that I can be surrounded by angels!!! GOD gave me my challenges(the boys) then he gave me peace!!!(the girls) I love the Lord! Thanks for the poll it is a good one.
3/27/2011 9:37:32 AM
Micha Germany
Haha Laughing I guess boys are, but well - just leave them in front of a Pc, let them surf or some other bad computer stuff Laughing you know, games are everything for them, for us. You can have it very easy if you just let it be... Laughing
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