Sep 28 2010

Lincoln Brewster is on the show today!

We are so excited today! Lincoln Brewster's new album, "Real Life" released today and he is our guest on the show! Got any comments for Lincoln? Perhaps a story of how one of his songs has spoken into your life? Share your comments and stories here!


 Listen to all or part of Lincoln's visit at our show highlights page:


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9/28/2010 2:36:13 PM
Mary Ann Garrett United States
Mary Ann Garrett
I love the song "the power of your name" It is so powerfull and touching! It makes my heart still when I hear it!
9/28/2010 2:40:48 PM
Debi United States
I am 53 and was a child that was sexually, physically and verbly abused. I have been in counseling off and on most of my adult life trying to deal with this.  Right now I am taking a class at my church that deals with this and I am going through intense anger!! Anger at God for putting me in a family that would do this to their children, anger at my parents for hurting me, anger that I could not stop it, and anger that as much as my older sister and I tried we failed to protect our younger sister and brother!!  All my life I have had very low self esteem until this past year. The church I am attending had had different classes that have helped me realize that I am not just some peice of junk, that God really does love me and that other peoples sin affects so many different people in many different ways. I am thankful that Lincolon is there and is open about his childhood. I know that With God all things are possible and that I too will one day be able to finally put this all behind me!
9/28/2010 2:45:55 PM
Sonya Schutt United States
Sonya Schutt
I just heard a song singing about being a better father and the love of a mother.  My biological mother gave me and my older sister to my maternal grandmother when I was 18 months old and my sister was around 3.  I never understood what I could have done at 18 months to make her not love or want me.  Eventually, we had a sort of relationship, however, since my grandmother died 5 months ago, she has nothing to do with me.  I miss my mother, is that crazy.  I don't even know if she is alive, what's more, she doesn't know if I am.  My father I saw very seldom and he died at 58 (iin 1991) of diabetes brought on by alcoholism...he also molested me.

So...that song really touched me and I would like to know what it was.

In His Grip
9/28/2010 2:46:48 PM
Sonya Schutt United States
Sonya Schutt
Actually, it was 5 YEARS ago that my grandmother died.
9/28/2010 2:46:48 PM
rachel United States
lincoln brewster song the power of his name it means alot to me because my father left my mother when she pregnant and  I know how hard not to have a father i always cry when I heard that song because I miss to have a father I came to this country to meet my father Im from philippines  but my father is greedy and dont want me  but Iknow that God will take care to those who needs him thank you lincoln brewster
9/28/2010 2:47:12 PM
rachel United States
lincoln brewster song the power of his name it means alot to me because my father left my mother when she pregnant and  I know how hard not to have a father i always cry when I heard that song because I miss to have a father I came to this country to meet my father Im from philippines  but my father is greedy and dont want me  but Iknow that God will take care to those who needs him thank you lincoln brewster
9/28/2010 2:47:29 PM
Barbara United States
One day I was washing my car and I had my iphone plugged into my ears listening to "The Power of Your Name".  It was speaking to me so much that I kept it on repeat.  I must of heard 10x in a row while washing my car.  I haven't been the same since.  The song showed me how selfish I was being in my prayers & actions.  God used that song to take the focus off myself and all my problems and think of the Power of Jesus and how that power is living in me to reach out to other people.  By not worrying about myself so much and being there for other people, SO MUCH HEALING has occurred, such as anxiety levels way down, sleepless nights (NO MORE), and my love for God's children has INCREASED....I love that song!  Every time I hear it, it's a nice reminder that keeps my lamp full of the OIL of JOY!  Thank-you Lincoln Brewster for your faithfullness to God's prompting!  
9/28/2010 3:09:26 PM
Jane Latus Emmert United States
Jane Latus Emmert
My sister was murdered by her boyfriend 8 years ago and I wanted to die, too.  I was mad at God and nearly lost my grip on Him.  Praise God, HE didn't lose his grip on me.  

I am a professional artist but after Amy'd death I couldn't paint.  Then, one night while watching a beautiful sunset I cried and told God I needed a sign that Amy was ok because I couldn't bear the pain.  About 10 minutes later, in the clouds of the sunset I realized I was seeing a shape in the clouds that looked like an angel with a trumpet.  For me, it was God's way of telling me Amy was safe with Him in heaven, that's she would never know pain again and she now knows the perfect love of God instead of the imperfect love of man. I still see "angels" in the clouds and I began to paint again because I wanted to show people the incredible love of God and the joy of heaven.  Now I have poems and images together as note cards and posters to encourage and empower women and raise money for domestic violence organizations.  I am an inspirational speaker and my topic is, "How God Takes Painful and Makes it Powerful...if We Let Him."  Thank you for addressing this issue.  Too often domestic violence is covered up--or not discussed because it would be "interfering" in other people's lives.  I can't save my sister, but I can work to help one woman at a time escape a violent situation.  I hope, Lincoln, that you'll view my art and poems at my website, under Angel Cloud Art.  God bless you, bless you, bless you!
9/28/2010 3:12:03 PM
Barbara Fincannon United States
Barbara Fincannon
I love the song "Everlasting God." I know alittle girl named Abi Zimmerman. She was diagnosed with JRA(juvenile rheumatoid arthritis) when she was 3 years old. She is 6 years old now and really battling with this disease. I want to teach her what your child quotes in the song,Isaiah 40:28-31. I know God's word would be so encouraging to her. Thank you so much. Blessings,Barbara Fincannon
9/28/2010 3:13:35 PM
Dawn United States
I love Lincoln's songs! All of them are so beautiful, annointed, powerful, and they mean so much to me! It blesses me, strengthens my faith, and the words are like how I feel! It touches me so deeply that I cry sometimes because what I've gone through, and just how I feel now by praising Jesus and having that closeness with Him. I think it's amazing how he includes his family in his music. God Bless him, his wife, and kids! I just want to tell him to keep it up, and God will bless him. I think him and his wife are such great examples as husband and wife, parents, and showing Christ throughout the world! You guys are truely gifted!
9/28/2010 3:15:58 PM
Bobby United States
I LOVE LINCOLN BREWSTER!  Lincoln's music has blessed me day after day during my struggles and has helped me stay positive everyday.  Thank you Lincoln for all that you do and for bringing that good old fashioned rock sound to christian music.  LOVE IT! Keep it up!
9/28/2010 3:18:17 PM
Dave United States
"Salvation is Here" gets me going on my 5:30 am runs.  What a awesome way to start a day.  Thank you.
9/28/2010 3:18:55 PM
Marty Bogart United States
Marty Bogart

You mentioned Alaska.  I am an old "Looper" from ALCS in Anchorage.

Is there any relationship between you and the Brewster like furniture retail store?

9/28/2010 3:20:49 PM
Rhi United States
I am a senior in high school, so naturally I was constantly thinking about college and my future and what I wanted to to with my life. I knew what I wanted to do, but I could never find peace in my decision. After a missions conference at my church I dedicated my life to serve God in the missions field and give up what I thought was my dream. I got in the car and felt so unsure of what I had just done, but when I turned on the radio "The Power of Your Name" was playing. It was like a gift of reassurance from God. I now plan on attending a Christian college and majoring in missions. If that song wasn't playing then, I don't know if I would be saying that right now. Thank you for the ministry you provide through your music!  
9/28/2010 3:22:30 PM
Mary Lopez United States
Mary Lopez
I just want to let Lincoln know that his songs/words move me EVERY time I hear them, especially the one called The Power of Your Name.  I am the grandmother of two beautiful grandsons, and they mean the world to me.  The youngest, Matthew, was diagnosed with a disease called Aciliac (not sure I spelled it correctly), four years ago.  It was a very trying time for all of us, especially his mom and dad.  I will never understand how they handled this most trying time.  At the time he was diagnosed with this disease, he was 1 year old, and weighed about 24 pounds; this was in Sep, 2006. By Dec, 2006, he was down to about 9-10 pounds - in only three months!!  He just turned 5 this September, and he is healthy as can be.  I know God got him, my daughter and son-in-law thru this period - only He could do this....  Right now I'm listening to the song How Great Is Our God - another beautiful song from Lincoln... God Bless you, and K-Love.
9/28/2010 3:25:32 PM
Gary United States
Just wanted to let Lincoln know that when my son Aidan was 3 1/2 his favorite song to sing was God you reign. He knew the intro music and would always shout"God you reign turn it up" my wife and I were just amazed. He was also the one singing at the top of his lungs at ABT when you came up here. You have touched our son, which in turn has touched us. Thank you. Oh yeah, by the way, he still loves the way you do your hair. Thanks again for all you do.
9/28/2010 3:27:40 PM
Michelle Gatti United States
Michelle Gatti
First of all, Lincoln, I love your music!  I was just listening to you say that Mr. Holland's Opus touches you as it does me but in a much different way.  My son was born with a profound hearing loss and someone had recommended that movie for us.  With all of the emotion and everything that we had started to do it was months before we actually watched the movie.  It came to the part in the movie where they referred to their son as Coltrane and it literally brought me to my knees.  We had nicknamed our son, Colton, with the name Coltrane.  I cried every day for six months until I read the part in the Bible that said, Who sinned this man or his parents that he was born blind and Jesus replied, "Neither it must be this way so the work of God can be shown through him."  And that is exactly what he has been doing!!  Showing his glory!  I just picked up my 13-year old son from piano lessons and he also plays the saxophone.  He is a bi-lateral cochlear He is also on the honor roll! He said his first words at 10-months.  It has been an amazing journey that my husband I would not trade for anything in the world.  God's amazing grace?  I told Ronny for 10 years if we were ever able to adopt I would name her Grace, God's Grace has defined my son's hearing, my marriage, my salvation.  God gave me that beautiful little girl named Grace two years ago and she just celebrated her 2nd birthday on Sunday!!  I am so thankful you followed God's calling and used your talents for His glory!!  Rock on, Mr. Brewster!!!
9/28/2010 3:37:32 PM
Lena Shirley United States
Lena Shirley
Well to make a long story short. I really love God and have prayed he would use me. The song everlasting God, my favorite can't help but sing it. I'm taking a stand for morales, freedom to stand up against profaninty, and sexual content in a college course class. Lack of respect for women in the class. There was also lack of respect for two of our retired presidents. I want to stand in heaven and I hold my God tight in my life. What kind of a christian if I didn't walk from that class, and try to take this stand for my God, and every student. We have a right to not hear that profound content in our college. God bless you and yours! Lenamae
9/28/2010 3:41:45 PM
Leandra United States
LINCOLN BREWSTER IS THE BEST!  I am so excited that you are on KLOVE, I have been waiting and waiting for you to be!!!!  Your music is so inspiring.
I am one of your BIGGEST fans and my family can't get enough of your music!! Your music is so wonderful and I listen to it all the time; I love when you jam on the guitar, it gives me goosebumps!  Smile
I can't wait to get your new Cd, it is going to be awesome!
I really want to go to one of your concerts, please do one here in Colorado!!

This might sound weird but I really like the name Lincoln, so when I get married and have kids I am planning on naming one of my boys Lincoln after you. lol God Bless ;)


9/28/2010 3:44:31 PM
Mark United States
Tell Lincoln Brewster, thanks for bring the Van Halen back into Christian music.  I can only pray that he will use your shredding gift to pull more into the truth.
9/28/2010 3:50:53 PM
Jeff United States
Thank you for coming to the Berean Church in Lincoln Nebraska earlier this year.  During the concert you told stories about your step father, your life as a musician, and your faith.  It had really had a positive impact on my life.  I hope you come back again.  Thank you Mr. Brewster.

Lincoln Nebraska
9/28/2010 3:58:56 PM
Jennifer United States
Not this mullett, but the Richard Marx mullett could definately work!
9/28/2010 3:59:00 PM
Gary United States
Dear Scott & Kelli & Mr. & Mrs. Brewster,

I am not only a BIG fan but I really do think the mullet look would be great! I vote that Lincoln wears the wig UNTIL his mullet comes in full swing, this way everyone can get used to look RIGHT NOW!! GO FOR IT!!

No longer your fan if you don't,

9/28/2010 3:59:00 PM
Dawn United States
Lincoln and Laura are so adorable together! God bless their marriage and life together! Gross...No mullet! His hair looks awesome right now!
9/28/2010 4:02:08 PM
Shellee United States

"The Power of Your Name" touches my heart. To me, the words capture how I should live my life every day. I always stop whatever I'm doing to completely focus on these reaffirming lyrics whenever you have airtime. My daughter and I sing along (loudly) in the car Smile

Thank you.
9/28/2010 4:06:43 PM
Julie United States
Not the old mullet, but Euro Mullets are the "in" thing right now.  Give that a try!
9/28/2010 4:08:27 PM
Carol United States
I do not think Lincoln should grow a mullet. No, no, no.  But then you might discount my vote because I don't think anyone looks good in a mullet. It looks trashy to me.
9/28/2010 4:08:46 PM
Ray United States
Hey Lincoln; so that's what a Mullet is?!? I used to wear something like that. Guess I never knew what it was called. I thought a mullet was a fish. Is that what the hair style is named after? Anyway, working on a Christian Liberal Arts College Campus nowdays, anything goes. Styles are so individualistic. So no one will follow the style unless they're true Mullet-heads. I say, go for it.
9/28/2010 4:08:55 PM
Ray United States
Hey Lincoln; so that's what a Mullet is?!? I used to wear something like that. Guess I never knew what it was called. I thought a mullet was a fish. Is that what the hair style is named after? Anyway, working on a Christian Liberal Arts College Campus nowdays, anything goes. Styles are so individualistic. So no one will follow the style unless they're true Mullet-heads. I say, go for it.
9/28/2010 4:19:41 PM
Dawn Marie United States
Dawn Marie
First of all, Lincoln's songs are all so powerful. There isn't a single one that hasn't touched my heart in some way. I love allowing his songs to lead me into deep worship with our Lord.

That being said, I agree with the website, FriendsDontLetFriendsWearMullets. Yes, they're on Facebook now. Lincoln, no one looks good in a mullet. Keep your locks as they are.
9/28/2010 4:24:44 PM
Leandra United States
Ummmmm, I think the mullet looks messed up, so no on that. ;)
I think that the hairstyle that you have now is awesome!
9/28/2010 4:29:24 PM
Deanna United States
NO to the mullet
9/28/2010 4:40:11 PM
Holly United States
I love all Lincoln'S songs.

btw Bring back the mullet!!
9/28/2010 5:07:45 PM
Adele United States
Hey, are you the Lincoln that played with Steve Perry back in 1994 in San Francisco?  There was like a meet and greet that was thrown by Fan Asylum where there were about 50 to 65 people from EVERYWHERE who followed Steve Perry for about one week in December.  He met with us at the Hard Rock Cafe and then, of course, there was the concert in 'Frisco and then in Fresno.  I have pictures of you all when you played!!!  That was one of the BEST memories ever!!  I want to thank you for sharing your music and your words.  You have definately only gotten better with age!!  And i absolutely love the fact that you are very involved with your family and that you share with the world the love of our Jesus.  I work with Child Protective Services and what we see sometimes is heartbreaking.  I NEED the kind of songs that are played at K-LOVE to keep some kind of peace in my heart.  I thank GOD that he is always in control and just knowing that one day HE will set all things right.  Thank you for all that you do and thank you for letting us come along for the ride.  I pray we will cross paths again.  If not here, then in ETERNITY.  God Bless you and all the wonderful work you do and God Bless K-Love.
9/28/2010 6:16:32 PM
Taylor Australia
Gooda mate.I'm Taylor and CRIKEY!!!!Me and my mates out here in the OUTBACK can't get enough of that music of yours.We just can't wait for your NEW CD of yours.Mate I'd just like to say the only other music we get down here is in Sidney.THE OPRA HOUSE!!!!MATE WE LOVE YA!!!!!God bless ya and get out and have everyone get to know ya and CRIKEY! for them to learn to know god.

This is Taylor saying good night.since ya over in the usa, it'd be night to you guys and morning ta me.

CRIKEY!!!look at the time.well good night mates out there.Remember IF ya come out here WATCH OUT FOR THEM GATORS THEY HURT!!!!!!!!!!!
9/28/2010 7:14:58 PM
Sarah United States
I just got Lincoln's CD Live to Worship. His song
Psalm 91 was a real blessing. Psalm 91:1 has been one of my favorite vrses since I was 9. I am looking forward to more of his CDs. God bless you all.
9/28/2010 10:08:51 PM
Amy United States
The mullet wig is more Motley Crue than Richard Marx, though the pose of all 4 of u is outstanding. Go for the Richard Marx/Eddie Van Halen mullet if u change from faux-hawk which, yes, is the 010's answer to the mullet. Bless you Lincoln & Laura for sharing your joy of the Lord with all us. Please bring your tour to Pittsburgh -- there's a new arena and media displays of Pittsburgh Penguins & fans (with & without mullets) Smile
10/4/2010 7:12:26 AM
Morris Lao P.D.R.
Hey admin can I use this article on my site? I'll link to you and give you proper credits.
10/4/2010 12:29:21 PM
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