Oct 13 2010

How has God made you beautiful?

Have you ever heard the right song at just the right time? Check out Dana's story about the song 'More Beautiful You' by Jonny Diaz

"My 6 year old daughter was badly burned on March 10th of this year. I was lost and angry and scared. Three months later, I was worried about what she would go through because of her scars. I did not want her to look at herself any different.

I finally broke down in my car one day. I asked God to guide me while I helped her. Not even five minutes later, K-LOVE played Jonny Diaz 'More Beautiful You.' I truly believe that I got my message from God. My daughter and I consider that her song now. We know that God made her exactly who she should be. Thank you K-LOVE and Jonny Diaz for spreading God's word. It reached this family."


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10/13/2010 11:31:00 AM
Kenzie United States
*Jonny Diaz, not Jason  Smile lol

I love that song, too!
10/13/2010 5:38:00 PM
Mackenzie United States
That. Is. Totally. AWESOME!
Sometimes when I open the Bible and read, it seems like God is speaking to me clear as day. What he tells me is exactly what I was thinking or what I did that day.

God is amazing.
I Love him.
Lately I haven't been reading as much as I should... K-Love inspires me to pray when me and my mom listen to it at 7 in the morning on the way to our high school.

K-Love, you are wonderful.
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