Oct 29 2010

Matthew West was on the show today!

Matthew West called in to the show today (after dropping his phone in the toilet!) to share about the exciting day he had hanging out with one of the families that shared their story with him. He wrote the song "One Less" about their adoption story. Today, he got to hang out in their living room with their new blended family!

Listen to our conversation right here:

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

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10/29/2010 5:13:22 PM
suzanne jones United States
suzanne jones
my tiolet lid  was open, i herd a splish, looked down saw the phone. thought, water was clear, my phone doing a back stroke. Grreeeeaatt, howed that happen; it was in the pocket of my pull over hoodie sweat shirt. thats when i discovered the seam had come lose and that when it slipped out and went swimming.
a year in a half latter, the other phone i lost dropped out of my pocket bounced and somewhere in a swamppy area when i was ridding my bicycle. i soluted good bye cause there was no way to find it.
10/29/2010 6:16:32 PM
cynthia partridge United States
cynthia partridge
I would like to thank you both for doing the work you do. I am a struggling christian. Im trying to learn. Everything is so hard. The darkside keeps getting in the way. I was told to listen to K Love. I do all the time now. The first song I heard was "Our God" I have that song drilled in my head. It keeps me going. I use to be a devil worshiper. So the devil is on my tail all the time. Your music keeps me going in the right direction and that is with God........
10/30/2010 3:39:04 PM
Paul Brown United States
Paul Brown
Hello Kelli~

I listen to you on the radio every day. Would you please pray for me?  I dont have your number but I would like to talk to you sometime.  Is there a Christian hotline I could call for support sometimes?

Thank you for being there,
                             Paul Brown

PS Paul is developmentally disabled.  He listens carefully on a daily basis.  If there is an appropriate support number please let us know.   Many many thanks!
10/31/2010 9:24:43 PM
Stacy United States
Funny story, well maybe not for me ;) I was listening to your conversation on Friday afternoon with Mathew West about him dropping his phone in the toliet and as I was listening I was thinking to myself "Wow I have had a cell phone for over 10 years now and I have never dropped my phone in a toliet or any other form of liquid." Later that night as I was on my evening walk I returning a couple text that I had received and stuck my phone in my front pocket of my pants (normally I keep it in my back pocket. I got home and went into the bathroom, and just as I was about to sit down I heard a noise and thought the toliet seat lid had fallen down. I turned around to lift the lid up and it was then I realized it wasnt the lid but none other my phone was laying at the bottom of the toliet. My first thought was "Oh I so blame KLOVE and Mathew West for this." LOL!!! After the fact I had a great laugh, so I just wanted to say Thanks for all that you guys do to help me get through my day. You guys are AWESOME!
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