Nov 24 2010

Christine Avanti's "Day After Detox" soup


Thanksgiving “Day After Detox”


If the statisticians are correct, most of us consumed 4,500 calories at Thanksgiving dinner and now we must all detox and heal our bodies from the food hangover.  Forget about the excessive guilt- instead implement some small yet potent changes so that you can get your heavenly body back.  


Here are Christine’s “Day After” detoxing secrets:


1) Drink two cups of water before each meal.  This helped test subjects lose five more pounds than those who didn’t.  (According to a recent study review presented at the American Chemical Society.)  Water also helps move toxins out of the body.


2) Eat fresh fruits and vegetables instead of packaged refined carbs.  A study from the journal Nutrition found that eating fresh produce lowered Body Mass Index and trimmed inches off of waistlines.  Say hello to that left over plate of veggies that no one ate on Thanksgiving.  Nosh on cucumbers, celery, carrots and bell peppers!


3) Do your Christmas shopping at stores that are on opposite ends of the mall.  Combing the mall for two hours burns about 350 calories!  The more you move the more fat and toxins leave your body.


4) Don’t starve yourself to achieve recompense for yesterdays over eating.  Use those turkey leftovers to make some healthful meals that will help cleanse your body.


Christine’s Day After Detox Soup

Turkey & Rice with a kick!




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